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  1. Been playing alot of different games from XBOX game pass
  2. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a great time here
  3. this song is a work of art, really gives 50s and 60s vibes
  4. Welcome William to AF! Hope you have a great time here!
  5. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a great time here
  6. Trying to find a place to stay in Edinburgh for 3 days in September on a tight budget is very difficult. 

  7. Nearly started renting a house with my gf but the other guy we were gonna rent with pulled out so we cant afford it anymore. Plus I didn't get a job because I was male so feeling pretty rough, just dreaming for a future of being able to travel
  8. I know it's not my place to comment but I do see both sides of the conversations in way. The loosing of your musical equipment is definitely gutting. And Tobi your messages have been coming across pretty passive aggressive. From personal experience I understand feeling so attached to your instruments and from what I know of you D, you do love your music. From what I get on the string situation as both you know they are meant to be changed regular enough (every couple of months) but I do agree with D on the point it does depend on how much you play it. My dad's old electric guitar has some pretty serious rusting from years of not being played or well kept, and it would cost a pretty penny to fix. On the matter of strings though, here in Ireland a "cheap" pair of strings is at least 15 euro which is like 16 dollars. Having them break or get old is a serious dampener on the wallet and heart. Either way there's no room in this community for passive aggressiveness from either party, we're a community here to discuss our common interests and make friends, not enemies. Nobody can judge each other and nobody knows each other's situations. D if music is your passion keep rocking and I wish you the best and hope your family is alright.
  9. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a great time here!
  10. got a call back for a job in a pizza place at last I finally thought I might have a job, they asked for me to bring my girlfriend with me because she's also looking for work (but never applied inside the pizza place), we got there and I basically got told they were only looking for female staff because they look better on the till so they had work for my girlfriend but not me. Pretty sure that's illegal here but okay.

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    2. Wodahs


      the hiring females only doesnt give me bad vibes
      but the way they instigated it in this situation to me is raising a lot of flags

      firstly they let you apply ~ if they only want females why let you apply
      then ring you in to get to a person who hasnt applied ~what arnt they getting enough females apply
      or is the trun over of staff high for some reason , but at the same time its like they are relying on the fact your there she gets job so wont leave due to not wanting to seem bad for you

    3. Metro


      Turn over in staff is high in places like that, and over here we have a law saying it's illegal to hire someone based of gender so I could technically report all the places 🤣

    4. Wodahs


      do these places employ any males ? as long as they are hiring males they can hire females for certain jobs
      it can be hard to prove they are being gender bias or discriminating in some circumstances
      we also have laws like this but a male still couldnt get a job at a womans only gym and other such places

  11. Started playing Resident Evil 7, Replaying Witcher 3 (AGAIN!?!?) and some casual fifa
  12. Welcome to AF! I was around the same age when I joined and made plenty of friends and created fond memories! Hope you have a great time here! (also Death Note is definitely a top 10 anime)
  13. I've put my CV into 12 places that have been "urgently looking for staff" 0 of them got back to me but continue to post about needing staff....

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    2. Animedragon


      That's really odd then. So many cafes and restaurants got rid of their staff during the lockdowns that you'd think they'd be eager to employ people who answer their adverts.


    3. MediaConsumesMe


      Sometimes the opposite can be true, not sure your age or experience but often especially with temporary summer work they are looking for young people. Who they can pay a much lower 'minimum' wage and who they will finish by the end of the season. If your older you'd get a higher minimum wage, or might be over qualified for the position. 

    4. Metro


      that's the annoying part tbh, in Ireland, being 19 means they can still pay me just under the minimum wage, and as I'm only going into my second year of my degree I have no qualifications in anything other then coaching stuff so I really don't understand why absolutely nowhere as contacted back. suppose I'll just have to throw it into everywhere else and hope I have something by the start of July

  14. Welcome Koyamaki! Hope you have a great time here!
  15. I was at an amazing concert yesterday and even got the singers guitar pick!, going to another concert tomorrow so pretty happy
  16. Welcome Sunshine to AF!
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