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  1. Sliding away from vision to deficiency we fall Subsiding again collapsing from the burden of it all But time after time we believe in better Never let a chance pass us by And we're sure we'll never fail to notice Sign after sign that a change is coming Time is running out like the tide But we think we're on a march of progress Ashes - Threshold
  2. Got some more space-related merch… Lunar Flashlight launching tonight!
  3. No, they're not friendly at all... at least not the ones controlled by VIKI.
  4. I agree. There's not a lot of things that people actually need. The whole consumer thing especially is insane when you think about it. It is extremely wasteful of resources and money. "Keeping up with the Joneses" is a suckers game too. (And/or simple ego gratification.) Advertising is about brainwashing people into thinking they need a new gadget or item of clothing just because the old one is a different color than what's on sale this week. And of course credit benefits nobody but the banksters. You would be far better off in the long run saving up for your purchases instead of paying an extra 10%, or more, for the instant gratification. Unfortunately there's hardly any constituency for doing it otherwise. It is all about keeping the money flowing. The government gets a cut every time money changes hands. Banks want to keep you in debt indefinitely, at least as long as you can make the payments. Advertisement-driven social pressures make it almost mandatory to have the latest-and-greatest gadget or wardrobe. They don't even teach home economics in schools anymore. Anything that keeps the spice from flowing is removed, bypassed, or outlawed. It's a racket.
  5. So you thought photoshoping was messing with people's heads?  Take a look at what NeRFs can do...


    1. Animedragon


      That is amazing, and it's really going to mess with people's heads.

  6. Nothing here. Prices are ridiculous for everything I looked for. How come inflation is always only on the goods side? I need some of that inflation in my paycheck!
  7. Looking for a good deal on a CPU upgrade for my current AM4-socket motherboard. I've got enough memory and I just bought a new GPU so this will likely be my last upgrade before I move to an AM5-based system. That build I'm planning for sometime next year so I don't want to spend a huge amount on upgrades at this point either. I was hoping to get a black-friday deal on something below $200. I'd love to be able to talk myself into a 12-core 5900 ($350) or a 16-core 5950 ($400) ryzen 9 but the truth is I don't need more than the 8 cores I've got in my 2700X and both of those are well beyond my price point. I'm seeing prices of <$250 on an 8-core 5800X however, which is a bit closer to my price limit. Maybe a 5800 (no "X") to save about 40 watts and a couple bucks. Performance-wise either would be a nearly 2x increase in processor power from my 2700x. I'm also considering a drop down to a 6-core 5600X at about $160. I'd lose a couple cores but overall it'd still be a much more powerful CPU. Not seeing any must-buy deals so far tho tbh. Might wind up saving my $$ for that AM5 build after all.

  8. 89F7024B-271B-4C24-B6DB-7D8C4AD6CDDC.jpeg.688edec2a66135714771e97a7c88dcce.jpeg

    Old enough to remember. :)  

  9. Welcome! I also occasionally do softwareish stuff. Mostly maintaining some custom monitoring and control s/w that I wrote years ago for a NOC but occasionally something new. My current job is test & integration though so not so much new dev. Mostly gap-filling utilities/scripting and test automation these days.
  10. A new asteroid named "2022WJ1" was detected.. and just a few hours later detonates in the air over Niagra falls. Barely even enough time to say, "oh, shit!" Fortunately it was only a few feet across. The real news here of course is that it was detected before impact. This is only the 6th time we've managed to do that. As usual Scott Manley has some good coverage of it in this week's space summary.
  11. The dangers of modding minecraft.
  12. 3 complete new computer builds by Paul's hardware, all of which cost less than a 4090.
  13. Saw this while wandering around in the Nether. Something trying to tell me something? Also, new card + shaders makes the nether look really cool. (IMHO, YMMV, etc.) Remember when we only had the nether wastes before the nether upgrade? The new stuff sure makes the nether a lot more interesting.
  14. Looks like of the two cubes that I liked, OMOTENASHI and NEAS, neither one is looking too good.  :( 

    OMOT was a JAXA-sponsored lunar lander that was supposed to have landed on the moon this morning via (intentional) “lithobraking”.  :D  It may or may not have done so.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been heard from since it was deployed last week so nobody knows for sure.  The other JAXA mission, EQUULEUS, seems to be functioning as expected however.

    The other one I liked was the Near Earth Asteroid Scout.  Or as I liked to call it the rainbow sail mission due to its propulsion & maneuvering system.  It was supposed to use a new type of solar sail to visit a couple near-earth asteroids but it too has not been heard from since deployment.

    So far 4 of the 8 cubesats have had problems post-deployment.  (Artemis itself seems to be doing well.)

