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    A heartfelt thanks, to everyone who took the time to write a Haiku submission! Your works were carefully looked over this past weekend for the following criterion: 1. Identifiable Spring theme 2. Followed the standard guidelines for a Haiku 3. Given Rating of 1-5 And after careful consideration, the judges panel and myself have come to an agreement on the winners of this contest. First Place: For what is without a doubt, a creatively illustrated imagery of spring. You will be receiving points today for your first place winnings @SAO LILDOOP Congratulations. And Second place: For the clear understanding of the spring theme, and the ability to evoke emotion in the reader. You will be receiving points today for your second place winnings @Keiko Congratulations. Thank you again to all who have participated! I hope you will come back next time so that we can share more poetry together!
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    I dislike (hate is a word too strong for me to use, even jokingly) strawberries.
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    I dunno.. plenty of people like brownies more than me... I hate brownies.. they are too dry
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    It was very fun to participate and I'm happy with the results! duh... But more Importantly this contest got me back Into drawing again which I didn't do for quite a while. Also! Congratz to @XII360 and @TsuchiMaika for getting 2nd places! Hope everyone had a fun time creating their art
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    @Humbby dat crouch tho i can lewd this cough anywho' gratz everyone~!
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    Ban @ArchieKun I don’t trust him 🤣
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    First I didn't think I would participate cause I don't like creating my own stuff but since there's not a rule saying redrawing Isn't allowed I decided I just draw something for fun 😜 (I Don't care If I get disqualified for redrawing this pose 😜 I just did It for funzies) So I just finished It but I had to rush to be able to complete It In time. Background Is a bit messy, Trees are very simplistic, Coloring Is all over the place, And I drew It on an A3 so I couldn't scan It In so I had to edit It so the color saturation wouldn't go down as much but Its disappointing. To make things worse I didn't have the right Brown so the hair Looks very light on 1 side and very dark on the other side Uraraka from My Hero Academia I'm just happy that I finished It cause I haven't been drawing for some time. This Is an original character
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    and im done ! this is the drawing i ended up with i was gonna post this other one but...i found it very wierd, thus i just made this new one xDD (refer to spoilers if you wanna see the first one i drew up, also not submitting it, just showing it ) also, its an original character, just so yknow~
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    With the end of the week, comes the end of another wonderful contest. It has been an honor to co-host it for all of you and I am thankful to every single person who saw fit to contribute.Your works were very enjoyable for us all to look upon. Over the weekend, we have looked these over for the following criteria, as listed above: 1. Visible Spring theme 2. Recognized Fan Art or Original Character 3. Given Rating of 1-5 And after careful consideration, we have come to an agreement on the winners of this contest! 🌸Fan Art Category First Place: @Humbby For a beautifully detailed character rendering, and coloring befitting of springtime- you’ve earned 1000 points, and the first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place @TsuchiMaika For a beautifully drawn character adaptation and spring bouquet, we give you 700 points, and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸Original Characters Category 1st Place: @Humbby For a beautifully drawn character, elaborately colored with a spring background. You’ve earned the 700 points, and first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place: @XII360 For a beautifully drawn character, with a detailed spring background, albeit less elaborately colored. You’ve earned 500 points and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸You have all done well, and earned the recognition of your peers. Thank you again to all who participated. I know you may not have won it this time, but you’ve taken part. And I hope you had fun doing it. Please continue to join us for more upcoming events! See you next time
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    Back in 05-09 the seasonal releases were so small, as you said roughly 30 new anime, I wasn’t able to get into many new anime at the time, sometimes waiting years for a new anime that I actually wanted to watch. It seems that now that there are far more per season that I can get into. So I’m thankful for the change. Also wanted to point out that Dub has gotten far better for anime since the 90’s... I am watching Slam Dunk in dub right now and the voice actors are making it seem like half the characters are mentally challenged 🤣 What could be cool (and I’m sure in Japanese it does sound cool, because I’ve watched anime so long I can tell by the sort of facial expressions the characters are making how they were meant to sound) just gets dubbed so poorly that it makes it REALLY lame. It’s funny to watch still, so I’m just going to keep it on. However, for most current dubs, I’m guessing voice actors are getting more seasoned, because they aren’t bad like this.
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    I hate two day weekends.
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    Okay, how Is this thing called In english. I hate Chairbacks? Is that a thing? If so I Hate Them A Lot, I Need to use them but I've never actually felt comfortable on anything. If not I'd say Chair Handrails cuz I hate them too!
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    I hate Seshi, she reminds me of eggplants see what i did there ?
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    And here is my submission. Been doodling Usagi from Sailor Moon (as I used to when I was younger). It is in ink and really rough (can't erase mistskes with pens) but probably one of my better doodles from this past week.
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    I like how as soon as I try getting back into watching anime after spending weeks playing a game my internet goes funny to the point where even downloading episodes takes more than 20 minutes. Ah, sweet life... 😬
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    It was for me too, but after I turned 30... it was still sad. LOL. Things are getting better though. What I am learning is that age is inevitable. But watching anime, playing video games, or doing whatever hobby you're passionate about doesn't have to change unless you let it.
