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    So after reading @Illusion of Terra's post "Anime Forums Watching Anime Movies" It made me think it might be fun to have an Anime Forums streaming night. I often use a website called "Rabb.it" which allows someone to stream a show or movie and their friends to join and watch together. It also provides a chat box next to the movie so you can chat with your friends while watching the movie. I thought if enough people were interested it might be fun to do this one night and I'd be happy to host a movie night, or stream a show, if enough people were interested in joining and watching something together. Could probably stream for several hours with several different things to allow for people to join in at a convenient time. If you'd be interested let me know here and we can hopefully get together a movie night with enough popcorn to go around for our forums to have a little online get together ^^!
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    Thank you for the well wishes everyone. Briala made her appearance at 04:35 this morning after a 13 hour labour. I stalled at a 4 dilation for about two hours after the epidural kicked in, but after a round of pitocin I dilated from a 4-5 after one hour, then straight from 5-10 the next! Doctor was called about 03:30, when he arrived I started pushing at 04:00 and she was out in 35 minutes. For such a long labour (admittedly much of which was spent being in pain at home,) things moved very quickly in the last hour and when I held her in my arms it was like the world around me didn't matter. Doctor stitched up a tear for me and she latched with very little trouble. This whole last day and a half has been one big adventure I will never forget.
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    So I decided to make some icons for everyone that you can feel free to upload and use on the forum. If anyone has any suggestions for characters I could make in the next batch, suggestions would be very welcome since I'm not really sure what all everyone would like to see. Another problem I have is that I have noticed on Chrome icons show up on the forum as 170x170 whereas on Firefox, they show up as 110x110. So if you use a browser with a different size setting these may look a bit off since they are 170x170 but if you have that problem let me know and I can resize it so it does not lose its quality :3 ! If you use, crediting me in your sig as the maker would be appreciated, but not 100% necessary. Just please don't claim as your own :3 Yu-Gi-Oh FMA and Fairy Tail Misc.
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    Okay, here are my two. I tried to make sure they kept to a size that would fit nicely on a post. and #2.
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    Adulting 101 Hygiene Habits What in ternation is this? Fact: Most of us are adults. Fact: Adulting can be hard. Fact: Some of us welcome a little help with said adulting. This is the thought process I had when I thought of writing this little mini-series touching on skills with real-life applications. If you’re here on AF, I can only assume you love anime and that’s what you come here for. But I see it as a bit more. We are a community drawn together by that common interest, but that doesn’t mean we’re all living, breathing, consuming, and dreaming in anime at all times (unless you are an exclusively anime-fuelled cyborg, in which case I apologise profusely.) We have families to care for, careers to nurture, education to strive in, and oftentimes so little time to focus on taking care of ourselves. We are people. And if you’re anything like me, nobody taught me everything I really needed to know how to do. Maybe most of us know the basics, but chances are, there are some gaps present that we weren’t warned about. Raise your hand if your parents never taught you about lotion. (I’m sincerely imagining myself the lone soul in here doing so.) I’m one of those people. When I got kicked out of the nest I knew nothing. Sometimes you just get thrown into the deep end and you better learn how to swim. It was motivation to seek out those with answers and ask all the questions. So that’s what I did. I was that annoying little bird who sat on the shoulder of knowledgeable people and asked question after question with no shame at all. Turns out, they were more receptive to slake my thirst for knowledge in the silliest of things they reckoned my mother ought to have taught me by that age. So, going forward with the assumption that maybe I’m not the only one who faced that situation, I wanted to share what I’ve learned over some years obsessing over trying to do things right. I think I’ve got a fairly solid bank of knowledge on maintaining a healthy standard of personal hygiene. And please don’t think I’m accusing everyone of having poor standards, I’m not. I’m sure most if not all of you do just fine, in fact. But if you’re interested in expanding a bit past the basics, then read on, because you might learn something new! Disclaimers I am not a dentist, or a hygienist, and no longer hold any qualifying or valid licenses associated with the field. I am also not a beautician, nor a dermatologist. The information and advice I intend to outline in this little reference sheet are compiled from a mix of my own experiences working alongside professionals, their opinions, and my own research and personal results. Always operate under the assumption of YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) and