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  1. I've honestly been debating avoiding the series, I'm unsure on how well they could portray Wednesday plus the trailers seemed to make it a little to riverdale/sabrina vibe and though they were good the later series just went eek. As for myself, I've been watching a load of Friends, I need to finally finish The Walking Dead and also the beautiful show of Outlander!
  2. Actually not to bad today, a bit cold but at least it's dry! sick of the constant rain over the last few weeks.
  3. Hiya, sorry to be jumping late but welcome to AF Bekjam! Hope you have a great time here!
  4. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a great time here!
  5. "Oh My god Who cares If the lift is broke, take the stairs I've got shoes And you've got feet If they fit then we'll dance in the street" - Coin: Take The Stairs
  6. I used to play a good bit of OW back in the day and I come back to it now and again, last time I gave it a go was when the OW 2 beta was on the go. And congrats on your engagement! Personally I've recently picked up NBA 2K23, It was on sale and I had been craving some basketball. I've been dying to play a bit of phasmo as well but my usual group haven't been around, and with seeing all this minecraft content I've been considering going back and playing minecraft!
  7. Honestly the "sales" worldwide just made things as cheap as they were when people could barely afford them in the first place. Ireland quickly became one of Europe's most expensive country and nobody can afford anything.
  8. I love your PFP 😍 Arcane is honestly my favourite show and it completely changed my world! 

    1. KaiyaSaysHaiya


      ahh, tysm <33

      I'm only on episode 2 but so far so good! The series definitely deserves more attention than it gets

  9. Metro

    Hi guys!

    Welcome to AF! Hope you have a great time here!
  10. Welcome to AF! Hope you have a wonderful time here!
  11. Hi! Our travel plans have yet to be fully sorted as the process usually takes place later in the year to facilitate the large number of people taking part of this challenge and fundraising effort, all of us are set the same fundraising goal and our main focus at the moment is making sure we reach that goal to help MRF!
  12. Thank you so much for the support and donation, I really appreciate it! I'll make sure to keep this blog updated with progress and in the end will hopefully have an amazing video of the final journey to share here and with everyone else!
  13. Please check out my blog post and if that's to much reading please consider checking out my JustGiving page for the Meningitis research foundation charity, Thank you! ❤️


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    2. Metro


      That's completely understandable!, even just sharing the link and spreading the awareness is amazing help to the cause! :D

    3. Otaku Gamer

      Otaku Gamer

      Oh ok. I could still c&p the link on my facebook. I've got friends that have incomes I'm always jealous of. lol

    4. Otaku Gamer

      Otaku Gamer

      Posted on facebook, but I don't have an overabundance of friends so it might be hit or miss. I tried though. ^^

  14. Hey everyone! I was debating whether or not to make this post here as it's a big window into my personal life, but as I soon realised this journey takes a leap of faith into the hands of people who I know very little about other then our shared interest in anime, as a long time member of this community I want to reach out and open this up to everyone to support as it is a global problem, I completely understand that in this current day and age money is short, but even to support and spread the word to as many people as you can then it will hopefully really boost this fundraising and help this amazing charity reach their goal, Thank you The AF family "I'll be trekking to the summit of Kilimanjaro for charity on the 22nd of August 2023! The charity I am doing this with is the Meningitis Research Foundation aka the MRF. MRF's goal is to work alongside WHO to defeat Meningitis by 2030! Meningitis still affects more than 5 million people per year and is one of the leading causes of death in children under 5. It is also young adults who have a high risk of Meningitis. That's why I need your help, by donating/supporting this cause you are helping MRF reach its goal while also helping spread awareness through the Kilimanjaro trek. I would greatly appreciate any support whether that's a donation of any amount or spreading the word around with this link! All it takes is the kindness of 500 strangers to make a donation of 10 euros to reach our goal but any little bit helps a lot, and please spread the word! Thank you so much! Ross" https://www.justgiving.com/page/rosskili-2023-mrf
  15. Death Note was for sure my first big one that I binged. after that it was Haiykuu
  16. I had plans to get my family & friends presents this year but due to a huge opportunity to not only have an experience of a lifetime but also raise a lot of money for charity, me and my partner have decided to do a no spend year and focus all our time and effort (and money) on this and all I could ever hope for is donations to the charity and help reach the goal of 5k I need to have reached by Summer 2023!
  17. World of Warcraft is definitely a top tier classic, ESO is pretty fun if you like the Elder Scrolls franchise, Runescape is great if you need something to just pick up and play randomly, Star Wars the Old Republic is probably my go to favourite.
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