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  1. I'm 25, and moved out 2 years ago due to issues with mom. Up until that point, I was going to college full time, working part time, and paying rent. After I moved out, I skipped the whole renting process, and just went for buying a house. In 3 years, I should have about a third of the original listing price paid off, so looking forward to that. ^^ Anyway, I would say that overall though that moving out really was necessary, and has not only improved my quality of life, but my relationship with mom as well. @efaardvark Just thought it was interesting that there was very similar pricing
  2. I usually prefer either in depth strategy games and jrpgs. Personal favorites include: Persona 5, Trails of Cold Steel Series, and Utawarerumono Mask Series. Very rarely play online games, but a few of them are Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, Age of Empires II, and 100% Orange Juice. Very rarely will I pick PC over console unless the game was made with the PC in mind and isn't just a port.
  3. Yep, no problem ^^ Also, to answer your original question, I think anything with more balanced stats like Arcanine would help out a lot. Don't remember how accessible it was in Silver though.
  4. Pretty sure this is actually just a permadeath run, check out this page: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge Only capturing the first Pokemon in an area is listed as one of the mandatory rules for a Nuzlocke.
  5. Planning on picking up these titles over at Sentai: Girls und Panzer der Film Princess Principal Complete Collection No Game, No Life Zero Chivalry of a Failed Knight Complete Collection Wanted to pick up K-On Season 2 Collection 2 as well, but that isn't even on back order for some reason.
  6. Pretty sure you don't look for specific Pokemon in a Nuzlocke challenge, as you are only able to catch the first Pokemon in each area.
  7. Couldn't get it on any less than two screenshots. xP I typically only go for VNs nowadays, and almost always play offline so that playtime/last played is not current at all (most of the reason I play offline is actually the steam client chat being terrible than actually caring what my status is. The web version of chat is way better imo). Anything listed under Fun Games or VNs to Replay I would highly recommend.
  8. I think being mistaken for Ryuji is a first xP But yeah, glad you like my system. ^^
  9. Being on someone's top list for avatars makes me really happy ^^ Hm... I'd probably say @xWickedNekox has always had some of the best avatars (here and another site). Her current is no exception.
  10. I usually have to be in a mood for rewatching shows in general, and typically comes around when there is a lack of good airing stuff, or not completely invested in a video game. There really isn't a method of how I rewatch stuff, but anything that listed higher than an 80 on my list usually gets a rewatch eventually as well as anything with magic and/or isekai. Currently rewatching Gate, Outbreak Company, and K-On. Really wanted to start rewatching Steins;Gate, but Steins;Gate Elite is coming up and looks amazing (plus portable if on Switch), so can't really decide if rewatching now would h
  11. Goblin Slayer episode 4. I keep up with the manga for this as well, and have to say that I really feel like before they start a party that the series in both forms tries to be way over the top (especially in the anime adaption). Guess they probably want to scare people off to not try and pretend to be a series it's not, as sometimes it does reach near that level of intensity every now and then. I do find it rather amusing that the series is able to get away with not referring to much of anyone by name, but just nicknames each of the cast has for each other. Best Girl:
  12. @XII360 So, my luck in FEH soared through the roof today.  I summoned 3 times (two being the free summons) and here are two of my results:


    Btw, Linde was summoned on Reinhardt's banner where she isn't even displayed xP

    1. XII360


      linde is -hp, +speed

      while ishtar is +hp, - res, 

      i have linde too, her dark aura is neat xD, as for ishtar, i never really used her as much, i just had other units to use

      but thats hella lucky, getting two 5 stars >.>

  13. Will be sticking with Crunchy, and maybe even going as far to get VRV when HiDive joins. Joining VRV was a good move by HiDive as they have been bombarded by people to make apps for like 2 years now, and VRV has an app for a lot of the platforms requested. I feel like this is really bad for Funimation, as while they do have Sony backing them, even Amazon wasn't able to make a dent in the market really, plus HiDive has their deal with Sentai. I do feel like this was a good deal for Crunchyroll's parent company as well as the demand for more subs is much higher than dubs, and their deal with
  14. @XII360 Wasn't even aiming to get her, was actually shooting for Halloween Jakob to potentially help flesh out the team.  +Atk/-Def which is good since she is an anti-mage unit by default.  She could actually serve as that role for the team instead of Myrrh who could inherit Svalinn Shield instead of Earth Boost.  As while the latter is good, my team got ran over by Hinoka due to her super effective damage to armors.  That way, I don't need to spend all that time on that Effie build.



