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  1. A nice cup of tea. The first cup of the day is always the best one.
  2. Excellent! It's always nice when you learn a new technique with graphics package.
  3. It's Dull, Damp and Dreary. Looks like a Good Day to stay indoors and do Indoor Things.
  4. BR class 7 locomotive no.70000 Britannia approaching Herne Hill station with a mainline rail tour. Britannia at London Victoria station after arriving with the rail tour.
  5. Congratulations to India on successfully landing their craft near the south pole of the Moon. It'll be interesting to see what pictures and data it's rover vehicle sends back.
  6. I don't have any ideas about which series it is, but I don't think it's Maison Ikoku because the main female character has just lost her husband and is not interested in starting up a new relationship.
  7. While I still re-watch series my re-watching has decreased recently, mainly due to having both Crunchyroll and Hidive subscriptions and finding there's so much new stuff that I want to watch on both platforms and some of those series are marked down to be re-watched! . I do a lot of re-watching when I'm on holiday because my Internet access is severely limited, my Pay-As-You-Go broadband dongle thingy for the laptop works OK for e-mail and basic web access but struggles a bit on anything else, so I take a stock of DVDs away with me.
  8. That's hot! It's only 26C (79F) here and even that feels very hot to me.
  9. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  10. Is there such a thing as too much anime merch?
  11. An excellent series. I've watched it several times, there's a lot of things I've never quite understood about the story, but then I decided that there probably weren't any answers. Ive reached the halfway point in The Aquatope on White Sand. Episodes 11 and 12 were particularly good, but I really wasn't expecting the ending of episode 12. However, thinking about it it was a very believable ending and probably the only one that would make sense.
  12. I agree. Hotels and such like just don't have single rooms, or if they do they cost more than a double. I'm single because no one wanted me, but I'm quite happy with that and sometimes I think I'm better off single. Sadly only one of my friends is into anime, and he lives a long way away, so we don't get together too often to watch anime. My grandmother was the driving force behind our family gatherings, she was a bit of a matriarch, and whatever grandma said everyone did, or else! I go out to Sunday lunch once a month with friends from my church, nearly all of us are single for various reasons but we all have a great time. Without that I could easily become a sort of recluse. As a single person being a railway enthusiast and photographer are great hobbies as they can easily be done on your own.
  13. When people get married they seem to develop this idea that everyone who is single and lives alone is automatically a lonely person. This may be true for some singles, but it's not true of all single people. The thing that most annoys me is that when I thank them for their kind invite and politely decline they want to know why, I don't understand why they won't accept a 'no thank you' and leave it at that. Fortunately none of my friends make sexist or racist comments or nasty comments about people's lifestyle choices. What I do find is that two or three will start discussing football or cricket in great detail and as I have no interest in either I, along with everyone else, get very bored very quickly we do try to talk among ourselves about something else, but it it doesn't always work. Then there's games, some people think that we must play games, and everyone must join in, no one is allowed to sit out. I'm not really a fan of games especially Trivial Pursuit type games.
  14. Welcome aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home.
  15. I use elevators, or lifts as we call them in the UK , whenever they are offered as an alternative to climbing stairs especially long flights of stairs! At railway stations using the lift can be safer than going up the stairs as there's always the risk of being knocked over by someone coming down in a great rush so as not to miss their train. People who press the buttons repeatedly are usually stressed out or impatient, or both. I never try to squeeze into a crowed lift, I'll wait for another one. One of the buildings I worked in had weird lifts, there were no buttons inside the lift car, there was a panel on the lift landing and you entered the number of the floor you wanted and then waited for a lift with your number on it to arrive. Sometimes it was a bit noisy and it was hard to hear the announcement of which lift was yours. My local hospital had a Paternoster Lift which scared the daylights out of me so I never used it when I visited. For those who don't know what a Paternoster lift is, it's a continuous belt of lift cars that never stops moving, there's no doors so you jump into the lift as it passes your floor and jump out again when you reach the floor you want. Timing your jump is everything. When the lift car boxes reach the top, or bottom floor they go over a loop and carry on in the opposite direction. It's apparently perfectly safe to stay on and go over the loop but it's discouraged. The thing is still in the hospital but it's sealed off as Paternoster lifts were deemed too dangerous.
  16. The weather didn't look too great when I woke up this morning, but it's improved over the past couple of hours and is now bright, sunny and reasonably warm.
  17. I'm currently watching The Aquatope on White Sand, and enjoying it. The series follows the exploits of two 18 year old high school girls as they seek to save the town's aquarium with the help of their friends. So far I've only seen the first six episodes and find that the series has nice artwork and animation and a good cast of characters, it also has nice background music. Overall I think the style and pacing of the story gives off a vibe very similar to Yuru Camp, which can't be a bad thing.
  18. I agree about the grocery shopping. I make a list of what I want and go to the local supermarket with the aim of getting everything on the list a s quickly as possible. It seriously annoys me when the move things to a different part of the shop! Ah, holidays, now there's the thing. We used to have big family get togethers at Christmas, but now I have hardly any family left and those are too far away. But my friends have this idea that single people who live on their own shouldn't be on their own at Christmas. OK, some singles like to receive invites for Christmas Day, I'm one of those who don't. My friends mean well, and it's nice to know that they're thinking of me, but spending time with someone else's family at Christmas just reminds me of what I've lost.
  19. Here's a little montage of a blackbird on the birdbath in my back garden.
  20. While I do take a few photos of animals and plants my main subjects are railways, museums, historic buildings and monuments.
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