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    Either short or long-term, I always find myself working toward the next benchmark in life. Often it can be as simple as getting a room organised or completing a writing project. And sometimes it's as big as paying off a debt, making a big purchase, or moving up the ladder career-wise. Have you got any ongoing goals? Let's talk about them.
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    Hey guys, It was perfect, we went for coffee and we talked about so much stuff. I was honestly so happy to meet my best friend in person. We are meeting up again on Friday and making a day of it this time
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    Probably- but to be fair, this wasn’t the end all of quizzes. See- there’s me being assertive and opinionated again. Don’t let me scare you off though
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    Hmmmm…the traits they pulled were interesting at least. Just not entirely sure I agree with them using a trait rather than a sample of questions. I feel like you'd get better results with that.
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    made a little chibi for Eve. shes one of the main characters for Memetically me, alongside Wren, Jax and 7 a bit simple, since I didn't want to go over-board, but it was really really hard to restrain myself from just adding more XD
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    I really like all of these anime hairstyles:
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    Hmm anime hair styles well I'd say these should provide a good example of what I tend to go for.
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    i like kakashi's hair style from the kid series of Naruto i don't really like dragon ball hair styles that much
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    So season 2 will be sometime during 2020. That’s a pretty broad window, but still good to know. And as long as they maintain the quality, it’s worth the wait. As to the episode itself: very appropriate with the various members of the Soma clan trying to come to terms with their evolving relationships to each other. And it f course Tohru is the catalyst for most of that change. Though it seems certain some of it will be painful. Being unfamiliar with the manga, it’ll all be new to me. They also tease the appearance of new characters who seem like will be important Anyway, pretty sure this will be my #2 for the season (8/10)
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    In a previous blog post: I talked about working on a new project. A motion webtoon. (A semi-animated colored manga) I posted that with no idea of what to call it yet. That is until now. Super Detectives is going to be the name of the motion webtoon. It was kind of surprising on how the name hasn't been taken yet. I assumed an anime or manga called Super Detectives would exist. But luckily none yet. According to a My Anime List search I did. So with a name already selected, I proceeded to make a logo. I wanted it to look like a typical anime show logo. And here it is:
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    Today’s the final episode of season 1 and will introduce Isuzu (the horse of the zodiac). There’s also supposed to be an announcement afterwards (hopefully when we can expect season 2)
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    My next ambition is to go back to college and do a Media course
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    Eventually I will get back to my pilots license. I had to stall out on my classes because the instructor I had fell ill suddenly, and no one else would take me on. It probably works out for the best though, since that was somewhat interfering with my other education. Still, the idea of getting off work on a Friday, renting a plane and heading anywhere for a weekend is a very attractive thought.
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    A somber blog entry. It's sorrowful to see what you are going through. It helps some people to know that most people unfortunately will have some kind of experience similar to something like this. So maybe that is some kind of consolation. I am a bit surprised by your mother's reaction. But I guess there is some backstory to this, otherwise it seems like a really unusual way of reacting to such news. As for what the point of all is. That is a really difficult question. I can't really tell you. If you think about it hard, many things do seem to be pointless in the end. I have heard from people who got kids recently, that things they thought were important before, now seem utterly pointless. I guess everyone will have to find an answer for themselves, but it can help to exchange with others what they think. So, if it helps you can contact me on Discord or here
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    What type of anime hairstyle do you like? Feel free to name the character and post pictures of it and why do you like it. Is it a hairstyle you have yourself, perhaps? Comment below and let's find out if there are any similarities in how we choose our favorite hairstyle in anime. To start things off: Mikoto from K Project and Luculia from Violet Evergarden. I like Mikoto's hairstyle because it reflects his character and him as the Red King, looks also like a lion-mane. I honestly don't have a single clue about female hairstyles but Luculia's hairstyle looks pretty unique from my perspective. Mikoto Suoh Luculia Marlborough
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    First job - game reviewer Current job- currently a full time student, with art and writing for extra monz dream job - while I would say writing, anything with the ability to create would be awesome Fav food- apple-flavoured foods Fav dog- German shepherds Fav candy- apple flavoured sweets, although I'm slowly becouming less fond of candy and more fond of cakes Fav ice cream - rum and raisen Fav vehicle color- N/A, I walk everywhere so it wouldn't be something I cared about Fav holiday - guy Fawkes night Day in the week- Wednesday Tats- none, unfortunately Like to cook- I adore and love cooking, but can't due to a buisy household ATM. Will do more when by my lonesome in the future Drive stick- ehh? Like veg - if you don't, don't talk to me or my broccoli ever again Wear glasses - nope Fav season- fall/winter, can't decide Favourite colour - turquoise Favourite word - exsanguination Favourite sound - the wind, either heavy or subtle, regardless of the weather.
