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  1. found ooooooone! Damn it seshi, these are really well hidden!
  2. I tried to make it look like really simple bamboo, although it still looks alright regardless XD
  3. Just wanted to open a thread (As suggested by seshi :3) to post some of my art stuffs, since I'm just working on learning to do better pieces in my spare time between writing. Still, I will outright say that I am in no way great, but I am still learning, so please be patient with me :3 (Addition) If you would like to check out more of my thingies, feel free to have a look at my newgrounds stuff too ( https://xyrodonatus.newgrounds.com/ ) But ya don't have to, I just like making the art for the fun of it ^^ Anywho! Ill start off with the one i did for the MHA contest on here, since Toga is one of my favourite characters in general. (One is just an alternate to the eyes I was using to figure out shading stuffs) just to add one of the most recent ones I have done, here's a little picture of Oshino Shinobu from the Monogatari series
  4. (Hey, ya never said you HATED anime, so making ya change your mind in other ways!)
  5. I'm imagining a kingdom hearts scenario, but instead of Disney and other bits, it's just Disney and WWE wrestlers. I would happily play that!
  6. Mine's a kind of lame but long winded one, to be fair. Xyro is the main name for my OC within MMaM. The purpose of the name is that he, as one of the first lab-grown children, was the catalyst used for most of the others from there, which meant he was specimen "0". Long story short, when he was taken from there, his father named him "Xyro", due to a lack of creativity on his part and his uncanny social unawareness. That's literally it. very, very lame as far as origins go ;-;
  7. *With a smug grin plastered on his face, Cruck takes a bow* "Actually, Seshi, it looks like the duel just ended..." *Cruck steps off, making way for the next contender*
  8. I could, but I have a bud who is a stickler for efficiency.... ...My farm is the most efficient non-efficient farm going at this point XD (To be fair, the coffee gets done so quickly that I never really get the time to fill all the barrels before it all pops anyway. its more there as a pass time if I have nothing else in that day to do, since most of my farm is automated and the only things I have to check are the animals and slimy-slimes :D)
  9. The benefits of being a coffee farmer; 1) YOU NEVER SLEEP!
  10. Some people may be a bit jealous, but trust me... ... If you ever hear me on the triangle...
  11. *As the first in line, and eager from past failings within the previous dueling trial, Cruck redoes his wand* "...alrighty then, hope you're ready for this..." "Confundo!!" (I managed to roll a 7)
  12. It's just soooooo good! I'm pumped for when the next update for the game drops! I'm hoping that there are even more things to do in the valley! ^-^
  13. Been trying to experiment more with simple little stories made up on the fly. They aren't particularly good, but giving myself a random set of factors to work with has at least been good warm up for day-to-day writing.

    Still, if anyone ever is interesting in checking them out, they are in my blog on here 

    Link to those like myself who prefer the easy transgression 😜


  14. ....Makes me wonder if ill ever get tired of this game.... probably not XD
  15. Well, I'll start things off with a little mini Toga. Only really just starting to learn how to do pixel art really, so I thought it was an ample excuse to make something :3 although go easy on me ;-; (One big one and one small one)
  16. ...Gold. Everywhere she looked, her vision was laced with the vivid yellow, only offset by the delicate shades of shadows cast through their wavering sways in the wind. The canvas of blue gave seperation to the ocean of wheat, showing her the direction onward. To where exactly, she didn't know. With laboured breaths, and a weak step, she took a few breif moments to collect her thoughts. Wandering had been all she had ever known. As an urchin who had spent her younger years growing up in one of the major city districts, the monotone shades of grey and black where bleak by comparison to the spectacle that she was now a part of. Exhausted from her travels, she searched the horizon for a place to rest. To her suprise, it was as if by some stroke of luck that a small, unwavered tree sat just above the wheat on a small mound of dirt. Swimming through the gentle swaying storks, she emerged at the base of the mound, it's spongy orange moss engulfing her boots as she stepped out into the clearing. Cautious at first, she took a few steps forward, before the comforting bounce of the moss made her strides unlabored as she reached the base of the old oak tree. With her back to its bark, she set herself down, accepting the trees support and the mosses soft, gentle embrace. She had left town so, so long ago. She couldn't remember, nor could she care to remember. All she knew was that she was hungry, thirsty, tired... Through glazed eyes the young girl smiled as her vision once again fell to the feild of Gold, the sky of blue and the soft, orange glow of the moss. The sound and the gentle rush of wind, the creaking of the oak wood, her own shallow breath fading. ...it was so beautiful...but she was so tired... ...so....tired....
  17. to make it more anime-esk; The real question would be "Would it be awkward if your childhood crushes child had a crush on YOU?" To be fair, now that I think about titles like "My little sister cant be this cute", that one isn't really out of place XD

    “Sometimes, you don't realise that you're drowning,

    Once you’ve become everybody else's anchor.

