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  1. Hay there Alupacard how are you hows things been.

  2. I really love Love Stage!! and Hitorijime My Hero. They're both super cute so I highly recommend these
  3. It's beautiful! How old is your tattoo?
  4. I will agree that P4G had one of the best plots of any game I have ever played ^^ Oooh SMT IV. I haven't actually finished that one yet, but it's on the books. I'm a fan of Devil Survivor personally. Are you generally a fan of strategy-based games too?
  5. Hey there! ^^ Welcome to AF~ Hope to see you around and feel free to talk to me I am always up for a conversation about anime, manga, video games, food, etc. Have a great day!!
  6. So you like the Persona series to!!!!!! Thats awesome do you like any of the other SMT game?

    1. alupacard


      Yeah, I love the Persona series!!! ^^ I have played P4 along with Devil Survivor 1 and 2 and got partway through SMT4. What about you? :) 

  7. It certainly is ^^ Which was your favorite in the Persona/SMT series?
  8. For tips, every one had really good tips and I really don't have anything more to add. Just congratulations on the new place!!! But @Beocat, I love this tip. Amazing and really really important!!
  9. Ahhhhh I am so excited to watch Season 3!! I'll take your advice and watch High Speed first tho
  10. I also try and get a look at other people's tattoos, but sometimes it is pretty awkward to get caught staring lol ^^;
  11. Hey there! Yep, I would even go as far to say that I spend more time gaming than I do watching anime. I have lots of games that I love and have lots of time invested in, but the current game has to be Persona 5. I played it last year, but recently went back to take advantage of NG+ and explore the stuff I couldn't get in the first playthrough.
  12. I have a couple of friends who watch anime and read manga irl. ^^ Aside from my best friend, I met most of my friends who watch anime in college where it was arguably easier to pick which crowd you wanted to be around. That and I think that people generally get along well with people that are similar to them or share certain interests. @anime4eva Sure, I am always open to make friends or to just talk about anything!
  13. Hmmm. I guess I tend to like more modern animes or ones that are drawn in a more modern style. Animations that are HD and smooth are beautiful to me and usually serve to elevate my whole experience. Subjectively, I am not too into older styles like Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, but those that I watched during childhood are still enjoyable to me just because of the nostalgia factor. I still love YuGiOh for example. Idk, I guess the bottom line for me is that if the art is attractive to me, I tend to watch it but am open to watching older ones that are tried and true.
  14. Hi there! Welcome to AF ^^ Please do share what fandoms you're a part of if you want to~ I also love videogames, manga/anime, and writing fanfiction (when I actually feel confident enough to post anything). Hope to see you around! ^^
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