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  1. Spent a couple hours this evening after work playing with shader mods in minecraft. Of course I tried SEUS first.. not with any real hope that my "old" radeon rx480 might be able to do anything even approaching what the latest-and-greatest GPUs can. I just wanted to see how much it actually could do. No ray tracing I'm afraid. On the plus side the project did entice me to install a couple performance mods, including optifine, which I hadn't bothered with yet on my new system since the CPU/GPU could already do far more FPS than my "monitor" (an old TV) can handle. It does have a few enhancements however, so I'm glad it is there now. Almost feels like I didn't waste my evening. Now I just have to wait a few years until those $600 gfx cards come down to a price I consider reasonable.
  2. Reading up on Apple's gaming service. Guess it was only a matter of time some people I know, all they do on their "phone" anyway is game.
  3. There's some weird .. food(?) that shows up in the break room's "donations accepted" snack stack at work.  Anyone seen this one?  Is it safe to eat?  あやしい :D 



    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      listen to the turkey, it's already telling you how great it is 😂 

      What I find kind of weird is the whole anti-gluten trend that is so prominent in the US, and also starting in Europe. Are there so many gluten insensitive people in the US or what's up with that? 😂

  4. I just found out that Pippi was almost done by Miyazaki/Ghibli! I loved reading about Pippi when I was a kid. I think it would have made good anime material, especially if it had been done by Miyazaki! Too bad the project never happened.
  5. Yeah, it is still a thing. My brother and I have a game on it and play it often. I think they limit you to 10 players maximum at any one time for personal accounts. There's also 3rd-party servers with higher limits. (And generally higher fees, but you can also usually add your own mods as well.) Realms is simple and fairly cheap though, and Mojang/MSFT probably isn't going away any time soon.
  6. Somebody looking for things to do in minecraft?
  7. So "USB4" is different than "USB 4".   Really now.  Has murketing really come to this?   😐 

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      😂 reminds me of this


    2. Ohiotaku


      Both of which are different than UB40 


  8. How come all of a sudden all that side-channel crap (ad feeds, youtube "recommended", etc.) is showing me earthquake and disaster preparedness stuff.  Stop it!  It is Friday the 13th and you're making me nervous!  :D

  9. Also (after looking at your profile) I might suggest Hiiro no Kakera , Kamisama hajimemashita, Shigatsu Kimi no Uso, and Log Horizon. Maybe also Mahoutsukai no Yome.
  10. You'll also sometimes see "kouhai", which would be the situation in reverse. If I'm your senpai (senior) then you're my kouhai (junior). Misaki in Sakurasou is always calling Sorata "Kouhai-kun" for instance. And since I mentioned it, names often have suffixes attached which give a clue to relationships. -san = shows respect, kind of like using "mr" or "sir" in English. -sama = shows great respect or reverence, like "your honor" or "lord/lady" in English. -kun = respectful, but usually to juniors. You'll often see this when some adult is speaking of/to children in older age groups such as high school or college. That's pretty much it for "official" honorifics, at least in current usage, but there's also -chin, -chan, -tan, and -bou, which are kind of "baby speak" and usually used to refer to cute or very young people, or to people who are very familiar or close. There's a lot of nuance in the above by the way. It is often hard to sort out, especially for non-native speakers, but usually worth it because it gives you an idea of how characters relate to and think of each other without a lot of tedious expository dialog. A girlfriend referred to as -chan by her boyfriend is different than a -san. A person referring to his/her grandmother "ba-chan" shows a different regard than "oba-sama". It can also be key to letting you know exactly when these relationships change, and why. If someone suddenly starts referring to someone else as -sama instead of -san - or vice versa - for instance then that's a subtle but usually important change. Also, dropping the honorific entirely usually shows familiarity and/or a more comfortable informality, which can be similarly informative to the anime listener/viewer. (All this is one of the reasons I like listening to the Japanese audio when I'm watching anime btw, since it is something that translations and dubs often get wrong or ignore entirely.)
  11. So we're getting a dozen or so new workstations at work that will be running Oracle Linux.  Hardware is Dell quad-core Xeons (W-2125s), several with dual ultra-wide HD monitors.  The systems that these new systems are replacing are old Sun-branded sun/solaris unix systems (thus Oracle) that we are running system monitor and control software from/on.  It is getting impossible to find parts and they're coming up with unpatched/unpatchable security issues now so they gotta go.  They're also incredibly slow by today's standards, and the GPUs are so ancient we have to run the desktop in 8-bit/256 color mode to be able to bump the resolution up to something that modern monitors will even accept.  Sorry, not sorry to see them go.  (What gfx card were YOU using a decade ago?)  The taxpayers certainly got their money's worth there!   

    Big hardware/software upgrades like this are always "interesting" in a 24/7 operations environment, but the end result should be so much better than what we've had to deal with up to now.  I'm optimistic that things will go smoothly.  I mean, what could go wrong?  Heh.. I'll let you know later. ;)  First system is scheduled to go live next week to replace a relatively unused system.  After that system soaks for a while in the ops area & we take care of the inevitable issues there we'll install the rest on a more aggressive schedule.  Probably sooner than later.  The guy who ordered the systems has already received the boxes and had no place to put them except his office.   14 CPUs, ~20 widescreens, and assorted cables and accessories have basically taken over his office to the point that he's hardly able to move in there.  He wants them OUT!  :D

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      "we have to run the desktop in 8-bit/256 color mode" 😂 I think that says it all.

