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  1. Jax. Definitely Jax... ...or maybe Lewis...or Oryx....void? ...too many names ;-; ...I'll go with Oryx
  2. ....*Chaotic smile* Fuell for the fire, I see... *Muhahahahha!* (Naa, tea is tea. I will not allow myself to slander one on anything to do with tea. it wouldn't be very British of me otherwise )
  3. *English gentleman comes bursting in through the door, teacup held aloft with the pinky finger raised.* Did somebody mention anything about tea?!?! Commonly I tend to have a lot of breakfast tea (usually Yorkshire tea, since it tastes lovely) with a drop of milk in it as I dont tend to like mine far too milky. Breakfast teas are usually my go to as far as regular drinks are concerned (especially earl-gray. Devine luxury of a concoction that is!) But I do like deviating between different herbal types of tea. Thusfar, apple-snap tea has proven to be one of my favourite, allongside peppermint and green tea. Still, can never beat an oll cup-a the good stuff! *Sips*
  4. Never a problem! I'll try and get the comic/manga style narrative done after game characters, so it may be a little while, but will definitely be done :3 still, if you find you need any more help, always happy to oblige! ^-^
  5. Firstly and foremost, I think I'll try and cover writing in a comic/manga style in a bigger topic for the archive, since it's kinda a lot more in-depth then it first would sound. But to give a bit of a more breif answer now; Writing in a comic style is far more varied then you would otherwise get in a regular story. What you want to do is follow how the art portrays a scene, and write in context to that imagery, especially if you are showing the story while following a main character. The idea is that the imagery is what truly shows a reader the world. The text, as well as the writing, is what puts flavour into the characters and how they perceive things. Let me try devising this up into two parts though; character speach and descriptive narrative. Character speach: you will mainly use this to show speach from each character. My suggestion would be to make a profile for the character outside the comic, get a feel for how they would speak, then write naturally how they would react and speak to the contexts they are in. Descriptive text: these can be done outside of scenes, but to give some detail to things. Try and avoided being too descriptive, bit try to give enough that the text warrants existing. Remember that the key to a good comic is show-dont-tell, as the imagery is what can truly draw a reader in. Anyway, while that was a bit short, I hope that helps for now in some way or another. And seriously, best of luck to the two of you! What you are going to start doing sounds utterly awesome, so do your best!!! :3
  6. So far, I am currently working on a lesson revolving around the use of mute/silent characters within narrative, but afterward I want to also delve into character narrative within video games. Other then that, nothing else on the back burner yet. Let me know if there is anything you want made or written about. Always happy to help if I can ^^
  7. You tend to give me Gintoki Sakata vibes Ohiotaku :3 (From Gintama)
  8. Weeeeeeeeeeelcome to the anime forums! Glad to have ya! Hope you enjoy your time meandering the forum. You'll find we are out of cookies at the moment but....errrrr....*shuffles through the community fridge*...we have cake? Man, how long has this been in here for.... *Throws cake over shoulder* My point is, welcome, have fun and good to have ya! :3 And as far as cosplay is concerned, as nova said, any particular character/characters you looking to embody?
  9. that's because we are! to an extent. Its not alcohol that gets us drunk, its "Magic"
  10. Feeling pretty miffed today, was caught in a balls-up with a legless wazzock who was being a little gobby about being minted, but it all just came out as tosh. Nothing more came of it, but it left me with the collywobbles...

    ....Sorry, I get stereotypical British when flustered ;-;

  11. *Takes blanket and pillow* SWEEEEEEEEEET! *Immediately curls up in a blanket cocoon and hibernates*
  12. *Bursts in wearing old traditional PJ's and a night cap* I heard it was nap time! why didn't anyone invi..... ....what, NapHime you say? Oh.... well..... Hi..... welcome to the forum!
  13. *Poomfs on Beanbag*


    my brain is confuzzled. Really trying to think of what to write about in the Archive, since I wanna make another lesson but can't think of a decent topic... What with story writing and all, I feel brain-melted...

    Anyone got any ideas? or anything the want to learn about in narrative? anything at all? ;-;

    1. Xyro


      That's something I would be happy to get into actually, since We've been covering game characters at uni.

      ATM I'm writing up on the creation and development of mute/silent characters, but afterward I'll jump straight to game characters!

      Cheers Nico!!! :D

    2. Nova


      This reminds of me some mute/silent char i seen but they where not from anime though ­čĹ╗

  14. Well, M is one of those characters you make while throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks xD. Thusfar she has gone from M to being the basis for another Novel series I'm working on called "Memetically Me", which focuses on Earth millions of years into the future, when everything goes to the toilet. Been hoping to get more stuff done for it recently tbh, but been super buisy with a lot of stuff. Still, M is a character I want to work on more, just think she's going to need a bit of a make-over. You know, being a murder puppet and all. I wonder if she entertains at kids parties? Hmmmm...
  15. Well, I started making more side characters for MMaM world-building, and stumbled upon M's theme poem XD Hope you like it! (Although its particularly bad, so don't give it too much thought! ;P)
  16. *Sits down on the couch* ...Ahhhhhh.... ...This place is pretty quiet.... am I the first one here? (Promptly looks around, but all that can be heard is the gentle crackle of the common-room fire) ....hmm, oh well! *Whistles while going through text-books*
  17. This morning I caught myself apologizing to my back-room door for closing it too hard. Wouldn't have been that bad if I didn't do it twice. I got to stop speaking to inanimate objects. It's getting bad for my health at this point ;-;
  18. When you get a day where you think to yourself that you always wanted to be somebody, but you realise now that you have to be a little more specific. ;)

    1. Nova


      The potato spud you mean­čśé

  19. Oh, I know that's gonna curdle. That's why I suggested the straw! Best way to get really sick really slowly I would love adult potions class. Imagining Severus Snape teaching me how to brew a Carling is something I now can't get out of my head
  20. XD chuck some strong whiskey in there too and serve that with a straw and I'm all in for it!!! (Although I don't think they'll teach us that in potion class ;3)
  21. We used to actually make our own "Butterbeer" using Bailey's, butterscotch syrup/sprinkles and whiped cream on top. Tastes pretty good if you chill it all beforehand and add extra cream to it :3
  22. As the tittle suggests, Is there anything in particular about writing or narrative (In any format mind you) that you would like to know about? asking should help people get an idea as to what topics to teach about!
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