remember that there is always a possibility that some of this may not apply to you. If you have contradictory instructions from a doctor/professional, for the love of blueberries follow their advice! Oral Health This is easily the subject I took to the quickest, with good reason. Let’s face it- whatever you believe or don’t believe in, we humans got the short end of the stick when it came to the design and efficiency of our dentition. Sharks get to enjoy multiple rows of teeth in case they break or they lose them otherwise. We get one set of primary teeth which eventually fall out when we reach a certain age, and after that, we have one shot. Our adult dentition fully erupts, usually by the time we hit puberty, and that’s all we get. Break a tooth? Bummer, it’s gone forever. A dentist can give you a list of options moving forward (bridge, implant, crown, extraction) but that tooth isn’t growing back no matter how nicely you ask the tooth fairy. The importance of proper oral hygiene is easily highlighted when you consider that once a problem has gone too far, the slope is extremely slippery and in many cases, there is little recovery that can be made, if at all. Tooth decay is a critical (and expensive,) situation you want to avoid at all costs, and many seem not to pay it the attention it deserves. People can sometimes forget (or perhaps not even be aware,) the fact that your teeth are connected to your bloodstream- and as you may know, once something is in your blood, it’s there. Bacteria in your teeth can infect your blood and lead to very serious complications including and not limited to high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. Got your attention? Good. Oral health is important, do not neglect it. • Twice A Day: You should make a point to not only brush those pearly whites twice daily (for at least two minutes,) but to floss them as well. Flossing is an important step you should not miss because a toothbrush can’t necessarily get in between your teeth where most of the food residue sits. And you should floss before you brush, because… • Spit, Don’t Rinse: Toothpaste is designed to work in contact with your dentition. Assuming you’re using a toothpaste which contains fluoride (I know what you’re thinking- yes, there exist certain ‘natural’ toothpastes which do not contain fluoride, amazingly,) then you want to allow it as much contact time as possible. This is even more important if you are brushing with soft water or water which does not contain it already. I know it doesn’t taste the best, but don’t rinse your mouth after you brush. Simply spit any excess and allow the fluoride to do its job. • When You Should Rinse: After a meal, you should wait about an hour before you brush your teeth, as doing so too soon may damage your enamel. Aren’t teeth confusing and wonderful? Instead, you can rinse your mouth with water for now, and if you’re worried about bad breath, chew some sugar-free gum! (More on that below!) • Commonly Missed Areas: There are three areas most commonly missed by the toothbrush, and it can only do good if you can remember to make contact with them: the back of your tongue, roof of the mouth, and the gingival 1/3rd of each tooth. What’s the gingival 1/3rd, you might be asking? It’s a bit of dental lingo which is referring to the very lowest point of the tooth before its roots, where it erupts from the gingiva (gums). Don’t be afraid to brush up against this part, and you may have to angle the brush down a bit to reach it. • Water Flosser: I just cannot recommend this enough. While there’s nothing wrong with using a good ol’ string to floss with, a water flosser has benefits you can’t easily dismiss once you know how they operate. One such benefit I make personal use of is the ability it has to get into superbly tough spots it would ordinarily be almost impossible to string floss. Anecdotally, I have a spot in the back of one of my second molars where the gums are raised because the wisdom tooth that was there was growing way too close to it. Because of this, the roots are exposed, unfortunately, so I have to find a way to wiggle out any food that might get trapped in that spot. There are special brushes you can manoeuvre back there, but my water flosser can flush it out with no problem (and painlessly I should add.) You can even mix a little mouthwash in these little miracle tools and floss using that! • Sugar Frequency: Here’s a commonly misunderstood concept. Sugar creates a risk for your dentition because bacteria eat the sugar, which converts it into lactic acid, which in turn erodes your teeth and creates cavities. But it’s not the amount of sugar consumption which causes problems, it’s the frequency. Say you have a 2-litre bottle of Coke. If you chug it down in under a minute, it won’t be good for your health, but your teeth are only exposed to it for a minute. It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid versus slowly peeling it off. If you have a big cup of pop you’re sipping on throughout the morning at the office, that’s near-constant exposure to sugar and acid to your teeth all morning. Not good! • And Black Coffee?: Black coffee skips the sugar part and jumps straight to the acidic part! Frequently consuming black coffee all day long can lead to problems as well. • Let Me Tell You About Xylitol: Chew sugar-free gum all you like, in fact, chew it 3-5 times a day if you prefer! Check the ingredients for your little friend xylitol, a sweetener which has been