    Even those who tell you to be yourself, will judge you for your insecurities.

    Your "weakness" was never your downfall… it was your blind affection.”

                                                                                                                            ~Lewis Sterge, MMaM~

    1. Xyro


      Can't wait to write more from Lewis' perspective into the world. One of my favourite characters as a whole :3

  19. a bit of an odd one, but black rock shooter somehow had me hooked in sadness,
  20. Spent half of today chasing a wolf spider around my room, trying to capture the poor blighter to let it out. Judging from sheer size alone, it's definitely a lady. And she is one heck of a large lady, that's for sure.

    Not got a phobia of spiders or anything, just hate waking up to a spider, around half the size of my face, SITTING ON MY FACE!

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    2. Nova


      I rather have a army of ghost potato 😂

    3. Ohayotaku


      The only spiders I feel any fondness forspacer.png


    4. Xyro
  21. Mostly been spending time with two games in mind; Fran Bow: By far my favourite game, ever. However I've been playing it over and over again recently to try and work on a bit of a lesson I want to make, and the game is breaking with goodness (I won't say what I'm writing, since it may spoil the suprise :3) Darkest Dungeon: Started a new run for darkest dungeon on the highest difficulty, since I wanted to beat it once and for all. So far so good, bit damn does that game kick my butt at times (in the best of ways. Is still super fun though) Other then that, I don't really get the opportunity to play many games recently due to work, writing and art, but simply sitting down to enjoy them is always a blast! ^^
  22. "...Ya know, it's kinda strange to think how they change like we do, sat up there, doing whatever stars do... Kinda poetic, dont'cha think?" Silence answered him, accompanied solely by the gentle sway of the wind and the drab tones of the crickets he had grown accustomed to during the long nights of restlessness. "Heh, you never were one for talkin. Nor where ya ever really one for ramblin...But I can't help myself, not now. How did ya do it, all these years? Go through all-o-that with nothin but a grunt and the odd evil-eye? Heck, I remember when we faced that big-ass bear when I was little, and it took a massive chunk outa your arm, yet ya still managed to scare it off without so-much as a tear on ya face or a curseword or nu'ing..." Trailing off, he gently brushed the short, mangled hair beneath his heavily brimmed hat, leaning back against the wasteland floor to stare up into the night sky. "...maybe you were just doin it for oll ma. Maybe for me. Heck if I know...." Turning his head, he faced the shallow grave beside him, it's loose dirt darker then the rest of the surrounding landscape. The gentle outline of stones surrounding it's borders only disrupted by a small pistol and hat placed beside it, Allong with a bundle of wild-flowers picked that morning. With wet eyes and a small, meek smile, he sighed. "...I'ma miss you, Pa..."
  23. *Cruck (Me) is pushed forward by Arkados (Muco). Realising that he is now unable to turn and go back, he attempts to act cool by taking a deep breath* ....Alrighty then...Geez thats a lot of the creepy crawlies.... ...*Steadies wand* Ridiculous! *The boggarts swarming form of a thousand spiders hastily transforms into little hopping Bertie Bott's every flavour beans* ...Heh, look at the little blighters go! *As Cruck is told to step away, the boggart transforms into a blast-ended skrewt*
  24. *slams all points on to the table* put it all on red! ...wait, it's the lottery...oh.... (I'll put 645 points in, as I have no clue as to what they are used for :3)
  25. :3 I have spent a bit of time today refining my shading for pixel-art stuffs

    Other then that, as crazy as ever, isn't that right me? *Nods in response*

    Darkness falls.gif

    1. Seshi
    2. Vitis


      Have you considered using a dither style shading? You'll be able to get a much more seamless type gradient that way and it'll still be pixelated for that type of aesthetic.

    3. Nova


      I see blood yum 👻

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