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    Well that makes me feel all fuzzy and special. No complements really just relaxing watching fan animations actually.
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    Congratulations @Humbby, @TsuchiMaika, and @XII360! Those are some great drawings!
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    been to lazy to read the plot but i agree, the tattoo is overkill, id probably pass on a girl that's overtattoed tho' thats just me >.> side note, i thought i posted it yesterday, but it seems i died before i did <.> im drawing book store owner-kun that was also a gangster before
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    finished main town map tomorrow ill draw a design on one character in the LN thread and then ill draw a character for the FE-MC (which is a mimic chest) its gonna be a first, but its gonna be fun im feeling confident too, couse i mean, i just finished making a town it lacks items on shops, but the items/equipments and stuff are under construction too i need to make some changes, i dont wanna use default names >.> even G should be changed tbh but tomorrow its full drawing mode~~
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    This is called Crema Catalana. It is one of my favourite desserts. I do not see it often in restaurant menus.
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    finished dark souls 3! was, very. frustrating but also very fun >.> but now i am free, freeee from dark soulsss~!!! now i can do other important stuff >:o like drawing one of the characters they posted on that one LN thread or making a game >:D tbh, i feel like making a thread about the game, but i also dont feel confident that ill pull through so i guess for now ill just read stuff give take, june 10th is the day ill be dead couse i have to study for board exams, ugh >.< oh well, obligatory song post~ found this on sound cloud, and i find it kawaii af its funny how, i already memorized this song tho' >.<
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    I’ll probably watch Thursday evening, but I’ll be ready to discuss Friday
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    We'll sacrifice him on the demon altar, to get more traffic to AF. 🤣
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    I don't know what sort of tone to go for, or if I'll be able to control the tone of the writing, since I've done very little creative writing. For now I'll just go with the flow, getting stuff on the page and posting it here to see where it stands. As to the parents, they should be strict, but after Osmond leaves they might change their approach to cater to him. Although if they realize how much he's learned, they might be better off trying to get rid of him as he'd be more of a rival to them than an asset. And I was thinking maybe the parents' relationship is rocky, which is why they can't take the Empyrean Flame themselves.
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    I think a big part of Spear’s problem is he sees himself as the gallant hero rescuing damsels in distress and making them swoon. I think Myne picked up that he was particularly gullible in this respect and used it not only in her own false accusations but also in convincing him that Raphtalia, Filo & Melty were being forced/controlled by Naofumi. Granted pretty much all guys (including Naofumi) are subject to that, but Spear seems to have a particular weakness for it as well as flattery.
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    @brycec This is becoming philosophical 😂I can understand your reasoning and it seems quite rational, I still think that there are people which you should trust and not doubt even if they can betray you. In fact, I hold the position that you can only trust someone if they can betray you, but not everyone shares this notion. Anyway, in this particular case, while I still think Spear Hero is in a large degree to blame, there are at least some circumstances which make some of his actions more understandable.
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    It’s common to leave shoes on here in the south.. which is odd considering how comfortable it is to actually go without shoes 🙃
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    It's actually a mix of seinen elements and shounen. (the chimera arc for instance) Well, this is the conclusion I came to after watching through the whole series. Regardless of whether it's published in a shounen magazine or not. Oregairu is a masterpiece and I love Hikigaya as well. Especially the way he handle things like in the rooftop scene, if you know what I mean. Straightforward and Honest. As I said above, have fun watching them pal. I have also seen Akame ga Kill, it was a waste of time and wouldn't recommend to anyone.
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    Stardew is one of the best games around. Got Skyrim vr the other day and I'm hoping to try it tonight....
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    I would agree on scorching and freezing days would be a bit inconvenient. I tried getting the mail completely bare foot during the summer once and that was uncomfortable, but I would not care to much in general about going on the street or asphalt. Heck, I had to go barefoot once for a while because my toe was bothering me whenever I put socks and footwear on, though at the time I was iffy on it, due to a perception of barefoot in establishments was not allowed. For me, it is just easier, as there is not always a place to sit when entering establishments. Because of my disability, I have troubles balancing on one of my feet, which makes it hard to put on or take off footwear.
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    Yeah, outside the house too. Supposedly, it is better because you have better traction when you are completely bare foot, plus you get more data, thanks to the sense, in addition to being easier to learn to walk. There could be dangers like that, but generally, we do not trust our bodies enough anyway, at least over here, so it would be iffy. We probably are not the heaviest into it (if anything we are way too obsessed with body odor to the point where we unknowingly negatively affect the immune system), but we have been so obsessed with covering our feet that people find it disgusting to go into the streets without shoes, regardless of whether you have socks or not (my own mother would not let me walk in the parking lot without footwear for sanitation reasons and possible wear and tear of sock, even though the footwear I had at the time would not stay on and I was frustrated at the time). Never knew it either, until my brother went there, but we might need an Aussie to confirm it, seeing how my BIL said that soda tastes differently in the UK from the US, but one of the people from the UK I have contact with made it seem like the taste is going to be similar for some sodas, due to the sugar tax.