shown to have health benefits rather than health risks. It doesn’t spike your blood sugar or insulin, so it’s a great choice for diabetics. It feeds the good microbes in your digestive system. And, it turns out to be amazing for your oral health, because it acts as the world’s most enticing mouse trap for bacteria in your mouth. • Regular Visits: Don’t forget to actually visit the dentist. No matter how well you care for your teeth, you still need a hygienist to perform a routine cleaning for you every six months to help remove any buildup (calculus/tartar, which is essentially hardened plaque,) that might have slipped through the cracks, and even under your gums. The dentist will also perform a routine check of your dentition to determine if there is anything more serious which needs to be addressed. The sooner a problem is identified and treated, the better. Hair Care We can’t all have flawless, bouncing, and multicoloured locks like our favourite anime characters, but we can try, right? I’ll say this upfront, I know less about hair than I do these other two subjects, because as it turns out, it’s very rooted in chemistry, which I’m no expert in, so this bit will be regrettably shorter. The basic process for caring for hair is cleansing, conditioning, drying, and then styling. In other words the process of cleaning the hair, protecting it, drying it, and then getting it into the shape you want it to be. Fulfilling those needs in these four areas is the objective of growing a healthy mane. Healthy hair is easier to maintain when it grows out of your head in the best condition possible. For this to happen, your follicles need access to nutrients and water in your bloodstream. Basic health practices will contribute positively to the health and, consequently, look of your hair. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid highly processed grains and dairies, get exercise, and drink lots of water. Talking to a doctor will help you determine if vitamins or minerals are especially lacking in your diet, in which case there are supplements you can take to help fulfil any deficiencies. • Don’t Wash Every Day: Yep, you read that one correctly. Washing with shampoo too frequently strips the natural oils from your scalp that are produced to lubricate the hair shaft, and as a result, exposes your hair to more damaging agents. Many commercial shampoos have harsh surfactants that degrade the cuticle through abrasion and excessive oil extraction, and can even sever protein bonds in the cortex underneath. While these harsh surfactants do clean the hair better, our hair doesn't need to be cleaned that well that often. • So How Often Do You Shampoo??: Inversely, not washing your hair enough can lead to intensifying any scalp conditions you might have. Wash cycles, just like skincare, vary from person to person. Experiment with different lengths of time in between washes for a couple of weeks to see what works best for you. On off days you can keep your hair dry, wet and massage it in the shower, or wash with conditioner. • Conditioning Your Hair: Conditioners protect your locks by smoothing down the cuticle, which reduces the chance for damage, reduces moisture loss, and makes the shaft softer, easier to comb, and more manageable overall. In other words, using a conditioner is essential. What’s great about them is how versatile different types can be. Depending on what kind of hair you have, you might benefit from in-shower conditioners, leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners, or even all three. I especially encourage you to look into the benefits of a bi-weekly deep conditioner, if you’re someone who has particularly dry or rough hair. • Let’s Talk About Heat: While it may be tempting to style your hair using hot blow dryers, straighteners, or hot irons, this is also very bad for your hair and if used too frequently will cause damage. While heat styling may seem like the only way to make your hair look good right now, over time, as the condition improves, it will most likely look better without the need for it. You should try to avoid burning your hair as much as possible. • What About Air Drying?: There exists some experimental research that indicates complete air drying also damages the cell membrane between cuticle and cortex fibres. To avoid this, it is recommended you wrap your hair in a towel to soak up any excess water. • She Blinded Me With Science: According to the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, you can safely blow dry on a low heat setting after applying a heat protectant to your hair without risking damage. Its top ingredients should be non-volatile silicones, PVP/DMAPA acrylates copolymer, Quaternium 70, and/or hydrolysed wheat protein. • Using Styling Products: Since styling is a personal choice tailored to your own preference, I’m not going to presume or advise any one technique here. However, there are a couple of good thumb rules to keep in mind when deciding which products you use (or don’t use) in your hair. • Avoid Short-Chain Alcohols: The short-chain alcohols (SD alcohol, alcohol denat., propanol, propyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol) are included in some products to decrease drying time and make the product spread more easily, but they also dry out the hair by pulling out all that moisture you worked so hard to retain. Dry hair is more susceptible to breakage, damage, and frizz. • Long-Chain Alcohols: Lauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, and