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  1. Making people feel lost is the whole purpose of the alien porpoises.
  2. My week started that way. Then I got an e-mail asking me to produce a programme for an event at my church, now I have just two weeks to create a 12 page programme, from supplied text and photos, and get it approved and sent to the printers.
  3. It's bright and sunny, rain is forecast for most of the rest of the week. But not on the same scale as you're warned about.
  4. Porpoises of course. After all the crew of every space ship needs a porpoise in their mission.
  5. That's so often me. Especially on a cold, dark winter morning.
  6. The dolphins left the Earth by their own means a few minutes before it was destroyed by the Vogon Constructor Fleet.
  7. I've just finished rewatching Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions it's a bit of a crazy series, but good fun to watch. The first series has a slightly more serious storyline than the second but both series and the movie are enjoyable.
  8. I'm always impressed with people who can write beautifully, my handwriting is so bad sometimes even I can't read it!
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