    Also, started replicating someone else's Faye I saw on Youtube (A skill will be different than theirs though).  Will be giving her Death Blow 3 (possibly 4 since I don't use my Celica?  Thought I should save that though in case the final build isn't that good).  She does 14 guaranteed damage just for attacking without enemy counter.  If she has dance support, the damage she does becomes pretty good.


    1. XII360


      my bad for replying after two days, i just finished setting up my PC again, and monitor >.> (couse typing on phone has become, somewhat of a hassle >.<, plus, to be honest, theres no signal in hospital for my providor, either i change providors, or buy a repeater, dont wanna waste too much cash, but also dont wanna buy a new sim card ._.)


      but yea, i've yet to get anyone in halloween, and im like seriously, trying my best to get mia (healer), i feel like, mia doesn't wanna come home with me (and i could reallly realllllly use her, im good with any stats debuff, please gods give me mia q_q)


      but yea, im not too sure about faye build, whats the video link ?!, i wanna semi watch it to see, the build feels, wierdish and not that neat, though that's my PoV, if you dont have the link its fine, it HAS been 2 days >.>)

      again, sorry !

      Huh, was about to go to next game (being alchemist.code) when all of a sudden, 


      Mia spooped me! And her stats seem to be neutral

      I am hella okay with this, and hella thank to gacha gods for giving me mai mia <3

      Need to lvl her up and put her in my main group, probably fix new group too



    2. drill


      Yeah, not too fond of typing on phones myself.  Sorry to hear your luck in the halloween banner, hope you get Mia before it ends.

      And, here is the Faye video.  


    3. XII360


      huh, so thats how it is, well i can clearly see her doing guaranteed 20+ damage now, but well, im not sure how usefull deathblow will be for faye though, since the build seems focused on guaranteed damage, 


      but then again, your whole team DOES buff and debuff enemy, so faye may do some destructive damage at the same time

      even after watching vid, i still feel wierded out on it, but i can imagine the concept now o_o

  15. @XII360 I am done with this banner.  Got this on my free summon.  She is +HP/-Def, but her base stats are a lot more balanced than Hector.  If I gave her the support I was going to give Hector (and the summoner support), and went for Fury instead of DC, and give Corrin Drive Spd 2 instead of Drive Res, she'd have the stats below at level 40.  Will probably be switching out Delthea for Faye with Firesweep Bow+, Seal Atk, and Atk Smoke for better support.


    Edit: Actually, I did all of the original calculations wrong, and am redoing them.  Specifically for Veronica who provides a +4 to all stats in range, and -4 to all states for enemies in range.  Because of not including this, Faye becomes obsolete on this team, so will still be looking for a replacement.  Also, because of this I might switch to DC instead of Fury.  She will likely have Swap or Reposition to get Veronica out of harms way.  Not sure if I can get Aether on her right away, but she might actually just want Sol if Veronica is attacking more often than not to get that effective +8 boost.  Or perhaps just getting a real healer for the team if that is what Veronica is contributing now.

    HP: 54

    Atk: 62-70 (54 + 0-8 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin + 2 from Summoner)

    Spd: 34-42 (23 + 0-8 from Veronica + 9 from Corrin + 2 from Summoner)

    Def: 51-63 (39 + 4-12 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin + 2 from Summoner)

    Res: 40-48 (32 + 0-8 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin + 2 from Summoner)


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    2. drill


      So, actually was looking through skills, and think it is possible to replace Corrin with a blue armor if I go for the skill Ward Armor which would also give Myrrh +4 Def/Res buffs.  Neither Hector or Myrrh really even care about the +4 Spd buff due to it being terribly low anyway, which would mean I'd only be missing out on the +4 Atk boost for only Hector which doesn't seem that bad really since it is already crazy high.  Real question would be who to use.  I don't really have many options to choose from:

      Gwendolyn: 4* (+Atk/-HP), 4* (+Res/-HP)

      Effie: 4* (+Def/-HP), 4* (+HP/-Spd), 3* (+Atk/-HP)

      And then there is the thing on building a new unit as well.  Possible Effie build I just threw together based on the 3* +Atk/-HP one I have.  Goes for Spur Atk to mimic Corrin as close as possible.  Not really sure about Sol and Reposition, but they seem like decent options at least.  Possibly Swap instead of Reposition.  As she doesn't have DC, she can use Death Blow + Sol combo to get a decent amount back, and to keep Wary Fighter up by herself without fully relying on Veronica for that.  She will have Armor March support most of the time too, so that will help get her in range to initiate death blow.