behenyl alcohol. These are long-chain molecules that act like conditioners by smoothing the hair cuticle. Just be careful not to use too much, as that can make the hair feel weighed down and greasy. Silicones have the same conditioning effect, but can be more difficult to wash out and therefore can build up over time with undesirable consequences. Skin Care Yes, here we are, we made it to the last section. I may be a bit of a dental nerd, but a few of you may have picked up before, my true passion lies in skincare. The crazy thing about skincare is how utterly, dangerously addicting it can be- especially once you start finding a routine which works for you and your skin type. See, the thing that makes this so complicated is that our skin can be as unique as our own fingerprints. Some of us have excess oil, for some it’s too dry. We might have what’s called combination skin, where it’s dry in one spot, acne-prone along our jawline, and oily on our forehead! Our skin is susceptible to outside influences such as hormones (pregnancy glow my butt,) abrasion, scarring, acne, chemical burn, diet and hydration, and of course the biggest offender, UV light. I could sincerely write a whole standalone guide on skincare routines, and I just might at some point, but unfortunately, we’re going to have to settle for some basics and essentials, because that’s what this particular thread is about. • YMMV: I cannot stress this enough when it comes to skin. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. If you want to get serious about taking care of your face, the most important first step is identifying your skin type(s). As stated above, determine if you have oily, dry, acne-prone, sensitive, normal, or combination skin before investing in products to treat them. There are lots of resources on the net on how this can be done, so hop on a search engine and get this process going. • Patch Test: Riding off the above, always, always patch test a new product before fully integrating its use. Patch testing means to apply a very small amount to a small area of skin (big enough you’ll feel it) and wait to see how your skin takes to it. Note that some products may take hours, some may take days to show changes. If you are testing for an allergic reaction, you should do this behind your ear for 3-5 minutes. If you have any adverse reaction, rinse it immediately and discontinue use. • The Standard: No matter your skin type, the most basic outline of a routine will look like this: cleanse, actives, moisturise, SPF, in that order. There is a reason this order is in place. Cleansing does exactly what you expect- it clears the skin of sweat, leftover product, oil, dirt, and prepares the skin for any actives or treatments you may be using. Actives aren’t going to work very well if all that residue is in the way- they need as much access to your dermis in order to be the most effective. Moisturising is an essential step in that it nourishes your skin and balances skin concerns such as dryness and oiliness. SPF should always be applied lastly, because it works by literally creating a barrier between your precious skin and the harmful rays of the sun. And don’t forget- you can and should also apply SPF to your lips! • I’m Going Outside Today: Great! Apply SPF. • But It’s Raining: Apply. SPF. • The Sun Isn’t Out, Why Worry?: S. P. F. • What If I Want To Go Beachbumming And Get A Tan?: If you really must, a tan as gradually as possible is best. Do not burn. The more sunburns you get in a lifetime will increase your risk for skin cancer. Once again, use sunscreen. • The Moisture Barrier: You’ve probably heard of this term- “baby smooth skin”. Plump, smooth, and soft. This is an example of a perfectly intact moisture barrier. It is the topmost layer of skin which is made up of lipids which protect you from bacteria or otherwise harmful environmental invaders. And sadly, it can be damaged. If your skin feels dry, tight, itchy, sensitive, or flaky, you probably have a compromised moisture barrier. Eliminating the source of the problem and treating your skin like it belongs to a baby will allow your moisture barrier to repair itself over time. • How Does This Happen?: There are a concerning number of things which can damage your moisture barrier. You can easily find a more detailed list with a Google search, but some of the top culprits are: exfoliating too often, cleansing your face with hot water, not using SPF, drinking alcohol, skipping moisturiser, aging, and harsh cleansing products (ever see a product such as a bar of soap advertised as suitable for ‘hands, face, and body?’ Yeah- do not put this anywhere near your face. I’m internally screaming just thinking about this.) • Shaving Of The Face: There’s good news for those with facial hair to groom- you can totally shave without worrying it will cause damage to your skin, provided you are not reckless in doing so. It’s a good idea to do so after cleansing, as this helps soften the hair which in turn will result in a more deliberate and easy stroke. Avoid pulling the skin too tight, and shave in the direction of hair growth - shaving against the grain may lead to a closer shave, but it can increase the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs, which nobody likes. • The Post-Shave: Avoid aftershaves with menthol or short-chain alcohol (SD alcohol, denatured alcohol/alcohol denat. and isopropyl alcohol) as this could dry out and irritate your skin. If you’re somebody who is prone to post-shaving acne or experience