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  1. Hey, so I was wondering if anyone here read the manga or light novels for it because I’ve rewatched the first season 3 times now and wanna see/read more but for the life of me I can’t find a any solid info about where season 1 ends compared to where in the books it is. I know for the most part that some things have been left out and or it jumps a bit so I don’t mind if I have to go through a couple of chapters if need be to get to where the anime is. If anyone has any good info about it I would really appreciate it!!
  2. PS4: CosmicWolf_21 Just shoot me a message before or with the friend request so I know where you’re adding me from otherwise I won’t accept it
  3. I LOVE this anime omg! I’ve watched it from start to finish 3 times and still plan to rewatch it when the new season comes out. HIGHLY recommended!!
  4. Yeah the romance development would be nice as long as it doesn’t over take the show. The action scene in this weeks episode was pretty good and from the looks of it they might be picking up on them.
  5. Code Geass and Angel Beats. Not gonna lie I got pretty emotional for both when my favorite characters died but in Code Geass I got sooo mad and sad in season 2 when my girl was killed and still I rewatch them because I enjoy them so much.
  6. I personally love it although it is a bit slow with the first few episodes because of all the introductions and explaining but that’s to be expected. I just love over powered magic characters so I don’t think I really have anything bad to say except for there has only been one battle scene so far and it was a little lackluster for me. But I’m gonna watch it till the end and hopefully it gets way better and doesn’t end on a bad note.
  7. Thanks for the follow

  8. @Seshi thanks! And long time anime fan and brand new to forums. Well joining one at least haha. Been on some for video game help here and there.
  9. Hey! Thank you for all the warm welcomes, can’t wait to chat up some storms with you guys haha. Still learning how the messaging and other stuff works on the website but over all I’m quite enjoying myself here!
  10. Hi! I’ve never joined a forum so this is my first time posting on one but I’ve been wanting to find some friends to chat with about anime and such. So here I am! I will be looking forward to chatting!

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