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  1. Sleeping on the couch on a plate of tacos doesn't sound very comfortable.
  2. Welcome aboard the Forum. Pull up a cushion, or a chair if sitting on the floor isn't your thing and make yourself at home.
  3. I've bought myself a new monopod. Monopods are a lot lighter and easier to carry about than a tripod but still provide a stable support for a video camera, and when filming at railway stations they don't attract the attention of the platform staff who tend to complain about tripods causing an obstruction. Personally, I think that suitcases, cycles and pushchairs are a bigger obstruction, but the platform staff don't see them like that.
  4. Good News, I think. Not that I'll be able to watch any of it as I don't have a Disney+ account.
  5. Sounds like she's a bad conductor, so she probably shouldn't get a job on the buses, or trains.
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