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  1. Ooooo.. KIS/KAS*is one of my favorite KSP mods, and now it looks like the actual game devs are putting the same functionality in stock! In KIS/KAS you can even build new ships in space, as well as repair/replace things like antennas and solar panels. As long as the parts all fit in your cargo bay you're good. Not that I've personally ever carelessly broken those during an EVA mind you, but I hear stories... (Ok, maybe just a couple... dozen... times...) Now if I could just find the time to play. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/198324-ksp-loading-kerbal-eng
  2. Going through old stuff to make space for new stuff.  Exhibit 1.. a well-used “Aeronautical Vest-Pocket Handbook” ©️1959 complements of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Co .. trig tables, elemental properties, conversion tables, tables of physical constants, graphs showing relationships between various aeronautic/engineering variables.  Clearly a pre-Google, pre Wikipedia  artifact.  :) 



  3. Looking for a new webcam. My old one was a Logitech 270C but a friend needed a new one because his was a POS so I let him have mine. (Not exactly being altruistic.. his audio in Discord sessions sucked and his video was always black-on-dark. I got tired of dealing with it. Besides, I'm stuck working at work for the next couple weeks so I won't need it for webex etc. while working from home and I've been thinking of getting a new one anyway.) I'm not looking for anything especially fancy. Nothing wrong with the old one really but it was only 3 megapixel and didn't have a way to adjus
  4. Looks like the cabling situation is more precarious than realized, meaning it is no longer considered safe to repair the antenna as was first hoped.
  5. Trying to hold out until the color e-ink displays get deployed but I'm already thinking about upgrading from my old Boox to some newer hardware....
  6. I think it is more about having the time. I don’t have time to spend just hanging out doing real-time chat in discord. I can’t spend a lot of time in forums either, but I can check a forum from my phone whenever I have a couple minutes. I can type pretty fast too so what I often do in forums is make a pass with my phone to find anything interesting, then if I want to reply I come back later after I’ve had a chance to think about my reply for a while. I can read just fine on my phone but I don’t like typing on those tiny on-screen keys so often I’ll wait until I get to my desktop system to
  7. Flawless day-one game support for the new AMD 6800 GFX card(s) .. on linux? Yes. Now even gamers can forget the Windows tax. Buy your own CPU/MB/RAM hardware, slot in your RX6800 (or 6800XT if you have the cash to burn), install the mainline Ubuntu 20.04 with its open-source "amdgpu" driver, install steam, and game on. I have to admit this is tempting. Good linux support is one reason that I've stuck with my "old" RX480 card so long. Not that there haven't been well-supported cards since the '480, but get past that and we have to talk price/performance. And speaking of that $6
  8. Been working my google-fu for several days (not solid, but off & on) trying to find a way to get [email protected] to use my GPU /and/ my CPU, instead of just my CPU. My GFX card is an "old" Radeon RX480. I'm running the open-source "amdgpu" driver for this card because it works well for general gaming/desktop uses. There is also a proprietary driver from AMD for this card but the driver doesn't work as well for 3d games or general desktop uses. AMD (like nvidia) has also been removing support for older cards from their driver. No doubt to "encourage" people to buy their newer, much
  9. Hey all.. This has absolutely nothing to do with anime but I was just wondering if anyone else here is doing the [email protected] thing, and if so are you on a team? I'm currently contributing my points to the PC Master Race but I'm a vagrant and occasionally switch teams just for the heck of it. If anyone else here is on a team that needs points/WU let me know. AWS I'm not so don't expect too much. All I have is my desktop system but it does have an 8/16-core 2700X in there. It averages maybe 50kppd if I just let [email protected] have my background cycles and up to 150k if I let it use all of it (
  10. Looking at Craftopia on steam.. looks like something to keep an eye on.
  11. A friend sent me this amabie pic so I thought I'd use it to bump the topic. Now is not the time to be hoarding amabie pics to oneself after all.
  12. Gotta say, 4 people on a single rocket is going to make this exciting all by itself.


  13. I do. I don’t play many of those super-linear games anymore because then I feel need to play it “perfectly” to get a challenge out of it. Probably not explaining that well but it is just a personality quirk in my head that makes me endlessly replay games that I feel I finished too quickly or too easily until I get a perfect score or all the Easter eggs or all the bonus loot or whatever. I also do things like “speed running” a game and trying to beat the clock. If I’m playing (for instance) a game like sudoku on my phone that doesn’t have a score or a time limit I still feel like I didn’
  14. I asked my grandparents A similar question once & they said the same thing. Hot and cold - and potable! - running water, indoors, just by turning a lever was basically right up there with fire according to them. No more hauling water from the creek or pumping from a well for cooking, washing, or bathing. No more outhouses. Baths whenever you felt like it...
  15. Passed 1000 work units folded in [email protected]  Actually passed the milestone a little while back but I didn't notice until now since it just does its thing in the background. 

    Next goal/milestone looks like maybe a score of 10 million points.  No idea what a "point" means in [email protected] terms but that's a lot of zeros so it's gotta mean something, right?  :)  Currently at 8.6M so only 1.4M to go.  My "old" Ryzen 7 2700X can clear about 150k/day if I let it off the leash (and no GPU support from my RX480 unfortunately) so in theory that's only about 10 days.  If I actually use my computer for anything or if I have to throttle it back due to warmer weather then it'll be less.  Practically speaking it'll probably be more like a month.

