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  1. I down at least one bottle a week. I feel like its a great midnight drink when you can't sleep. I also love hot apple cider, it like a desert, but in liquid form.
  2. I said that it's sentient, which it knows that it's alive and can learn.
  3. So, when artificial intelligence is invented, like sentient AI, would it be considered murder to delete the AI?
  4. It is a great ice skating soft yaoi. One of the best openings I've heard in my opinion. You don't have to enjoy yaoi to enjoy the show in the end. Good luck.
  5. In the first choice, would you remember your past life?
  6. I love the insanity, being sane is over rated
  7. I'm listening to All Alone-Fun very up lifting!
  8. Once there was a baby boy and his single mother. The mother was left alone at 17 to raise a young child by a father who only gave a damn about himself. The baby boy was so beautiful, with sky blue eyes, and a gorgeous smile. The mother was one of the prettiest women you would see, with fiery red hair and vibrant green eyes. The women, not having a job or a degree to sustain herself found work wherever it could be found. Whether it was working as a female escort or an erotic dancer. These jobs she took on barely paid minimum wage. This was the case for a couple of years. The boy, being aro
  9. A simple game of this or that never hurt no one. I'll start, anyone who answers makes another this or tha Everytime you kiss someone you get shorter until you get shorted out of existence or you talk like sheen from Jimmy Neutron for the rest of your life.
  10. Off-topic, but have you noticed how they use almost all the same voice actors for English dubs?
  11. First one was Negima when I was like 10 and didn't understand what was going on.
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