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    One of the last Indian Wars to be fought east of the Mississippi River was located in the northern reaches of the river valley. It traces its roots to 1804, when American settlers began to cultivate lands that belonged to the Sauk tribe near the Cuivre River. Sauk warriors sacked the settlement and killed the settlers. However, the Sauk Chiefs denounced the murders, and two of them travelled to the settlement of St. Louis to denounce the murders to the American government and, as a sign of good will, bring gifts to make amends. Unfortunately for them, the American government had a different idea in store. Upon bringing one of the braves responsible, the Americans proceeded to imprison the brave and "misleadingly" draw the two chiefs into a signatory agreement ceding a large track of land that included western Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and east central Missouri. The treaty was for an immediate payment of roughly $2,000 with annual amounts of around $1,000 to the tribe. This might be in the form of currency, but more likely would have been in goods and supplies. However, this agreement was invalid by the law of both the Sauk and the neighboring and intermingled Fox tribes. By the codices of the tribe, all tribe chiefs must be present and agree to the terms of an agreement. At the time of the signing, only two of around thirty chiefs were present. This resulted in the agreement being null to the tribes. However, in the American law, the land was rightfully American territory at this juncture. Most of the tribes did not quarrel with this matter and relocated west of the Mississippi. A small faction of Sauk people led by Black Hawk, however, remained at their capitol at Saukenuk. By 1816, the government had decided to garrison a large island in the middle of the Mississippi River for the U.S. Army. They were aware of unrest in the region, and the tribes that were in the region had previously aligned themselves with the British in the War of 1812. The island was several miles up river from where the Rock River met the Mississippi. Just a few miles up the Rock River from this location was the village of Saukenuk. The native tribes changed residence in the winter months. Black Hawk and his group left Saukenuk in the Fall of 1831 to return in the Spring of 1832 to find American settlers there. The tribe ran off the settlers, and the Americans evicted Black Hawk from the settlement. Black Hawk, however, did not recognize the agreement as valid, and proceeded to cross down stream of the river to reoccupy Saukenuk. In his group were braves, women, and children. The U.S. government recognized Black Hawk's movement as an act of war, and proceeded to dispatch the garrison at Rock Island to intercept him. Black Hawk's trail took him well within the state of Illinois, looking to out maneuver and outrun the U.S. Army that was in pursuit. His intention, upon discovering that he was alone in his quest to reclaim the land, was to retreat back across the Mississippi. However, the U.S. Army's movement prohibited this. He proceeded north, crossing into Wisconsin (fun fact: it was originally Ouisconsing). The U.S. Army by this time had determined that he was attempting to make his way back across the river. They planned to intercept him and his band, doing so at the Battle of Bad Axe in Wisconsin. Black Hawk himself was captured, while many of the braves in the group fought to their demise. After the conclusion of the war, Black Hawk was displaced and sent to Washington where he lived out the rest of his life. The Black Hawk War effectively ended all Indian resistance east of the Mississippi River, and settlements had begun to push across into Iowa, Northeast Missouri, and Minnesota. With this, Fort Armstrong at Rock Island was abandoned at the conclusion of the conflict in 1833.
