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  1. Thanks. Ayreon has some good stuff. I think their "Universal Migrator" album is awesome for instance. (I've always been a bit of a fan of themed albums, whether it be Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall or Blind Guardian's Nightfall in Middle Earth or what have you.)
  2. I love to build new systems and upgrade old systems. (Though with prices as they’ve been for the past couple years I’ve had to exercise restraint and only go for the upgrades that are actually necessary. It’s been tough. ) I’m still using an older AMD 2700X-based system with an ancient - in computer years - RX 480 GPU but I’ve been keeping up with prices and tech with an eye towards building a brand new system, once the prices for GPUs and DDR5 bits come down a skoshi.
  3. Welcome! I’m often a bit of a lurker myself but don’t be afraid to join in. People here are pretty chill… more of the laugh with than at type(s).
  4. Here in the S. California desert I’m good for anything up to the high 80s as long as I have at least a fan and plenty of something cold to drink but I definitely prefer cooler temps as well, especially if there’s anything resembling humidity in the air. That’s going a bit too far in the other direction. Cold and wet is pretty much my definition of hell.
  5. \me "was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek".
  6. Lucassen strike again. Pink Beetles in a Purple Zeppelin
  7. What would the Terminator be called in his retirement? The Exterminator. The pan-duh is a very condescending bear. Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? It’s fine, he woke up. and of course... Why are elevator jokes so good? They work on many levels. (But that one's so old it farts dust.)
  8. Welcome! Hope you have fun here!
  9. Propagules are also apparently considered flowers by bees...
  10. Experimented a bit with the new mangrove trees. The propagules can be planted like normal saplings on the tops of dirt or mud, but also up to several blocks underwater. When grown the trees will provide wood and leaves as usual, but also more propagules on the underside of the leaves. Bonemeal can also be applied to the underside of the leaves to create more propagules. The bottom of the tree will have 4 branches of roots connected to the trunk proper. Full-grown trees come with vines hanging from the leaves (like jungle and swamp trees) and moss carpets on some of the horizontal root surfaces. Where the roots enter the dirt there will be a block of rooted earth. The wood blocks of the trunk and branches above look similar to jungle wood but inside are a vivid red color. The wood of course can be made into doors and the doors look kind of upscale... a bit like dark oak doors only reddish and not as ominous-looking. Kind of a surprising amount of stuff going on there for a single new tree type. From growing a single propagule - obtainable from the wandering trader - one can directly get mangrove leaves, vines, more propagules, mangrove wood, moss carpets, mangrove roots, and rooted earth blocks. Rooted earth blocks can also get you hanging roots by bonemealing a block that has space below it. Previously you could only get moss carpet and hanging roots from lush caves, so that's kind of handy if you're like me and have an older world with some of the newer biomes a fair distance away.
  11. Chicken and cheese on a torte bun and with a drop or three of Tapatío to make things interesting. And a couple apple cinnamon cookies with a cup of tea for dessert. (Once the Tapatío burn fades a bit.)
  12. Since I went and installed Iris/Sodium I thought I'd revisit some shaders. I do seem to get a significant speed boost from some of the shaders that I had trouble with before. For instance, I'm able to run Sonic Ether's most recent SEUS PTGI shader that (sort of) does ray tracing even on non-RTX cards like my Radeon RX480. It doesn't run it fast but at ~20fps it is barely playable.. at least more so than the single digits I was getting in previous versions with optifine. That's low enough that I'd be worried about lags during critical moments in mob brawls but it sure does make things look nice while just walking around. I'll have to check SEUS with the new optifine when it comes out for 1.19 as well. If I can get to 30 fps somehow then I may switch from Sildurs. For now though I think I'll stick with Sildurs. It looks pretty good and I can get to 40fps even on my old card so that's gonna be my default combo until either I can get some better hardware or some better software comes along. Speaking of Sildur's, I don't think I've posted any Nether pics using that and my preferred texture pack so thought I'd post some Nether pics using that combo.
  13. Agree. That should have been in there somewhere.
  14. Decided to try iris while waiting for optifine. I had issues with it once before but that was a while ago and it seems to be playing well with others now. Found a bunch of diamonds while working on my spawner project... ... and was visited by a wandering trader who was selling propagules so I thought I'd check out the mangrove tree. Shape-wise it is a lot more random than the other tree types. I kind of like it.
  15. So I finally got some time to play mc again but that's kind of a good news / bad news thing at the moment. I usually play on my brother's Realms server and Realms always gets updated to the latest version as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately the update means I also lose my shaders until optifine gets updated for 1.19. I can't barely even see the fish in my aquarium! I miss the fps boost that optifine provides too. I don't really have the time to do fun stuff like go hunting for alleys or ancient cities either. I do know where there's a couple of spawners in close proximity to each other however. One is a zombie spawner and one generates skelly-bones and they're within about 20 blocks of each other. I think I have just enough time to create an xp/loot farm out of the pair of them.
  16. Liked, but this is the Heavy Metal that I remember. (linked instead of inlined due to NSFW)
  17. rewatching Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon), as I do from time to time.
  18. I know this isn't the forum for this type of thing but for us out here in the southwestern US the region's water situation is getting critical.  That's me so I'm thinking about this a lot.  Full disclosure, I'm in a suburb of Los Angeles here in So. California.  If you're also in the region, or know someone who is, get informed.  Basically, several of  the region's critical civil engineering systems related to water use and distribution are either having or going to have multi-mode failures over the next decade or so.  At this point even a radical change in the weather severe enough to solve the water supply problem would itself create major issues of its own.  We need to get ahead of the problems and come up with a plan to deal with all of them that can be implemented in the time available.

