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  1. Mine was Bleach. I found it in my school library in 6th grade.
  2. I've recently been reading The Way of the House Husband, Sweat & Soap, Komi Can't Communicate, Spy X Family, and Horimiya.
  3. I'm a Libra and a Tiger......and now I'm thinking about Fruits Basket
  4. I think the most recent was Jumanji: The Next Level
  5. I love the main couple but I really want to see more of Ibarada and Kosuke!
  6. Absolutely one of the best anime out there. I love it so much!
  7. Black Lotus

    Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

    Love it! I love the story and the way it was told. It was interesting and I really wanted to see what happened next. I also love how the two main characters depend on one another and that she's not just a princess being saved. I like how the characters are progressing through the story as well and how it flows so smoothly. I would definitely recommend this anime! The Good I loved the new twist on the now white story and it went in a completely different way than what I was expecting. It's characters are amazing and I love the depth in them. I also love that Shirayuki can help herself a lot. The Bad I think that some of the side characters could have been involved more and that the pacing could have been better.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm Black Lotus and i'm so happy to be hear. I love anime and my favorite type are romance and horror! I'm glad to have people to talk to about anime and just wanted too say hello.
  9. I plan it out most of the time. I watch it whenever i feel like but if i'm marathoning a lot of new episodes then ill start Friday night and go through the weekend. I also keep track of a lot of it on anime-planet and that helps a lot!
  10. I just bought Beyond the Boundary limited edition set and I love it.
  11. I'm reading Black Bird again. I love the story sooo much!
  12. I just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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