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    Baby Elliot is here 😍 I am one super proud auntie
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    heads up everyone, but im going full study mode, so i may be very busy and non-active uptil until april fools gonna suck but i gotta make sacrifices, i gotta use my full potential in compre-exam daijoubu, if anything happens, just contact me through other admins, im sure @Beocat, @Keiko , and @ArchieKun can handle things well enough (they sure have been while i was killing myself on internship xD), ill still check up time to time though key term in that sentence is: "checking" tho >.>
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    I never played Guess Who, but Monopoly, Clue, and Trouble were what much of my childhood was spent on~ Oh, Battleship and Yahtzee get honorable mentions~
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    Claymore! Though they butchered the "ending" so it's not congruent with the manga.. so they'd have some fixing to do.
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    That's simply preposterous! 😂 I do think that's slowly changing though, isn't it? What bothers me nowadays (not so much when I was younger) is when there is too much 'fan-service' in an anime, by which I mean that characters are dressed or behave in a certain way simply because of the fan service and other than that it does not make any sense. If in some way it is well incorporated into the whole story then I kinda get it, but other than that it always looks like a cheap attempt to get people to watch it. Another thing is when they design the story in such a way that there is a huge cliffhanger just right at the end of the season. I get why they do it, but for me it is more important that the story as a whole is well-rounded rather than being attention grabbing at the end of each episode or season.
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    Hey! I never made an Introduction topic so this is already getting uncomfortable I'm Alex, I like to watch anime obviously... I Like to draw can't color tho . I'm a cheerful person and I love to joke around. I Also like being able to do things other people can't like speaking a language others can't! theres no better way to troll them friends I Joined these forums to make new friends and talk about anime to improve my social skills. (No I'm not as awkward as I used to be) yoroshiku onegaishimasu (These lessons actually paid off!) I definitely didn't steal the title
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    “You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. And wish from this day forth never to be parted from you.” - Darcy from Pride & Prejudiced 2005 version
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    I think a lot of people were expecting it to be edgier and darker. Personally, I don’t mind that it’s not all bitterness and betrayal. I actually have a bit of trouble seeing it as a harem, I mean Goblinslayer had more ladies interested in him (Cowgirl, Priestess, High Elf, Guild Girl, Sword Maiden) :lol:
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    @Beocat I see your point and also agree with you. I deeply apologize if I'm not knowledgeable very much about this topic, I guess it's hard for me to explain why I have my opinions about it, I thank you and @Seshi for both pointing out other reasons for why it's needed or not as bad as people think. I feel bad now a bit but again it was just thoughts on the matter. I hope I'm still alright around you two and everyone. ---- About the survival thing I can say I have a backpack ready to go in case of any type of disaster event happened. As well if it happens which you really never know the zombies outbreak. My father got me and my sister backpacks ready to go the last time I visited him which was last year. I was super excited for it and he also explained a lot about what was given to us inside for us to survivor in pretty much any type of situation. I am still learning about it more in books and online about these types of stuff. Even watching television shows about it as well. I still need a few more items and plan to get them soon It's just.. money is super tight for me at the moment so I have to make due on what, I have or just get things that can be useful if it's even household related items which can be used in survival as well. You'd be surprised on what can you use and be useful in any event. So yeah I've been into this for some time now myself but it really helped when my father gave us that backpack for us since he's into it as well. He's NOT those extremists but he knows how to take care of himself and his family. Plus his father my grandpa was in the army ( WWII & Vietnam War ) so I guess you can say his father taught him a few things growing up. God bless and rest in peace. I wish I could've still talk to my grandpa but he past a coupe years back now and suffered from serve strokes too which he could not talk at all much. Ehh.. getting off point I apologize. More or less I'm into this survival stuff.
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    @Seshi That's really too bad. SCUBA is one of the safest sports out there, but if you have anxiety about drowning, it definitely isn't for you. Bow hunting is fun and takes a lot of skill. I'd suggest getting a compound bow where you can dial the poundage way back to learn your aim and form. Then as you get stronger and more confident in your aim you can set the poundage higher. As for hunting, try the national forests. Check it out. You still have restrictions as to where and what you can hunt but they are public game lands. @HanaApril I understand your feelings on the matter. However, the modern expansion of humanity has reduced the predator population and created way too much space that deer thrive in. This has led to a population explosion in the deer population. When this happens, it is easier for the weak and sick to survive, weakening the population with each successive generation. Hunting isn't necessarily about killing, but more about responsible population control and I guarantee you the population is out of control. She's hunting to eat at the very least. Not hunting for a head to mount on the wall. A good hunter respects their prey and gives thanks for the life. It is honorable, not shameful. And believe me when I say, NC Wildlife officials will shut down the season or cancel one altogether if they think for a second the population is suffering. The fisheries management is downright ridiculous most years.
