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  1. Okay. I was liking this season. But that last episode was really messed up.
  2. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest some anime similar to Charlotte? I've had a look at all the google recommendations but they all seem to be way out of the range of what I'm looking for. I loved the pacing and plot twists of Charlotte and the kind of secret club going on missions meets superpowers aspect with a dark twist.
  3. I actually love EA games and star wars battletront 2 As for the rest of the thread I love video games, been playing them my whole life, started with an old acorn PC and a PlayStation. Crash bandicoot, Spyro, croc, Abe's oddessy, gran tourismo, ace combat, we're all big parts of my life. Now days I don't play as much a I used too, but the games I enjoy are things like Assassins Creed Dynasty Warriors Wipeout (Especially in VR) Shadow of the colossus I find I just don't have the patience to play massive games and RPG's anymore. To me there is just too much to do in games now that most modern games feel like a chore rather than fun. I think gaming has lost it's focus and it's fun. It's all about showing off graphics and who has more power than actually about the games.
  4. So much has happened to me this past year. I don't even know if it's okay to share what's happened here. 

    Short story. I was sexually abused.

    And I'm breaking down mentally because of it.

    1. brycec


      Probably best not to do so. Things like that might be better discussed in private, like PM or private Discord chat.

      Have you tried to see a counselor or therapist?

    2. baejoohyun


      I'm very sad to hear that. If you want to talk to someone, at least about how you feel, I'm here. 



      That's terrible, however as I have said before, I am here if you wish to talk about it. Just know this, the victim has nothing to be ashamed of. There is no need to make yourself feel bad for something you are not responsible for; this world is screwed up, we humans have enough problems as it is, do not allow yourself to feel guilty over the evil others have done to you. 

      When a terrible thing like this happens, you cant cling to it; you cannot allow it to hurt you more than it already has. If you dwell on it, you will only be further dragged down. I understand how something like this is not something you can just forget, but you can be strong and become even stronger by conquering it. I hope whomever did this to you gets their just deserts but that cannot be the main focus, nor can blaming yourself nor can self pity. Life goes on and you will go on with it; you cannot concede; you need to defeat this problem in your own time, cry, scream, do whatever you have to do but do not harm yourself further. 

      I wish you the absolute best. 

  5. Charlotte. Just finished watching it and the feels. The feels so bad.
  6. I think I would need to try professionally made mochi. Whatever I made was a disaster haha. So I'll take back judgement till I've tried some real stuff. Though I'm still not a fan on miso.
  7. It's more I grew up I a religious family so we never had it as a thing in my life. And it's really not a big deal over here. No one even really gets involved.
  8. I'll be here not celebrating like every other year. But thanks for the greeting.
  9. I will second mochi. Tried making some. Just gross and ruins your bowels for days. The next is miso. Oh my gosh why does that even exist.
  10. Really enjoy this double decker anime :D

  11. I have only finished Zestiria and man that was a big task. That game is enormous and the amount of dialogue... just wow. Unfortunately most of it was a dull mess.
  12. Personally I didn't enjoy Ac3, I thought it was a low point in the series. But I understand why others like it and respect that. I've played most of the games and I feel AC4 was the best it'll ever get.
  13. I'd say the dynasty warriors series. Nothing better than that for some stress release. Also shadow of the colossus.
  14. I always pick male if I can. Gets so annoying when all the girls flirt with my character though. So I play games like dragon age or mass effect where I can actually have characters with sexualities that match with who I am and not what society pushes.
  15. Officialy Kylie Christmas time!

  16. Sao season 3 is soooooo gooooood!

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    2. IntoMyWorld


      Well I mean. That was my reaction to the pilot episode ahah. I can just tell I'm gonna like it.


      Anyways... I actually like the GGO arc the best out of all of it.

      If there's one thing people can't ever agree on, it's Sao haha. 😂 😂 😂 

    3. brycec


      GGO was better than ALO, but not really that great.

      yeah, people will never agree on SAO. I just wish it had the massive adoration that Attack on Titan does, as it deserves it more than AOT, but it will be viewed badly.

      As for me, only Aincrad and mother’s Rosario were any good.

    4. IntoMyWorld


      I honestly don't understand the attack on titan fandom. I never really liked it. But to each thier own.


      Yeah, sword art should be bigger.

      But every seems people are Intent on hating it because of the harem stuff.

      But it's actually very philosophical and I'm not sure how a lot of that gets overlooked by the majority who watch it.

  17. Casually forgetting everything important. Not fun.

  18. Even thinking about it makes me sick. But I loved Wild Moose Whiskey and Dry mix. And when I had pure it was "Grants" Scotch whiskey.
  19. I no longer drink. I got very sick off Whiskey once and I'm not going back there ever. It's just simply not worth it.
  20. Bringing up SAO to anime watchers is like bringing up "The last Jedi" to star wars fans 

    1. brycec


      Only difference is that SAO is actually enjoyable in some portions, while Last Jedi never seemed like anything more than ok at best 

    2. IntoMyWorld


      My point was that it's controversial and creates arguments. But yeah. I liked SAO. Last Jedi. Nah.

    3. brycec


      I see. That makes sense.

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