irritation, you can try using a BHA active after shaving to help reduce the negative effect. And remember to always moisturise! • Drying Skin: After a shower/bath or after cleansing your face, you’ll probably want to dry it. It’s generally a good idea to pat your skin down with a towel rather than abrasively rubbing it against your skin. I know it may seem silly, but it’s the little things. • Stay Hydrated: This is just good advice all around. Drink water. There are countless benefits to simply drinking water, and you should strive to drink at least 1.5 litres (or around 48oz) a day, in fact. Well folks, that’s about all I can think of right now. I hope even if you already follow some healthy routines, reading this far can help reinforce good habits. I do have another topic in the works and while I’m personally only tackling subjects I feel I know enough about to offer solid advice on, I want to encourage anyone who reads this message to share their real-world know-how as well. This can be as simple as basic DIY automotive maintenance or a how-to on organising your closet- if you know how it’s done, take the time to write up a tutorial on it. Chances are, someone will appreciate the tips! As a friendly parting PSA, always remember to practice good hand hygiene! Hands are the #1 vehicle in which illnesses are spread, and because it’s so easy to simply take a couple of minutes to wash your hands with soap and hot water, there’s just no reason to skip this simple and effective action. Wash your hands after leaving the washroom, when caring for a sick person, before handling food, and before and after touching babies. There’s never a bad time to wash your hands, really. Not spreading germs benefits yourself and everyone around you. Just do it!
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    Hi My user is unconfirmed you can call me un. I like yuri anime! I am pretty shy when im meeting people irl and sometimes online as well. I have two birds and one dog and i love them (They are my children) Ive been watching anime for over a year now, I hope we can all be friends.
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that in the coming days you will see some updates to the forum pages. I'd like to add in some different sub forums in the Anime section, and General section as well as reorganize the forums a tad. Bear with me, everything will have its place soon. I hope that you all enjoy the new layout and find it conducive to the conversations we all have going on here. I have also recently been doing a few updates, you'll notice some new features on the text editors, as well as updates to the tagging system, as it will now allow you to attach a "spoiler" prefix tag to your future posts. If you have any recommendations for more tags to be added, drop them in the Tag suggestion page. Thanks, Seshi
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    First of all, I just wanna thank the people I followed here for posting status updates cause it weren't for you I wouldn't have any notifications here! Might be active for the next two weeks here. Waah, Definitely old but hey, The Potato /Pudding Ambassador is Back!
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    Hi, I'm a newbie here and I'm looking to find people who want to get along, exchange an interest in Amine and just maybe talk? I still do not know how this website works but maybe somebody will reply, haha. What is your favourite type of anime? What is your all time favourite MANGA? I watch anime for a long time. I'm not like a crazy obsessed fangirl but I truly love it. Sometimes I feel lost in the community, because I do not know all the meanings of some categories and tend to feel shy that I enjoy watching school themed romantic animes most of the time ( Maybe it is lame in this community?I do not know. What are your thoughts?) I have never found my place in the world but Anime really comforts me so I'm looking for some international friends
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    Hello everyone, I'll bet most of you have noticed me greeting our new members with a welcome banner from time to time. I really enjoy this and I'd like to add some banners to my greeting repertoire So, for the purpose of seeking new, beautiful welcome banners, I've created this contest. Rules: Submit up to 2 anime themed banners If one submission by a single artist wins, they win overall. It only takes 1 winning submission to qualify you as a contest winner. Max Dimensions 500x200px 2 Possible Contest Winners Deadline for submissions 10 August, 2019 Prizes: +150 Points for entering First Place 1,500 Points Second Place 1,000 Points Guaranteed use of your GFX in an official capacity for A-F! By entering this contest you relinquish your rights to the GFX submitted over to A-F Staff for the purpose of website advertisement and welcoming new members.
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    Hello, I'm new to Anime Forums, so far this seems like a very nice place.
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    Hi I'm happy to be here. I love anime/manga
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    Hiiii @unconfirmedand welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time and enjoy yourself here, meeting new friends should be easy since everyone is pretty great here ; D What are your favorite animes you've watched and what kind of birds do you have? ( I luv birbs ). If you need anything or have any questions my inbox is always open~!
