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    two notes! 1: Voice acting is going well! Feel free to check out my CCC account if you are curious or need a VA for something 2: If you would like to commission me for anything (Be it voice acting, or the occasional pixel sprite here and there) then go check out my Ko-Fi or message me on social media (my links are on the Ko-Fi page :D) It's been a great time for my work-a-holic brain XD I'm just genuinely happy to be steadily making work, so I wanted to share it with y'all :3 Hope everyone is still being awesome, you glorious people, you!!!
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    It is actually really hard to find a profile pic in those guidelines, due to the file size limitations. Actually, when i started, i had to set my prof pic as this
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    hey and welcome to af-forums~! about the profile picture one...
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    I've been watching anime for a while but I mostly read manga. I watch/read almost every genre and my favorite mangaka is Junji Ito. Nice to meet you all
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    I've just finished episode 1. Not my typical anime as it plays out more like a movie than an anime series which kind of works due to the art style. Personally I'd like to see a bit more Japanese influence but it is Greek Mythology after all. What I will say is the soundtrack is amazing. Could be taken straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster. I'll be watching the whole series anyway. It's quite interesting.
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    Did you buy all that separately or was it part of a set? The Mishy is a nice touch.
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    Hey, I'm new here! Please just call me either Insert or Comedy, I dont need both. I'm pretty new to the forums experience, but hope to make some friends! I'm a big Jojo fan, and my favorite mangaka is yusei matsui. Also why does content need to be approved by a moderator? Is that a thing for new people?
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    Thanks! Glad to be here, and finally make weeb friends!
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    Just looked at my profile and how did i win the day on my first day lmao

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