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  1. Yearly check on AF. If you know me, please answer.

  2. Teru

    Old real time chat

    I'll check it out for sure. I think I remember you but I'm not sure. I remember some people but I don't remember their names. The only name I remember is Optic's.
  3. Teru

    Old real time chat

    Having the chat was so great, the best of both worlds. You could use the forum and real time chat at the same time. And damn, you're like a guide, you helped me both here and on my profile.
  4. I remember this site having a chat at the end of the main page, back in 2016-2017, something like that. Does the chat still exists and I'm seeing it or it has been deleted?
  5. Lately I've been going through old forums I used to be a part of but everything is so semi-dead. Well, happy new year anyway.

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    2. Teru


      Hello there,

      It's nice seeing another person while I'm still online. In some of the places I went back to I got no answers, nothing. Do you know if some old people are still around, and if not, who's the new group of people?


      Ah, and another thing. Do you know if the chat is gone?

    3. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      Alright. So yeah there are still people around who have been active for quite some while (Ohiotaku, Xyro (think he changed his name), efaardvark, Keiko, Wedgy, XII360, Kohloo, Lelouch, Sanguine Tear shows up sometimes, and some others) (no particular order 😂).
      New people who are more active recently, well let's see, apart from myself, there is Envious Envy, Ryan, Nova, Seshi, The History Kid, IIVIsouljam and more recently TV-Crimes. I think if you re-introduce yourself you will get replies from those who are still active 😂

      And live chat, I asked about that but Optic said he doesn't want one until there are more active users.

    4. Teru


      Damn you Optic, it was so nice. Alright then, you helped a lot. I'll try to be more active from now on until I'm used to the place again. Thanks again.

  6. I was afk for a while and the site is very different now. I like this way, good job @Optic

  7. Welcome, it's a shame the forum is not that active anymore.
  8. I'm feeling like: Where's all the users here? What happened? It was so lively a few months ago.
  9. ° Say no more. I'm gonna say you probably already read the Monogatari Series light novels, if not, those are a good read. ° I read the 9th volume of Kekkai Sensen a few days ago (but to read this one you'll have to buy because there's only 3 chapters online) ° I was going to recommend Gantz but I saw it has been done already, so try Inuyashiki, same author, phenomenal. ° Last but not least, I am a Hero.
  10. I finished Drifters a few days ago, now I'm gonna start Tsurezure Children, let's hope this one doesn't suck.
  11. @Optic Alright, I just watched the episodes I needed to watch and I'm not that sad about it. The two episodes were good and that girl, Megane, finally doing something useful.
  12. I'm being a lurker, that's no good. I still need to watch 4~5 episodes of Re:Creators even though I was the one defending it. Gotta catch up

    1. Viper


      I am 6 episodes behind as well so I know how you feel

    2. Teru


      Yeah and it's not only with Re-Creators but with a lot of other animes from LAST season, but hey, I already watched Boku no hero academia and Sagrada Reset, just a few more to go.

  13. I got episode 16 now but I'm going to sleep (03:28 here right now) and I agree with the ecchi guy. I don't know about that dating sim character as well, she just seem fanservice as of now but we'll see. And oh, finally we'll see the beard/gun guy doing something, hurray.
  14. Ok I know I'm a little late but I watched episode 15, sadly I'm giving up slowly on the show, still have hopes but they're fading away.
  15. For me still the same thing when I was younger, I still like to see them fighting and using the same cheesy stuff. I'm 40 episodes behind if I'm not mistaken but I'll watch all of them sometime in the future, I just need patience.
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