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  1. This was actually extremely helpful, it gives me a good place to start working. If I remember correctly, in your character development post you spoke about creating the basic structure of a character and I think that's what i'm going to start with. My friend and I have a pretty set idea of the characters and setting, as well as some thoughts on plot. Also, if you do create a topic on comic/manga style writing it would be really helpful and I could learn a lot from it, but if not then thank you for the info you already gave. It really has helped me get my footing with this area of writing.
  2. I love green tea Cake or Pie?
  3. My friend has been interested in creating a comic of some sort and asked me to write the story while she does the illustrations. I write pretty often in my free time, but usually just fanfictions and short stories. I have no idea how to write in a comic/manga style, it seems very different from just writing a story and i'm not sure where to start. We already have a basic idea of characters and setting, any tips on hows to write in that format?
  4. Yeah! I'm definitely a first timer in this area, I'm thinking Izaya from durarara would be pretty simple and one I'd really have fun with. I'd only need a wig and maybe contacts, I'm sure I could scavenge a jacket similar to his pretty cheap if I looked. That's awesome! I'll definitely look into the cosplay forum for sure, and I hope to run into to you there as well!
  5. Hi! Thanks for the welcome, I responded to Nova earlier as well but it's still not posted because it needs to approved by the moderator or something, oh well, it's no biggy... As I said in that reply, I was looking into some characters from bnha or durarara!! Maybe Pidge from Voltron. I'm on a pretty tight budget atm so im not sure what to invest in.
  6. I was hoping to try some bnha or durarara!!. I'm not sure how to start though, especially since I'm on such a tight budget.
  7. Hey there! I've always enjoyed watching anime, but I wanted to try getting more involved in the community. I don't know many people who I can nerd out with about anime and manga's. I also really want to start cosplaying sometime in the near future, any help or tips with that would be greatly appreciated! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this lol.
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