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    @Ohiotaku I didn’t realize Naruto was so offensive for you 😜 I’ll fix you up with something more your speed... and drop it by your page later 😁as for our dear new member, Scarecrow-Chan likes Naruto. Thanks @Illusion of Terra You’re awesome
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    @Seshi This should be the official Anime Forums banner 😂
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    Despite some recent disappointments with the series, I try to keep an overall positive view on it, but saw a couple recent articles: The first says that there will be a 2 week delay on the english dub through the remainder of the season (article lists projected air dates for the dub). While that doesn’t affect me directly since I watch the sub, I know several people posting here watch the dub. So hate to be the bearer of bad news, but will make sure to spoiler wrap my commentary. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-05-15/the-rising-of-the-shield-hero-anime-english-dub-to-have-2-week-delay/.146704 The second article was this https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2019/05/14-1/makoto-takahashi-kaito-ishikawa-to-reprise-their-roles-in-the-spear-hero-drama-cd As if the idea of a series focusing on that tool Spear Hero wasn’t infuriating enough, that pic with Filo makes me want to 🤮. Can’t believe this is an actual thing, not doujinshi.
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    Hi everyone: Community Manager A vacancy exists for a community manager for AF. This position is perfect for those that have community experience, are passionate about anime and have a genuine desire to grow the community. Duties Encourage engagement by arranging regular community events Assisting moderators as an escalation point for community queries and resolving member disputes that may arise Optimising features of AF including the Forums, Clubs, Gallery and Blog modules to improve the user experience as required Adjusting user groups and permissions as required to accommodate new ranks, groups, etc. Maintaining the AF Virtual Shop/Point System Help mentor moderators in line with Community Guidelines and adjusting the guidelines as required Selection Criteria Previous experience with engaging with a community. This experience be from managing an event, social media channel, guild or server Friendly and courteous manner with good written English Benefits This is a volunteer position. However, technical mentoring will be provided for this platform and you will gain full access to the platform to help mould the community to meet a shared vision to better unite anime fans from around the world. There is a 1 month probation period for this role to assess suitability. If you are interested in this position, please send me a message directly outlining your experience and what interested you in applying for this role.
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    No problem! Im game....I have watched My Hero Academia ,only like 2 episodes ,that guy with the blonde hair was being an ass so I stopped watching for a bit and decided to finish Hunter X Hunter... I'm getting pretty bored with One Piece now so I'll watch Rising of the shield Hero and Demon slayer today,they sound awesome. My real name starts with a T and is a bit hard for people to pronounce so yeah saying "T" instead is much easier for people...I like Tokyo ghoul and decided i should call myself "Tokyo" (for my stage name-I'm an artist).. so yeah ...Tokyo...also everybody knows I really love anime so it made sense to them I guess...but I write my stage name as : "TXKYX" (replaced the o's with X's) like ''Scarlxrd" you should check him out if you haven't he's pretty awesome. I'm nice to everybody who likes Anime cause people around me don't really like anime,also you made me laugh so bonus points!! I guess you really wanted to know how to do introductions😅
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    This pretty much sums it all up. Good job @Wedgy But yeah it seems Reddit was just built differently. With it's upvote downvote system that reminds me of Stack Overflow and would seem to be more suited to Question and Answer websites. And forums seem so ancient now. But they're still the best place to make friends online. Even on social media like Facebook. It's hard to meet new people because you wouldn't add a stranger. You would just add people you already know in real life. It is interesting though how everyone here on Anime Forums is a nice person. At least from what I've seen so far. I remember joining MAL and right away I experienced some racism. Although to be fair the mods there took action when I reported it. The main difference I noticed comparing Anime Forums to MAL is that here, people actually engage in conversation. They talk and then listen. On MAL, everyone just talked. No one listened. On a typical thread, people would just post their replies. No one read the replies of others so no conversation ever takes place.
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    I much prefer the older art style. This new hd-ifyng gives off a weird 3d but not 3d look that I just can't get behind. That grainy look from the older stuff is the bees knees.
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    They should be 4 days long! I hate computers. Really. (Not really. Ok, sometimes.)
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    @Keiko 😮 I am deeply offended
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    @ItsSammy A tribute to that awesome movie. I was just about to post The girl with the Dragon tattoo as well! It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and very graphic. But the story is very empowering in its own weird way 😁
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    So, if we actually like what the person says they hate, then we hit like, right? I like brownies, so I hit like. I hate Android (not really hate, but I think it's not a very good operating system)
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    @SAO LILDOOP Your haiku is truly eloquent. No wonder you have bested mine...
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    You guys are awesome! I am thankful for you all sharing your talents.
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    Here's my entry~ Character is Makoto Nijima from Persona 5 the Animation.
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