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    Finally got around to starting a game in Link's Awakening. I am really enjoying it so far. No idea why I put off playing it for so long. Love the visuals of it.
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    Just finished Gleipnir & wow, that was some ending. I can't wait to find out exactly what the Hell is up with Elena.
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    I just joined today. Been an anime fan on and off since I was in high school. At the moment, I typically have one or two ongoing series I am actively keeping up with. While waiting for new episodes to come out, I will have another series I am trying to finish. I also like reading and gaming a lot. I work full time and study part time though, so when you add in the inane amount of time I spend day dreaming and procrastinating, I don't have much left for my hobbies.
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    I'm in kind of a jam here, and I could use your help. Ya see, I've been desperately looking for certain kinds of people for years, but it's not as easy as typing personality traits into Google. Quite frankly, I'm frustrated and impatient. There's billions of people on this planet, and the chances I encounter the type of person I'm looking for are virtually zero. I haven't given up, it's just stressful because of how badly I want to meet them. So who am I looking for? I guess, someone like me in some ways. Someone that was inspired by anime in a way that helped shape the person they turned out to be. Personally, I heard the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world" and I decided that I wish more people were like the characters we idolize in anime and other mediums. I want to be entertaining to be around, inspiring to others, motivational to myself, all the things I admire in the characters anime has brought us. But more recently I've wanted to find another kind of person. I understand how juvenile and "cringe" all of this is, but just hear me out. This was the year I discovered "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". I didn't have any expectations going in, I had no clue what the show was even about. But something quickly grabbed my attention as soon as the first episode was underway. Something connected with me in a surprisingly deep way. And that something, was Haruhi Suzumiya, and her quest to make the world more exciting. I'm not some teen going through a phase, well not anymore at least. I know anime characters aren't real, and I know that people that act like anime characters are just embarrassing. But I also know that being bored with the world and wishing for excitement, wishing for extraordinary things to exist, is real. They're real desires that everyone has to some extent. And I know that somewhere on this planet, there's someone like Haruhi that wishes for a world of excitement the same way she does, and is actively looking for extraordinary things. Now, even more than finding someone like me, I want to find a girl like her. Maybe not as crazy or manipulative of course, but someone that isn't interested in "normal", and looks, hopes for incredible things everyday. Please, if you've ever met anyone like that, could you help me find them? I would appreciate any help I can get, it's just a task too big for 1 person to handle.
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    Just watched the first episode of Fire Force Season 2 & WOW! I'm really looking forward to the rest of this season. My only gripe is the music. It isn't as good as last season. Also, for anyone who is a huge fan of the Captain of the 7th Benimaru, there is a photo of him in this episode that almost made me spill my tea! Love him!
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    @Zila Damn, I'm exhausted just reading about what you've done! I mean it's far better than sitting on your ass for sure, but like you said there were probably plenty of days where you wouldn't have minded just staying home instead. But overall I'm glad you were able to go out and have those experiences, even if it was a bit overwhelming at a point. I know most people would put those adventures off until after some mid-life crisis... but then again it sounds like you might've had yours before you turned 20. At the same time, when you used the word "routine" at the start, I do get the impression that aside from say, the country-hopping escapades, even the interesting stuff you found yourself doing felt routine after you did it enough. It's weird, even the most exciting stuff just becomes normal if you're given enough time to get used to it. I know it's inevitable regardless of what you do, but that's why I think the fight is more important than the results. It's that fighting spirit that I'm interested in most of all. And if as a society we were all more focused on finding better ways to spend our time, I really wonder just how extraordinary of a world we could make! Thank you very much for sharing your story! Here's to less "hate" in that love/hate relationship going forward
