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  1. Great to see ya metro ^w^ It was an experiment i was doing with painting and such, but im still not incredibly skilled at it. Oh, and i have been doing ALLOT of story writing, so yay. Also, its a pleasure to meet you Zoop ^w^
  2. Yo! Guess who's back from their project! :D

  3. Heads up! About 10% into the project! Might be back sooner then later ;) But yeah! Hopefully I can talk properly soon!

  4. Just as a heads up, I won't be active on AF anymore unless I'm needed. For now, its goodbye ;)

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    2. Xyro


      I will be back, but once this project is complete, which will be about a month or so. Any who, take care everyone



      im gonna missyou so much Peacock. have a good time while your away! :D

    4. Optic


      All the best for your project. This place isn't going anywhere. ;)

  5. Any who, that's me out for good I really can't be bothers with these kind of topics anymore to be fair. Have fun
  6. Lol, so not only would we be looking way, way way too far into this on both what technically makes a human, because by what you said, does cloning not make a human, or if a human has a problem with any kind of growth, does that make them human, but now we also have to apply knowledge of race, which will be deemed depending on personal views. Throwing a wrench into the works, let me just say, no matter what any one of us say, at this stage, the only facts are that everything is unknown, for we can only assume and price together historical and modern events, because you have to remember we aren't EXACTLY like the members of the past, although who truely knows if we would act the same.
  7. Ahh, but the thing is, Does a sentinal AI, once it gains equal or perhaps more inteligance and emotion to a human, count as a human? Again, all these questions are, basicly, up to you really, since nobody has been able to actually run the numbers on it and, well, you know, apply it. Still, this is by far an incredibly good topic to discus, but tbh, I have already had my share of knowledge, so I will no longer contribute to the discussion unless I'm needed for any topic.
  8. Welcome to AF ^w^ Hope you enjoy it here!
  9. side note: im just saying scientifically, its an unknown fact of what a sentinel AI would be counted as, and whether or not the laws of robotics still apply, so nobody knows if it would count as murder or not. In my personal opinion however, especially in the MMaM story, Nim is a hardback hologram, so she is technically a sentinel AI, so if she dies it would definitely count as murder in my eyes, since she can understand, learn and feel emotion in the same way we do (emotion doesn't really mean anything however, as some species feel things differently to us, so you can't benefactor emotions into this very well)
  10. and? that dosent make it any less of a robot
  11. Depend on if the AI has to follow the rules of robotics though. Basicly, its deemed as an unknown fact at this stage in time.
  12. To be honest, most anime would be either too terrifying or too adrenaline pumped to put you in a first persons point of view. I mean, not only does it place you in the shoes of the character, but it only truly allows you to we a single point of view, which really breaks the point of having background characters, since you can just focused the camera to where the persons looking. I mean, not to mention first person action would be horrifying! Especially with VR I mean, not a bad idea, but there's a reason there aren't many first person anime, let alone any
  13. Xyro

    Apple Juice

    I love apple tea the most! Only thing I don't like is apple cider, but that's mainly due to me despising alcohol
  14. Xyro

    Apple Juice

    I like apple everything. Apple juice is no exception. It will be devoured by me .
  15. Wait till you see what he does to the people he really loves!
  16. Wait till you see what he does to the people he really loves!
  17. Honestly I wouldn't care too much, since I'm buisy with life and not interested in people at the moment. Still, your love is all but appreciated. Please leave all gifts by the door on your way out please. Thank you
  18. Xyro


    .... And me! Your most important brother! :3
  19. Xyro


    I have a younger sister and a twin sister. We get along well enough ^w^
  20. welcome to AF ^w^ please ignore AnimeThief. He can't actually see your face. he's just messing with you. (before anyone goes out on a limb I know, I'm joking )
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