    3. XII360


      well, gwendol +atk is bad couse, i mean she will be there to fill corrins role, which is mainly supporting and countering color, +res and -hp is even worse though for a tank, unless anti-mages, but -hp is a turnoff

      effie +def -hp is also, "eh", couse hp got reduced, +hp -speed is nice, pretty good boon, since speed isnt really gonna be needed, especially since she will have a "wary fighter" skill, and +atk -hp, also eh couse of reduced hp, for a tank, hp is crucial !

      you could also, change hektors ostia pulse, to Goad armor, assuming you want to 100% replicate corrins buff, but well, that will depend on whats more important, +4 atk/speed (which isnt really THAT important) or -1 skill c/d for everyone ?

      i vote c/d on skill to be more important o_o

    4. drill


      Very true, I was thinking about building the +HP/-Spd one since it didn't really have any negative effects other than slightly lower attach than +Atk/-HP, but as you said as a tank, it'll be really important for her to take a hit (or multiple), so the loss of -6 HP will not be good at all for her.

      Here is a revised build based on your feedback using the +HP/-Spd version.  Went for Sacred Cowl, so then it can activate more often.  Just in one encounter, she can guarantee recharging it through Brave Lance+.  While she can't heal herself with this build, she shouldn't need to, as she is mainly there for support and taking a hit or two if needed, in which she can move to the back lines afterwards, or be healed by Veronica.  Also, with her general support, Myrrh will get up to 65 Def and 48 Res....



      Edit: Another potential option is going Svalinn Shield as my A skill as most of the team will be armored, and units like Hinoka would just crush them.  Did a battle simulator, and Hinoka would do a mere 9 damage to this build (7 damage with Sacred Cowl up).  Effie would run her over on the next turn and recharge Sacred Cowl in the process.


  16. @XII360 Making a new team again in FEH. xP  Just wanted to share and see your opinion.

    Main star of this team:

    Getting the +4 Buff from Veronica at all times (and plus -4 debuff to the enemy), Hector does pretty well for himself, but I wanted to take this a step further.  In perfect conditions (as seen with passive buffs from the rest of the team), Hector's stats will actually end up being:

    Atk: 76 (60 + 4 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin + 6 from Delthea)

    Spd: 33 (23 + 4 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin)

    Def: 51 (41 + 4 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin)

    Res: 35 (22 + 4 from Veronica + 9 from Corrin)


    Now for the unit you're probably questioning the most.  Corrin will also be receiving the +4 to all stats buff from Veronica.  Corrin's forged weapon does "If unit is within 2 spaces of support partner, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to that ally during combat.", so his buff is only specific to Hector.  Having a S rank support will give +2 to all stats as well when standing next to Hector, giving a +6 to all stats.  As Hector has bad Res, I opted for Drive Res as well giving a +9 to Res to Hector just by standing 2 spaces near him.  Corrin has good attack and speed as well, so he is not fated to solely sit on the back line.


    My standard Veronica build with Quickened Pulse instead to activate Wildfire Blam+ right away if needed.