      I'm surprised though, why didn't you guys get an upgrade a lot sooner? Is it just one of those 'as long as its enough we don't plan on upgrading' things? I know that public offices/institutions are not the richest, but that seems a tad outdated even for those standards.

    2. efaardvark


      We haven't upgraded mostly due to (mis)management and bureaucrazy.  There's a organizational boundary-crossing to overcome between the people using the equipment and the people buying it for starters, and the system weren't technically broken, just old/slow.  Since Sun went under & was bought by Oracle it has also been hard to find parts & support.*  When we do find support it has been expensive.  That tends to eat up the replenishment budget, so there was no "extra" for hardware upgrades like this. 

      At some (much earlier) point management /should/ have gotten a clue (IMHO), but speaking technical to the MBAs running things has never been all that productive, and even the money angle didn't work when there's a risk involved in changing platforms, no matter how minor.  I guess they figured it is better to be safe when it was only a problem for the people actually using the systems rather than risk being the ones all the fingers point at if things go wrong.  It was only recently that these systems started appearing on things like security scans or breaking in other unfixable ways.  That *IS* a management problem, so now suddenly we're getting new systems.  Funny how that works, right?  :D  Hell of a way to run a railroad if you ask me, but at least we're finally moving on.  We should be in a better situation in the future as well.

      *Oracle only bought Sun because Sun made the enterprise server hardware that ran Oracle's DB software and Oracle didn't want to chance possible disruption to their business if Sun went under and Oracle customers started having a hard time finding hardware to run Oracle's software.  Oracle really never wanted to be in the hardware business, and certainly never in the business of desktop hardware like we've been using.  For a while now Oracle has been pushing their old desktop unix customers inherited from Sun towards Oracle's Linux distribution on standard PC hardware.

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      "bureaucrazy" 😂 gonna steal that one 

  12. Was checking out a recent snapshot and found the following in my logs. I didn't know parrots could imitate. Now I wonder if they can imitate things like skeletons and zombies. Phantoms? Endermen? Missing sound for event: minecraft:entity.parrot.imitate.panda Missing sound for event: minecraft:entity.parrot.imitate.polar_bear Missing sound for event: minecraft:entity.parrot.imitate.wolf
  13. And now I'm 55.

    1. Wedgy


      Happy birthday! 

    2. Seshi


      Happy birthday 🎊😁

    3. Nova


      🎂🎁happy birthday

  14. Finally got my village the way I want it. Well, for now anyway.. are these things ever "done"? Yes, that's rhetorical. Ready for the next raid group at any rate. With this latest build I think I should be able to handle almost everything defensively. I can handle the first few groups of illager raiders. It is when we get to the last couple groups with evokers and illusionists things get a bit dicey. (I'm on "hard", so no supereverything diamond equipment with a supporting 4-tier beacon. Not yet anyway.) I still don't know what to do about the vexes summoned by the evokers however. A good bow and a good set of armor helps, as can hiding behind the golems. But things can still quickly go bad if I'm not real careful.
  15. Some are. I'd go for a solar powered one. That or a PLB. One of my friends has one for when he goes hiking.
  16. And now I log in to AF to find my reputation is "666".  🤔 Yeah, that's about how my day's been going. 


    1. Seshi


      Oop 🙊 I just changed it...

      At least you're "Honored"

    2. efaardvark


      Thanks.  That or change the "honored"  to "horned".. just to see if anyone noticed.  Hey!  AF could make that a thing.  Who has access to the site source code?  😈

      (I know, probably not a good idea.  Some people have no sense of humor where those sorts of things are concerned.  Probably complain and/or claim that AF is a satanist site or something.  Party poopers.)

    3. Seshi


      XD Right, I could see that happening for sure. That, or we gain a lot of satanic followers... Either way, not what was intended :P 

  17. Some days it just isn't a good idea to open your front door.  Happy Monday!  :)



  18. Spent some time in minecraft playing with the latest snapshot. Found a good place to go fishing...
  19. Got to sleep in late today, but also working until midnight on a Friday. :( 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. efaardvark


      This was a one-day thing supporting a special event.  Looks like it isn't happening though so I'll likely be going home early after all.  They did feed us at work too.  I guess I should be thanking ISRO?  They might not be in a mood to appreciate it much at the moment however.   :(

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      One day working late is one day too much for me 😂

      Yeah, too bad for India, quite a lot of money down the drain, but let's see what the reason was.

    4. efaardvark


      Yeah, too bad about the lander but they still have the orbiter, which has most of the science instruments on it.  It would have been great to have the lander (and rover) to ground-truth things, but it isn't the end of the mission by any stretch.  ESAs MEX lost Beagle, but years later were still tracking them every day.

  20. I can debunk this right now. I keep none of my perversions secret!
  21. Sure, I've probably already seen most of them. As a paying CR customer I'll go out on a limb and say I'm at least as informed as most on the subject. Nobody outside the company has seen any part of the final product however. Personally I have my doubts if the show even exists yet in final form, especially given the lack of any news on its progress for many months now, including not a single reference at Anime Expo 2019 or even CRX. There's not even any reference on the crunchyroll site itself. At least not outside the forums. Maybe they're just keeping a low profile after being sniped at so much. I don't know. Last rumor I heard had them trying to sell it to HBO. I can see (parent company) AT&T trying to do that just to get rid of a controversial "asset" that might negatively impact their corporate image. Or not. Whatever. Like I said, that's all beside the point as far as I'm concerned.

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