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    I've already posted one, but this was too cute to pass up. (Speaking of the dog of course )
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    I am new to this forum and I would love it to introduce myself to everyone. We are two young girls who came together under the name Matakenuva. We wish to make a living with our passion for anime and manga, so we decided to delicate ourself to make our dream of becoming mangakas true and to have our manga animated. We know it sounds stupid but we decided to go this path and decided to accept this hurdle. We thought joining this forum could help us to interact with people who loves anime and manga’s like us and this might help us to come up with story’s. But the real problem is drawing
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    Hey there! I've always enjoyed watching anime, but I wanted to try getting more involved in the community. I don't know many people who I can nerd out with about anime and manga's. I also really want to start cosplaying sometime in the near future, any help or tips with that would be greatly appreciated! Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this lol.
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    If you’ve been following my recent posts, you’ll know this series has become one of my obsessions. The premise is that eight teenagers, (each specializing in a particular genre of online gaming) are abducted and forced to complete a series of challenges which are streamed live. Their masked host informs that they will remain trapped until they can accumulate 100 million views. The things that stand out immediately are the weird setting where realistically impossible things happen frequently and the smart-alecky banter between the characters (kinda like Haruhi Suzimiya). While the initial impression of the series is comedic, the more it progresses the more mystery, suspense & psychological it becomes. It’s becoming increasingly clear that the various characters have their own secrets and in at least one case it makes him/her potentially dangerous. I realize that this series is under most people’s radar. But I think @Castigear has watched a couple episodes & @LonelyPoet mentioned the manga it is based on. I thought I would see if there’s enough interest to justify a discussion or at least recommend checking it out to my fellow forum members because I’m enjoying it a lot. Here in the US you can find the dub on Funimation (the version I’m following) and the subtitled version on Hulu. Let me know what you think.
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    Welcome everyone! Come on in and cast your votes for the winner of this years "welcome banner" competition using the voting poll. The entrants each won 150 points today, but the two entrants with the most votes will be awarded 1,500 & 1,000 points respectively. They will also have their banners posted in rotation to welcome new members to the forum, and on our Twitter profile. So your votes here will reflect your interest in giving our new members a warm welcome, and we appreciate that. The voting polls are open! Cast away Voting for your own GFX is allowed. Thank you again for all of the participants, and thank you all for helping us choose our new welcome banners. Entry #1 Entry #2 Entry #3 Entry #4 Entry #5 Entry #6 Entry #7
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    Although I'm new here but I'm really curious what is/are the reason/reasons why you watch anime? I think it is important to hear each others stories because people ( who do not understand anime) in real life most of the time think about those who watch Anime that they are like some outsiders or strange, or have some issues? You know there are a lot of stereotypes about anime lovers. Do you think it is true that anime watchers have some common characteristic or a reason behind why they spend lots of time sitting by the screen watching moving drawings ( as some people say) ? I think it would be an interesting discussion: why you watch anime, how you see yourself as a person when you love animations, manga and Japanese culture and what most popular stereotypes you've heard about US? Hope someone is willing to talk, haha. Myself, sending a lot of encouragement to all of us who love Anime and think it is beautiful art! We are cool, we are a strong and friendly community and we are not that weird haha ( sometimes..) !
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    I made this before current names are Mint and Toffee
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    I used to read review and check out the ratings before I watch any anime. This helps me choose a good fish in a large ocean but at the same time it makes me miss underrated animes. but recently I’ve started watching old animes that are underrated and most of them turned out great. For example, mirai Nikki and the promised neverland. I want to hear your opinion on this.
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    Sleep deprived but loving the cuddles
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    Hi everyone, Welcome! To the first event planning thread for A-F Movie Night! Here we will discuss what movie(s) we would like to see together, as well as planning a time. I have our first poll set up, to determine which time zones we are going to be geared toward for our viewings. We can have more than one viewing to suit those who may be left out of a certain time, so don't worry, we will do our best to include everyone. (If I have left out your time zone, please inform me ASAP so I can update the poll). @Asuna Yuki has volunteered to host this event on Rabb.it, since this brilliant thing was her idea We may need 1 additional volunteer to host from an opposite time zone. We will see depending on how diverse our time zones end up being. Lets get started! Please submit your movie suggestions below, and once enough suggestions are made, I will add a poll for us to decide on a movie together.
