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  1. Depends on the situation. Mainly because anybody can survive for up to three weeks without food. Although if I was a hotdog I wouldn't be a human being anymore. Heck, would I even have a stomach? And am I in a Bun? If not then I would just probably eat myself, from the simple fact that eating your own body parts is a pretty stupid and desperate last resort. Firstly, blood-loss (Or in this case, hotdog water) would kill you outright if not treated, and secondly you could gain more protein from plant life then you can meat, which is so much better for your likelihood for survival. But to answer the question simply; No, I wouldn't eat myself ...unless I had some condiments on sight and a bun!
  2. Cat girls are always good, no matter what the story. Heck, imagine your favourite movie, then add a cat girl in there. The movie automaticly goes up a ratting!
  3. Xyro


    I was a test tube baby potato, so I have no birthday
  4. I don't really play it, although I will say its nothing truely special. My thoughts on it is that the gameplay itself is janky from time to time, but it does hold its own as a good arena shooter. The only thing I feel will happen is that in a year or two another one will come out with better quality, balancing and items which will completely steamrolle PUBG. The release on console is to be expected. Its super popular, so why not provide it to all platforms, right? Either way the idea of playing any kind of shooter ( regardless of perspective) with a gamepad, seems a bit frustrating. Either way, PUBG is probably one of the better games to be out right now, however I feel its more special because of its market trends, community accessibility and envelopment then it is for being a high quality game. Still though, I would give it an 8/9 out of 10. Its great to watch as well! You get to see grown men camp in a corner for 10 odd muinits, get shot, the repeat
  5. In all honesty, I am entirely work focused and I think I may always be worked focused. Its not that I don't care for anybody else, I just love writing and creating worlds so much that if the opportunity arrived for me to become a professional author I would do that in a heartbeat. Moreover, I kind-of would rather let people find their own ways. That's one of the main reasons I love writing so much, because I am able to meet so many new people and come up with so many different and unique characters to re-tell their life-stories. (And besides, I would need to find my Atsuko for me to think otherwise to be fair.)
  6. I would happily mash potato's With them ^^ .... As long as I get pudding as my salary :3
  7. Let's be honest, like her name suggests.... Yuno her, everybody knows her, because its Yuno! The original psychopath with hair that Connor get ruined by small things, like drops of her victims blood. :3
  8. I have learnt multiple life lessons from many different anime, but I will say that these are all personal, so others may not feel the same way. Amanchu! Is probably my favourite slice-of-life anime. Not only is the music, theme and setting relaxing, but it deals with some good examples of feeling alone and alienated, which it deals with through the use of Pikari and her quirky shenanigans. So, I try to live every-day-life like Pikari ^^ Now, I know that the Danganronpa series is not exactly the pinnacle of life advice, but it really does show you how deep emotions can run if you don't look at things at face value. The people in and around your life all have emotions. Like I said many time, its hard to get to know someone, when most find it hard to know themselves, even after all the years of being on this earth. Pretty self explanatory really
  9. Naa, it was a direct drag and drop from google images. Not sure if that helps, but i do apologize for it happening in the first place ^w^ ...Was kind-of cool though XD....
  10. I Mostly dedicate my time to work and idea generation, so I'm pretty much overbooked and overtired all the time ^w^ But its not a problem to me I'm used to it at this point.
  11. I find that it's nice to have common ground with people for sure, but in the end I don't really think it helps all that much. its more like a segway into a conversation with people more then an actual bond. If that makes sense ^w^
  12. Bonus song: (Warning! This song is incredibly emotional, and should not be listened too under any circumstances. You have been warned!) :3 one of my favourite songs. Enjoy! *bonus*
  13. Oops.... It looked fine when I first uploaded it, I promise!