    And Delthea.  I dont think anything has changed since I showed you last except for Glimmer.  She is mainly here for being the Red Mage check for Hector and being my favorite unit xP


    1. XII360


      Atk: 76 (60 + 4 from Veronica + 6 from Corrin + 6 from Delthea)

      all i hear is "HEKTOR SMASH" with that high af attack >.>, he's probably invincible, besides red units, mages specifically >.>

      and huh, i didn't know corrin's upgraded weapon skill did that (but to be fair, i didn't really level him either)

      the setup is actually pretty damn good, probably one of the bests you've made, besides the very first one, 

      hektor gets heals from veronica, which makes armor boots work at almost all times, aside from her buffs, corrin buffs hektor from the backside, but also a killer for green units, as if hektor cant do it, and delthea, for red units, though i feel your dealthea can kill almost all units, besides green (though i think she can still kill green units)

    2. drill


      Just about the only Green units Delthea can't kill are those with Triangle Adept or Dull Ranged.  Other than that, they are all dead as well. xP


      the setup is actually pretty damn good, probably one of the bests you've made, besides the very first one,

      Thanks ^^  Also, not sure what first team you are referring to.  Even went back to check, and couldn't find a first team in my status...  Made way too many teams xP

      Also, pasted the wrong Corrin, as he is actually +Spd/-Hp.  I am also actually short a skill (desperation), so thought of the budget skill Hit and Run to allow him to attack, but get further from the enemy.  Hector can then swap with him, giving him +2 movement after attacking.


    3. XII360


      found it, so the team im talking about was ares/fjorm/hektor/and lene


      the main killer of the team was hektor and ares, while fjorm tanked and killed, what lacked was healer, but boy did i find the team scary >.>

      now, this team you made, is even more scary than this last team composition you made >___>

  17. @XII360 Changed my team yet again with the summoning of a new character I've been waiting on for a while ^^ (She'll be shown at the very end.)




    And the new addition to my team is Flora!!!! Was worried I wasn't going to get her 😧 Anyway, really great Ploy user that kills just about anything reliant on Distant Counter or any mage in the game really.  With Attack/Res Solo and buffs she gets up to 63 Attack and 44 Res.  Harsh command was added to counter Panic Ploy users, and she can afford this skill since she sits in the back using Ploys as well.  Below I do have a few impressive screens I saved during her training.






    1. XII360


      Whoa, whats her bane ?, shes.pretty op, makes me wanna pull for her now too (since i still have around 30?.orbs

      I should still have until end of week to decide whether.to pull, i think

      I hope, exams tomorrow so im gonna have to get serious now

      But felicias sister seems pretty fun, since im semi maining felicia, i should really get her too >.>

    2. drill


      My Flora is +Def/-Spd.  Speed is pretty much a throwaway stat for her since its so bad, she becomes completely reliant on Quick Riposte and Hoarfrost Knife to score doubles.  When initiating combat she gets a full +29 Def (20 due to her weapon, 3 due to her boon, and 6 due to her buff), so it seems that +Def is actually a pretty decent boon for her.  I'd say +Atk, +Def, or +Res are all acceptable boons for her, but she would just be played on the field differently depending on each.

      The banner is up for another 17 days, so you have plenty of time to summon her.

  18. http://anichart.net/Fall-2018 What shows do you plan on watching this Fall 2018 season? Depending on what Crunchyroll picks up, I'll be watching most of these: Following two are based on manga I really like. Really worried about the first one though based on the director and studio. https://myanimelist.net/anime/37430/Tensei_shitara_Slime_Datta_Ken https://myanimelist.net/anime/37349/Goblin_Slayer This one has the chief director of Steins;Gate, and has time traveling, so have pretty high expectations. https://myanimelist.net/anime/35835/RErideD__Tokigoe_no_Derri
  19. @XII360 Guess I'm done with this banner xP  Myrrh might replace Catria on my main team too.



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    2. drill


      Yes, not having the whole weapon triangle does make you think a bit more about unit placement.  Also, raven tomes actually become an obstacle.  Replacing Micaiah with Catria now as she was holding the team back as my team composition is mostly defensive now, and greens really aren't that threatening.  One of the strongest greens in the arena, Hector, loses 1v1 to Faye 100% of the time while Zelgius is actually a threat to my team.  Only tome greens out there are Julia, Nino, Cecilia, and Gunnthra.  None of which I feel like needing specific units to counter.  Just through Faye at them or Myrrh for Cecilia.

    3. drill


      edit: here is the finalized team that seems to work pretty well.

      Faye is an all-round tank that can deal with most anything except for raven tomes.  Even raven tome users are only about on par with her due to her insane bulk.


