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  1. I create a folder for each year, and create sub-folders for each subject and keep each years documents in the relevant sub-folder.
  2. Animedragon


    I did some really weird things when I was younger, fortunately there was no Internet or things like on-line games, so no one will ever know. (and don't bother asking, I'm not telling!! )
  3. Animedragon comes from the fact that I like anime and I like dragons, so it sort of fitted. Actually, quite a few of my on-line names have 'dragon' in them somewhere .
  4. I'm definitely a dog person. Almost as for as I can remember we always had a dog in our house, and he. or she, was part of the family and came on holiday with us, putting the dog in kennels and going away never seemed right because part of our family was missing. We all cried buckets when each of our dogs died. How punctual are you. Are you always on time for meetings, or are you the one who is always early or late?
  5. Now that has to be one of the most ingenious, and bizarre, things I've heard of.
  6. The term "Platform" has various meanings. I use Firefox running on my PC to stream anime over the Internet. Other people may use cable TV. My favourite site is Crunchyroll who have a large catalogue of series and their website makes it easy to look through it. I also use HiDive who also have some good series, but their website is not so easy to navigate so it can be tricky to look through their catalogue.
  7. Animedragon


    Of course it couldn't be you. We believe you,.... we really do.
  8. Yes, I think "pottering about" is the UK version and "piddling about" is the US version. The restored shelf unit looks really nice, you've done a great job on that. Looking at the style of it I can imagine what it originally looked like, I've seen things like that in National Trust properties.
  9. I did my usual Tuesday stuff, shopping and generally pottering about.
  10. I would agree that it's probably better to get someone who knows how to safely handle sloths rather than risk injury by doing it yourself. Something else I found out about sloths is that they harbour a bacteria which is extremely toxic to humans. It would appear that sloths are animals that are best left alone.
  11. A very nice sig. It's got a lot of dynamic impact. The new avatar is good too, I like the change of expression.
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