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  1. The lovely sounds of nature birds singing~
  2. I'm feeling very content, happy, motivated even productive. I woke up around 2:00 AM this morning even though that's early I feel pretty fantastic and ready for today~ --------------------------- @SanguineTear Sampson ( god bless and rest in peace ) my Great Dane was the closest thing to a horse for me and my family and he just loved to nibble his stuff animals like a horse would or we would say he's "cleaning his babies . On various occasions he would do that to my family and I as well. So in a very slightly way I possibly could relate~
  3. I really love a lot of movies to be honest so it's pretty hard to just pick one that is my all time favorite, since I'm a big movie geek. ( I have seen a lot of movies over the years but not everyone out there ) My top 5 movies I love and are personal favorites of mine are: ----------------------------------- 1. ) The Shallows 2. ) Jaws ( all of them ) 3. ) Godzilla ( all of them ) 4. ) Pride and Prejudice - 2005 version 5. ) Hush -----------------------------------
  4. Listening to the sounds of birds and raindrops outside my window~
  5. @SanguineTear I have nights like that myself and there never fun. I hope you be able to sleep more better soon. ------------------ I feel really wonderful , productive and motivated again. I accomplished a lot this morning of major cleaning and I rather enjoyed myself. I had a rough couple days before but now things are much better again and I'm extremely happy with all the people in my life that love and support me~
  6. @Sofi Oh I did not get them sorry I delete the conversation since I wanted to keep my messages clean. So I guess that means maybe you can't send anything back and I can't receive it. You can message me again if you like, I apologize.
  7. @Sofi Thank you kindly I appreciate it~
  8. These are photos I took today of my parents garden out front of there house, also I'm not a professional~
  9. ~ Happy Easter Everyone~ May everyone have a very blessed and wonderful day even if you don't cerebrate it~
  10. My parents have a bunch of those in there garden right now. I can show a picture of them perhaps today or sometime soon of them as well take other photos of my parents garden if anyone wants to see~
  11. Feeling truly ecstatic right now also about my life on how it's becoming and all who's in it~
  12. @Optic I see well I know we all have some things that come up in our lives unexpectedly that then changes things for us and then we need to address them. Really that's just life things sometimes happens and changes for us, then becoming more busy with our lives as well after we can't do the things we did before a lot anymore. I appreciate Archie doing his job on here while it lasted and hope they best for him. However I do have a small question if no one is taking is place right away do we now come to you Optic if we have any issues with the forum? Just a bit concerned for that now since he can't be an admin no more who;s going take care of things. Lastly I like to say thank your to all the staff here who do there jobs and hope we can continue to keep this place good still~
  13. I feel ecstatic and super motivated as well productive. Things in my life are extremely going wonderfully for me, I know it's only going get better from here on out. Thanks to my loving supportive family and my dear love @SanguineTear ~ どうもありがとうございます
  14. @Sofi Taking a look at the photos of your garden flowers you have growing for me they don't seem formiller so I apologize I can't be much help. However My parents have a garden and grow types of Tulips and Lily's so if I ask plus take a look at there garden again maybe I can help you out possibly. I myself don't know much about garden but still would love to learn and have one since I really love nature also plants. Though living in an apartment has only certain things you can do or have for those things plus having a cat that's very curious well.
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