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  1. Correct, it is on paper! Thank you! I should sometime!
  2. Thanks y’all!!! ❤️😍
  3. Hey all. Figured I would post some of my artworks periodically on here. I do fan art, and the occasional original work. I use references and my art medium are Prismacolor pencils. I really love to use Strathmore Toned Tan Paper. It really makes the color pop! Trying to draw more often- to keep myself busy at night instead of binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu lol so stay tuned! Unfortunately I don’t have anything else relatively new besides this picture right now I’m working on more though!!!
  4. Currently listening to HyunA - Freaky. ❤️
  5. The word “Bae” annoys me a lot. I really dislike the term “baby-daddy”, like find another word...
  6. guess i missed out on rejoining the forums...more or less. i had an older account and it seems ive missed out on making sure my old one transfered name is claudia i'm an old anime lover fullmetal alchemist sailor moon you name it recently heen getting into darling in the franxx (i know... fan base) used to know one of the members here dont quite remember what their name was here hoping they'll recognize me more than anything what am i doing currently? playing splatoon... ause i'm a nerd. lol i hope to be able to get into this community again!! #Pleaseacceptme (crying face lol) hope to talk to all of you soon!?
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