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  1. THE NEW SMALLER CREATIVE CORNER I THOUGHT OF IN MY ROOM! I love when anime have long and descriptive tiles like that... Anyway since there is no creative corner currently and sharing your creativity is fun and I like to to here is my smaller creative corner for anyone to upload and share anything they like... And if I am the only one who ends up posting well I'll damn well keep it goin..
  2. My favorite background I made!! I had to downgrade the dimensions...
  3. Greeneyes

    How To Make Manga #1: Story Ideas

    Ooooh *claps* vary nice and easy to follow steps.
  4. Greeneyes

    Creative Corner - Closed and Archived

    #BringBackTheCreativeCorner!! I think that having a creative corner wouldn't detour many people from posting in the clubs it would just allow for people who want to share there creativity with people who aren't in the specific club they post.
  5. I am the type of person to watch like 10 series at a time and I since cut down to, mmm 4 or 5, I have a long to watch list but would like to know what anime you recomend I watch before any other! I attached my list of what I have already seen if you care to take a look. Anime List.txt
  6. Greeneyes

    Your Favorite Technology!

    Whatsup, I would like to know what is your favorite Technology? Consoles, Pc Rigs, Monitors, Etc!
  7. Greeneyes

    how important is money for you~ ?

    I've since saved a good amount of money for misc stuff but the thing is when I have the money saved I feel like I don't want to sped it as much as when I don't have the money but want to get something so for now it just gets saved up, I know most people might consider this to be good but think about the fact that you have money specifically saved to buy stuff you want but never want anything enough to buy it ITS ANNOYING as hell man!!
  8. Greeneyes

    Whats your New Year Resolution?

    What is your new years resolution this year?
  9. Email the staff at the website and ask them about the picture and where they got it and ask the person who made the picture, because there are girls from completely dif anime in this and some could be OC characters.
  10. Greeneyes

    ISekai Recommandations

    I don't read much manga, and even at that i don't think there are many that have the MC as a monster and further have evolutions, However I know that That Time I Got Reincarnated into a Slime has a manga so might check that out... And maybe this one too Evil Dragon Reincarnation sorry though i don't read to much and nothing as specific as this.
  11. Greeneyes

    an introduction to particle physics

    He does bite I've seen him do it!
  12. Greeneyes

    Need help finding this anime (from the gif)

    Eternal Quon 1: The Ephemeral Petal
  13. Greeneyes

    Weather in your area?

  14. Greeneyes

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    I have seen my fair share of anime and I am good a researching so if you want anime ask here Ill give my best opinion and if I don't have one Ill search tell I find at least 5 different anime for you! That includes Anime recommendations...
  15. Greeneyes

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    No problem glad to help!
  16. Greeneyes

    Need help finding anime? Ask here!

    I remember seeing the same clip or similar one its from Karakuri Circus. Did it look like this:
  17. Greeneyes

    High school of the dead

    Ah i remember watching that show, definitely should have had 24 Eps or a season 2
  18. Greeneyes

    an introduction to particle physics

  19. Greeneyes

    What anime is this from?

    Ok I don't have time to look for it right now but anyway all I remember is a possible scene. Maybe Ok first off the only part I'm sure of is 1 guy was shot or rather affected by something that scrambles the nerves and when he went to move one part of his body another part moved instead but in a short time he was able to get up and fight by understanding what part of the body moved what. If you come.up with the anime plz tell me
  20. Greeneyes

    Do you have trouble making friends?

    Oh yeah, making friends is not my strong suit and losing them seems to be easier than making them, or so I've noticed on a few occasions.
  21. Greeneyes

    Whats your New Year Resolution?

    Same Good Luck! WATCH ALL THE ANIME'S I agree that we shouldn't wait for a date however there being a date gives us an excuse to at least start something new that we would not already do. Bro, I recommend checkin this out for ideas: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/6XCPLJ https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7zBNWD https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zJrBYT https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wJ83MZ Wow deep, did you write this down? I still got to get the exorcise into my life so ur already farther than me! Indeed
  22. Greeneyes

    Building a new gaming PC

    OMG niccceeeeee I wish i could upgrade my pc!!! Who needs to know what time it...
  23. Greeneyes

    Presenting the 99 trillion 6 Paths of Pain!

    In saitamas final battle at the end the enemy I forgot his name said and Samaritan basically agreed "this wasn't close, was not even a fight." so if he moved several hundred times the speed of light which is 670,616,629 mph so (several hundred x speed of light = 335308314500) if that was not even a fight than multiply it a few times 4 maybe ish so and thats prob not enough which is aprox 1,000,000,000,000 mph so 1 trillion mph god vs 99 trillion pains that in a fight are basically still to him if they used kamui which takes a solid second to work I think it would be overwhelmingly saitama is winner And If I was to be in it I would like saitamas powers.
  24. Greeneyes

    Presenting the 99 trillion 6 Paths of Pain!

    If Saitama had previous knowledge of the abilities I think he would win without that knowledge I think he would still win it would just be weather or not he would let them touch him, and what do you mean kamui do you mean kakashi and obitos abilities? And I would say the war would change soley on saitama because he is in a word a litteral god Iw ould say with the rest of the allies or rather a select few it is a sure win...
  25. Greeneyes

    Presenting the 99 trillion 6 Paths of Pain!

    We haven\t seen close to saitamas full power he doesnt have ti hit them he just needs to hit space so hard it warps but Id imagine he would reck him remember saitamas final fight he was going faster than light because it took him a few seconds to get from the moon to earth when he jumped back and it takes light several minutes to travel that distance if he was going at it ina few seconds then he was going several hundred times faster than light and thats several hindered times faster than the pains can move so with ultra instinct they couldnt move fast enough to dodge defend or fight back...
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