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    Well this is understandable because nobody really would be willing to watch an anime with so many episodes like OP unless he fully commits himself to watch only that. I have realized over the years that I tend to "put an anime on hiatus" unconsciously, in particular with long running shounen anime where slow pacing plots/arcs can kill the whole thing. Whereas 12 episodic anime, f.e are more forgiven, as far as the anime studio adapts it accordingly. Vinland Saga for instance did the anime adaptation fairly well. I have read the manga to 50 chapters (which would be equal to 24+ episodes and even more, no idea how they are planning to fit it into 24 episodes) but the first chapter of the manga is different to what we see in the anime. The Anime Studio decided to follow a linear storyline, what you would normally see in the first episodes could have been "flashbacks" of Thorfinn's childhood if they decided to follow the original manga. Anyways. I digress but yeah maybe give Black Clover another try and watch it dubbed if you want to. Normally, not a fan of dubs but the dub version for B.C is better than sub.
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    This super cute series has been a nice change of pace for me. I’m enjoying the characters personalities and the relatability of this premise to my life. Initially, I thought “oh, this is just an adventuring series that made up an excuse to use a loli character”... But now I can see that it’s much more than those two things. It seems that the story line is solid, and the integration of the daughter as a character with potential and depth is more reason for me to take the series seriously. I’m enjoying this very much as someone with a daughter of my own, and some very cute and relatable moments have made me cherish our relationship while watching this anime. Anyone else watching? =3
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    I don't tend to look at reviews and rating for anything. I just look for things that I think I would like and watch it. I also browse anime forums around the internet for suggestions or just get recommendations from friends for different things too.
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    Youtubers in general get a lot of crap. In the anonymity of the internet, hateful people unleash their fingers in a tempest of obnoxious fury every day. If you really want to be a Youtuber, grow a thick skin and don't read the comments. The likes and subscribers number is all that matters.
  28. 4 points
    I love to watch anime obviously and I'm actually planning on starting a youtube channel about anime, My waifu was Ryuko Matoi but after I learned of Himiko Toga my mind is scrambled!
  29. 4 points
    Hello. I’m a long-time pegasister who’d like to get into anime as well. I’m totally new to the anime scene but thought this would be a good place to get a good head start in this fandom. Everyone tells me I should start with evangelion? Idk do you guys have any anime suggestions for someone new to the fandom? As for a little about myself....I’m a college student currently residing in the sunny state of Florida, USA. I love animals so I am pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. I also love music, music producing, voice acting, and am an aspiring backyard mechanic. Don’t know if you guys heard about a place called MLP Forums. I’ve been a member there since 2016 am now a sectional moderator on that forum. Anywho...nice to meet y’all and I can’t wait to get started in anime!
  30. 4 points
    Been labouring for about 8 hours, just got my epidural. This is really happening!!
  31. 4 points
    Hey there! Soooo...dunno why it took me so long to decide to join an anime forum. Life got busy and I didn't realize how out of touch I was with the anime scene until some of my otaku friends were talking about stuff I'd never heard of. So...I hope I'm not totally out of place here cause I feel I *may* be older than a lot of the people. Maybe not? But I want to check out some new animes and manga and get back into it I tend to like the fantasy genre, and that's what I make my own comic about. Love love love Sailor Moon, the first part of Fushigi Yuugi, Rg Veda, Saiyuki/Saiyuki Reload, Bebop, and a ton of older anime. I'm open to suggestions for new ones. Anything resembling Record of Lodoss War would be great, too. Hope this wasn't too long. I realize no one probably cares about a newby X'D
  32. 4 points
    yo im new here i love anime of all kind from masterpieces like made in abyss and your name to trash like highscool dxd umaru
  33. 4 points
    The director of Dragon Maid S1, Lucky Star (post-Yamakan), Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Hyouka and more, has been confirmed dead by his family. As far as I know, two other KyoAni staff members have been confirmed dead by family, Sachie Tsuda and Naomi Ishida. Sachie did animation, painiting and special effects for KyoAni. Naomi was colouring lead for Hyouka and Haruhi. It seems staff from studio 1, where the fire occurred, have returned to work . Which is incredibly fast, after such a tragedy. Mr. Hatta, president of KyoAni, has made two official statements, as far as I know: - Demolishing the ruined building, and making a park in its place, with a memorial. - A thanks to (international) fans, and that he wants to continue to deliver animation that inspires, fosters dreams and hopes. A slightly different translation of part of Mr. Hatta's statement was made on reddit, which might make the last paragraph a bit clearer News directly regarding their works: The Violet Evergarden movie isn't being delayed, according to a tweet. The account is now private, though. The main server looks externally unscathed. Not known yet if the insides are fine. I'm not sure if there's more, other than the fundraiser, and KyoAni accepting direct donations through a bank account. They have to take their time, to mourn, recover and get into a rhythm again. We might not see anything new by them for a while, which is perfectly understandable/ Under The Scope (anime youtuber), made a video about KyoAni after the fire. I though it was beautiful, might be worth a watch.
