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  1. Any other details you can share?
  2. Ah yes, I want to play this game, unfortunately, I don't have a ps so I'll be on PC...
  3. Hmm, getting older doesn't really bother me, I mean yea I don't want to die but say in 30-50 years I die Id be like "yea that's cool" because I live the way I want to with as few regrets as possible and doing everything I can to enjoy myself.
  4. nAa tHaTS bOKu No pICO what are you talkin abooot!?!??!
  5. Welcome to AF have a nice time!
  6. Hmm maybe Ichigo's final getsuga tenshou form:
  7. Greeneyes


    Impressive @Beocat, figured it out with less than a 5-word description.
  8. I once took a Oreo and dipped it in some milk and forgot I was dippin it and when I pulled it up the wafer was gone and it was just the frosting.... I was sad....
  9. SAMEEEE I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. Yea the thins are the only ones I can dip in milk, the normal ones have to much frosting for me to dip with so I just take it off and put all the frosting on 1 cookie for someone.
  10. Personally I like to eat the wafer part I never liked the cream part.
  11. Personally I like Chocolate Milk using nesquik powder mix! What do you like?
  12. Welcome to AF hope you enjoy it!
  13. Welcome to the forums I hope you enjoy your time here, I guess if I had a question it would be whats your top 3 favorite anime and why?
  14. Hmm it would kind of suck because going super saiyan still strains your body.
  15. I mean like super saiyan is basically a enhancement/level-up/transformation right? so if I touch a tv what happens? do the graphics get boosted? does it change into a curved 4k tv or what? this is what I mean.
  16. I would test weather or not touching something that I previously touched made it super saiyan 2 if not that I would continue to use different parts of my body to see what parts turn things super saiyan if it was just my hands I would wear rubber gloves and hopefully the gloves stops the touch. Than selectively touch things to see the changes that occur after super saiyan transformation.
  17. I look forward to seeing it colored!
  18. Nice, can't wait to see what will be posted!
  19. Interesting, what do you mean on a budget? Like its a contest but you cant go over a curtain amount of money on the cosplay?
  20. I don't have skills to make anime wallpapers unfortunately, I am practicing tho. Its been to long for me to remember the exact inspiration, but I named it Blue Diamond Skyfall... But I like the hyperverse inspiration.
  21. Sup Sonic, Maybe you could make and eat Japanese food, learn a few words or enough to say a few sentences or Try Japanese calligraphy... Just a few ideas I have, but Ill keep thinking.
  22. Masters Meet Novices In Nagoya DANIO
  23. How are they gonna continue db like they went to ultra instinct and the OP man of all universes and the king zeno and all this like who can be challenged at this point, unless its like a 10 year later thing and its a new tourny but like serious...
  24. Welcome to AF I hope you have a nice time here beware^ that doods a weirdo... Shhhhh
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