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  1. Ouch!! That's painful, Been There Done That! It's just SO easy to make mistakes like that when you get distracted. Glad you didn't do yourself a serious injury.
  2. You burnt your hands! That doesn't sound good, how did you manage that? I hope they weren't badly burnt.
  3. As someone who joined after you left it seems a bit strange to say Welcome Back, but I think it's good when members return after a leave of absence and I 'm glad to hear you are now in a better place than you were. Take care and continue to look after yourself.
  4. Welcome back aboard. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing, and make yourself at home again.
  5. I've now finished rewatching Hyouka. This is a really good series about Eru Chitandra, a girl with an insatiable curiosity and seemingly boundless energy and Houtarou Oreki, the guy she harasses to solve the mysteries for her who would rather live a quiet peaceful life. But once Eru utters the phrase "I'm Curious" no one is getting any peace until she has the answers! The artwork and animation is excellent and the storyline is well paced with the various mysteries well constructed. The characters are also well developed and the interaction between them is very good and provides quite a bit of subtle humour.
  6. This evening I saw a post on Facebook that said series 3 will start in April. I hope that's accurate and not someone's wishful thinking.
  7. I don't think it would have fallen down on anyone, but it wasn't really fit for any sort of use.
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