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    Well, I wouldn't exactly know the margin of normalcy from the various perspectives out there. My personal routine has certainly been a colorful one over the years. Though I often feel like certain individuals on the outside of this tend to romanticize the adventure. What started out as soul searching in my early teens became exhausting in my late twenties. After a health scare in the family, I really wanted to do as much as possible in life. My days usually start out doing an hour or so of working out. Most of my hobbies just require a particular level of fitness. I like camping but also rock climbing and spear fishing. I dabbled in archery for a long time. It's a target sport for me, never liked the idea of hunting unless it was a dire need. I love animals too much. Before COVID-19, I volunteered cleaning and bottle feeding lambs at a sanctuary that I liked to visit. I've been ankle deep in mud, grubs and excrement and the smell of urine stuck in my nostrils for almost a week. It's worth it, though. Animals are amazing creatures. As for camping. I've had a bug fly into my ear, which is the single most terrifying experience I'd never want anyone to go through. It was in there for about two days, until we found an emergency clinic to remove it. Now I sleep with very comfy ear plugs! Yuck! Then there's mosquitoes, sweltering heat and either scorpions or wolf spiders that like to drop by the tent and say hello. Still, getting to see the sunset/rise on top of a summit or cliff shelf or by a beautiful lake tops all the cons thus far. I also did a two month photography project at a workshop in Africa. It was the most nerve-racking experience of my life. Aside from getting some nice shots of the local wildlife and landscapes. The area became too dangerous to keep the workshop running. We never got to make contact with the locals. It was not worth the trip or money (including travel immunizations) but hey, trial and error? My favorite part of rock climbing is reaching the summit. Surprisingly, not for the rush of accomplishment but because it looks like a whole different planet from up there. Especially granite rock. Makes it look like you're on Mars! There's all kinds of plant life and pools of water with life, where you'd never expect to find them. Just at 550+ m above sea level you start finding minnows, it's incredible. Several years ago I did a lot of traveling. Germany, Basque, Chile, England. Most of it was with a group of friends. We didn't like going alone or small groups—there was about eleven or twelve of us. Sometimes, we learned things the hard way. Like realizing you're being swindled on prices, being manipulated over the laws so people can take advantage of your situation/surroundings or feed their ego about knowing what's best. Rental car troubles, shady department stores. It's kind of crazy out there. Then I kind of got exhausted from it all in my mid-twenties and wanted to take my life more seriously. Finished college, got a home, took on some pretty heavy responsibilities. My hobbies turned into making a garden, creating my own clothing and various arts. Things you can do in the comfort of your home. Fostering dogs, Pitties at first. Then I started investing in abused and rescue dogs. Which was a ton of work. I've had some in my care that were in terrible shape. I've adopted four that came from the absolute worst environments. It was a long, tiresome process to get them back to being a normal doggo. I remember making a blanket fort around my kitchen table for my dog, Nero. Slowly I introduced myself to his space by sleeping in it with him. That was the most welcoming back pain, at five in the morning, when my day started and I had to go to work. Also took some classes via my vet on living with/training a blind dog that I have. My fifth and final dog was unexpected. I inherited her from my late grandmother. She's a little troublemaker and came to me during a period of my life in which I guess I needed her most. Funny how the universe works. She taught me a different kind of patience and helped me back on a path of calm. I've never been inspired by anime characters or other types of fictional mediums in this sense. It was more of a rude awakening that life is short, and it happened at an early age when I had more freedom. I do like to be as helpful as possible and inspire people to follow their passion(s) when they can. This kind of life was normal to us; my group of friends and I. However, people that are not accustomed to these types of lifestyles like to view them or portray them in unrealistic tones at times. I've met people bored with their lives, completely unprepared for what they were getting into and absolutely regretting it in terms of sensible excitement. They were inspired or enchanted in some shape or form about what they see and hear and the experience is a little different from that. Hopefully, they still gain a sense of appreciation. Ultimately, it's nice to find people that are partaking and enjoying where their interests are. I'm sure there's a myriad of obstacles and idealization in the forte territory of another's journey, like any other field or curiosity. I'm glad that discussing our lives can be an exciting point of view but the world is filled with excitement regardless. I've been wowed by glow worms. GLOW WORMS! Chillin' out and doing their glow-thingy. I think people that chase after their interests, no matter what they are, are exciting people. There are realms of knowledge that are the backbone of society and necessity that I know nothing about. It's engraved in my person that tech savvy, industrial people are the reason some of us can live comfortably. For me, it's not too much of a fleeting realization. I've met a lot of likeminded people from the journey. If people see me as entertaining I would really like to point out all the pros and cons and how one is virtually impossible without the other. When someone tells me: "wow, that sounds like so much fun". I like to remind them that I had a bug in my ear for two days. Buzzing around and biting for nearly an hour before it died in there. I would trade that moment in for a cup of coffee on the sofa, any day. Yet, seeking adventure is always like this. It's a love/hate relationship. I hope you find people specific to what you're looking for. It's wonderful to have a person/group that gets how you're feeling or what you're experiencing or wishing to experience.
