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  1. well i found out that i'm having a baby girl

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    2. WeepinnWillow
    3. Wedgy


      Congrats! I won't know for a while yet what I've got.

    4. Akito Wanijima

      Akito Wanijima

      i'm naming her melody dawn miner

  2. hey guys its almost my birthday i am so exited


  3. hey guys i don't know if you guys heard the news but i wanted to let you guys know i am pregant so we will have a new friend/family here


    1. Beocat



    2. AniMeFReaK


      Congratulations! We might have an Akito Jr. running around here after a while.xD

    3. Akito Wanijima

      Akito Wanijima



  4. hey guys i'm back for one year been a long time since i came on on my birthday

    1. Wedgy


      Welcome back!

  5. Akito Wanijima

    anime expo

    hey is anyone going to the anime expo in October if so anyone that i know want to meet me it's in salem
  6. Akito Wanijima

    What did you think of the live action Full Metal Alchemist movie?

    i haven't seen it what is it about
  7. I don't know maybe if he was handsome
  8. Thank you for the candy

  9. *gives you candies* Thanks for your follow. :) These candies are for you trick and treating. XD

  10. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  11. Akito Wanijima

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

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