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    Just noticed that I joined this forum a year ago. Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Glad I found this place
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    "As a clown, he was always so overjoyed to see their little faces light up! ....After all, it took a lot of children's faces to make a decent lamp-shade."
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    Well, I'll start things off with a little mini Toga. Only really just starting to learn how to do pixel art really, so I thought it was an ample excuse to make something :3 although go easy on me ;-; (One big one and one small one)
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    Yo, I'm awesomedude20, as you can clearly read next to this post. I'm your anime curator! Technically! Waiting on the Anime tab to get some work done. AAAANYWAYS, being the anime curator, naturally, I know anime stuff. Feel free to ask for recs, I kinda live for that sorta thing, though entirely expect to get Senki Zesshou Symphogear, like you shouldn't even be surprised. But yeah, hope to meet folks around the forum and whatnot!
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    spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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    Hello everyone, I'll bet most of you have noticed me greeting our new members with a welcome banner from time to time. I really enjoy this and I'd like to add some banners to my greeting repertoire So, for the purpose of seeking new, beautiful welcome banners, I've created this contest. Rules: Submit up to 2 anime themed banners If one submission by a single artist wins, they win overall. It only takes 1 winning submission to qualify you as a contest winner. Max Dimensions 500x200px 2 Possible Contest Winners Deadline for submissions 10 August, 2019 Prizes: +150 Points for entering First Place 1,500 Points Second Place 1,000 Points Guaranteed use of your GFX in an official capacity for A-F! By entering this contest you relinquish your rights to the GFX submitted over to A-F Staff for the purpose of website advertisement and welcoming new members.
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    sigh Google really dose want to own the world. I mean I like google services a lot, but they really should not be getting into gaming this way.
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    I'm currently working on making a webtoon. So here's one of the panels. The main character waking up getting out of bed.
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    What's up everyone, Mango here. I kinda suck at intros but here goes...I would say i'm just another newcomer looking for a place to call home, make friends, discuss anime/manga and anything and everything related to otaku culture. Looking forward to my time on here
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    Looking for new member to continue our RP The Harmony of our Hearts We have some interesting members thus far, but are still lacking a few characters to help drive the plot forward. Come and join us if you’re interested in a high school romance tragedy interactive story. You may create your own character or take the leading roll of “love triangle interest” that has yet to be filled. This particular profile for this character has already been filled out, so you’d have to be willing to assume that roll. Otherwise, create any character to your liking to interact with us in our ongoing story. You must have at least 100 post count to participate. Thank you
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    Maybe 3. It'd disappear up its own rear end, be made almost entirely of plastic, and would be the epitome of irony. Also, you wouldn't be allowed in because it'd be walled off from the rest of the world.
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    Old Disney movies! The Fox and the Hound, Homeward Bound (I even bought the VHS tape to watch recently) and today I’m going to see the new Lion King Stand by me is also another one that is nostalgic for me for the reasons you’ve listed, along with The Sandlot - I used to play a lot of sandlot baseball as a kid, so the memories are great. I’d recommend watching the movie “The Mid 90s” for all the 90s skaters out there. It was a good time to be a hoodlum
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    TFW you misread the striked-out letters and thought it said You haven't peed in a while
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    I started a blog, I'll be talking about anime and nonsense if you're interested followed. My horrifying face revealed!
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    I am currently working on story for a webtoon / motion comic / animated series ( I still don't know what the end product will be) And here's the synopsis: I intend to post updates here if that's okay. And here's the character design for the main character (face only):
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    @Humbby dat crouch tho i can lewd this cough anywho' gratz everyone~!
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    I decided to share a haiku that I wrote to break the ice: I love to cuddle With my Lilly whose warmth shines No, winter won’t come
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    I really like how some things look in black and white. Here are some alien looking trees.
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    I identify as the sun. Ever since I was a young girl I dreamed of slamming hydrogen isotopes into each other to make helium and light and send it throughout the galaxy. People say to me that a person being a star is impossible and I'm being ridiculous but I don't care. I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon inflate me with hydrogen and raise my temperature to over 6000 degrees C. From now on I want everyone to call me "Sol" and respect my right to give you vitamin D and probably sunburns. If you can't accept me you're a fusionphobe and need to check your astral priviledge. Thank you for being so understanding.
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    You found the right place, welcome. I hope we become well acquainted in time.
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    Greetings. Perhaps we may be well acquainted later; perhaps we have a few similar interests. Welcome.
