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  1. Kaito


    Thanks, both of you!
  2. Would been nice if they spent more time on the action scenes, seemed rather kind of dull. But aside from that, my most anticipation from this anime will be the romance development, really want that to happen. : )
  3. Kaito


    Yeah, lets get along!
  4. Nova

    Thanks for the follow back and hello👋

    1. Kaito


      Hey Nova! No problem and thanks for being my first

    2. Nova


      Your welcome and its nice to have new friends

  5. Seen all and also read all novels Its pretty interesting and fun to watch - my favorite is probably UBW because Rin is my fave.
  6. Kaito


    Thanks @Sakura! Yeah, so far the community seems very friendly, and I really like the style. Also that sig of yours looks amazing. = )
  7. Kaito


    Thanks Nova. Sure, I'll go and take a look.
  8. Kaito


    Relatable! Hehe, sadly only clouds and rain for me today. Hopefully it'll be shiny tomorrow.
  9. Kaito

    Worst "group" names

    "The Milking Cow" - Well... pretty self-explanatory.
  10. Hello, I've been watching anime for a veeery long time now, but something I just noticed is that I never really engaged or took part of any anime community or whatsoever for some reason. So with that thought, here I am. I might be inexperienced, but I'm looking forward to a nice future here together. On another note, my favorite genre is Romance & Fantasy.
  11. Season 1 is pretty mediocre, still enjoyable to watch. Though Season 2 is pretty good, albeit fast paced. But aside from that, already looking forward to the next episode - I was unable to wait for the series to finish. ^.^
  12. Generally, I started watching anime many years back because of the story. Nowadays I just love it, makes me feel relaxed - especially anime series that revolves around Romance.

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