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  1. It's bright and sunny today with a gentle breeze, but it can feel a bit chilly in the shade.
  2. When happens when a clock is hungry? It goes back four seconds.
  3. What I find also disgusting is that the guy made money out of the poor chicken by touring and displaying it at sideshows.
  4. No No if it snows 24/7 the whole of the UK will come to a standstill, our roads, railways and airports can't cope with snow. Besides which I really don't like cold weather. The UK has crazy weather. We have a saying; "Other countries have climate, we have weather".
  5. I've heard about the headless chicken before and I agree, it's one of the most horrifying things I've heard. It was quite famous and its owner toured the US with it, he fed it with it a dropper. The poor chicken died in 1947.
  6. I wouldn't fair at all well in somewhere where the temperature was normally above 35C.
  7. Now I think back on it, your Gran was right it was 38/39C and there was a "don't go out unless you absolutely have too" warning issued.
  8. I hope all goes well and you pass your exams.
  9. I've just finished rewatching Just Because. This is a nice little slice of life series. The story follows the relationships and interactions of a group of high school friends in their final term of school as they prepare to move on to the next stage of their lives. It's got an interesting and engaging story and excellent artwork and animation.
  10. In the UK he probably would have done, the gun most likely would have been seized and destroyed. And thereby hangs the problem, some people can be incredibly convincing liars and have no respect for the law and as you say a piece of paper isn't going to stop them doing something. Breaking a restraining order is contempt of court, a serious offence which carries a range of stiff penalties. But the person breaking the order has to be caught doing so first, by which time it could be too late for the victim.
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