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    Hello everyone! Please keep your eyes peeled for the loveliest event of the year!~ AF will be hosting a Valentines event soon.
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    Oh yeah, I got all focused on losing the weight and didn't even mention the things that actually matter to me this year haha. So I'm gonna try again, in no particular order: Lose 45lbs (already mentioned that) Get working again (I've been unemployed since July 2019. It's been rough, here and there, but overall everything has been fine. Slowly though, everyone is getting ready to hire people again, as we approach busier seasons in town) Save up $1000+ to put as a lump sum on my student loan, to make up for the last six months that I've been on repayment assistance. Do more creative projects and explore more in my newfound art style Bonus: Travel to some places we've been wanting to visit Get my motorcycle license The "Bonus" items are actually what we originally had planned for 2020 anyway. But due to unexpected circumstances and working towards getting back on our feet, we've decided to change gears and let 2020 be more of "focus" year to let ourselves save up some money and generally focus on some needed life improvements (we've outgrown our current place, it's time to find something better suited to our needs). More than likely, these "Bonus" items we'll shelve until 2021, when we're going to be kicking ass anyway. Right now though? It's grind time to get some much needed XP before venturing further!
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    Bofuri is the newest game Anime to release this season, and it's already proving to be really fun. The story starts off with a newbie character who picks the name Maple to play in this VRMMO that her best friend begged her to get. Since she has no game experience and no one to walk her through the process she sort of makes up her own way of playing in this world, and dramatically creates situations that most players would never encounter. Its hilarious to witness and incredibly entertaining to see this characters antics vs the game style that most experienced players would choose. They also keep the pace up in this show and pack a lot in 1 episode, and yet it doesn't come off as rushed since its more laid back. If you want something serious, I suggest picking up shield hero, but if you just want to relax and have a bit of fun, this series will hit the spot. What do you think about it?
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    Well...we can't have a turnout for everything I spose. Ha! We'll try some of these more elaborate contests another time. Meanwhile, since we did have one entry, that means we did hold and maintain the part two of the contest. Congrats @Rini Akemi. This is where I make a "your check is in the mail" joke - but since it's a gift card, and it's instant and electronic - yeah. There's a dad joke here, but I seriously can't even. Till next...well, later this year folks!
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    I'll just use this opportunity to plug this wonderfully insightful video I found on the intertoob. There are 3 videos in this series (so far), one in fact focusing on Minecraft, and I recommend them all if not just for entertainment. As for the anime, I'll probably check it out. I find it hilarious the title of the anime is so absurdly long it couldn't fit in the thread title, though.
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    Hi, i am looking for social life within anime fans, so i found this site, i want to make friends with you guys, and talk about anime and theories about them
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    Hi there! Social life? We don't have any Just kidding, there are plenty people here who enjoy talking about anime and anime theories! What are some of your favorite anime or some anime you are currently watching?
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    Thank you kindly BD :3 Although, sorry for the late reply XD been a little busy with something recently... which reminds me... https://somethingintheair.itch.io/a-grim-birthday I made a game! It was originally just for a uni hand in, but I decided to also share it, because I was quite proud :3 hope y'all enjoy! (For 15 days of work, I'm quite proud of the turnout, even with the janky art XD)
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    I don't like to make "favorites" lists, but this is good.... and speaking of good martial beats... So many others too..
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    Not necessarily the best, but easily the most nostalgic for me & matches the epicness of EVA’s IMO Some recent favorites (amazed that the first 2 are by the same artist) Really like the simplicity & harmony on this one (and it’s by the VA’s fir the main characters)
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    I have to say the Thousand Sunny is probably the better looking ship, but the Going Merry will always have a place in my heart Best ship ever
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    Probably look in on having knee surgery from an old track accident soon. Thinking about looking into another job. Right now I feel stuck and aimlessly looking around for inspiration. Maybe this year will lead to much needed soul searching?
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    Horror games: love em, hate em, can't get enough? I've always wanted to enjoy horror games, but they always freak me out way too much, which is a shame. Soooo, I don't really play them! I like reading horror, but so far I haven't been able to muster up the courage to actually play horror games haha. Do you have any favourite games from the horror genre? As for me, the only ones I've really even tried are Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The atmosphere and fog is what creeps me the heck out!!
