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  1. I really enjoyed it but was disappointed to not see Saitama fight and kick that evil monsters butt in the end. They just cut it like really...... Lol
  2. Great Avi 

  3. Just started 1 punch man season 2! Hope its as good as 1st season.
  4. Im also curious to see whats next. After 17 makes a wish to resurrect all universes the others that were erased before will also be resurrected. Just imagine the fury that will come for revenge if so. But honestly who knows what they got on the table. I hope its something crazy. Or maybe Broly first as they did Battle of Gods and Resurection F, Yes my thoughts exactly. I just hope its something as good as DBS after frieza resurrection. I really enjoyed Hit and Jiren battles. Not to mention Ultra Instinct and if they will add Caulifa to come back and see if they will progress to ssj3. Theres so much id love to see still. Indeed so would I! I think Super Is worth watching all the way. The fights Goku has with Hit and Jiren are simply awesome, Not to mention they brought my favorite villain back and he is as evil and awesome as always. That made it much better for me.
  5. Guys just wanted to say I heard the news from funimation that DBS will continue and dates have not been released yet. I am super stoked and ready for this. If anyone watched the super saga please comment on what you expect and what would be awesome to happen next. Favorite characters and villains. Its already starting to be a great year. So far I finished Sword Art Online and honestly only loved the first part from there they went off somewhere else and didnt like the direction after. So comment and tell me what direction youd like for this new season to take. Lets keep watching anime.
  6. SAO made me get sad alot season 1. I asked my son why they had to make it so dam depressing. Maybe im too dam sentimental. lol
  7. Its true. I remember as a teen wanting to be 21 so bad to go out and do things with friends. Took an eternity to get there. When I least expected it. Just like that im 17 years older in a blink of an eye and time doesnt seem to be slowing down one bit.
  8. Happy New Year Everyone! Why does it feel like every year goes by much faster?
  9. Make it a better positive year. Strive even more in life and learn from all my setbacks. A big + is watch as much anime as I can.
  10. Hungover and watching SAO! Good anime. Have a long list to watch. Lol
  11. Awesome I will be going thru this list. Thanks! Anything else just let me know.
  12. Guys wanna watch an anime thats really good actionwise. Love saint seiya and dragonball super. Hit me up with good reasons to start it. I love watching anime in japanese with english subs. Have never liked the changed american versions. Start shooting. Oh I have already seen 1 punch man as well. Loved it.
  13. I currently play on PC. Love Halo , currently playing Destiny 2, diablo 3 and dragonball fighter z. Have black dessert online and other free mmos. Just cant start since im kinda new to Pc gaming. Wish I had someone to show me the mmo world. I love grinders. loot...loot....loot lol
  14. A game that made me jump my boots in the dark was the evil within. Did not even finish it.
  15. Feeling unsleepy. Been waking up in the afternoons. Cant seem to break the cycle. Too cold outside and too lazy to go outside. But always down to have a fun chat with everyone. I love conversation.

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