  34. 4 points
    Apparently Yeet is out now... I Haven't heard it in a while now.. That didn't last long. Probably stopped when that video came out and told everyone on earth about it.
  35. 4 points
    Hi! @Blue Dragon and welcome ^^ I hope you have a great time here and you should be able to catch up on anime here lol. I'm Sofi~ nice to meet you ;D
  36. 4 points
    Two sentence horror stories generally creep me out and I've read some pretty good ones online so I wanted to create a thread for us to share ours here on the forum because I haven't seen a thread for this yet. So if you have one, whether it's one you found online that particularly creeped you out, or one you wrote yourself, share it here so we can all share in never sleeping again ;D My personal favorites are: "Please mommy, let us in!" they screamed outside the house. Meanwhile inside the house, a terrified woman desperately tried to call the police, unable to comprehend why those men were wearing the faces of her dead kids as masks. I was video chatting and dropped my phone on the floor, as I picked it up my husbands face had changed. He held his hands to his lips as if saying be quiet and to my horror, he wrote, "there's a man under your bed." A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the top of the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, "I heard it too honey." I always thought my cat had a staring problem - she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me. So what are your favorites? ^^ And also, if you have a creepy story that's a little longer than the 2 sentence horror stories, feel free to post that too.
  37. 4 points
    I don't have any to add that are unique off the top of my head, but I do remember one that freaked me out. One late night, I heard my mom call me from downstairs. When I opened my door, my mom was crouched on the floor and shushed me, "don't go down there, I heard it too."
  38. 4 points
    Old Disney movies! The Fox and the Hound, Homeward Bound (I even bought the VHS tape to watch recently) and today I’m going to see the new Lion King Stand by me is also another one that is nostalgic for me for the reasons you’ve listed, along with The Sandlot - I used to play a lot of sandlot baseball as a kid, so the memories are great. I’d recommend watching the movie “The Mid 90s” for all the 90s skaters out there. It was a good time to be a hoodlum
  39. 4 points
    Usually in subs. I don't think all dubs are bad though some are done pretty good and I guess there isn't much difference in it for me.
  40. 4 points
    This is a nice idea, it's always nice to see what the people you talk to every day look like (: Here's mine ^^
  41. 4 points
    I posted one of this same series a while ago, but I don't remember if it was this specific one. The nice thing about working for the Army: Explosions, guns, BIGGER GUNS, and very rare guns...(and explosions).
  42. 3 points
    Hi! I’ve never joined a forum so this is my first time posting on one but I’ve been wanting to find some friends to chat with about anime and such. So here I am! I will be looking forward to chatting!
  43. 3 points
    welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
  44. 3 points
    @Scarlet Thunderstormz Greetings, welcome to Anime Forums, I bid you a pleasing time.
  45. 3 points
    I have used rabbit before, it's a neat site! I like that you can chat with everyone else watching the stream and it doesn't interrupt the film.
  46. 3 points
    Oh wow, reading all these classics is bringing back so many memories, it's making me feel old
  47. 3 points
    Hey there and welcome to the community.
  48. 3 points
    You can find a whole bunch of these online if you search "two sentence horror stories" they are pretty popular! I love reading them when I get in bed at night (because that 100% help you sleep lolll). They give me just the right amount of creeped out without feeling like I need to get up and inspect the closets for creepys I've already read some funny ones too like: "I finally got into a comfortable and warm position under my bed covers. I then realized I had to pee." @Glitter Spring - I like that! That is creepy
  49. 3 points
    Omg Seshi Congrats on being community manager
  50. 3 points
    I’ve never been an advertiser of my fandoms. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I’ve just always been a plain Shirts kind of guy

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