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    Hi there! So what kind of anime do you enjoy?
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    Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here. Love your avi, by the way: looks like the Apple logo, then when you look closer you can see Ryuk’s profile. Of the series you mentioned, Cowboy Bebop & Fullmetal Alchemist are shorter, so you can finish them quicker. Cowboy Bebop is one of my all time faves. Fullmetal Alchemist has 2 versions that have some similar scenes, but wind up being very different stories. I personally prefer Brotherhood, but some people like the original better. Each version has a separate movie as well. It looks like you’ve watched mostly shonen titles. A couple of the most popular right now are My Hero Academia, Dr. Stone & Kimetsu no Yaiba. Some others I enjoyed are Ushio & Tora and Buso Renkin. For something similar to Death Note, try to find Monster somewhere for it’s battle of wits (The Promised Neverland will probably work too). For series with scheming/manipulative MCs there’s Code Geass, Overlord & Saga of Tanya the Evil. Anyway, hope you stick around
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    Either short or long-term, I always find myself working toward the next benchmark in life. Often it can be as simple as getting a room organised or completing a writing project. And sometimes it's as big as paying off a debt, making a big purchase, or moving up the ladder career-wise. Have you got any ongoing goals? Let's talk about them.
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    Hi guys hope everyone is doing well, big fan of anime so looking forward to meeting and getting to know new people with a similar interest, this is the first forum I've joined so excited to hear new ideas and opinion's from like minded individual's who share the same passion I have for anime
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    With a month or less left in the season, my top picks: 1. Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) pretty much a lock on my AOTS and top contender for AOTY. Currently rating 8.5/10, but could easily be a 9 by the end. 2. Fruits Basket (2019) the 2 part episode focusing on Uo and Tohru’s mom has been the high point for me so far, but consistently delivers an emotional impact. Plus Shigure never fails to entertain. Currently rating 8/10. Could gain some if we get some more insight into Kyo’s secrets before the end. 3. Nakanohito Genome (The Ones Within) absolutely love the cast of characters and the way they play off each other. Biggest drawback is the big picture remains indiscernible. It does seem to be building towards something though. 7.5/10 4. Dr. Stone my enjoyment of this series improved quite a bit with the beginning of the village arc. I still have some issues with it though. 6.5/10 5. Fire Force lots of potential, but not really developing the way I had hoped. Not seeing much in the way of improvement either. 6.5/10
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    last thing i doodled was a cat in a cowboy hat
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    A female fan of My Little Pony And thank you everyone for the recommends! A friend of mine recommended me a whole slew of good anime to start with as well. I can’t wait to get to know all of you!
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    I have used rabbit before, it's a neat site! I like that you can chat with everyone else watching the stream and it doesn't interrupt the film.
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    The first one is Genome. Another "If you die in the game you die in real life." type manga. It has a really cute style. Read it here. https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/naka_no_hito_genome_jikkyouchuu/chapter_1 The other is Dricam!! This is the rare manga that doesn't involve highschool students. Instead we have college students. They are street racers! Really funny very cool. https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/jy918913/chapter_1 Has anyone else read any of these?
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    This is a legit conversation i could see Kirito and Asuna having. The chemistry here is on point guys.
