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  1. Somebody finally figured out how to hit an enderman with an arrow...
  2. Got a c19 booster shot today.  Heard mixed reviews from my coworkers as to what to expect in terms of side effects.  I got off pretty clean with the original vaccination.  Just some localized muscle soreness around the injection site and maybe a bit of fatigue (or maybe just working too hard) but nothing else.  Hope this goes as well but I took tomorrow off as a comp-day so I get  3-day weekend, just in case.  I figure if I need it, great.  If I don't.. well, there's plenty around the house that needs to be done too.

  3. Good idea in principle. Not always practicable however. Crunchy's show descriptions usually leave something to be desired for instance. (And even that assumes their web site or app will display it properly in the first place.) I generally live by the 3-episode rule. I'll give pretty much anything that much of a chance, and I have found a few unexpected gems that way. If a show hasn't hooked me by then however then I'll probably skip the rest of it.
  4. Not exactly (re)watching this but some of the older folks here can remember "Mazinger Z"? This isn't quite as I remember it though...
  5. I'm sure there's more out there but the only two I can remember are Sakura Trick and Aoi Hana. AH is quite the better of the two IMHO. Yuri isn't my thing though so take that with a grain of salt. Of course there's plenty out there that has a bit of yuri in it. I happen to have just finished watching Konohanatei Kitan & it has Ren and Natsume for instance. hth..
  6. Ok, I gotta ask. Regarding the just-released "low end" RX 6500 GFX card for $200 MSRP (street price $280ish), is it a good deal given the circumstances surrounding its release, or is it simply predation by a company who has - along with most of the rest of the industry - announced record profits this year and knows that beggars can't be choosers. Seems to me that they're trying to get away with releasing a "cheap" card (relatively speaking) that can't even compete performance-wise with similarly-priced cards from 5 or 6 years ago just because they think us customers have been through so much industry-wide crap in the past few years that we'll go for anything that's less unacceptable than the status quo. Kind of like when Emperor Ming said, "Let's just say they'll be satisfied with less."
  7. Found a zombie spawner in minecraft.. so I built an EXP farm! It also works really well for collecting rotten flesh drops, which I can sell to a nearby villager priest for a steady supply of emeralds. Need "mending" for that pick though..
  8. I checked out the first couple eps and I agree. Haven't seen ep #3 yet but this one can go wrong in so many ways and even the second ep looks to be veering down one of many wrong paths. It is provisionally on my PTW list but I hope they can recover and keep it together. I'll be checking out the reviews before I get back to it at my season-end binge. If it they make it sound at all sketchy I'll probably skip it. For now though I'm watching Konohanatei Kitan. I saw the OP and liked the background artwork so I thought I'd give it a watch. The backgrounds in the anime proper aren't as good as something like Hanasaku Iruha and the story itself some might call boring but it is cute and I get enough excitement from other parts of my life. Besides, what's not to like about kitsune girls? "Relaxing" is my term for it.
  9. I often do the biphasic thing myself. Oyasuminasai.
  10. Blizzard + MSFT?? Who thought that was a good idea? For $69B US cash! This makes MSFT the 3rd biggest gaming company by revenue. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-19/microsoft-msft-activision-blizzard-atvi-deal-shows-big-tech-metaverse-push
  11. More high winds tonight. Was thinking of going to bed early but with all the rattling, clanking, and thumping going on outside I decided to stay up. At least I don't have to get up early to go to work tomorrow.
  12. Just thought I'd canvas the field again. I've been looking to upgrade my Boox reader/note-taker for a while now but I've been holding out for a color display and there's some really nice looking ones out there these days. The display on the Boox Nova 3 looks perfect, but I want the bigger 10.3" display of my Note Pro. Almost there, but not quite.
  13. Interesting theory. Nice tie-in with string theory too. Is ST finally becoming useful?
  14. Impressive explosion no doubt, but quite a lot of interesting science to be done as well. No doubt there will be more info coming out momentarily but as usual Scott Manley does a pretty good job of putting together a summary and initial commentary on the event..
  15. Now that's a big explosion!  Hope everybody nearby is ok!


  16. I'm getting that urge to build a new system again. I love the process of research, shopping, integration, and the satisfaction of building my own computer from scratch. It has been extra tough this year however with supply disruptions and the ridiculous pricing situation, especially in the GPU segment of the market. I'd really like to go for a new top-end build to replace my main desktop system. 16/32 core Ryzen 9 5950X, 32GB 4Ghz RAM, top-end x570(s)-chipset mobo - though I really like the BIOS and features of my Crosshair Hero VI in my current desktop so maybe I'd keep that even though it's "only" an x470 chipset. Unfortunately all that would probably cost $3k even before adding a GPU! A top Nvidia card is going to at least double that so that's simply not happening. Even AMD's 6900 XT is around $1.6k US. Less insane but still not anything approaching reasonable in terms of price/performance. Not sure about the lifetime of such a system either with the DDR5 switch probably happening to the mainstream over the next year or two. It'd be pretty stupid to spend upwards of $4k on a new system unless I can reasonably expect several years of service out of it. Maybe I'll just upgrade my system(s). My SFF "deskmini" build would need a BIOS upgrade but a 5600G Ryzen 5 should be a drop-in replacement for the 3400G I've got in there now. Or maybe even an 8-core Ryzen 7 5700G. I should be able to upgrade to slightly faster (~20%) memory too, now that memory prices have come down a tiny bit. It looks like I need to get in there and do some PM anyway if the layer of dust is any indication. My main system could probably benefit from a similar upgrade to memory and CPU. It still has a 1st-gen 2700X CPU and 3400Mhz RAM (OCed to 3600) in there. Something like a 5800X would be a drop-in replacement and almost double the processing performance. The motherboard AM4 socket can take anything up to that top-end 5950X. Memory options are a bit more limited speed-wise, but it'll still accept up to 4Ghz. A few $$$ on a CPU/memory upgrade might tide me over until the DDR5 changeover requires a new motherboard.
  17. Was going to have some roast beast for dinner but when I tried to take it out of the cooker to plate it it literally fell apart! So instead I'm having beef stew tonight.
  18. That one was fun. I'm not a big fan of mecha in general but I liked the ending. The ED, Sora to Kimi no Message, was cool too.
  19. Turnspit dogs used to be a thing.  Who knew?


    1. deaaath


      I never knew! 
      I looked up what these dogs looked like, and they are FUNNY LOOKING! Yet...quite cute.


  20. Same here. Enjoy it. It'll be over too soon though, it always is.
  21. High winds rattling the windows and making the house creak tonight. Probably also dumping leaves and dirt and other random crap from the neighborhood in the pool. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning. And I just got it cleaned up from last week's winds too.
  22. ( From their March of Progress album. )
  23. An electrical/automotive engineering guy by the name of Charles Kettering once said, "My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there." What's it going to be like? Flying cars? Mars colonies? Directed-energy weapons for the military? (Or Fedex, see below.) I thought I'd create a topic for news and chat about the future. Whether you're thinking it'll be dystopic or boring or utopic or whatever, share your thoughts. Just one rule: keep it real. Mild speculation is ok but talk about actual events or scientific/engineering know-how is preferred. I'll start things off with this news item.. Fedex is asking the US Federal Aviation Administration for permission to install anti-missile lasers on their airplanes. How'd you like to be the guy at the FAA who opened the envelope containing that request? "Um.. Boss, how do we handle this one?" https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/national-international/fedex-wants-to-install-anti-missile-lasers-in-its-cargo-jets/2859206/
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