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    A full response to "how to play minecraft" would take forever. Of the two basic modes, "creative" and "survival", creative is the least stress. Nothing is hostile, you have unlimited access to all resources, no health or food to worry about, breaking blocks is instantaneous, etc. You can even fly around. You can do whatever you like, with the corollary that you kind of have to come up with your own activities since most of the structure of the game is missing. Unless you're the kind that likes to jump right in at the deep end I'd recommend that your first experience be in creative mode, at least until you get the hang of things. Beyond that, I've been playing for years now so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask. It also helps a lot to be able to find an experienced someone who can play with you online for a few "days". In "survival" mode you have to build, grow, or find everything for yourself. You have to worry about food and health, and hostile mobs ("mobiles", aka monsters) spawn in the dark places like caves and at night. The first day is therefore kind of important, as you'll want to find a safe place to be before your first nightfall. If you don't then you'll have to be dodging skeletons, zombies, and spiders all night. That can be either fun or traumatizing, depending.. My "first day checklist"... 1.. punch a tree. Literally within 10 seconds, find the nearest tree trunk and start breaking it for wood. 2.. take the logs you get from the tree and make some planks. 3.. make some of the planks into sticks 4.. make a crafting table 5.. place the crafting table down next to you and use it to craft some wooden tools from the sticks and planks. You'll want at least an axe, a pick, and probably a shovel. Use the axe to get more wood. The pick is for (cobble)stone, and the shovel is for dirt. 6.. build a tiny hut. The roof can be open (for the first night), but It should be about 4x4 blocks lengthxwidth, and 2 blocks tall. you can use dirt, planks, stone, sand, or anything else you like. Mine are usually dirt or planks, but anything that's handy where you spawn is fine. 7.. knock a hole in one wall of the hut that is 1 block wide and two blocks tall. 8.. use some planks to craft a door, and put the door in the gap you just made. You might also want to break the crafting table down at this point and place it back down in the hut. At this point you've got a little protected area that you can hide in during the first night. Don't worry about anything fancy to start. Keep a minimal mindset for the first few days. If you have time on your first day after doing the above, or the next day if not, then the next things you'll need are light and a bed. Look around for some stone. You'll need to mine 9 blocks to make into a furnace on the crafting table. Put it next to the crafting table. Put a log or two in the top part of the furnace, and a couple sticks or something wood in the bottom for fuel. pretty much anything can be used as fuel.. doors, wooden tools, sticks, logs, tree saplings, etc. There's an optimal way to do things, but I'm not going to spoil the fun by getting into it here. if you put enough fuel in the bottom part you'll turn the log into charcoal. a stick and coal or charcoal will make a torch. Torches make light. Monsters don't spawn where there's light. Torches are thus handy for making places like caves or the inside of structures you build safe places where monsters don' surprise you. Beds are kind of like save-game markers. When you die (note that I did not say "if" ) you will respawn either at the world spawn point where you started the game or near the last bed you slept in. You also need to sleep every three days or so in recent minecraft versions. If you don't then if you go outside (exposed to sky above) you will be attacked by phantoms. To make a bed will take "wool" and wooden planks. Wool you can create from spider silk or from sheep. There is a shear tool, but it requires iron to make, which you'll have to find as iron ore and refine in the furnace. You'll have to kill spiders for the silk, so that's also problematic for newbies. Sheep will also drop their wool when killed, as well as food (which you'll also be needing). Sheep are non-hostile mobs, so killing sheep is probably the best way for a newbie to get wool. Mkae the wool into a bed, and cook the meat in the furnace. At this point you should be relatively safe. You can make a sword and go off to fight mobs. You can make a hoe and start a farm for growing seeds/wheat, carrots, potatoes, and beetroot. You can build pens and farm pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep. (Cows can be milked, and produce meat and leather when killed. Sheep for wool and meat, like I mentioned. Pigs are just for meat. Chickens produce feathers, which are necessary for arrows, and also meat.) You can make a pick and start mining for iron, gold, emeralds, redstone, and diamonds. You can build a huge castle. Or you can just go off and explore the world.. find villages, avoid raiders and other hostile mobs, etc. There are horses, donkeys, and llamas for pack animals and riding, if you can tame them. If you get bored with all that there's a portal you can build, which lets you get to the Nether. Mostly lava and nasty mobs, but the Nether also is the only source for key ingredients for potions. There's underwater temples, abandoned mines, the End and the End Dragon and End cities. Lots of stuff to work for. Here's the minecraft wiki, and like I said, just ask.. For the extreme MC survival players...
