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  1. I was asked to make a fellow artists OC. You can check their art out over on https://solarityflaire12.newgrounds.com/
  2. Ehh, not that anyone's ever really asked me about it, but I do mention MMaM allot, so I thought I might as well address it. MMaM stands for "Me, Myself and the Multiverse"; a series I have been working on for the last 3 years. its been mostly based off of characters and ideas formed within my head-thing (I'm an insomniac, so I spend a LOT of time thinking) so I've been developing an entire universe for the MMaM story-line, as well as other series based in that universe (such as "Memetically Me", which is one I'm working on atm) Without going into to much detail, I thought I might as well say that I will likely be using this blog, as well as the writers archive club, to share some of my thoughts, ideas and tips/tricks I have picked up over my short time of writing. (I will also be covering how to write a comic, as well as how to create narrative for characters in video games, in the writers archive. this wont be for a while, since I am still learning myself, but I will definitely get around to it) anyhow, hope this is at least helpful and informative, and I look forward to ranting on about narrative and ideas in the near future (Oh, and please, if anyone has ANY questions at all, or anything they would like me to discuss or go over within narrative or creative fields, then please ask! even if I don't know about it myself, I would happily research it with you, since it means we can all learn together!!! :D) Thank you for your time
  3. Thank-you! ^^ Her name's "Toiny", and she's one of the Miniforcers in Memetically me :3 (Thanks, I planted the flowers myself! :D)
  4. "The doll's a lively one, I could tell ya that. Why, there ain't ever a day where she doesn't dance to the sound of the winds, in the fields where she was raised.... A bit poetic for a machine, eyy?"
  5. "That dreaded season comes around once every year... But its always a question as to what's worse; The sheer overgrowing amount of them, or the fact that duck season is just around the corner..."
  6. Introducing, AF-Chan! Just a chibi atm, but I wanna make her properly at some stage
  7. Thank you ^^ I find I like the eldritch far more then most other things... On the flip-side, I can also draw really cute things well..... I really want to eventually make really creepy and cute things, all as one. A unified cuteness, glorified in eldritch horror. That, is the goal. A simple one, but one I shall strive forward for and clasp within my arms... So yeah, long story short, thanks Wedgy
  8. Edited bonepile. The tiny little eldritch hunters unable to do anything but gaze upon their demise...
  9. WEDGY IT LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I love little pen and sharpie drawings (albeit, I'm terrible with anything outside of the oll pixels) so little Tsuyu looks so cute! amazing work there Wedgy!!! ^^
  10. Xyro

    A bug's strife

    Got any interesting or funny bug-related stories? A spider scare a loved one, or a fly that taught you to use the dishwasher?
  11. Haven't even picked up Minecraft in the last few years... Now I feel old ;-;
  12. "...hey, boss, it cant ACTUALLY be that big, right? I mean, its just a hunk of walking bones an....*silence falls for a few brief moments*...what the fu...*A loud, echoing scream renders the rest of the audio-feed inoperable, before the signal turns to static*" - The last radio signal of delta team 4 Wanted to start work again on the shaded abominations. I have a kind of idea as to the direction and style I want these to be in, as well as a few vary vague ideas for a game (albeit, this wont come to the table for a while, since I want to get my bachelors before doing anything really) so for now I hope you enjoy "the bone-pile" as I like to call it so happy with it XD
  13. "you've wandered into the wrong nest, little knight.... but you wont be leaving either..."
  14. First job - game reviewer Current job- currently a full time student, with art and writing for extra monz dream job - while I would say writing, anything with the ability to create would be awesome Fav food- apple-flavoured foods Fav dog- German shepherds Fav candy- apple flavoured sweets, although I'm slowly becouming less fond of candy and more fond of cakes Fav ice cream - rum and raisen Fav vehicle color- N/A, I walk everywhere so it wouldn't be something I cared about Fav holiday - guy Fawkes night Day in the week- Wednesday Tats- none, unfortunately Like to cook- I adore and love cooking, but can't due to a buisy household ATM. Will do more when by my lonesome in the future Drive stick- ehh? Like veg - if you don't, don't talk to me or my broccoli ever again Wear glasses - nope Fav season- fall/winter, can't decide Favourite colour - turquoise Favourite word - exsanguination Favourite sound - the wind, either heavy or subtle, regardless of the weather.
  15. Mostly Photoshop, although I do wish I could use something that wasn't as clunky for pixel art. It's ok, but I wouldn't say the greatest thing
  16. Thank you, and will do %w% Yee, I've been meaning to do more pieces for Oshino, but I've been pre-occupied with learning weird pixel-shading techniques. Once I bore myself out though, ill likely end up reverting back to the simple shading, and making more characters like Oshino again (Also want to make Nezuko at some stage, but black hair is something I really struggle with)
  17. made a little chibi for Eve. shes one of the main characters for Memetically me, alongside Wren, Jax and 7 a bit simple, since I didn't want to go over-board, but it was really really hard to restrain myself from just adding more XD
  18. What would y'all say are the most meaningful/memorable or pretty names you've seen or heard of? One of my all-time favourite a is Dagonheart, although I am a big sucker for any complex, formal or intriguing names, such as Elizabeth, Celestia, Jessica, exedra
  19. An animation I just made. Took around an hour of sniffling and really sore throat coughing, but was worth it!!! XD
  20. slightly back!

    Head still hurts, but can now leave bed! yay! XD 


  21. Meh, slowly getting over the oll cold and whatnot, so hopefully should be up and out of bed soon XD Anyhow, tried to at least keep up with stuff, so made a pixel art piece of Kiskuna trekking through the snow. Hope its alright! ^^ Oh, and sucy for good measure (Not overly great, but I tried!)
  22. Ahh, Friday the 13th.... 

    would be scarier if it wasn't for the fact that my birthday falls on friday the 13th of october, sometimes! (Albeit, not this year though, since its the 13th of October, which is Sunday ;-;)


  23. Hey all, going to be dipping for a little bit, since I have a butt-load of work, uni coming up and head cold from hell.

    Will still be around, just not going to be very active. Sorry ;-;

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      I’m sorry you’re not feeling well T.T plz get well soon and come make us smile at all your artwork again 😊

    3. Beocat


      We'll be sick together. Get some sleep and recharge some.

  24. spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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