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  1. If you haven't tried this site here: https://animeheaven.es/detail/new-fist-of-the-north-star-dub.18193 I can look for more but this may be the best you get lmk.
  2. Was the fighting like supernatural magical or normal martial arts?
  3. Lucky Star is a pretty funny and good one no supernatural stuff. These are others: Castle Town Dandelion - This one is supernatural but not like most because it doesn't have MC's fighting to save the world or anything like that its an anime about a royal family of 9 ish kids in modern times, and they are to use their powers to help the people of their country to be chosen to become the next king. It's light-hearted and funny. Chio's School Road - This one is about a girl named Chio and her journey to school. Chunnibyuo - This one is about a Chunnibyuo=Otaku who is embarrassed about his past and meets a girl who is just like he used to be and she saw him act out is "finale seal" to put his past behind him but now she is stuck to him and his past. Gabriel Dropout - This is about an angel who was sent t earth and when she got there she comes across the online world of games need I say more? Blend S - This one is a girl who gets a ob at a coffee shop however when she tries to act nice she comes off as rude and scary mean however at this shop she plays the role as Sadistic and it is a perfect fit for her.
  4. Hmm could be a good idea but there should be requirements like a minimum amount of questions or something.
  5. Sorry for replying late.. Hmm n MC girl transported to another world... I haven't seen any like that but I'll look, however, a quick search gave me this, Ill keep looking tomorrow. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Any more details at all even if you are not sure if they are from the anime will help.
  6. Oh my thats insane!! Amazing art skills!
  7. Hello, welcome to this humble site! What is your favorite number? And have a good time!
  8. Welcome friend to AF, enjoy your time!
  9. I got a Huion Q11K and I use it for drawing and it cost about $120 its perfectly fine for me, there are 8 configurable buttons on the tablet, which I don't use, 2 buttons on the pen and the pen is a good weight. I recommend it, but $120 is prob to much to spend for most... All I can really give is advice because I don't know a whole lot about what one is better, but from what I can tell size isn't a big concern unless its like 4 inches then you might want a little bigger, and if it doesn't feel good to use it when u get one its not the tablet it's you, you just have to get used to it. That's all I know.
  10. Uh, both statements fit in a very large portion of anime titles, Look up ecchi and most fit, but some titles off the top of my head- Testament of a new sister devil, I haven't seen it but It is a guess that could fit. Maybe, ah actually out of all the anime I have seen a single title doesn't come to mind it's too broad, more details if possible.
  11. Hey, welcome to AF I hope you have a nice time here!
  12. I wonder what foreigners think of english slang like they are learning the language and hear someone say Yeet and like wtf is that.. I mean who can define what yeet means?
  13. Btoom doesn't have much romance at all... ! most recommended 3 least but all are recommended. Charlotte 1 Chivalry of a Failed Knight 1 Code Realize 2 Heaven's Lost Property 3 Highschool Dxd 2 Izetta the Last Witch 2 Seven Senses of ReUnion 2 Sword Art Online 2 The Ancient Magus Bride 1 Tokyo Ghoul 1 Worldend 1111 < This one most fits in my opinion and I think you would enjoy it a lot.
  14. @Seshi Id like to watch it with ye, what Ep you on?
  15. Y'all is southern slang
  16. Do you Vape? What do you think of Vaping and people who Vape? Personally, I think Vaping is kinda stuipid...
  17. Castle Town Dandelion - Kinda but not Garo the Animation - This one kinda most fits The Royal Tutor - Kinda but I think you would like this one.
  18. Oh nice, I should try some tea sometime.
  19. Oooh what kind of tea? I can't make tea but I always enjoy the idea of having tea.
  20. Oh my god there are so many..... That would take me like 3 months then another 3 to start....
  21. Woah nice, my sister likes to "extreme color" like that I can't do it but looks amazing when done.
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