  14. Well, imagination is something that is unique to everyone. When asked about what imagination is, and what my opinion is on it, I can safety say that imagination is both the most beautiful thing, and also the most deadly. Firstly, lets look at the beauty behind imagination: Being able to use your imagination is one of the most unique and wonderful things, since everyone has their own ideas and creations flowing through their heads at any given time. While the imagination can vary, in so many ways, this means that it is completely and utterly unique to everyone, which means that everyone has their own ideas to share within the world. While one person may imagine a beautiful forest scape, others will imagine ongoing wars and battle for the sake of fighting and being heroes. Each of these are stories that we all make on a day to day basis in our heads in order to disconnect from reality. However, imagination can also become rather....well, deadly: Thing is, life is always full of struggles, and that can sometimes translate into our imaginations. now, while that can vary in many different ways, in some people this can go wildly out of control. While some will find it hard to sleep out of sheer fear or anxiety about oncoming events, others may find incredibly violent ways to deal with them through the use of imagination. While this is not a bad thing (Everyone thinks of doing something bad in their life, its just a natural thing.) the problem comes from those who cant disconnect fantasy from reality, and then act on their imagined anger. While i would be happy to one day go into the psychology behind it all and the detail behind the imagination, i would much rather leave that for another day, since i am really tired and i would rather be super active to tackle that subject. ^w^ But yeah, thank you so much for the question ragkt! ^w^
  15. My favorite food is a Greek-style barbecue, where the meat is slowly cooked over coals and seasoned with garlic powder, lemon and salt. the end product is delicious pieces of meat that are tender and absolutely delicious :3 We used to have them allot out in Cyprus, especially during the harvest :3
  16. *loud, unnatural shrieks of a wild potato in a cat onesie*
  17. I would do the normal thing.... *Rolls around on the floor*
  18. My advice for right now is the same advice I live by; it just happens when it happens ^^ Simply put, your still in school. you still have allot more to be doing then worrying about relationships for now. if anything, what you need to do first is learn to be social, because people are more attracted to those who show their true colours, and its more likely for you and your significant other to fall for one-another when you both are honest and truthful to one another. Regardless, what I would suggest is to first find out about yourself before you find out about others. heck, it takes some people 20 odd years to find out about themselves, let alone somebody else! You should start by listing down your own strengths and weaknesses. But whatever you do, don't put yourself down. the simple fact that you want to go out and get into actual lasting relationships with others already puts you a step ahead of those who just don't care about others. Then, when you have that list, work on what your weaknesses are, and try to implement your strengths into them. For example, if you are socially awkward, but are a fan of card games, you could go join a local club. that way, you meet people with an equal mind-set to you ^^ more or less, the point is to be yourself. After all, you cant force a relationship, you can only open the doorway into one. just because you go into one, doesn't mean you wont go back out the door later. Anyway, I hope this helped in any way possible. like I said, relationships are not my strong point, but I do hope you find somebody that completes you ^^
  19. Quite often actually, which I find surprising, since I have only been on this earth for 18 years Regardless, I try to help out everyone with as much advice as possible. While I may be unable to change the path people go down, I always try to at least make the people I meet feel like they leave with something rather then nothing at all. After all, life is full of people who couldn't care less, so why be one of them when the world needs people who care? So yeah! I am more then happy to provide life and relationship advice, although relationships aren't my strong suit
  20. I hate feeling sick.... ;-;

    Oh well, at least I get to sit back, relax and have a nice cup of tea ^^

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  21. I think I may try and cosplay as Killua from HxH again this year. Although I may just go as one of my own characters
  22. So, who likes six-shooters? I do!
  23. Well, not really actually. I used to be vary vary scientifically minded, and I used to focused allot on the individual fields of science in school because I kind of wanted to be a scientist. However, because of my lucid dreaming, I kind of arched near the end of secondary school because I loved the idea of making my own story based in my own world that I could alter to my will. So yeah, while I always created stories in my head, I only started putting them on paper two years ago ^w^ I hope this answers your question ^-^
  24. Hey peeps! Ask me anything at all! Be it personal, life, day to day or writing questions, I am happy to answer any and all questions! (As long as they are not TO personal.... obviously. However, if the question is out of genuine curiosity, or you have something you want to discuss, then please feel free to PM me.)
  25. Here is a question: why the name SleepyLeoulf? I mean, i get the sleepy part, but why Leoulf? I mean, to me, it kind of reminds me of Leo (Aka, cats) and wolf (Which represents dogs) but that could just be me looking too far into it *Puffs cheek out*
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