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  1. In the UK he probably would have done, the gun most likely would have been seized and destroyed. And thereby hangs the problem, some people can be incredibly convincing liars and have no respect for the law and as you say a piece of paper isn't going to stop them doing something. Breaking a restraining order is contempt of court, a serious offence which carries a range of stiff penalties. But the person breaking the order has to be caught doing so first, by which time it could be too late for the victim.
  2. Being stalked and having someone turn up at you house with a gun must have been a frightening experience. In the UK a restraining order is a court order that can only be issued in combination with criminal proceedings. So to get one you need to report the individual to the police and take them to court. It will only be when the judge believes there is a reasonable chance that the victim will continue to be harassed that a restraining order will be granted.
  3. I know that situation, I've got a few model kits in my loft that I bought years ago but never found the time to build. We definitely need one of those emojis.
  4. A couple of years ago the temp in London went over 33c about 89f, I had plans for that day but cancelled them all and stayed indoors. It was so hot that I didn't even want to go out onto to the doorstep.
  5. I've seen reports in the papers and TV news about a murder where it turns out that the victim had approached the police and they'd done nothing. Then they interview a senior police officer who gives their apologies and says they'll learn from the incident, but they never seem to as it happens again.
  6. I know what you mean. I much prefer warm weather too cold weather and I'm OK up to about 25c (77f) but once it goes over 29c (85f) I'm done for. I hope it cools down for you and you'll soon feel better.
  7. And when it's too late and someone gets killed there's a big enquiry where it's discovered the the police and/or social services missed important clues about the real situation. The problem is that abusers are often very good at presenting an "everything is fine" picture to any visitors.
  8. Oh dear, I hope she recovers. I'm probably unique and some of my friends think I'm weird, does that count?
  9. To my mind cheese is a horribly disgusting substance that has no right to exist, I can't stand the smell of the stuff. !!!
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