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  1. @SanguineTear Thank you kindly~ ❤️
  2. “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you.” - Darcy from Pride & Prejudiced 2005 version
  3. @Beocat A boat make sure it's a big one, heh.
  4. Feeling beyond any words can describe of pure happiness and peace~ I've waited so long to feel this way and be happy with my life, finally it has come.
  5. Domino was a game my family and I enjoyed a lot as well~ Also my step father was playing chess with me when I was younger, however I want to get back into it and like for him to teach more more about it. I really thought it was fun.
  6. I really made my dear friends day yesterday as well they made mine~ ❤️ Today I'm going to like I have been saying pampering myself since I'm much more confident and feel pretty again in my life. Also more housework again, taking a nice walk in the nice sunny warm weather, lastly just admiring mother nature and looking at everything blooming and growing as well hearing the lovely birds sing as well~ Today is going be a wonderful day~ 🌼☀️🌿🐦
  7. I feel fully rested again and so grateful for it that I got wonderful sleep again. I feel just at peace with my life and myself more and more everyday so I'm tremendously ecstatic about my life ~ 🎇 ❤️
  8. @Beocat I see your point and also agree with you. I deeply apologize if I'm not knowledgeable very much about this topic, I guess it's hard for me to explain why I have my opinions about it, I thank you and @Seshi for both pointing out other reasons for why it's needed or not as bad as people think. I feel bad now a bit but again it was just thoughts on the matter. I hope I'm still alright around you two and everyone. ---- About the survival thing I can say I have a backpack ready to go in case of any type of disaster event happened. As well if it happens which you really never know the zombies outbreak. My father got me and my sister backpacks ready to go the last time I visited him which was last year. I was super excited for it and he also explained a lot about what was given to us inside for us to survivor in pretty much any type of situation. I am still learning about it more in books and online about these types of stuff. Even watching television shows about it as well. I still need a few more items and plan to get them soon It's just.. money is super tight for me at the moment so I have to make due on what, I have or just get things that can be useful if it's even household related items which can be used in survival as well. You'd be surprised on what can you use and be useful in any event. So yeah I've been into this for some time now myself but it really helped when my father gave us that backpack for us since he's into it as well. He's NOT those extremists but he knows how to take care of himself and his family. Plus his father my grandpa was in the army ( WWII & Vietnam War ) so I guess you can say his father taught him a few things growing up. God bless and rest in peace. I wish I could've still talk to my grandpa but he past a coupe years back now and suffered from serve strokes too which he could not talk at all much. Ehh.. getting off point I apologize. More or less I'm into this survival stuff.
  9. @Seshi I agree with you and I guess I forgot to add what you wrote as well. I know not all hunters are like that and I'm thankful for that.
  10. I don't approve of hunting to be honest ( So if this offends anyone here of my beliefs. I apologize I'm not here to argue or debate ) and just feel if you absolutely need to do it for a good reason for survival / life and death situation then I have no problem with it. As well providing for a family in need of food to help them out. Otherwise I really do not like it or approve. If you do hunting then you can do what you want since that is your right and life. I can still respect you but I really don't want to be around that at all or you if you do it.
  11. I pampered myself yesterday by treating myself to things and really had a wonderful day~ Today I'm going to keep doing the same thing since I have more confidence and I actually feel beautiful as well~
  12. Sunny high 58 out~☀️
  13. Feeling still ecstatic and positive, however slightly sleepy too since I'm currently up and only had 5 hours of sleep. You really got to "love" Insomnia.
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