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  1. Closest I’m going to get to Mars for a while.. 


    ( it is actually bigger than you might expect. )

  2. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pekora+minecraft
  3. While I'm excited to see people working on these sorts of things I have to say, ESA, you need to work a bit harder on picking your names.
  4. Seen Pekora's minecraft stuff? It's hilarious.
  5. My version of that is to always try to be myself. That much I know I can do. It is a fool's notion to try to be someone else. Let's face it, most media or other "pop" personalities are fake anyway so there's little point in emulating them, and there's only about a 1:7,800,000,000 chance that I am the best human at anything. So I just try to be me. Of course from there I try to do better but a much more realistic and practical goal is simply for this week's me to be better than last week's me. After doing that sort of thing for a few years I've discovered that I'm actually pretty good a
  6. Tong Ling Fei. AKA Psychic Princess. aka 通灵妃. A little odd since I don't speak Chinese.. have to get used to actually reading the subs for a change.
  7. Not just some words encoded on a supersonic parachute.. this is literally underfoot in my "office".  (It is in a shadowbox built into the floor of the SFOF.)


  8. Never got the shipping craze but I won’t hold that against you. Welcome!
  9. I got a new lid... ( and was wearing it landing day! )
  10. I’m sure there are more around but I have no time (or social life) to connect with them.
  11. I wouldn’t mind having a couple more local anime fans around myself. The ones I know are mostly into just the popular stuff like DBZ or Naruto (and always dubbed). I once tried to get a binge party going for 魔法使いの嫁 (Magician’s Wife) and got a resounding “meh” in response.
  12. Not really in touch with that particular problem. With the exception of living in Huntsville, AL for about a year in 2nd grade pretty much all of my existence has been in extreme urban areas. Currently I’m in So. California in the foothills near Los Angeles.. it was somewhat rural when I got here ~40 years ago but it rapidly filled in. Nothing but assholes and elbows as far as the eye can see around here now.
  13. For anyone wanting to follow the Mars 2020 (aka Perseverance) landing tonight here’s all the links.


    In related news, Krispy Kreme has a limited-time offer.  🍩

  14. I spent a couple hours exploring in the Nether in Minecraft this morning. I was there with the intent of looking for soul sand for a project but this was the first time I've spent much time in the nether since the nether update last year. Even back then I really just built/activated a portal and secured the nether end with a cobble wall around around the portal. (First rule of Nether exploration.. secure your portal!) I didn't get a chance to explore much so this time I also did some looky-loo touristing and some path-building. Found not only the soul sand but also some other interesting
  15. I watched about half of Mahou Sensou / Magical Warfare last night. Meh. Seems mostly premise with little in the way of plot so far.
  16. Thought I'd check out the first half of So I'm a spider. Intrigued and still not sure what's going on here but I think the monkey army business was my "stop.. that's too silly" moment.
  17. Is it wrong that I've had the 18th of Feb. 👾 marked on my calendar for 6 months now but didn't realize that tomorrow is 💘 day until about 20 minutes ago?  :D


  18. Been trying to get back into minecraft. I've been able to find time to install & configure my mods (basically just optifine for a shader, and a higher-res texture pack), and even play a few minutes here and there but nothing like the large blocks of time for big-build projects as I've done in the past.
  19. Hmmm .. If you liked sword art online then maybe Log Horizon, Overlord, or Accel World?
  20. UAE, US, and China all have spacecraft coming up on Mars in the next couple weeks.  I gotta go to work a 2am local tonight for Al-Amal because the DSN is handling their downlink, then again for M20's "7 minutes of terror" next week.  China's doing their own thing on the 10th.  Lots of activity at Duna, er, Mars this week!  When all the dust settles there will (hopefully) be two more orbiters around and another lander and two more rovers on Mars.  And a helicopter.

  21. So much this...


  22. Just a couple days ago I'd (re)installed optifine and a shader in minecraft. Well, today that shader saved me from being blown up by a creeper. I was on my brother's realms game. It was the middle of the minecraft day. I don't know where it came from (as usual) but it snuck up on me and I would doubtlessly blown up not for the shadows produced by the shader. As it was I spent about a second wondering what that strangely-shaped shadow was behind me. I got the OH SHIT moment and was able to hit the 'w' key half second early because of the shader throwing the creeper's shadow on the ground
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