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    I'd say the movies that make me feel the most nostalgic are: 1. Aristocats (1970) This was always one of my favourite movies as a kid and I still just absolutely love it today. The art is beautiful, the music is just wonderful, the characters are just absolutely charming and the story is incredibly fun. 2. Treasure Planet (2002) This was definitely another one of my absolute favourite movies growing up because it was such an original concept with breathtaking art and an intense plot! I also feel like I had/have a strange "I-can-relate" view towards Jim even though my life is pretty much the opposite of his ... I'm still not totally sure why, he's just a very relatable character to me and I can sympathies with him a lot. 3. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) I really loved these old Disney movies when I was younger and Atlantis had that original feel about it as well which I loved. Again, the art for this movie was also beautiful and, having re-watched it recently, I can say that I still love it and the characters. and, 4. Grave of the Fireflies (1988) I haven't seen this movie in a while but I remember watching it multiple times when I was younger and crying every time. It's such a beautiful, heart wrenching tale that was like nothing I'd ever seen before (it was the first ever animated Japanese film I'd ever seen at the time) and I absolutely loved it even though it made me so incredibly sad. Some movies that make me feel good are: 1. Donnie Darko (2001) I have to say this is my favourite movie of all time (I just love everything about it, honestly) and it makes me feel weirdly "seen" due to the fact that I feel like Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal), especially in the therapy scenes, captures some of the exact same expressions and mannerism I displayed during my therapy sessions as well ... especially the nervous, crooked half smile that's barely there but somehow still very noticeable because it's just hardly keeping back tears. I also liked seeing a character who expressed resentment and disgust with those around him quite often and who was downright apathetic at points due to his different views on things but was still caring and sweet too. It was just absolutely wonderful to see a character I could look at and say, "He's like me." at times because, although his issues are (obviously) completely different than mine, I felt like I was seeing an honest portrayal of things I've felt for a long time ... I also just love the absolutely creepy and unsettling tone that always transitions so seamlessly into the film at every turn. The music used for these scenes is absolutely wonderful and enhances each scene so beautifully. I also just adore how the movie screws with your mind, unsettles you and makes you laugh so easily ... it's just such a beautiful film to watch that it always makes me feel good and I have so many quotes from it that I don't think I'll ever quite forget. and, 2. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) + Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) Honestly, I'm not really one for comedy movies and usually find them quite boring, predictable and over-saturated with jokes I've heard a million times before. However, I do have to say that for some reason I absolutely adored these movies. Having watched them quite recently with a friend of mine who'd told me they were great I went into them expecting nothing that special (however, I knew I was at least going to like them a little bit since I absolutely adore Keanu Reeves) but, quite shockingly, I found them genuinely entertaining and they had me laughing harder than I've laughed in a good long while. Now, usually I hate movies that have little logic and are just full of jokes to make up for it but alas, the complete lack of any logic whatsoever within these films made me love them that much more, which surprised even me. In the end, these movies were an absolute joy to watch and had me laughing even after they were done so I definitely have to put them on my list of movies that make me feel good since it's so rare for any comedy movies to do little more than make me exhale in a somewhat humored manner.
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    In my room, I have a couple of wall scrolls, framed posters and figures. When it comes to 'publicly showing' fandom stuff, I have a Touhou tote bag, Fate/Zero wallet, and my bags have a bunch of anime and Touhou straps and buttons on them. Apart from some cosplay outfits, I don't really have 'anime clothes'. I don't think I'd be opposed to wearing such items though, I just like band shirts more in that regard It is quite rare here, yeah, outside of cons of course. The only time I saw a "visible" anime fan was at a concert, where someone wore a Neptunia shirt.
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    I feel like part of the magic of the original was being so young and enjoying it as a child. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it.
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    The Silence of the Lamps instead of Silence of the Lambs.
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    Hey guys. Just thought I'd share my great anime day with ya! Not only did I receive my anime haul today, but I also got a personalized hand written card from rightstuf! Now maybe it's cause I'm fairly new and don't order a lot that I'm receiving one of these for the first time, and maybe it's well known that they do this, but I thought I'd share. They hand wrote me a card thanking me for purchasing Anohana, which was not in this order but in my last! Seriously I had NO idea they did this!!! When I saw the envelope I thought it might be a gerneric 4th of July card from them, or even a "sorry we had to cancel one of your ordered items". (I ordered Cowboy Bebop and they ran out of stock) This card came in a separate envelope and wasn't in the anime box. Seriously I'm VERY impressed and the card will be a part of my collection always!
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    @The History Kid Glad you’re enjoying it, definitely one of the funnier recent series IMO. There’s a movie coming out in Japan soon, hopefully CR will stream it eventually The characters are also pretty prominent in Isekai Quartet, though if you’re not familiar with the other series, a lot of jokes aren’t as funny.
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    @Muco great job finding that little gem and @Kinbaryu I can’t believe you made that video! As you can see, the members have cast their votes. It is time for me to give out the prizes! Kinbaryu is the recipient of 1,000 Points for first place Muco 500 for second place Thank you again for your submissions! I will go hand out those prizes now
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    New pool motor. Not a planned acquisition either. Speaking of "possessions lead to suffering".
