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  1. That was my comment lol. I was joking around with my friend, who made the original song Since August 2017. My first song was released officially in September 2017.
  2. Yeah, I do a bit of coding. I use Visual Basic 6, JavaScript, C#, C++ and Lua. I'm honestly not that bad at VB6 and JavaScript, though everything else is pretty rusty. Most of the time I code programs designed solely to mess with my absurdly large collection of virtual machines, though i've done web browsers, media players and calculators as well.
  3. I tend to just make whatever I feel like making. I don't like the concept of being stuck in one genre. Also, call me Willow
  4. I have a few. We mostly talk about other things, although sometimes i'll rave about one i'm watching haha
  5. I try to seek out dubs because I want to pay attention to what's actually going on instead of reading text, but i'll go with subs if I have to. Personally I think the debate is pathetic...watch however the hell you want to watch. Its not like dubs grew opposable thumbs, shot you, then forced you to kneel before the all-powerful 4Kids overlords.
  6. Recently I picked up Company of Heroes 2 for PC and WWE 2K19 for my PS4. 2K19 is officially my favorite WWE game.
  7. Lets see... Atari 2600 (with the legendary ET game!) Sega Genesis PlayStation 1 Game Boy Advance PlayStation 2 Xbox Nintendo DS Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii PlayStation 4 Multiple PCs One MacBook
  8. Saints Row 2 is my favorite game period. Nothing comes close. Its a perfect blend of basically everything I enjoy and since its open world I can play for hours on end and never get bored.
  9. So i'm on the brink of finishing Ouran High School Host Club. There's one problem though: I don't want it to end. However, because I don't have super powers, nor am I God, and nor can I go over to Japan to convince them to make more episodes, i'm gonna have to settle for a show that's similar. So, do you guys have anything?
  10. Honestly anime keeps my attention longer. I only pick up the manga/light novels of stuff I really enjoyed (e.g. Durarara)
  11. Hey. I'm Willow. I watch anime and stuff. I also make this thing called music. My favorites are Durarara, One Punch Man and Powerpuff Girls Z, though i've been super into Kiba lately tbh
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