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    Granted, your car is now a transformer. I wish I could speak every language.
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    I've liked it so far, though IMHO it seems to lack direction. New characters come and go, sub-plots present and resolve themselves, but even after so many episodes I still don't really have a sense of where the writers are/were going with the overall story. At one point it brought to mind a game called The Settlers that I used to play. It kind of has that feel of one of those that will be popular and go on forever yet never really gets anywhere and after a while starts to seem repetitive. If all it is is a series of boss battles then I may wind up dropping it. The next season will be key. I had that sense as well.
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    It has it’s enjoyable elements, but can be frustrating as well. The biggest probelm I have is it makes it way too easy for the MC to overcome whatever obstacles he’s facing. And the final arc was too rushed, even though it seems like it’s pivotal in what happens next. If you watch through the end of episode 14 you saw the best of it IMO (and I actually was satisfied with how they wrapped up the Orc Lord arc). The rest of it largely seemed like unrealized potential. I’d give it a 7 out of 10. If you’re looking for a fantasy isekai, I think Shield Hero is more engaging, though it has it’s shortcomings as well.
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    I too am in a great mood this morning! Maybe it's the fact that I'm going to be an aunty later today?!?! 🤗
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    Feeling great this morning in a very good mood.
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    My wifu, and I had a good long cuddle session early this morning. We just talked about all the progress we have made with our goals. It was very nice. So we certainly uplifted each other.
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    Hey! I'm new. Here's some stuff about me. I go to college. I like to draw. I'm socially awkward. I like popcorn. I might ship off to boot camp any day now so don't be pissed if you randomly don't hear from me for a few months. I wanna have fun but I don't know how. Like all I do is read and watch things on my computer and I'm bored of that deal now. People mostly just ignore me so I guess I just I'm a boring person in general. Sometimes I feel like my life is passing me by and before I know it I'll wake up and it'll be too late to make things right. I named myself LonelyPoet because I'm lonely and I like to write poetry. Hopefully I'll be okay but you never know.... Message me if you want to RP or chat or anything. (Boys please don't send me any explicit messages, I don't know if that's the kind of thing that goes on here but I just wanna make sure)
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    @Seshi I could give adult games a try, though I don't prefer to right now. I appreciate the suggestion still.
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    Just finished Rising of the Shield Hero through the current episode. I love this series.
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    I have played a few growing up a few favorites of mine would be.. Hasbro: Hi Ho Cherry-O ( my sister and I were SUPER competitive... ) Hasbro: Guess Who? ( also another game where my sister an I were SUPER competitive...) Hasbro: Hungry Hungry Hippos Mattel: UNO ( Played with my family a lot )
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    @Seshi Thank you your very kind~ I know the feeling when it comes to cleaning sometimes, especially my kitchen. However it feels really good when you do get what you needed done then can relax afterword *reminds me I need to cook more* ------- For 2 weeks that I can recall my mood has be unimaginable wonderful and I've never been this happy and at peace really ever. So I feel awesome and content right now.
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    Board games? More like "bored" games. Jk lol! I haven't played one in forever, but some of my favorites were Monopoly(of course), Clue, Guess Who?, and Trouble. 🎵It's fun getting into trouble🎵 😄
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    MHA is confirmed for season 4 in October. Shield Hero season 1 is listed for 25 episodes so it will continue until the end of June. Who knows how far along in the story it will be by then.
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    One more: Live Action Adaptions that: rely heavily on CGI and have performers who seem less talented than the VAs and look less like the characters than your average cosplayer. I really do wonder what the point is (and I’m not even referring to attempts to adapt it to an american audience)
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    Beautiful Bones definitely needed a continuation since it was revealed there was a “mastermind” behind several of the cases just before it ended. I would also like to see Princess Resurrection & Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero be continued. Finally, I’ve mentioned this before, but Battle Angel Alita definitely deserved more than the 2 episode OVA it got.
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    1) Clannad because it was life changing for me. Violet Evergarden. Beautiful, depressing and overall a fantastic anime. 2)To watch Clannad sooner.
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    Where i come from it's called pop. 😛 Anyway in terms of soft drink flavours i like original Dr. Pepper, Canadian Dry Ginger Ale and i really love Grape Crush.
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    I just checked Amazon, they have them.. but you need to read reviews as always.. might get them in tact, might get them damaged.. so, I'd rather buy in store myself, but if you can't help it, ordering from there isnt aweful.