      Myrrh is about the best support Faye could ask for.  Chill Def makes just about any foe in range for Faye to counter and take out or severely wound.  While Def Tactic makes most non buffed foes deal 0 damage.

      Catria is backup to take out Red/Blues while providing Faye attack coverage.  With support from Myrrh and Veronica she'll be looking at 45 def against blues and 54 def from reds thanks to triangle adept.  This is not taking into account Faye's Atk Smoke.


      Veronica is basic support providing +4 Def and Res to units in range.  Her staff also provides +4 to all stats when attacking (+8 to def thanks to Close Guard being passive), and really like how she doesn't get hit in return.  She can kill almost all physical greens thanks to their low res and Wind Boost (this skill is especially good late battle) if they happen to have any speed.



    4. XII360


      Chill defense only affects those of the highest defense though, thus usually the tanks get weakened, but its a 100% weakened on someone

      Gonna edit this later omw to school >.<

      and edit: that toke whole day lmao

      Only tome greens out there are Julia, Nino, Cecilia, and Gunnthra.  None of which I feel like needing specific units to counter.  Just through Faye at them or Myrrh for Cecilia.

      i guess, that's one way of doing it, since all of them are easy to kill, and wont really hurt you much, assuming you hit first

      your veronica is pretty fragile though, but i guess that's where your catria comes to pull her out of trouble

      you're team setup is pretty damn good, as always >.> it covers allot of fields, and i feel would work outside of arena's

      i mean you have perfect buffs/debuffs, and i see very little flaw's, if next to none on the team composition you made >.>

  20. Just for the image alone, dog girl easily xP Any other reasoning for picking her you already listed.
  21. Eventually, I had to do it this way. I used to try and keep all my hobbies, but I was going insane because I didn't have the time for all of them, and by forcing certain ones to stay, it took away from the overall enjoyment by quite a bit.
  22. @XII360 Not exactly who I was summoning for on the legendary banner, but not entirely disappointed either.  Have you gotten anyone recently?


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    2. XII360


      ah i was right, it was for repositioning other allies

      you're catria can kill off almost all units, exception of some green units from get go, brazen wont also activate till she's lower than 80% hp, so generally, get hit once, and you got massive def/attack boost all the time >.>

      why not give micaiah, more res-buffing to allies ?, to overall increase survivability in cases of mage-hits on allies ? (though you might not even use this team composition when enemy is full of mages

    3. drill


      Actually, was thinking about doing it the other way around and make Micaiah the mage tank.  Due to her A skill, she'll have 59 attack and 51 Res.  Green mages should be a joke for her, and with Red Tome Breaker, she shouldn't have to worry about her speed against those enemies either.  Only thing left would be Reinhardt which she could probably tank?  But would be much more safe for Faye to tank him, or draw him in and kill him with Veronica.


    4. XII360


      Red beats green, so you're micaiah shouls be safe from green units, just blue units like reinmeme are what she should watch out for,

      But she does have a high res, so she will probably live, hopefully >.>, depends how buffed his attack is

      Making micaiah the tanker for mage hits huh, though long rangers tend to target those that cant hit back, that or color advantage (from what i noticed atleast)

  23. Typically like tactical games, VNs, anime, manga, and finding cute characters on pinterest/pixiv. I work full time, and have an hour drive one way, but I don't really do anything special when it comes to time management. I simply spend time on whatever comes to mind and go with that. If that means that certain hobbies get less attention then so be it, not going to force myself to do a hobby more than what I feel like. Also, don't really feel like I'm sacrificing any hobbies this way, if they naturally fade out like that then they simply don't have a place in my life anymore.
  24. Stuff I want to be officially translated. Some of these are in the works, while others have potential to come over as part of the series has been translated. https://vndb.org/v232 - Brighter than Dawning Blue https://vndb.org/v18953 - Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshiden Miburo https://vndb.org/v57 - Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo https://vndb.org/v17388 - Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- https://vndb.org/v3 - Utawarerumono (the new remake version).... I really need this one like now xP
  25. I have not read that one yet, still fairly new to LNs in general. Added it to my wish list though ^^ And yeah, I'm quite the fan of isekai as well. I feel like even if the show isn't 'good' per se, I usually find most of them at least entertaining (except for Smartphone.... even the Ragnarok isekai that is airing now is better than that)
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