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    It's impressive yeah, but no one spends every minute of the day constantly in awe of technology and advancements. Technology helps us in all kinds of ways, but it isn't the end all be all of an exciting life. I could experience a new technical advancement every single day, but that's only skin deep. There's no deep satisfaction from that, it's not enough. Now there are technology-based experiences that are absolutely incredible and exciting and profound, but you'll never make a life out of the few times you get to do those things. Hell even if I got to try some brand-new realistic VR experience tomorrow and it blew me away, I'd be used to it in a couple months if I did it regularly, and it becomes normal again. That's just people, we see a new thing, loose our minds in the same way every single time, and then we get used to it and it isn't special anymore. Unfortunately, we're great at adapting.
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    Anyone bored these days just doesn't understand the unique qualities of the era in which we currently live. Even just technology-wise my inner 12-yo (who grew up before the Internet, or even home computers) is continually amazed at stuff that's available today. Even though I have spent virtually my entire professional career keeping up with the changes and generally know exactly how they work, there's still a part of me that thinks things like smartphones, gigabit wifi, and flat-panel, full color, UHD LED displays are some kind of magic. Then combine that with similar advances in other fields such as medicine and agriculture and aerospace. Then roll in the social changes produced by ubiquitous availability of said technology. MMO games with ray-traced graphics operating at hundreds of FPS. Self driving production cars. Reusable commercial rockets putting up dozens of satellites per launch. Heck, even just simple antibiotics. Anyone who is jaded by all that is taking way too much for granted.
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    If you ask me normal is all over the place. If you go ask the average person what they do everyday, you know almost exactly what they did. If they have a job, they woke up early in the morning, did their morning routine, spent the better part of 8 hours working, maybe did overtime, had a lunch break in there, came home, had dinner, either played around on their phone or watched something on Netflix, then went to bed. If they DON'T have a job, you can replace the 8 hours of work with more playing on the phone, consuming media, just passing the time, maybe talk with a friend, maybe even hangout with a friend, have dinner, consume more media, then go to sleep. If there's any variation, it's rarely extraordinary. Personally I've wasted away probably hundreds of days just killing time, and every single time it frustrates me. I think what we all have in common is that we want to live a more exciting life. We wanna find something that no one has ever seen, do something people never do, make something brand new, have new experiences. But most of us just don't do it. It's hard, we can't imagine the things we want to do, and if we can, we think they're too much work and too much trouble. Most of us fall short, but not all of us. I want to meet one of them, someone like Haruhi that knows how to win the war against boredom.
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    Took a stack of gold to the Nether in minecraft and did some trading with the piglins. Got some pretty good loot in trade. Piglins don't appear to trade for anything but gold ingots, but they'll pick up anything gold, or any armor or weapon. Be careful of baby piglins however, as they don't trade but will still take your gold or other items you drop. Brutes will also not trade. One thing I noticed however is that the piglins do seem to "fill up". After a while they'll pick up an ingot but then drop it again instead of giving you something different. My guess is that they have a certain number of internal slots and when those fill up with ingots they start dropping new ingots. Too bad. I was hoping to corral a few and use them for trade. It doesn't appear that plan will work, since any group you get will eventually fill up and stop trading. I don't know if they "reset" if you leave them alone for a certain period of time. It didn't seem to happen while I was watching however.
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    You know it's funny. The internet was primarily made to bring people together, but if you know the exact kind of personality of a person you'd like to meet, there just aren't many options! Dating sites are next to useless, and mainstream sites are more focused on entertainment. We need a site dedicated to connecting TYPES of people, a search engine for personality traits. Good luck on your search too my man, I know it's rough and a lot of times it feels hopeless. Just don't be afraid to ask for help, it really isn't something you can do alone unless your luck is just incredible. Too many people on Earth to just run into a person like that by chance.
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    Good luck wit that. Seriously, if I found anyone like that I'd keep her for myself. (Though I would agree on the "Maybe not as crazy or manipulative.." bit as well.) I've been on a somewhat similar quest for quite a long time now. She either doesn't exist or is already taken. At this point I'd consider anyone who just satisfies the criteria of always voting in elections but hasn't voted "D" or "R" for the past several cycles. Someone who would seriously consider a ticket to Mars on one of SpaceX's Starships if/when they ever get those going would also be a plus. I know, dream on right? Still, there's got to be at least 2 or 3 of them out there somewhere. Probably not going to find them on places like facebook, twitter, tinder, or in a google search though.
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    That's it. We're opening an AF pasta stand! All you can eat! Hold on, we need to talk about sauce now. Well, my grandmother makes some homemade types.... I must consult with the Elder Gods.

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