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  1. I've just finished rewatching Higehiro. This is an excellent, and serious, story of a 17 year old girl who witnessed a tragic event at school that has a devastating effect on her and when she receives no support from mother, who is more concerned about the family's good name than the wellbeing of her daughter, she runs away from home. Eventually she ends up staying with a 26 year old man and as a result of the support she receives from him and a girl her own age that she meets while working at convenience store she realises that she can't keep running for ever and slowly gains the courage to return home and face the situation she ran away from.
  2. It's bright and sunny, but the temp is only 9C
  3. ERROR! Wrong Topic Error in Page 70. This is a word game topic, not an advertising topic.
  4. I've now finished rewatching Insomniacs After School When I watched this for the first time I thought it was an excellent series, I found it even better second time round. The artwork and animation are really good quality, it has a brilliant storyline and good background music.
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