  16. I guess I too will miss being able to stream everything on-demand from services like Apple, Spotify, Crunchy, or Amazon if the 'Net goes out. At least until the servers come back and the network gets rebuilt. (If it even needs it given services like Starlink getting built out these days.) But even if the 'net goes out and doesn't come back your player should still work for mp3s and such if you have local files and can charge it. Personally I never trusted "the cloud" in the first place. Stuff tends to disappear from streaming sites even now, pre-apocalypse. Anything I really like I'
  17. I can do without most things. I spend a lot of time on computers but I'm older than both the Internet and PCs so I can remember a time without. Our family didn't even have a TV until my dad built one from heathkit. (It was color & I remember him rushing to get it done in time for the first color Miss America broadcast. ) IIRC I did a lot of reading back then. I'd love to have a chance to try that again without all the modern-day distractions. If you're talking about being bombed back to the stone age by asteroids or the Russians or aliens then I think the question is irr
  18. I dooded the deed.  Kind of pointless since I know either Biden or Trump will win but if I don't vote then I can't complain, right?  Pitiful selection this time, as usual.  I almost wrote-in the name of the guy with a boot on his head but since he didn't get the nomination I instead went for the guy whose running mate was initially the running mate of the guy with the boot on his head.  I'd have voted Green again but I wrote to them last time about their stupid anti-nuclear stance and got back a nonsense reply so I went back to the other guys for this cycle. 

    All I can say is I hope SpaceX's Starship testing goes well.  I need a few AU of hard vacuum and lethal radiation between me and D.C. ASAP.


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      @wikkidgrace He was in the primaries but he didn't win the nomination.  Unfortunate for the pony people.  :) 🦄

    3. txGemgal3084


      So totally with you one this. I blame mass media and whatever else. Like people don't realize that you don't have to vote for the two major parties and at the same I feel it's pointless but this is what I don't get if it really didn't matter why put the other parties on the ballot. I think if enough people actually voted for someone other than dem or rep maybe just maybe someone else could win. Idk really for sure but I feel everyone is so locked in on these two parties. 

    4. efaardvark


      People vote the way they're supposed to.  For some it takes reverse psychology or other tricks.  "Don't waste your vote" is just another one of the viral memes they use.  If people thought about it for a couple seconds they'd realize it is BS, but they don't.  In the end it amounts to most people voting the way they're told to vote.

  19. Got a mini-pc assembled and attached to the den TV. Tiny little thing.. about 6" tall by 3" wide. Came barebones so I've had a pile of parts sitting in the den silently staring at me for the last couple days but I finally put it all together and got it booted into an OS. I put system76's Pop!_OS (basically rebranded Ubuntu 20.04) on it for now since I had a USB stick with the .iso on it already. Might upgrade to 20.10. We'll see. Been too busy to actually do much with it yet but it boots & with just a web browser it can connect to the household Plex server, youtube, etc. This is the
  20. “Anime” is like “books”. There is no typical age. Over the years the biggest determinant as to how much anime I’ve watched hasn’t been my age so much as how busy I’ve been with everything else in my life. Recreational activities like books, games, or anime has to get a lower priority than things like job and family commitments. The only thing that has changed over the years is the type of anime I watch, books I read, or games I play when/if I get the chance, not the desire to watch/read/play them itself.
  21. Ok, so not a lot of astrophysics or science in this one but I thought it was cool nevertheless...
  22. Looks like they’re finally done with remodeling of the lobby of the building at work.. You can’t see it too well in the pic but the ceiling is kind of trippy. The ceiling tiles are black and have hundreds of LEDs in them, making the ceiling into a starry sky overhead. Some of the LEDs are rigged to flash in a sequence that makes it look like a meteor occasionally flashing across the sky.
  23. Lately I’ve been getting into a space-themed first-person sandbox game called Empyrion. It is on Steam and just came out of alpha and still has a few rough spots but it has a lot of potential. Not as ambitious as something like space engineers, but not nearly as buggy either. It also works well with Steam’s proton on my Linux system. Also waiting for the “cliffs and caves” update for Minecraft and still playing my old favorite, Kerbal Space Program, as well. When I just want to relax and not be shot at or use my too much I’ve also been known to spend time in Stardew Valley.
  24. 56 here. I think I actually got started just watching saturday morning cartoons. I watched stuff like Mazinger Z, aka "Tranzor Z" here in the US, back in the 70s without really realizing it was "anime". Those were my middle-school days and I'd kind of grown out of cartoons by the time I got to HS in the early 80s, but by then I'd seen "Speed Racer" (Mach GoGoGo) and "Star Blazers" (Space Battleship Yamato) and movies like Nausicaä. That might have been the end of it but as it turned out one of my classmates in HS started doing some voice acting that kind of got me started again. She w
  25. Looking at the specs for the just-announced AMD GPUs and I'm just not feeling it. People are thrilled that the top AMD card is competitive with the top nV card at $500 cheaper. Sorry, $1k for a GFX card is still a non-starter. Is it just me? And the new "low end" card is still $600! Somewhere, somehow, things went horribly wrong in the GPU market. My "old" RX480 needs 150 Watts to give me a G3D Mark of 8523. The RX590 takes 175W to give me 9487. That's a 16% power increase for an ~11% performance increase. (And let's not talk about the higher price as well.) Fail. For a while
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