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    WHICH ONE IS YOUR DRAWING ART STYLE or tell us if its none and tell us bout it
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    Enjoying the humor which keeps it from feeling as pretentious as SAO: Aliciation. For example the alert letting players know when they need to log out for a bathroom break & Nemesis whining about Ray using her to chop up zombies
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    The continuation of the Fruits Basket remake is scheduled for the spring season, which starts in April https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-17/fruits-basket-anime-2nd-season-premieres-this-spring/.155474 There’s also a PV in the article summarizing season 1 and previewing season 2 (unfortunately not subtitled)
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    I would love to visit the country but would I actually live there, even for a couple of years? No. It's not even because of the language barrier but simply heard from friends that have been there that they don't really care for Americans and some can get down right mean. Also even though we see pictures from FB, Twitter and other various social media platforms of people cosplaying, it actually isn't as common as pictures and videos make it look like there is. I am obsessed with anime as I am with video games. I love Asian food and am interested in their culture overall so of course I would love to visit the country but like I said I wouldn't move. And as much as I hate to say it I think anime plays a big part of people wanting to move there. Even though they have a lot of anime I believe once you get there you could change your mind especially if it's only because of the anime/manga. Plus unless you speak Japanese or learn it you won't be able to watch it and understand it entirely. And I'm not sure how long it would take for you to be able to legally immigrate there. For my friend it took 10 years for her to legally move from Canada to here because apparently you have to visit for so long besides various other things to be able to move here. She's been here now for a few months and still hasn't recieved her social security card so she can't go to the doctors or nothing until she gets it.
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    I'm not a fan of the chat comments. Its very stalkerish. I think they need to quit while they are ahead on that bit. It served its purpose.. Yes we know she is a newbie getting attention from the gaming community. Enough already , its starting to look creepy
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    I haven’t made up my mind about this one yet, but it certainly has a distinctive art style. And the MC showed a surprising level of maturity this early on realizing Will continue this one with it’s short run time, but has been somewhat disappointing so far with it’s lack of beautiful outdoor visuals which was one of the original’s distinguishing features. The lack of Rin doesn’t help either A problem I can relate to I’m currently in the midst of my cull, but will probably still be following 15 - 20 when it’s over. And just a reminder not to forget chibi Naofumi & crew
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    Personally? NO I don’t read or speak the language. I don’t like Asian food. While I have some casual curiosity about the culture & philosophy, it really doesn’t line up with my personal beliefs. Even when it comes to otaku interests, a lot of it is too extreme and/or weird over there. About the only things outside of anime/manga/vgs that intrigue me would be folklore/mythology and that’s more about the past than the present. Also don’t like big crowded cities so the population density also be a problem. Rural areas might be nice to visit, but probably only a week max. All in all I’m happy with things as they are.
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    Welcome to AF then nice of you to join us feel free to pm me if you want to be friends
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    i've started watashi ga motete dousunda or kiss him not me
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    What movies have you seen recently, new or old? We most recently watched Monsters University, before that we watched Prometheus. Soon we'll watch Alien: Covenant and all of the Star Wars stuff. The last movie we saw in theatres was Joker, awhile ago now.
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    Demons and Wizards was good. "He was the wizard of a thousand kings..."
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    Hey, welcome back Teru, I remember you. AF moved platforms sometime late 2017 and with the move the live chat went bye-bye. If you're interested in joining a discord group in the meantime, you can find the link in this thread. Again, nice seeing some old faces back!
