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  1. I'm reading Kimi Ni Todoke, The Wallflower and Hana Kimi at the moment.
  2. I thought this was an unpopular opinion, but reading through here it seems it isn't! But yeah I didn't like SAO. I think if it was darker and focused on the fact there were trapped (like what happens to their bodies, why did some of them just settle in to their life in the game and not seem to care about never going back to their families etc etc) then it would have got my attention more. Though I have to say it is a good few years since I watched it, and I only watched season 1 so they may have gone more into this I dunno... I don't like long running shonen shows, such as Naruto, as I find it far to repetitive. I dunno how unpopular this opinion is, it may be very popular, but I dislike the sexualisation of school age characters. (Yes I really hated Kill La Kill and gave up after about 4 episodes )
  3. I've just started watching this. About 3 episodes in I think? I really like it so far. Am intrigued where it will go.
  4. Finally got hold of a copy of Ranma 1/2 volume 20 (I've been looking in the UK for two years and never found one under £44 ) so I will be reading that today and finally will be able to plough through all the other volumes I already have and finish the season!
  5. I've always wanted to do one as well! I don't think my husband would like it so it'd probs be a 'friend date' but they sound so fun.
  6. I hate cheese.... Yes I'm a weirdo
  7. I like going to the Theatre to watch musicals with my husband but that's reeal expensive. Sometimes something as simple as going for a nice walk somewhere new is great I also saw a great idea or writing date night ideas on lolly pop sticks and putting them in a jar, then each date night picking one at random to do.
  8. Currently the fact i'm at work But no seriously, I get so annoyed at groups of people walking in a line taking up the whole pavement (sidewalk for most here!) and don't even make an attempt to move to let people coming the opposite way past them. The amount of times I've been forced into the road or had to pretty much barge my way through is insane and verrry annoying!
  9. Thank you! Glad i'm not the only one For me it's that I always need to be doing something so need something playing in the background, and as I like subtitles, Anime doesn't work! Thank you Oh heeey! Fancy seeing you here
  10. Thanks @Seshi Yeah a lot of them are family friendly, but you do get some darker ones.
  11. Same, I'd heard everyone talking about them and decided it was finally time to see what I thought! Violet Evergarden wasn't what I was expecting but it got my attention straight away!
  12. Finally started Your Lie in April and Violet Evergarden. Enjoyed both first episodes.
  13. Hey Banri! Nice to see you again :D
  14. Hey, thanks for the welcome @Illusion of Terra Never really listened to Punk much so probably not gunna be a lot of help there
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