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  1. I'm both. I'm quite an organised person, but my house is a bit messy because I'm really bad at tidying up. Do you have a website or YouTube channel?
  2. I don't even have AC, it's not a common feature in UK homes. Apparently less than 5% of UK homes have it. It's now 9:30pm and the sun is only just setting and it's still 28C (83F) indoors. I don't think I'll get much sleep tonight.
  3. The weather here has suddenly turned HOT. Last night at 2am it was 23C (73F) so I didn't get much sleep. It's now 5:30pm and it's 29C (84F)
  4. Here in the UK our election was announced on the 22nd May and will be held on the 4th July, so the parties only get about 6 weeks to do their campaigning. So it's all over very quickly.
  5. Back when I started watching anime dubs were generally all that was available. When I replaced many of my VHS tapes with DVDs, which came with both dub and sub, I started rewatching series subbed and discovered the original names of the characters which got me to wondering if the various distributors thought that non-Japanese people couldn't cope with Japanese names.
  6. I really like visiting museums. especially if they've got things like trains, planes, cars and military vehicles. So, on a similar note. Do you like visiting historic places like castles and ancient monuments?
  7. Most of the promises in election manifestos.
  8. Stay in and watch movies. Would you rather walk along a forest trail or walk along the sea shore?
  9. I was going to post a political joke. Then I remembered that they are often the ones that get elected.
  10. Very interesting. So that explains why Sakura's sister couldn't hear her rats giggling.
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