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  1. Xyro

    Hey all ^w^

    He he, I missed you guys too ^w^
  2. Tbh, I meant more along the lines of "being right in the first place to prevent the need of an argument." In all honesty, arguments can be incredibly constructive, and if you are willing to sit and argue your point effectively and without altering to the child-like reasoning, then they can actually help build character. Also, nice to see you again Greeneyes ^^
  3. How to be good at arguing: by being right in the first place
  4. The first game I ever played was abe's odyssey on the PS1, and man would I be happy to play it again and again It was the whole reason why I love video games now, primarily since it introduced me to the concept of choice in games mattering So yeah, I would give it a 9 out of 10, since the mines within the game are really annoying.
  5. Xyro

    Hey all ^w^

    Thank you kindly ^^ I look forward to swing everyone again and meeting new people within the community
  6. Xyro

    Hey all ^w^

    Hey All I'm sorry for disappearing so suddenly, it was mostly due to the fact of having allot of work and personal endeavours within my life, but thankfully all that is clarified and cleared up now. Moreover, I'm in college, I'm able to work on story stuff, and I'm even developing a game along with one of my friends Anyway, like i said, i would like To apologise for my absence, but I look forward to talking to y'all again ^w^
  7. I usually poor it directly after it boils, but only half way. Then I add cold water until its the right temperature for my mood. Of its a hot day, I would make it cooler, and a cold day I would make it warmer by adding a healthy mix of more boiling water. I have never had a problem with burning the tea leaves this way, but maybe other brands would fare differently? I'm not totally sure Maybe get a tea expert in... Anyone a tea expert?
  8. In all honesty, I prefer tea over coffee. Especially apple infused tea's ^^
  9. I wish I could experience eating food again for the first time. I know that seems silly, but Imagine being able to go through and taste food again and not know the flavours :O! On the topic of food, If you had to order food, but had to share it between 4 people, what would you order and why?
  10. Wow, AF has changed substantially since the last time I was here :D Good going Optic!

    1. Wodahs


      welcome back glad your enjoying the new lay out now let's have fun again

  11. I hope so either that or i'm getting girlier Did I say anywhere that it was a bad thing? I just hoped I was being tagged in something different, that's all ^w^ anyway, don't worry about me, just being grumpy Enjoy the games, and have fun! that's all that matters ^w^
  12. ...Already forgot that im your BROTHER, and not your sister And yeah, I disliked it because I saw I was tagged in something and got all excited to find out it was in another forum game I didn't mean it in offence, I was just disappointed
  13. One day I will actually get somewhere with my writing and work. I know it. One day.

    1. Orius


      That's what I always tell myself since a decade ago. I'm sill telling myself that. :P

    2. Xyro


      In that case, I will just have to do better then! I will do my best and get recognition! Its the only thing I can do, so I promise I will give it all I've got! (Motivational music)

  14. what's it with you guys and poison? Anyway, with a paperclip, I would use it to bind together a good selection of paperwork, then file in a document to get you arrested, then fight for 10 years to bring back the death penalty and make you go through it. Who said paperclips are useless? Next item: an egg (note: you cannot poison it this time)
  15. Naaa, I just wanted to go for a rather basic item to get things started Ahhh, the good o'll 200 live goldfish bag. I would safety place the bag over the person's head while they were sleeping, and let them die from both suffocation and the mighty slaps of 200 wriggling goldfish in their full righteous power! Next item: A jar of marmite
  16. The idea behind this game is pretty simple: You have to murder the person above you with the weapon or item they provide. (aka, at the end of your murder description, you provide an item bellow for the next person to murder you with) murder has never been so simple! So, for starters: A spoon
  17. Xyro


    I mean, if anyone is interested, you can read what I have at the moment at: https://projectforxyro.wixsite.com/me-myself-multiverse Please don't judge the webpage design I need to learn what to do for it and how to make it presentable. Storywise, as I said, I'm only on season 2, (only season 1 is on that weblink) and I intend on at least making 10-15 seasons.
  18. Xyro


    I like writing I mean, I'm currently working on MMaM (Me-Myself-and-the-Multiverse) which is a series about the every-day lives of almost immortals exploring the multiverse. But allot of the facts and whatnot are scattered around AF's creative corner, so I shouldn't really go into too much detail. Still, writing is something I never want to give up, since I want to make MMaM a popular web-series. All I currently need to do is figure out how to buy a domain name and all the technical stuff's. ^w^
  19. (I'm incredibly sorry for the lack of posts in this section, however, I will now be resuming your daily dose of music goodness l So, let's start the day out with a little bit of Chaos Chaos - Do you feel it. Female version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH17AHIklCM Male cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdH1-1OJmFI

  21. Feeling like poop. Its too damn warm to think straight and I just want to do some writing!

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    3. Xyro


      my job and the only reason I care to wake up in the morning is, and yet here I am, unable to think of ideas. T_T (Save me XD)

    4. zoop
  22. Xyro

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqZqXkZpehI&t=51s&index=15&list=PLpE251q9dquyjV7hr0x5Fks8OtHEMX4Hn your welcome

  23. Monsta, monsta, mon-mon-mon-mon monsta's life!

    1. zoop


      Peacock lives! o.o

  24. quick question: Who's the best brother ever? (Note: hehe)
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