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  1. In contrary to Optic, my desktop is only an image, as I don't use icons (generally).
  2. I had a small, Flash-based personal website called VaLeNet back in I don't even, 2005 maybe? Then came my fansites, but (of course) only Digimon Backup grew to become anything. When I started that even a fifth series seemed like a vain dream... These were all on free hosting of course, gone for good (though you can still check them on the way back machine).
  3. I think the obvious target are us, people who grew up watching Adventure and identifying with the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled something more mature, though I can't really see how could they fit that into the mostly young kid-oriented Digimon business model. Maybe they're counting on the gamer group of our generation?
  4. I don't know any details yet either. I guess the countdown on the site (disguised as the DigiEgg everyone pets) will end in a week or so and we'll find out more. Adventure and 02 are a continuity though, unlike the later series all set in new timelines, so it'd be kinda weird if a series set in the future of Adventure/02 wouldn't have any references (at least) to 02 characters. Let's not forget about the ending scene in the 02 final either, with all the cast grown up having kids etc. Will they retcon that non-canon or go along with already established pairings? By fixing Tai as the central figure of the season, their options for introducing a brand new cast are quite limited too.
  5. I guess they just needed a reason to do it, and the 15th anniversary served that purpose.
  6. Not only any series, but one featuring the cast of Adventure, the first series many of us grew up watching and loving. Yes, that means that as the 15th anniversary we can expect the story of the first Digidestined as 17 yo high schoolers. Needless to say, I'm hyped as fuck! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pga10PD_u6k
  7. I mainly (only) play ranked, so that's Summoner's Rift. I like the 3v3 map (Twisted Treeline) too. Favorite champs? That's a tough one. I play any role except mid, mostly using Renekton, Volibear, Vi, Skarner, Tristana, Jinx, Lulu or Nautilus. I like heavy bruisers, because they're most suited for my "go in and destroy" playstyle.
  8. I'd say watching all of it in chronological order (eg TV series, End of Evangelion then the Rebuild movies) is the right choice. The third Rebuild movie made no sense even having seen everything before it -- I don't even want to imagine how stupid it would seem to someone who hasn't watched / isn't familiar with the other materials.
  9. Ohhoho, the Rebuild movies... That's a provocative suggestion
  10. I doubt they are planning to open to the abroad market (officially) anytime soon -- they have trouble just keeping up with the demand of the domestic market after all. They keep expanding their serverpark, but the popularity is just overwhelming.
  11. Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん Kantai Korekushon, lit. "Combined Fleet Collection"), abbreviated as KanColle (艦これ KanKore?), is a Japanese free-to-play online social card game developed by Kadokawa Games. It's seriously addictive, and lots of fun. I've been playing for like three weeks now, and it just doesn't get old. Sadly (?) it's so immensely popular that all the server slots are full, so you can only get an account through lottery during times announced on the official twitter. Access from abroad isn't simple either, but there are plenty of guides to resolve that. Anyone else playing boting?
  12. I play on NA (~150 ping for me), and this season I managed to work myself up from Bronze 5 to Silver. I think I could've reached Gold with a bit of luck, but the end-of-season lack of interest in ranked players was just too annoying to cope with.
  13. Quite the cream of mainstream-only, huh? There are bunch of really nice stuff airing now that aren't all-so-much in the center of attention (Kyousougiga, Nagi no asu kara, Yozakura Quartet for example)
  14. Honestly, I don't really feel a need for it. I use Dropbox to automatically sync photos from my smartphone, but that's pretty much it. Between my Windows and Linux installs I share files using softlinks, and I don't really have anything I'd need to sync between my laptop and my desktop. (The only thing I can think of would be my music library, and I'm less than willing to sync 40+ gigs of mp3s on services that might or might not decide to suspend my account for alleged copyright infringements without even confirming.) If the need arose, I guess I'd use Dropbox, since it's so simple and so well integrated. I only use Google Drive as far as it got merged with Docs that I use every now and then.
  15. valerauko

    Your HDDs

    So much space... I have a 300gig external (faithfully with me for so long...) and an 1TB internal HDD. The former is half empty (I have quite narrowed down what I want to use it for), the latter is pretty much full, but I'm still comfy on it.
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