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    And they say you can't be a gothic loli with an axe😈
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    He does bite I've seen him do it!
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    I'm a big reader and I'd like to get into e-books. I've tried a couple times and never really got hooked. Kindle is ubiquitous, and I do like their e-ink "paperwhite" display, but Amazon is way, way too restrictive with their content. I also would like a larger reader that handles full-sized content like you would find in magazines or professional journals. Ideally I'd like one that I can take notes with and/or sketch into too so I can get rid of both my book pile and my composition/note book. The best reader I've used to date (IMHO) was the ill-fated ILiad reader, if anyone remembers that. Honestly, it wasn't that great an experience, but it did have potential and did (most of) what I wanted without throwing unnecessary digital restrictions or proprietary format issues in my face. These days it would probably be one of the larger-format Oynx Boox devices. Their latest device looks pretty awesome, though quite expensive. Anyway, I'm guessing most people here might not care about most of that but I'm thinking of making another go of getting into e-reading and one of the things I would like to do with it is read manga. Just wondering if anyone here is doing that and if they have any advice on what features to look for or avoid, or if anyone has an ereader that they really love or hate. Where do you get your e-manga? TIA...
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    I hope everyone had a good new year. I still need to get things done that I was hoping that I would not need too, but oh well.
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    Be glad it's a lymph node and not a disc that happened to me and they thought it was a lymph node at first. Couldn't turn my head, the pain never stopped, would've required a neurosurgeon to fix. I walked around with a disc shaped bulge pushing out the left side of my neck. I suffered through 3 months of constant agony before it slowly ground its own way back in. If it is a lymph node, did they biopsy it? I know they like to take the watchful waiting route but if you really can't tolerate the pain any longer, they could remove it (or if infected at least give you antibiotics). I hope your weekend is enjoyable at least
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    Or at least please start marking our threads as having potential of spoilers especially for anime new to the season? Kind of bummed reading a certain thread today and was not prepared for spoilers past the episode I'm currently caught up to. : (
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    It has been such a warm winter it is in the high 20s and low 30s even in mid January. Not gona lie I really like that.
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    I beat Breath of the Wild today! It's such a fantastic game!
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    Considering the lack of acknowledgement, as this thread has been here for close to a week without any, I can only assume there are no intentions nor interest in addressing this problem. There are clearly more pressing issues to see to such as clearing the daily spam filters, adding new site themes, and hiding the online user list. The lack of transparency and communication has been chipping away at the community experience and I've honestly seen better quality on larger forums with even less staff. It's been fun AF.
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    Eternal Quon 1: The Ephemeral Petal
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    just finished this horror game, which seems to have its own anime? (didnt look it up, but i assume its got an anime too), and my god, did the story, somewhat remind me of that one horror game i played, but was more brutal/fanfictioned than this lowkey dont blame the doctor though, ray's eyes were...kinda neat >.> #thedoctordidnothingwrong this resulted in me not drawing though, but hey, that was a fun story to read, so bite me >.> #totallyrecommendthistorpgplayers also incase anyone else wants to know what that other game im talking about, check out pocket mirror, shiz was funsiz also spoiler-ish, so open at your own risk
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    To be honest it's a give and take on one hand it was good in some strong points and on the other hand it had some dull moments.
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    I hereby apologize to all the dwellers in alternate realms who have had to deal with my creations.
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    -Crawls toward the coffee.- .... -Crawls away with coffee.-
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    I'm just gonna take a stab at your age. You don't need to tell me. But i'm guessing your probably like 47 or 49. Is it specifically bad news about mom? If it is I'm sorry. I mean that. Moms are important. I always keep kinda hoping my own mother outlives me. I don't want to live long enough to lose my mom. I couldn't take it. I couldn't. It's much harder to lose someone when they're the sole family member you have. In any case whatever is the case with your mom i'm sure she's a fighter. My mom is.
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    Good day! (It's 22:42, but what gives...) Fate tells me today to expose myself. The reason is... well... I've taken strong conscience of some truths, and now I am here to accept everything (at least part of it until I fall asleep). Let's see, where to start... How about something light, eh? First revelation -> This year's Halloween is coming soon, and my costume is so close to be complete, I am ready to announce here with much pride and excitement that I am in fact going to cosplay as none other than Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Koumajou Densetsu. Yeh... I'm going to be crossdressing for the first time, and since this appearance (to me) reflects well enough my way of being (just my weird way of thinking, aye?) it's the most special costume to date, for me at least. Remember my last entry where I stated I was growing a second identity? That did not turn out to be an issue. After long hours of introspection, I decided to accept this side of me (which had slightly awoken last year, curiously...) and embrace every bit of it. I am *nearly complete* again, since I'm still on it. So, this new part of me is really none other than my dark consciousness. It has all of my dark emotions in it; sadism, vengefulness, hate, and ruthlesness. I find it similar to poetry. It's beautiful, isn't it? A duality, light and dark in balance, that's how I want to be, and that's my road from now on. This is something I only talked about with my closest friends. Loyal readers will remember that at some point I talked about how I lost trust in my ex-best friend. Well, it's inevitable to have those memories come back, eh? I do not feel any regret, but what does worry me a bit is that our common friends really see me differently now, and they used to be my best friends too. I have gladly found replacements. Lastly, I'll finish with this ( ′~‵) : My friends mean everything to me. They are fascinating, and extraordinary, and deserve much more than they have. One thing I will not tolerate is carelesness towards them. I declare one thing : Any who will threaten them, will severely regret it, I no longer fear holding back my grudges or stacked up hate over the years. The universe is warned. I am small, I am easy to kill, but what I would do for them would be meaningful nonetheless. Very special thanks to them, (⌒▽⌒) -The inimitable (code names used) : *My companion of adventures *My long-time rival and friend *My real history book *My flaming flower *My binary speaker *My will to question things *My instinct *My shadow Done at last. Heck, it's 0:33 now, it took two hours to write this.
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    Maybe because we're moderators?
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    Spoiler alert! It would be really nice if there were a button for it in the editor instead of it being hidden however.
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    I'm sure you can do it too. It's not really hard once you get used to it. The eating right part is harder. It's hard to give up chocolates, cake, fast food and so on. haha
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    My best guess would be it's Anna from Shimoneta, (beginning at :30) WARNING: EXTREME LEWDNESS (no nudity)
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    Senki Zesshou Symphogear 52 episodes across 4 seasons as of right now, bumping up to 65 episodes in July with its 5th season. If you like action, this one does not disappoint. https://sakugabooru.com/data/54f8bde224f2176ef49097670d4b0629.webm
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    I don't believe in guilty pleasures because I don't believe in the idea of feeling bad for enjoying yourself. That said, I guess the closest I can get is liking the Star Ocean series despite knowing it's utter garbage in almost every way an RPG series can be.
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    The High Road - Three Days Grace
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