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  1. I mainly follow anime related or other people/things that interest me I am _IkkleGemz_ on there if anyone wants to follow me
  2. Thanks @Seshi @LonelyPoetit's one of my favourite anime
  3. I'm good thanks, you? 😂yes I'm female and no I'm not single I sure am, brycec pointed me this way
  4. Thanks everyone and yes I remember you @Ryuji:)
  5. Thanks Bryce that's really nice of you
  6. Even after years of being on forums I am hopeless with introductions but here goes anyway! I'm Gem but have also been called Gemz so call me either! I love anime, some of my favourites being Fairy Tail, Himouto! Umaru-Chan and My Love Story! Favourite genres are comedy, romance and slice of life Thanks to brycec for pointing me in the direction of here.
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