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  1. Confession: I'm not a good person.
  2. My longest trip out hunting in Cyprus took me two weeks since we found a pretty large group of deer. We tracked them down for ages and caught five out of 15 of them. In the end it took two weeks to drag them back to the village square to sell the meat, furr and whatnot
  3. DW, it is Kirry Most of the pure opinions will come tomorrow in the form of a list, don't worry
  4. My favourite kinds of people! We can laugh to our hearts content! .... Poop
  5. This is what I mean by I need a place of my own I'm AF's main meme generator now!
  6. Same. I need another poop
  7. I don't mind drowning at all. The idea of water filling my lungs and stopping my breathing has never been a fear to me. Intact, that would be a welcome death to me tbh. Idk. There is just something peaceful in my mind about drowning
  8. My first reptile was a chameleon. All I'm saying is don't get one if you want to handle them allot. They stress super easy and don't like to be touched much. Bearded dragons on the other hand are amazing pets. As long as you make sure to handle them often and care for them, then they end up being increadibl chill. You can even sit back and watch a movie with them. I had one called spike who loved watching resident evil ipif it heard the music, it would genuinely move over to watch the movie
  9. I like pygmy glass dragons, like my little rhubarb over here *pats rhubarb on the head* As far as creatures go on planet earth... Ehh, I would say I love trapdoor spiders allot, as well as bearded dragons and foxes. Dogs take up too much time, so I wouldn't be able to care for one affectively enough, even though they are such good animals. And I don't like how snooty some cats can be. Eesh
  10. We need to do a three sided table tennis match SUPREME!!!!!! TwT
  11. Same. Not the best, but I love it to bits!
  12. Xyro


    Its was so bad! Imaging going to an e-sports game as a pro player with your team and your family in the audience, then when they call your names and make you stand up to wave, they go "team captain: xyro! Aka: cinnamon roll!" My sisters have never let me live that down
  13. I chalange you to a game! I love table tennis so freaking much!
  14. *cough* I hear Pint and Kami are a good couple in MMaM.
  15. Confession: I miss chibichan I hope she's OK. Havent seen her in a while
  16. Again, dnpont worry about me I'm going to be working hard on both AF and my story over the next few weeks anyway, so I don't thinkni will have the time safely ;-;
  17. I like to see that we are opposites I tend to love going out in full display gear to a stage of a couple of thousands of people, but yet once I get off stage I go all trembly and can't see straight because o feel nervouse about leaving
  18. Don't bother with me I'm 5 hours ahead of you all, so no real point in trying
  19. Turns out peacocks nest may be viable after all! Optic, how about a little space in the off topic section? Then I can make a whole tone of art explanations for characters, script making, ideas for mmam, exedera
  20. With ryuji gone we can't because he was in charge of competitions. I think what we should do is add more score for the level up system depending on how often people log in, how many posts people do, how often they use chat, exedera.
  21. If you all don't mind, I will make a list tomorrow of the ideas for improvements that can be made so we can nitpick through them and then come up with more ideas.
  22. Well to be fair I do like the badge system. What I would suggest doing for the anime forums would be making more community based badges then the ones we already have. To add to this, we can also do prize systems such as doing "AF member of the month" with a big plaq of that person, andso ononoo
  23. I will gladly settle for that too
  24. for the award system, dont we already have badges? so should we work directly onto them, or make a new system entirely?
  25. ok, ok, picture this! ...... just putting it out there. TBH, i dont see it as silly either, since im on here more then 24/7 on most days. this is literally the place i go to write, to socialise, to think, to draw. what's wrong with me having a place to confine it all into so i can teach people and show step by steps, guides, writing script techniques, exedra
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