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    Hey @The History Kid, just caught up on the entries since my arrival. I enjoyed reading them! Just a few suggestions, though. Include pictures, especially of the geographical areas. When I know where an event had taken place, it makes it easier to associate and grasp it as something that had actually happened. Having pictures of weaponry or people may not be possible, but would definitely be helpful, too. It would be nice if you listed some sources. I have no doubts you're an expert, but citing references is never a bad thing. Just saw this post, so scratch that, I guess. Categorizing your information makes it more digestible. You're already doing this by separating your paragraph, but maybe having something such as title headers for each chunks of information would take it a step higher. For example: ...Or perhaps something similar like that. Hope I wasn't too nitpicky! Looking forward to your next entries.
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    These are very well done though I would have to say my favorite is Oshino Shinobu ones you posted. At least of the ones you shared so far.
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    It was fun seeing what kocho was like when she was younger. Clearly she admired her sister very much, as her current personality incorporates many of her traits. She’s definitely a sly one, the way she motivates Inosuke & Zenitsu to train. We also gain some insight into why her apprentice seems so withdrawn There were also a lot of laughs. Funniest moment for me was when Inosuke In many ways it felt like this week’s episode would have been a perfect stopping point for the season, but there’s one more. Wonder if it will end on a cliffhanger.
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    illusion of terror thanks for commenting
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    Finished watching Persona 4 the Golden tonight pretty proud. Its from one of my favorite lets players.
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    That evening at home in Momiji's room, the twins are playing their favorite video game: Battle Star Vikings. pew pew pew BOOOM pew pew "Momiji, do you think everyone is ok?" Haru asks as he blasts away another Troll Bomber. Boom!!! "Sure! We still have 2 Vikings and a dwarf left, and our battlecruiser hasn't taken a single hit, watch your flank!" pew pew pew Haru sighs dramatically, causing Momiji to look over with concern. In their moment of distraction, they lose their last dwarf. pew Boom! Boom! Aaaaaahhhh! Momiji pauses the game and drops the controller, "What is going on Haru?" "I'm just worried about the girls. Kagura had to go to the nurse's office and just when Sofia was starting to come out of her shell more. I don't know Momiji-kun." Momiji nods pensively. "I know!" He shouts as he smacks his fist into his open palm. "Let's get our minds off of everything! We'll invite everyone to go out for a shopping day!" Haru brightens visibly as Momiji texts everyone: Let's all go shopping this weekend! Friends day out and about! Then Momiji says, "So should we show up or should we call some of the guys they think are cute and have them show up in our place?" Haru smacks his palm into his forehead and then starts giggling uncontrollably.
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    There isn't much anime horror. im guessing its not as popular. Im also guessing that anime companies like to use the same formula as other animes. If you make something completely different it might not make money, and the company loses money. That's why you see so many slice of life, romance, harem, giant robot, shonen, and sports every month. Would be cool if they made a anime like Air Gear, but use skate boards instead of roller blades. Then again the show failed and didn't make that much money, so it might never happen. Unique animes hardly happen, like I said it could mostly cause people are scared of losing money, or not making as much as other popular animes. Though they do happen once in a while like, Trigun, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, hellsing, FLCL, serial experiments lain, paranoia agent, and jojo's bizarre adventure, but those kind of animes hardly ever happen. The creator reads American comic books, and you can tell, a lot of the characters in the show have the same powers as a lot of the X-Men characters. Even has the same story as the X-Men, kids with powers learning to control their powers and train at a school.