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    Hi there! The more Naruto fans the better
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    Hello and welcome to AF! I’ve just recently returned here myself, it’s a pleasant place
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    © anime''''''''''

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    I don't think it's the best, but I thought of the recent anime Ancient Magus' Bride was a bit more interesting and, at least to me, quite different from the usual ones nowadays. Don't know, I felt that it all just works well in combination with the visuals etc. To me it kinda seems like a whole story packed into just over a minute. I guess if I were to make one myself, it would be similar to this I guess overall Neon Genesis Evangelion's has quite some backing among the anime fanbase generally
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    As 2019 and the previous decade come to a close, what are your goals and hopes for 2020? I want to get back into going to the gym. College started in August, and I stopped going to the gym after. My next semester starts next month, but I want to tie exercise back into my schedule like before. I lost a lot of weight prior to school, but have gained a little of it back. Hopefully I can re-integrate the gym into my day with school as well. I also want to develop and host my personal website soon. I've been working on it offline for a while, and its almost time to get a web server started for it. I'm just not to that point just yet Third, I want to leave my toxic job I'm doing now, and go into out I.T where I work. I suspect management will not move me though until I complete school. So, what all are you hoping to do in 2020?
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    Death Note: Certainly brings back memories. I remember being obsessed with the anime for a time and got all of the manga and the books and handguide to better immerse myself in the story and characters. Honestly, the first half of Death Note was the best. The second half felt rushed and disorganized. I felt like I was missing a huge chunk of the plot, was hastily introduced to characters without much of their development and Near felt a little like he was wearing some significant plot armor at times. He definitely made L appear obsolete to the point where I was thinking, why didn't they just send Near to begin with? I wouldn't say that Death Note is in my top ten but the first half was edge-of-your-seat worthy and addictive! Attack on Titan: I wanted to love this show for its powerful animation and action scenes. I can't even imagine all the time, energy and effort in creating them frame by frame. Impressive and stunning! That being said, I somehow lost interest after the first season and didn't seem to care much when news came out that season two was in the works. Maybe when the series has ended I'll binge it and discover that I missed out. Sword Art Online: I've actually never seen this anime. I saw the trailer and it never caught my attention. Its quick rise in popularity, across various communities managed to push me further away from it. I honestly don't know why. Maybe my best friend's obsession with it (I'm not even kidding when I say obsession) turned my stomach a bit and left a taste I ended up associating with SAO. Fullmetal Alchemist: There's a lot of debate on FMA vs. Brotherhood but I ended up surrendering my vote to FMA. I had a lot of fun with it and found it more convincingly emotional than Brotherhood. Plus, the nostalgia! When Brotherhood came along I felt a bit cheated. It was literally saying THAT WASN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM and what I largely knew about FMA was a sweet, sweet half-truth. It took me out of moments that never even happened or were arranged differently within the storyline of the proper source material. I tried but I can't bring myself to erase what I enjoyed about FMA. One Punch Man: Not much to say aside from enjoying it to the fullest. Wouldn't put it in my top ten but amazing show nonetheless. Tokyo Ghoul: I keep trying to watch this show all the way through. I make it a few episodes in and get sidetracked by other things/shows. I don't even know what the deal is because I massively love the first few episodes! Steins Gate: This is on my list to watch very soon, actually. No Game No Life: One day I will give it a shot but right now I'm not that invested in it. Naruto: All things considering, I liked this show and when I revisited it at a later age, there was a lot to appreciate. Mainly that the production stuck to their guns, finished a lengthy series that grew alongside their audience and closed where it all began. I can't think of a lot of many anime that span across years of development and remember where their story and characters started. I was in middle school when it first came about and to hear that some of my old school pals lived along this anime and had families of their own, is a crazy realization! Angel Beats!: Also on my list to watch next. Gah, there are so many shows!
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    Putting Naruto aside for now to finish watching Haikyu!! I forgot how absolutely adorable this anime was.
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    I do enjoy the play style of other Zelda games, much prefer them actually. I find with BOTW it’s the same problem I have with a lot of other games, it’s too big/open for me. And I just don’t find the open world concept fun. I’m strange and like things to be quite linear haha. However, while I don’t like playing those games myself, I do really enjoy watching my boyfriend play them!
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    Welcome to af!, If you do play fighterz lemme know cus my broly needs new victims
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    My favourite comedy animes would probably be Azumanga Daioh and Ben-To. I don't watch too much comedy, though, hence such a short list and they're both tied for first haha
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    For 2020, I'm hoping to lose 45lbs haha! It actually won't be that difficult, I've already been a lot more active than I was for a period of time earlier in 2019.
