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    Just one more observation on Endeavor. It seems like he didn’t abuse Todoroki’s siblings but pretty much ignored them since they did not inherit his quirk. His brother commented on how he was practically a stranger to him.
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    Well said, @Ohiotaku! There is this underlying 'snake-iness' about him that I just can't overlook. Do I believe that there is a part of him that honestly wants to change? Yeah, I do. But I just can't convince myself that all of his reasons for wanting that change are coming from a pure place. All the examples you outlined are why I feel like his path to redemption needs to be as difficult as possible & that he needs to do a lot more before he can atone for all the terrible things he's done.
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    I'm pretty passionate about art and games. Also upcoming anime(s) (Duh) But if it's about something more specific then I'd say Astronomy and Archeological stuffs. There's just always something very soothing and interesting about them. Like how big is this universe and how you don't have the knowledge of it. And curiosity will just get you hyped up. Not only that It's also very beautiful. It's something you can't find anywhere else unless you look up. As for Archeology, The secrets of this earth yet to be unsolved, Doesn't it make everything super interesting? (At least it does for me) Like how many tribes were there, What kind of Culture they had, What belief they took themselves into, What magical things that they witnessed, What sort of World was it back then. I think if there's some other thing I'm passionate about then it's Art. I like drawing. That's just pretty much it. I find it relaxing enough to put me out of stress. Even though sometimes it can be source of stress when you hit artblock. (Sorry I guess I'm a little too talktive because of the quarantine)
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    My problem with Endeavor and the way the last episode seemed to handle his “redemption”: Endeavor is obsessed with being stronger than Allmight. But he could not achieve this goal because if he uses his quirk at a high level for an extended period of time he “overheats” and is incapacitated (this is referenced in this week’s episode). His motivation for marrying Todoroki’s mom was to have an heir who would inherit both their quirks (fire and ice) which would eliminate that weakness. During his match against Deku in the sports festival (season 2 episode 10), Todoroki actually begins to freeze up because he refuses to use Endeavor’s quirk. He needs to use both in order to achieve his full potential. In the same episode we see a flashback showing how Endeavor was physically abusive to Todoroki & his mom (5 year old Todoroki doubled up on the floor retching while Endeavor stands over him with a clenched fist yelling at him for being weak. When his mom tried to shield him we hear a slap and her cry out while Todoroki looks on in horror. Over time the abuse would lead to her become so terrified of Endeavor that she has a nervous breakdown and throws scalding water at the side of Todoroki’s face that resembles Endeavor. In response Endeavor tells Todoroki “She injured you, so I put her in the hospital”. Apparently I misinterpreted that line because the official version is he was just referring to having her committed to a mental hospital. Even so the scene I mentioned earlier clearly indicated physical abuse and considering how traumatized she was it seems unlikely to be an isolated incident. Fast forward to this latest episode. 10 years later she is still institutionalized and too frightened of Endeavor to meet him face to face. At the opening Todoroki’s brother comments on how Endeavor has kept the public from finding out about how treated his family and even though his wife seems to be willing to hope, she still admits he may have ulterior motives for trying to reconcile. And that’s how I feel. All of this “soul searching”was set in motion because he wasn’t getting the respect/admiration he felt he should as the #1 hero. As far as I’m concerned, he still doesn’t care about other people, just what they think of him (his reputation). Undoubtedly he has saved lives, but he has ruined lives too (it was noted that Endeavor’s bullying might-makes-right approach to heroism was what drove Stain’s crusade against “false heroes”). So no matter how many cool fights he wins or speeches he gives that no one else hears to hold him accountable, until he publicly acknowledges & apologizes for the very real harm he has caused to society and worst of all his own family he cannot become a changed man.
