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  1. Turns out peacocks nest may be viable after all! Optic, how about a little space in the off topic section? Then I can make a whole tone of art explanations for characters, script making, ideas for mmam, exedera
  2. With ryuji gone we can't because he was in charge of competitions. I think what we should do is add more score for the level up system depending on how often people log in, how many posts people do, how often they use chat, exedera.
  3. If you all don't mind, I will make a list tomorrow of the ideas for improvements that can be made so we can nitpick through them and then come up with more ideas.
  4. Well to be fair I do like the badge system. What I would suggest doing for the anime forums would be making more community based badges then the ones we already have. To add to this, we can also do prize systems such as doing "AF member of the month" with a big plaq of that person, andso ononoo
  5. I will gladly settle for that too
  6. for the award system, dont we already have badges? so should we work directly onto them, or make a new system entirely?
  7. ok, ok, picture this! ...... just putting it out there. TBH, i dont see it as silly either, since im on here more then 24/7 on most days. this is literally the place i go to write, to socialise, to think, to draw. what's wrong with me having a place to confine it all into so i can teach people and show step by steps, guides, writing script techniques, exedra
  8. Xyro


    Xyro = my main character name in my story. full name is Xyro Donatus (this is what most people call me, even my friends at college now ) peacock = i want to start roleplaying as peacock, but that ship got shot down fast james = my real name, although i use xyro as my real name Cinnamon roll = i used to be a pro player in a game and the community called me cinnamon roll because of how kind and "cute" i was. god damn i hated going to events donut= xyro donutus = donatus = donut
  9. its too small for many different threads. sorry, but it dose not suffice
  10. Agreed! then i can be the peacock i have always dreamt of being!
  11. Xyro


    welcome to the party! the names xyro, peacock, james, cinnamon roll or donut. take your pick
  12. ahh, but your missing the point here kirry..... .....Its my corner :3 I need a place to get ideas out, or they just leak all over AF like untidy information glubglubs. With a corner, i can contain the madness! also, everyone loves me! (I hope) so why wouldn't you want a place for all my shenanigans? :3
  13. well, my idea is to have Xyro's corner! Its where i do personal games and contests for everyone to come and go and learn as they please ^w^ I think if i did have a corner, i would make a few contests, tutorials on artwork, blah blah blah blah blah. well, what do you think?
  14. hmmm, well, i have a small idea, but it wont really work too well, since its a very vain idea and you will all hate it
  15. 1: any types of contests are amazing. 2: i will be more then happy to make everything as long as i have both somewhere to put them and im given the go sign. I would love to do allot of different contests! 3: Ik, but obviously SOME people dont follow with a thing called rolleplaying T_T
  16. (I would honestly love to start up a monthly drawing contest! As well as start up the new writing contests as well! Just like ryuji did, but with allot more entertaining jazz!) (Also, I think I may need to change my name back things aren't working as I planned them too be can someone drop me a link to the name changing thread again please )
  17. Hey, wat's it to ya boss? The names peacock, get used to it. I'm off to watch some toons
  18. Quick question: why did you get red of the original neptunia background of the city? That was the only background I liked
  19. I have never truly understood how claustrophobia worked as a phobia in the human brain. The idea that the brain begins to panik at the idea of being confined in a small space is natural, but being in a small room will make the person break down, hyperventelate, exedera. Well, think of the world like this: your sarounded with oxygen every living moment of your life. Everywhere you move, everywhere you go, you are astounded by millions and millions of things that are smothering you 25/7 And yet because you can't see them you can't feel claustrophobic. Apply the same knowledge to a small box. Say you have been placed in a small box and accedently locked inside. Hyperventilating will kill you because of the lack of oxygen. Instead, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a large, open field. Both have the exact same amount of items, only your perspective is what makes it so scary.
  20. Confession: I love performing in front of thousands of people when i get to do my own stuff! but when it comes to small scale things, i freeze up so badly
  21. 8/10 muddy yellow background is a yuk, but that face is just....
  22. Xyro

    Weird Words

    Excuse me strimmer, but xyro is robotic externally and mutated human internally, so he doesn't need to wash or drain any type of "fluid" And xyro has dificualty talking to people, so talking to himself is just a way to calm down and think. I will never be caught in a bathroom scene, unless its me drowning Simone in a toilet for hurting a friend T_T
  23. Xyro

    Weird Words

    I'm a cyborg. All you would be walking in on would be me talking to myself in the bathroom miror (I don't need to pee or wash, so I'm fine)
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