    1. Animedragon


      4 out of 8 isn't bad, but it's not good either.  Good to know that Artemis seems to be doing well.  I remember the excitement at Christmas 1968 when Apollo 8 went round the moon.

    2. efaardvark


      @Animedragon  The cubes' were always "stretch goals", and most of them were done on a shoestring budget and supported on a best-effort basis.  A few of them were just in the right place at the right time when the Artemis folks said, "hey, we're headed for the moon.. anyone need a ride?"  There were originally (I think) 13 that said "yes" to that offer but couldn't make various integration or test dates.  The rest have been tucked away incommunicado in their interstage bays while Artemis went through the last year and a half of launch slips.  I think at least two of them hadn't even had so much as their batteries recharged in all that time.  Not surprising that a few aren't behaving as planned.

    3. Animedragon


      Thank you, it was interesting to find out a bit more about those cubes.

  15. Artemis's "Outbound flyby" happens tonight (pacific time)!



  16. Holy crap.. Looks like 96-core/192-thread Threadripper desktop CPUs will be a thing. (For a price I'm sure.)
  17. So far 3 of the 8 cubes are having trouble.  Not only that but some of the recovery efforts have created problems in the ground data system for other projects.  (Like James Webb.)   At least Artemis itself seems ok for the moment.  These next couple months until Orion comes back down are going to be a lot of work.

  18. So I'm looking at the GPU part of the Steam hardware survey, as I do from time to time, and I note that even "now" (as of October) the top 3 video cards listed are the GTX 1060, the RTX 2060, and the GTX 1650. Between them they have about 20% of the installed gamer base. If you add the RTX 3060 and the 1050TI in the 4th and 5th slots respectively then that adds another ~10%. The top AMD "card" is actually "radeon graphics", which is a catch-all for built-in gfx on portable CPUs. The top AMD card (that's actually a card) is the RX 580, which is only slightly less ancient than my recently-departed RX 480. I guess not many of the gamers out there are upgrading their GPUs. Certainly not enough to move the needle much on the installed base. Kind of makes me wonder what NVIDIA thinks they're doing coming out with something like the 4090. Do they think that people who are so strapped for cash that they're still using their 10- and 20- series GPUs will suddenly rush out to pay $1600 for the 4090? Or $900 for the 4080? I just don't get it. Maybe they're thinking that once their 40-series lineup is fleshed out with the 4070 and 4080 offerings then that will become the new mainstream. Given the announced specs and pricing on those cards I -highly- doubt it. Only around 10% seem to be using their 30-series cards after all even now, 2 years after release.
  19. For now I'm on Earth.. unless you consider the US's (S) California an alien world. (I would not blame you. )
  20. All I can say is it'd better get off the pad this time!


    1. Animedragon


      And they did. it looked very impressive.

  21. So I used to play a lot of an ASCII-gfx, tile based game called Rogue. This was back in the days before GUIs and there were actually quite a number of these sorts of games... Moria, Larn, Nethack, Angband (or the Zelazney/Amber version "Zangband"). Most of them got their start on and followers from large multiuser mainframe systems, most of them unix-based and connected to users on "dumb" terminals. Even today these games still have a following and are even still being developed. At the top of the heap (IMHO) is a game called "Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress". Or just Dwarf Fortress if that sounds a bit of a mouthful. This game has gone way, way beyond simple text-based dungeon crawling however. The dungeon-crawl mode (called "Adventurer" mode) is still there but to me the much more interesting mode is "Fortress" mode, which is .. more complicated. In fact, Dwarf Fortress in Fortress mode is more of a construction and management simulation these days.. more along the lines of The Settlers or even SimCity, though without the roads and rail and if the city were being built by dwarves under a mountain and dealing with trolls (and much, much worse if you dig too deep in the wrong places) were part of the deal. The problem with DF is that the text-based menu and display system is rather user hostile. It takes a bit of dedication to get into and even longer to get good at. There's a HUGE amount of depth and lore to the game but most of it is buried under mounds of ASCII "graphics" that most modern players can't be bothered to give a second glance. Well, I just found out that the DF "engine" is getting a GUI makeover by the developers, Bay 12 games. OK, actually maybe not so much a makeover as just getting a GUI. According to Steam it goes on sale December 6th. If city-scale construction and (micro)management with a bit of unit-level combat and lore you can get lost in sounds interesting then I recommend checking it out. If it works on Linux (via Steam's Proton) then I'm going to have to get it.
  22. In honor of shuttle parts getting one last hurrah tomorrow Probably. Maybe? 3rd, er, 24th time the charm? (Someone should redo that video with SLS footage when/if it launches.)
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