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    Another impressive drawing of the first aid kit from our artist, Yue Saito! who also did the garganta capsule and is also my IG waifu andIRLsignificanthuman
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    Thoughts after watching episode 10: After some of the lighter moments over the past couple episodes, this week stayed really busy putting the focus back on the larger story. I'm glad the series will carry over into the new season come April, though there may be a week break.
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    Yesterday I helped someone while spending time with them making them happy, laugh and smile. It was a really good feeling I could help them. Today I feel very positive, upbeat, and optimistic and my plans are I'm going to do a few hobbies and also pamper myself because why not?
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    I'm very ecstatic, positive, upbeat and optimistic, right now at this very moment, finally feeling content on how my life is now~
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    I really made my dear friends day yesterday as well they made mine~ ❤️ Today I'm going to like I have been saying pampering myself since I'm much more confident and feel pretty again in my life. Also more housework again, taking a nice walk in the nice sunny warm weather, lastly just admiring mother nature and looking at everything blooming and growing as well hearing the lovely birds sing as well~ Today is going be a wonderful day~ 🌼☀️🌿🐦
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    My hair is so curly and uncontrollable. I hope they don't make me shave my head in basic. I couldn't handle being a shine head.
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    Don't know if it's true but I kinda don't expect anything decent from it. It's a prejudice on my side, but I just don't see google making anything decent when it comes to gaming.
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    No problem, and thank you for your understanding.
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    Has this really not been mentioned yet. I don't know. Granted, but you can never move more then 1000 steps per day. I wish for world piece.
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    Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy your time here, as everyone is very friendly and relaxed. As others have said, you do not need to worry too much about explicit messages here and such because we are mostly well behaved.
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    Ghost in the Shell. It's mature and has great characters. I think most people could watch it and not be turned off by anime if thry had zero prior exposure to anime before. I'd definitely not recommend anything with ecchi in it for a newbie.
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    @leyley I don't mind when authors take a completely different path, just as long as it is somehow reasonable. If it is done well, it can be great for a story! If it just seems labored and you get the feeling that they just did that to make the show more edgy/surprising than I think they should just have stuck with the way the story was going. About the Japan women thing, though, I think it's complicated. We can't expect every culture to view things the way the West/the US does, even though we might think we are right. So yeah, maybe female fighters will stay in the background for quite some time. Although, there have been shows like Soul Eater where there are very prominent female fighters.
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    Well, I finally did it! I started Blue Gender back in the last week of December, and I finally finished it. Took me almost three months to watch twenty six episodes, lol. The ending was a little strange, kind of too abrupt, everything was explained for the most part, but I feel like it could have used at least one more episode to go a little more in depth on the happily-ever-after-ness. Overall, I'm happy I watched it and would definitely recommend it, just like @ArchieKun recommended it to me.
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    Planning my brothers wedding 😁
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    I got one for my brother and I have to see, wish I got one for myself. I originally thought since the games for it were so low there wouldn't be any interest in it for me, but when I held it in my hand and saw how easy it was to play and how the games for my brother looked on it; I knew I needed to get one. Right now I'm saving up some cash to get me one and get a couple games to go with it.
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    I've always been a fan of Cidona (Apple Flavour) or Irn Bru but when it comes to a certain type of fizzy drink with different flavours I would say I love Coca-Cola Vanilla.
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    But Nono, you say you'd shoot to kill, but make them hate living? That's a contradiction. Shooting to injure is a kindness. At least they can live on to make better choices in the future. There are plenty of ways to give someone a recoverable flesh wound and still stop them from attacking you.
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    I tend to help people out best I can whenever I can. I was brought up to be very respectful, kind and caring to others. However to certain points.. I try to make peoples days if I'm out and about by holding a door for someone which I still do no matter what if someone's coming behind me. Then give people complements if I like something they wear, how there hair is or jewelry they have on. Lastly I help others trying to make them laugh and smile and try to make there day if they seem down. I am really shy and have social anixeity so it's hard for me to do that to random strangers however.. sometimes if I get the courage I do try and help others like that. I also do that for my family and my dear friend as well. As for uplifting someone I made my dear friends day by always talking to them when I can and making them laugh and smile. For myself I take extremely better care of myself more and have a lot of respect and love for myself as well. I uplift myself by doing my hobbies I love , talking and hanging out with my family and animals, then spending time with my dear friend. ❤️~
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    Then try it like this: And someone also mentioned Dango as being gross, and raw dough.. you were supposed to cook it!! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣
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    Just take it easy, Gemz, and just tell us about yourself, like you and I say at the other place. I am glad to see you here. I hope you can enjoy your time here, as everyone here is friendly and things are really relaxed. Don't be afraid to talk to me if you need, though I am sure you know that already.
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