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    I was just kidding no worries sakura
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    Crunchyroll, Hulu & Funimation. Take your pick.
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    World War I saw many new technological advances on the battlefield. Widespread use of the submarine made open waters unsafe for civilians and navies, steel coffin tanks littered fields where crops used to grow, and eyes in the sky could see your every move. War was fought in the trenches, and once the lines were dug in, there was little movement and few gains. To break this stalemate, Russia’s high command (Stavka) was tasked with relieving stress on the Entente powers in France by increasing stress on Germany’s eastern front. The hope was to draw Central forces away from Verdun to allow for reinforcements and fortification. Two generals established plans for the Russian army: the first was GEN Alexei Evert, who proposed a defensive plan; the second was GEN Aleksei Brusilov, who proposed a full out offensive strike against the Austrian-Hungarian army. The Stavka opted to go with Brusilov’s plan, which included four separate armies comprised of smaller and more specialized units that would focus on weak points within the enemy lines. He faced a narrowly smaller Austrian force that was reinforced later by German forces. Brusilov, however, would not have any reinforcements, putting all of his reserves on the front lines with the main attacking force. With the massive entrenchments dug out and making their way towards the Austrian front, Brusilov and his armies were prepared to launch the largest Russian show of force in the entirety of World War I. His goal was effectively to launch a surprise attack across the entirety of his southwestern front towards the town of Lutsk, and to knock the Austrian-Hungarian Army out of the war entirely while siphoning off German forces from the French front. The offensive launched on 4 June 1916 with an artillery barrage against the Austrians, breaking through the lines swiftly, the Russians continued onward. This was attributed to Brusilov’s accurate assessment of weak points in the Austrian line. Keeping momentum, the Russians continued onward to recapture Lutsk by 8 June. The tremendous speed at which the Russians were making headway had staggered the Austrians, but Evert — still unsure of the success of the operation — did not advance. This caused flaws to open in the Russian advance, and allowed the Germans a chance to fill in the Austrian lines. By 20 September 1916, Brusilov’s forces had pushed to the doorstep of the Carpathians. Noting the success of Brusilov’s front, the Stavka continued to feed more men into Brusilov’s ranks and siphoning them off from Evert. This came long after Evert’s attacks had stalled earlier in the year and progress had slowed on his front. The sector of combat that was commanded by Brusilov was largely successful, but on all other fronts it faltered significantly. The offensive took its toll of roughly two million casualties over the course of four months. The losses on the side of the Russians amounted upwards of half a million. It is contended today that this offensive contributed to the collapse of the Russian Army due to the short amount of time that the losses were built. The majority of Central casualties were suffered by the Austro-Hungarian forces, which was the goal of the Russian Army. They also succeeded in forcing the Germans to cease the attack on Verdun on the western front. By these points, the Brusilov Offensive was successful. Germany, however, remained a viable enemy, and the fighting that was still to come between the last half of 1916 thru 1918 would still prove to be fierce. Historian John Keegan described the offensive in his 2000 book The First World War as: “the greatest victory seen on any front since the trench lines had been dug.” Indeed, Keegan’s description seems to accurately peg the brilliance of Brusilov’s plan, as the methods of combat used would set the stage for German tactics in their blitzkrieg battles during World War II. The same tactics that were devised by Brusilov would be used to stop the Axis Powers less than thirty years later as World War II came to a close. * This article is a reprint of a publication date 15 May 2018. It was published by the U.S. Army. I composed and edited this article prior to its forward to the printing presses on 10 May. I opted to do this reprint because I just don't have the time this evening to write up a scratch article like usual. Normal posts will return tomorrow!
