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    My all time favorite is mirrai nikki. After that there are multiple anime’s like akatsuki no Yano, gintama, kimetsu no yaiba, fire force, dr. Stone, no game no life, maid sama, boku dake ga inai machi, etc.
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    Gintoki Sataka and yuno gasai
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    Watching anime and painting
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  1. Hello, i hope you enjoy your time here. Welcome to Anime forum.
  2. I really like this anime. Even though it’s very old I’ve only recently watched it. However I don’t know how to feel about the ending.
  3. I really like Zenitsu. Even tho he does seem like a wuss in the beginning he’s an amazing fighter and he’s funny as hell. What about you? Do you have favorite character yet?
  4. Yoo the last episode was crazyyyy. The animation the story the fights. This anime never fails to surprise me.
  5. Ohh I love this anime. It’s very funny at the same time it includes fights and fantasy.
  6. @Seshi and @Ohiotaku my bad. I didn’t know something like that was available.
  7. Hello @Sasuke and @Sakura , thank you for the welcome. Hope we get along
  8. I used to read review and check out the ratings before I watch any anime. This helps me choose a good fish in a large ocean but at the same time it makes me miss underrated animes. but recently I’ve started watching old animes that are underrated and most of them turned out great. For example, mirai Nikki and the promised neverland. I want to hear your opinion on this.
  9. For me personally think Tokyo raven was a great anime but the ending got me in tears and upset the whole day. But at the same time I really enjoyed this anime.
  10. Momoki


    Hey kaito, I’m an AF member as well. Hope we get a long
  11. Hello @neptuna , its nice to meet you hope we get along. Feel free to message me
  12. I just watched dr. Stone episode 5. I am so into this anime. But I hate it how I have to wait a whole week for the next episode. I want to know what happens to Senku. Also the other characters that they show in ep 4 make me so curious about the next episode!!!
  13. Thanks for the welcome @Scarlet Thunderstormz, @Nova And @Keiko hope we get along
  14. Hey cosmic wolf, this is my first time on forum too. I became a fan of anime very recently . Hope we can get along. - momoki

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