    I'm actually glad to see this video.  The cover/thumbnail image might be a bit click-baity but I think they kept the listed title and the content itself reasonable.  Right now things are still status-quo in most people's minds.  Showers work.  There's water to drink.  You flip the switch and the power still flows to light the lamp or brew the coffee.  For anyone not paying attention nothing would seem to be wrong.  The scariest scenario for me however would be if nobody paid attention until the faucets run dry, then everyone panics without knowing the situation or having a plan.  The people who made this video seem to be normal folks throwing up a flag saying, "hey, something serious is happening here". 

    I especially like that they're making the food connection.  Las Vegas golf courses are not really the problem here, though the mindset that says that's a good idea in the middle of the desert (and the politics that allows it) might be part of the reason we got to this point.  Farming is by far the biggest issue.  California farms supply a large fraction of the country's food.  Of the world's in fact.  Those farms also use about 80% of the water in the region.  If you can't grow food because there's no water or can't transport it to the customers because fuel is too expensive then that's a serious problem all by itself, even for people outside of California, Nevada, etc..  The water is also used to generate electricity, and energy is a major input to and driver of any economy.  Expensive energy and low revenues from exports is an economic disaster in the making for the region.  And of course water is also used for drinking and sanitation.  The amount of water used for this last is (relatively) tiny but obviously extremely critical.  I doubt we'll ever run out of drinking water, but it might get extremely expensive, and/or take a while to build out an alternative supply system.  Did I mention you'll be dealing with high energy prices, power problems, and an economy already staggering from the costs of a pandemic, bankster abuse, and political mismanagement while trying to implement your solution?



  19. Annoyed. The Plan was to come home and maybe get a couple hours to check out the minecraft 1.19 drop. Instead I get a tiger team alert from work just as I sit down with a fresh cuppa at my computer.
  20. I took German in HS and I cheerfully admit to the same problem. I too could not hold a conversation, but I do remember Lebensabschnittpartner. (Roughly meaning "lover for the day", or maybe "casual fling" in English.) The punch line is the linguistically more elegant version is lebensabschnittgefährte. German compound words in general are fun. Not only can the language put a whole sentence into a compound word, it has words like Kopfkino or Wanderlust or Schadenfreude that combine words to capture a nuance. So useful we imported them into English! (Or American anyway... apologies to any Brits in the audience.) How long did you study German?
  21. Quarantine! Please excuse my lame attempt at a bit of post-covid humor there.
  22. Welcome! (And I’m in my 50s as well so don’t worry about the age thing. )
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