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    Can Endeavor make a contribution to society by just beating up bad guys? Sure. What I’m calling him out on is his desire be a role model & a source of inspiration. As well as his claims to be a changed man going forward. Symbolically laying all your past sins on a monster and then beating the hell out of it doesn’t cut it. If he’s serious about it, he needs to take ownership of his past which isn’t that easy to erase. How can he make society feel safe when his own family largely views him with fear & resentnent? As to how do we know he viewed Todoroki as a tool for his own ends, the fact that he had no interest in being a parent to the children who did not inherit his quirk seems pretty damning. He had his wife commited to protect Todoroki? Seems kinda hypocritical considering his “training methods”. The scars they left may not be physically noticeable, but seem just as long lasting considering that Todoroki forgave his mother long ago, but still resented Endeavor. Why she married him in the first place & still hopes he will change? I admit to having no idea. I guess the root of it all for me is “Is physical strength for it’s own sake something to aspire to?” I realize it’s just my own opinion (can’t really offer anyone else’s), but strength can make someone a hero or a bully. Pretty clear which I consider Endeavor to be. I believe Endeavor CAN change, but I’m unconvinced he’s willing to make the sacrifices to do so. Why does it need to be public? Because his recent actions show that he craves the respect & admiration of society. That means being honest about who he was as well as his aspirations. No matter how hard he tries to cover it up, it will inevitably come to light sooner or later. And if he’s been dishonest about it, it will just make his fall from grace that much harder.
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    It’s almost here Though I’ll have to wait until I get off work tonight to watch.
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    Hello, Thankyou. It's from Dynasty Warriors.
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    The battle system in that game made it damn near impossible to level easy. It was a straight-up chore. I've told pretty much everyone I know to just watch the anime, it's a much better recount anyway. I can't finish Horizon: Zero Dawn, unfortunately. Mainly because I can't do the graphics - they make me dizzy/queasy.
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    Life has a funny way of catching up to you. The same people who are going to these Corona parties and on spring break trips are the same ones getting infected from the virus and these clout chasers as well are really just making themselves look like total idiots for their really beyond reckless and selfish decisions. Can't say that i feel sympathy at all towards idiots who are trying to make everyone elses lives even more miserable then it already should be.
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    This will put a smile on your face:
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    Im boring watching anime , drawing animation, badminton , and playing my violin :) and also laying on my bed doing nothing while staring at the ceiling
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    I pour a half glass of milk and dunk 3/4 of the oreo in until its just about to break apart from softness. Testing softness is done by lightly wagging the oreo in the milk to see how heavy it's become from soaking. After eating about 3 I polish off the glass of milk. Very satisfying. Recently discovered birthday cake cream oreos. Very nice
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    I am reading uzumaki, and man its creepy but a good kind of creepy. I would definitely recommend if your In to that kind of stuff
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    Started reading high rise invasion and the Phantom Tales of the Night. So far Highrise invasion is an enjoyable read but does feel like an battle royal isekai.
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    Welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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    @Shejoestar Only thing that comes to mind about yong boy, eyeballs and destruction would be https://myanimelist.net/anime/1469/Monster_Farm__Enbanseki_no_Himitsu but the eyeballs aren't his parents
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    There's Midori, which is a jazz / noise / punk group. I love Shinigiwa Satellite. Doujin circle that does punk / post-hardcore arranges of Touhou music. Same with Foreground Eclipse. Post-hardcore Touhou music. Really good as well, but you'll have to enjoy harsh vocals. Outside of Japanese punk, Strung Out is my favourite.
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    I do know some jrock group L'arc en ciel they did some songs for anime op/ending T.M Revolution same as laruku aka l'arc en ciel they did some op/ending for anime,Back-On And Oral Cigarettes Some other jrock i know are high and mighty colors,bump of chicken,flow etc
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    I'm not that familiar with the genre, but the groups I enjoy that I can remember off the top of my head are The Clash, The Offspring, Agent Orange, and Rites of Spring.
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    They are not really punk, but they do rock. Have you listened to Band Maid? Oh, shoot. I thought it had to be a Japanese band. Um, have you listened to A Day to Remember? I honestly can’t think of any off the top of my head. Why not try Pandora?
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    So, it's been a while since I've really gotten into the grit of J-Rock. I'm also not entirely sure what quantifies Punk in Japan. I'll just pass along a few names that I recall, and those are Jinn and Last Alliance. I had to dig deep to find that Last Alliance set of albums too on my drive - I can't imagine how long ago I actually acquired them. Oooof.
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    Fair warning, you may need an entire box of tissues for episode 15 of Shield Hero

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