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    I happen to be quite a huge fan and advocate for homemade bread. It is delicious and waaaay cheaper than store bought. Plus, it's a lot of fun. I'm also quite passionate about giraffes, with an ever growing collection of various giraffe related items.
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    I saw in the other topic that you've already started Itazura Na Kiss, which would be another similar one. Then maybe something like Lovely Complex? You might also want to check out stuff like Sukkite Ii na yo, Ao Haru Ride, Kimikiss, or Kimi ni Todoke. If you're looking for "different" relationship stories then Mahoutsukai no Yome was also very good, though that starts getting away from drama and into fantasy. I've seen it. It was pretty good.
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    That's a good question, and you'd be surprised how little I've heard the topic discussed outside of Art History channels. I think you're on the right track in your assessment of the economic and political climate of Interwar Europe. The Entente really shot itself in the foot during the Versailles meetings. They essentially guaranteed a disgruntled Germany, and the U.S. Congress' lack of foresight with the League of Nations just added more tinder to the fire pit. I really think it was just a matter of WHO, not IF with World War II. Let us not forget that contemporary to Hitler was Mussolini in Italy and Stalin in the Soviet Union. Then there was also Hirohito in Japan. With the whole world struggling for economic stability and resources, I think the notion of a war starting was inevitable. As for Hitler being the centerpiece had he been accepted into the art school in Vienna and not being the Germanic dictator - maybe, but maybe not. I've been of the camp that Hitler's anti-Semitism was a character trait, not something that was progressively developed. If that is the case, he'd have been of the opinion of exile (which he wanted first) then extermination. That being said, Hitler wasn't alone in his thought process. What made him Chancellor wasn't his ideas, which were a common theme among some really deranged individuals, but his charismatic behaviors. I think if any of those people who shared those thoughts could have developed the charisma, the result in Europe would have been the same. There's a great book by David Clay Large called Between Two Fires that examines Europe during the Interwar. When you hear stories of German marks all over the streets because they were worthless - it's really quite sad. You don't sympathize with the Germans, but you do understand why they might think SOMETHING needed to change. A great history to read and think about, especially considering current world affairs.
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    @The History Kid Do you think if Hitler had been accepted into the Vienna art school, would there have been another dictator who would likely have risen to commit the same crimes he did? It seems to me the political climate at that point in time had morale low and it could have been any other unhinged dictator in power if not him.
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    What did you think of Saiki? I cant wait to start it I have a ton on my watching and plan to watch right now, but hope to give it a go soon.
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    I don't understand what you mean by "non-anime". This looks like anime style to me. Netflix clearly got the rights to produce this adaptation from Toei, so no, it isn't a violation of intellectual property, either. A Netflix Original doesn't necessarily mean it was originally created by them- it means that Netflix produced the programme and owns the rights to stream it on their platform and nowhere else. You of course have all the power to stop using their service; that's your decision.
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    Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) is on my all time top 10. The following titles don’t quite rank that high, but I still consider noteworthy: Death Note, Steins Gate, the original Fullmetal Alchemist series & Attack on Titan. Also just curious, does the Top 10 you listed come from MAL rankings?
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    This would be my preferred scenario, actually. I've never understood the "travel" fascination .. as in visiting all the tourist traps, taking a few selfies, and coming back to work more exhausted than you were before you left on your "vacation". To me the whole point of travel is to learn about someplace first-hand. I'd much rather deep-dive... live in a place for months or years and really get to know the place. Ideally I'd know someone there, or arrange to move in with a tolerant native, or something along those lines. Of course, that's a much bigger commitment. Plus there's the practical difficulties of an extended stay. My native language is English, and being a product of the US publik edukayshun system that's pretty much the only language I speak, though I can understand a bit of spoken Japanese and I might still remember a bit of German from HS. I can read hiragana/katakana, but Kanji is still a wall. And since I'm not a millionaire I'd need some way to earn income to pay the rent, etc. I'd have to have a really good support system there to help me earn a living while "visiting". But if I could overcome all that then yeah, I think it'd be fun and educational to live there for a while.

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