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  1. From those options I'll go for the car/bus. (but I'd rather take a train ) Plain (dark) chocolate or Milk chocolate?
  2. For me what defines an anime and separates it from being a cartoon is the quality of the background artwork along with characters that are well designed, drawn and animated to look and act like real people. Yes, I know real people don't have really large eyes, but that's part of the anime visual style and it's often the detail in the eyes which bring a character to life. For me the other aspect that separates anime from cartoons is the storylines, anime always seems to me to have more serious and thoughtful stories that cartoons. Someone once said that cartoons are story driven and the story dictates how the characters act, while anime is more character driven and the actions of the characters directs the flow of the story.
  3. That's a really beautiful painting. I can see why you're so proud of it.
  4. Wholesome anime, hmm here's a few suggestions to be getting on with: A Place Further Than The Universe. Yuru Camp. Insomniacs After School. Clannad & Clannad After Story. Someday's Dreamers. Hyouka. Other forum members will no doubt be along later with some more suggestions. I may, or may not, be back with a few more.
  5. I've now finished watching Anonymous Noise, not a bad series, but not a particularly good one either. It's another of those high school Slice of Life series about a group of students who are in a band, and I've seen better examples of this scenario. The artwork and animation are a decent quality, but the storyline ah, yes, the storyline. The main character is a girl who likes singing and wearing a surgical mask, but not usually at the same time, she's trying to find her childhood friend who moved away suddenly without any notice or warning. Later on she meets another guy so a sort of love triangle develops between the two guys and the girl, but it's a bit of a messed up triangle because none of them are honest with themselves of each other about expressing their feelings. While the storyline does a good job of exploring the complex relationships between the main cast ultimately it goes nowhere and the series ends back where it started with no real resolution.
  6. Absolutely, I especially like the ending of Laputa Castle in the Sky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdpEnkcT7Io
  7. The Sun has just woken up and made its appearance so there's still a bit of the night time chill in the air, but the weather looks promising for the day.
  8. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a great time celebrating. Oh, and you're correct, 37 is not old.
  9. Thanks for your kind compliments.
  10. Two professors were sitting chatting on a veranda overlooking the sea, watching the sun set.The history professor asked the psychology professor, "Have you read Marx?" To which the professor of psychology replied, "Yes, and I think it's these pesky wicker chairs."
  11. My latest acquisition is a box of jubilee clips, perhaps not the most exciting acquisition, but a very useful one to enable me to repair the rose arch in the garden which suffered rather badly in the storms earlier in the year.
  12. In a similar vein. Here's one of my more weird Photoshop creations.
  13. Anime. Watch the Sunrise or the Sunset?
  14. I've got hordes of fonts on my main computer as well. During the last couple of years at work there were often times when there was little or no work to do, it was a very customer driven job, and having free unrestricted Internet access I used to trawl the free font sites to see what I could find. Some of the fonts I downloaded I've only used once, and there's probably a few that I've never used because they didn't look as good in actual use as I thought they would.
  15. I've now finished watching The Aquatope on White Sand. This is a slice of life series about a couple of high school girls who work in an aquarium. The series is really split into two parts. In the first part the two girls are working part time trying to save a small, slowly failing, aquarium during their school summer holidays. In the second part they have graduated and are now working full time at a much larger new aquarium. As with most SoL series the story revolves around the lives of the main characters and their friends and work colleagues, the love that they have for the sea and the creatures that inhabit it comes over very well. The artwork and animation quality is very good and the various aquatic creatures are beautifully drawn. I enjoyed watching this series and will definitely add it to my rewatch list.
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