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  1. Looks like you're in serious trouble @Zeref, so I gift you a bottle of weasel repellent.
  2. I don't know how it is in the US, but here in the UK we have contactless payment so you don't need to know the pin to use a debit or credit card. I can pay for anything up to £100 just by tapping my card on the reader. The maximum used to be £50 but during the pandemic people became totally paranoid about touching something that someone else had touched so the contactless limit was raised because £50 wouldn't buy much food for a family's weekly shop and shop wouldn't take cash. According to the police the vast majority of phone theft is by organised gangs. The snatcher hands the phone on to their handler and gets a sort of commission (which is usually spent on drugs), the gang bosses have the equipment needed to unlock and wipe the phones so they can be resold. With the latest model iPhones costing anything up to £1000 it's a lucrative trade.
  3. It's bright and sunny, but with a chilly wind blowing.
  4. It's a well known occurrence here in the UK, the snatcher approaches the victim and asks a simple question and while doing so they cover the phone with a newspaper or something similar, they then put their other hand under the paper and grab the phone and say something like 'sorry to have bothered you' and walk away. A few moments later the victim realises their phone has gone. People know this happens but they still place their phones on the table in front of them.
  5. Quite correct. I gift you a plane ticket to anywhere in the world.
  6. I return the cart to the cart stall. All the carts are chained up and you have to put a £1 coin in the slot to release the cart, when you return it you chain it up again and get your £1 coin back. Do you buy books or borrow them from the public library?
  7. I always have my phone with me as well just in case I need to contact someone or need help. But I'm always careful where I use it, only this morning there was a report on our local web forum that a lady had put her phone down on the table in a cafe, in the short space a time she was looking at the menu her phone was taken. I see a lot of people walking along with their eyes on the screen not on where they're going, and I've seen a few take a tumble as a result.
  8. I like the ones that go over my ears, I find the in-ear types too uncomfortable. What do you think of electric cars, are they as good for the environment as a whole as the manufacturers claim?
  9. I gift you a media player pre-loaded with every anime you could ever want to watch.
  10. Blueberry cheesecake I've heard of, but it's not one that I've tried and isn't a flavour available in my local supermarket. I must admit that I've never heard of a white chocolate turtle, or knew that they come in cheesecakes. The last thing I ate was my usual breakfast of three Weetabix with milk.
  11. Sometimes I think some people have had their phones surgically grafted onto one of their hands, they're almost never seen without their phone. Others have to have their phone in front of them at all times and when they visit a cafe or restaurant they put the phone on the table and fall victim to a distraction theft. I have a mobile phone, and my friends often get annoyed with me because I don't have it switched on. I take the, perhaps anti-social, view that I have a phone for my convenience not so that people can contact me whenever they feel like it. (My mobile number is given out strictly on a need-to-know basis. )
  12. I gift you the services of a good lawyer, you're going to need them when the animal protection people prosecute you for abuse of snapping turtles.
  13. I thought tons of kids were already making weird faces at their phones, and posting them on Instagram.* Taking tongue prints would be weird, the only time the British police want to see your tongue is when they do a drug wipe. * this is second hand info gleaned from social media, I don't have an Instagram account to verify it
  14. Which is you favourite? My local supermarket has three flavours of cheesecake; Lemon, strawberry and chocolate. The lemon one is my favourite, the strawberry is nice, but the chocolate one is just far too sickly sweet for my taste.
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