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    Oh that would be awesome! I have two friends that knew each other online for a couple of years. One lived in England and the other Canada. They got close and now they are married! He moved from England to Canada and married her! I was so happy to hear that. So yea things can happen if they were meant to be.
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    just caught up with this show oh boy it good but im worried about my boar head bro he seems kinda down and out
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    Pretty awesome looking. I like the golden apple one personally for them ones I have acquired. Keep[ up the good work.
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    It depends on you, really. Some people blow through it in 6 months, some take 2 years. I will probably call into the 2 year camp. Money is also an issue, as you have to pay out of topic for the plane and fuel, and that's not cheap at all. I am at about $5500 right now.
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    I also thought her brother was her sister at first It's really hard to tell sometimes.
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    I'd definitely agree with the rushed feel of the film! It was still beautiful, just like the first, in spite of the rushed story. And the potion's draining of life makes sense. It pretty much sets up that regardless of the war's outcome, these guys...uh...aren't going to survive. I do feel the blonde demon was better rounded...but still needed a bit more development. I also thought her brother just kinda came out of the blue! I was like, what!? Or was the "chic" in the first movie who was talking to guy with TB actually her brother all along? Maybe I missed that I'm so confused! I gotta find the series somewhere, I'm sure it goes slow enough for me to comprehend
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    Finally got around to watching it. Like in the first movie, the visuals are magnificent! Just something that I noticed right at the beginning again I agree with @Blue Dragon about probably everything Still don't know most of the names as well. What I also found kind of a let down was Chizuru's role. She seemed to occupy a much more active and important part in the first movie and this movie didn't really do anything. @Blue Dragon why did they even include here, right? Generally, I thought her whole family (father and brother) could have been developed a bit more. They disappeared quite quickly. Also had hoped that more people would survive but they probably wanted to stay close to the actual history of the Shin Sen Gumi. What I did like though was that they explained quite a bit about Chizuru's father and his plan, and also about how that magic water works. I thought it was quite well made that you have to give up your life energy for it. And, I also thought it was great that they showed a lot more about the devils' side and their perspective of things. Oh, and finally they showed why the movie is called Hakuoki So, I'd say overall it was decent, but felt rushed quite often. They should have made the movie two times that length and really developed everything a lot more. But just like @Blue Dragon I think I should watch the series
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    I have an audiobook marathon of all seven books every couple of years. Harry is one spicy sassafras.
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    Well I preferred the manga, but i still really appreciate the anime. I don't really think its the BEST, but top 3 for sure. I like Naruto and Sword art online better. (Don't hate me!)
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    I may not know much about where the story goes from this point, but this was undoubtedly a pivotal moment as Tohru sees Kyo at his most vulnerable and gains some insight into why he acts the way he does.
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    Rye came from my real name and Potato is beacuse I am a potato. Not that creative actually. I do remember that I have another name here before but I forgot what it was. It was such a long time agooooo. Omg.
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    It's cool :3 I'm going to put it up on a blog anyway. It's a bit different from a Mom's since I had to drop the eggs XD But it surprisingly still works out. If you eat eggs, just replace the flax eggs with real ones :3
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    spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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    My mouth is now watering......
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    Yo! Grats on your contest winning earlier this month. What you been up to recently?
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    This thread is giving me flashbacks. When I was in about second grade we lived for a year or so in Huntsville, Alabama. Back then that was pretty deep south and the accent/slang was pretty thick. My dad was from S. Carolina so he was used to it, but my mom and my brothers and I had lived on the west coast (US) for virtually all of our lives. Fortunately kids that age learn fast so after a few months my mom developed the habit of using us kids as translators.
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    Nope.. I find your posts to be most informative, however long. So give it a try. Why not start a blog here or something
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    You caught up and are still behind
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    Just took this quiz over on Crunchyroll https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2019/09/19-1/quiz-which-pokmon-in-ash-ketchums-original-team-are-you And came up as Bulbasaur. Have to say it matched my personality better than most
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