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    Thank you I'm going through something very similar with an old childhood friend at the moment so thought I would turn it into a story @Kinbaryu I'm sure writing will be great for the both of us
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    One Year Years pass by in the blink of an eye Close my eyes for one night and I say goodbye If you want me to wake up, I swear I’ll try But sometimes it’s hard to make it by ‘Cause for the longest time I’ve told a lie Tightened my jaw and swore I wanted to die Clawed at my skin till the blood ran dry And now it seems I’m ready to testify … I’ve lost years of my life I’ll never get back Stuck in my mind with this anxiety attack But no matter how I try it always turns black And the light in my eyes slips out through a crack … One year, one year of gain One year free of this pain One year my eyes didn’t rain One year not spent in vain One year in a new lane One year with a new train Of thought in my brain And I thought I’d go insane But it looks like I’ve slain The monster in my vein … No more blood on these hands of mine No more embellishing the carved out line No more excuses of just being fine No more lost hope on an empty sign No more, no more, no more of this design … One year and it’s May’s Three hundred and sixty five days Yet I can’t even count the ways I made it through this to today’s Special celebration of praise … One year free of that blackened night One year free of the stolen light One year free of my own hearts fright One year free of all the spite On year free and I feel … alright.
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    I will extend the deadline for another week to allow for the recent viewers to submit their work. I didn’t realize we’ve had a lack of visibility- I did notice a lack of activity from some of the members here recently though. Very well @XII360 and @TsuchiMaika if you’d like to submit an entry for the contest you’ll have another week to do so. All the best!~
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    My ex got me more into photography (bless her heart). I eventually ended up with a better camera than her and started shooting just about everything. I took Photography as an elective in my senior-not-super-senior year. I'm not sure I'd call myself anything more than amateur, but I did manage to get a couple of photos published at one point. This was the first one - I tend to do better with macro's or landscape.
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    Hey all. Figured I would post some of my artworks periodically on here. I do fan art, and the occasional original work. I use references and my art medium are Prismacolor pencils. I really love to use Strathmore Toned Tan Paper. It really makes the color pop! Trying to draw more often- to keep myself busy at night instead of binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu lol so stay tuned! Unfortunately I don’t have anything else relatively new besides this picture right now I’m working on more though!!!
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    That's simply preposterous! I do think that's slowly changing though, isn't it? What bothers me nowadays (not so much when I was younger) is when there is too much 'fan-service' in an anime, by which I mean that characters are dressed or behave in a certain way simply because of the fan service and other than that it does not make any sense. If in some way it is well incorporated into the whole story then I kinda get it, but other than that it always looks like a cheap attempt to get people to watch it. Another thing is when they design the story in such a way that there is a huge cliffhanger just right at the end of the season. I get why they do it, but for me it is more important that the story as a whole is well-rounded rather than being attention grabbing at the end of each episode or season.
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    For me game series that honestly could best to left to the ages are Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, and Kingdom Hearts now that KH3 is done. Call of Duty: I am not really a fan of war games really, but have taken a liking to some FPS titles. As far as COD is concerned it died for me long ago like after Modern Warfare which was like 10 years ago. Now its even worse with what they are doing with it, and what they are doing to their fandom. Final Fantasy: Ok this one was tough for me to admit because I am a true lover of JRPGs, and FF for the most part set the stages for this genre. Though the latest relases for FF in my opinion have not been to good spiritually 14, and 15. I wish for the days when I could just play a story hevy JRPGs with FF characters without all this dlc, and loot crate crap. FF has not stood the test of time either as its overall story telling has slipped a bit since FF12, and arguably FF 10-10.2 Kingdom Hearts: Ok so this will sound as though I am really contradicting myself here, but bare with me. KH is without a doubt one of my favorite JRPG series of all time. Unlike FF it managed to do what FF seems to have forgotten how to which is tell a truly amazing story with depth, and character development with of course in part with F characters we all know, and love. Though the one issue that has plagued the KH series is its constant delays for KH3. Favoring instead to make interquels, or prequels for lack luster platforms even mobile at one point. Now again thats not to say the DS/3DS, or PSP/Veita are lack luster themselves as a platform barbecue they aren't. Though Even some of these additional games such as Birth by Sleep, or Dream Drop are rather good, and do a decent job of explaining a lot of plot holes within the KH timeline. Though the big issue at least for me is that we just wanted KH3 for so damn long, and now that its here it is not even being properly received. Sales for it in Japan aren't truly anything to write home about. Though as a hard core KH fan I do personally love what they did with KH3. I would at the same be perfectly ok with the series just wrapping up there. There are of course quite a few other series that should honestly just die, and have the fandoms just run with them like Sonic the Hedgehog, Rayman, Rock Man/Mega Man for example. Though the sad thing about that is video gaming is the largest entertainment medium today so there is plenty of money to be me in so many bad ways, andd a near endless suply of cash cows to milk for it.
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    I currently started Magi The Labyrinth of Magic.

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