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    "As a clown, he was always so overjoyed to see their little faces light up! ....After all, it took a lot of children's faces to make a decent lamp-shade."
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    Yo, I'm awesomedude20, as you can clearly read next to this post. I'm your anime curator! Technically! Waiting on the Anime tab to get some work done. AAAANYWAYS, being the anime curator, naturally, I know anime stuff. Feel free to ask for recs, I kinda live for that sorta thing, though entirely expect to get Senki Zesshou Symphogear, like you shouldn't even be surprised. But yeah, hope to meet folks around the forum and whatnot!
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    So, the past year or so I’ve noticed more anime movies (not just Ghibli) getting showings at nearby theaters. Granted, many were just a single showing on a weekday night, but was wondering if other members here had taken advantage and what they thought of the experience. For me, I saw the My Hero Academia movie & Promare and am planning to see the Konosuba movie in November. Sadly, I don’t really have any IRL friends who are into anime, but it’s still fun reacting along with everyone else to what’s happening on screen. And while the theaters hadn’t been packed it’s still drawn a decent audience, again given the strange show times.
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    Either short or long-term, I always find myself working toward the next benchmark in life. Often it can be as simple as getting a room organised or completing a writing project. And sometimes it's as big as paying off a debt, making a big purchase, or moving up the ladder career-wise. Have you got any ongoing goals? Let's talk about them.
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    I've written a segment about my less than wholesome vision of tooth fairies in a fanfic once, it came to mind. I faced the same problem though- it's hard to capture the horror they could potentially be in just two sentences.
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    For everyone's peace of mind I made it through my [email protected]
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    Tired, but positively elated~ Got scoped today and it turns out although I will need a major surgery within a few years most likely, I will not need to have my stomach removed which is just an enormous relief. I don't mind losing bits and pieces here and there, but I kinda like having my stomach~
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    My favorite line is " Hell looks so far away from so high ". Makes me think about people judging those they see beneath them. That it's easy to disassociate and blame...when you yourself are not crawling in the mud
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    There's been a few anime which I've cried over, but the one that hit me like a ton of bricks was "A Silent Voice".
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    Unfortunately I don't have what it takes what you are asking, but @Xyro is really great at pixel art, so if he doesn't have too much to do with his own project, maybe he might look into it? On another note, are you using MV?
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    I would not try to write when you have bad writers block. All its going to do in the end is frustrate you. You should however do a crap ton of reading. Reading others stories is one of the best way to derive inspiration for your own. Another really good thing to do is watch a series with a mindset of a it telling a story. That will put you in the story telling mood yourself. When watching focus on the the story unfolding in terms of its process rather then the plot itself. This will put you in the structural writing mood. Once your back in the mood then you can begain to work on your own plot for your story and the rest comes down to writing it. Hope this helps you out, and best of luck.
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    I don't go in for those animes with hundreds of episodes anyway. 2 or 3 filler eps and I drop it. I don't see how people can stick with a series for that long without some sort of ending/closure. I'm also a binge-watcher and usually I don't start watching a series until it is already over. I'd be highly unlikely to even start something like Naruto or DBZ.
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    Do you have pet(s)? Want to show them off? Share a story about their day? Pets are a part of the family, too, so let's make them a part of the AF family. I'll start by introducing my lil boy Mustang. He's a year old today. He's a little booger but he's good with the baby so we let him stay here.
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    Hmmmm…the traits they pulled were interesting at least. Just not entirely sure I agree with them using a trait rather than a sample of questions. I feel like you'd get better results with that.
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    I really like all of these anime hairstyles:
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    i like kakashi's hair style from the kid series of Naruto i don't really like dragon ball hair styles that much
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    spent a lot of time doing writing over the last day or so, and been a little head-coldy, so haven't really had the time to do anything decent. but instead, I did try and make a little sketchy-sketch, so made this; I kinda get animation, but don't at the same time. still learning though ;-;
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    Well, I'll start things off with a little mini Toga. Only really just starting to learn how to do pixel art really, so I thought it was an ample excuse to make something :3 although go easy on me ;-; (One big one and one small one)
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    Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to post our current anime collections that we cherish. Heres my small and humble collection: Still doesn’t even fill one shelving unit but I can’t wait to expand it! Please show us your current anime set-up!
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    I am, though I'm at work at the moment and tonight's been pretty wacky. Taking a break in our private room, which coincidentally is in the LDR hall and got to listen to another babe being born. Thankfully I am certain this baby is more on the cute end and less on the terrifying end.
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    America had kind of the same problem, they were under paying writers, until they went on strike.
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    I am currently rewatching Naruto Shippudden, I'm on episode 280
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    @WedgyFrom about episode 2 on unfortunately. I like exploring different genres. And a series has to be really awful for me to one-and-done it. Though there are a couple I doubt will even make it to the 3 episode rule.
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    Sorry for the lack of... Well, anything really been super buisy what with uni work and other stuff. Anywho, I'm going to likely be doing some more pixel art soon to post, but today I'll probably be buisy with birthday stuffs, so ya can expect to see (maybe) more from me again some time soon! (I hope. I miss posting ;-;)
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    Okay, Keiko-san. Yes, karaoke and reading the lyrics does improve all aspects of learning the language. It helps tremendously with your pronounciation, bringing it closer to their native style of talking. Reading and writing are also improved because the lyrics help you learn more words, their meaning and the different forms they're used in. Kanji is the most difficult part of the whole language, I guess. I often get the complex ones mixed up, or sometimes their meanings get jumbled up. I do need to practise though. Okay, thank you Keiko-san.
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    Kabaneri of the Iron Fortess is on Prime and has some similarities to Demon Slayer. Just a single cour too. Follow up movie is on Netflix. If you’re looking for something more upbeat, the first cour of Carole & Tuesday is on Netflix. Second cour is on Christmas Eve.
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    Tea slimes are quite a specific one, but are actually fairly common among many space-bound traveling murchents and scouting parties, as well as gourmet coffee shops and even as expensive pets. Instead of having to package and use tea, "tea slimes" are born when their seedling is taken and grown inside of a vat of tea (always cold, since too high of a temperature would boil them. However, the type of tea will always vary based on what the company/farmer of the tea slime wants) After a few months, the seedling will either take the form of; a bacterial slime, which will produce a very fine tea when sustained with water (while also lasting a very long time before the slimes gain inpuraties, at which point they are taken and made into seedlings to be used to repeat the process) Or a animalistic slime. While for a lot of people and companies this is unintentional, but some do intentionally grow tea slimes to be like common pets, like dogs or cats. While they Re typically just blobs with little ears and big eyes, they are expensive pets, as they take years to grow, and if treated nicely, will produce tea over time for their owners on command. A little gross to think about deeply, but it's considered a "delicacy". Still, while it's rare for a humanoid variant of tea slime to occurs, it has happened on rare occasions. As per the norm, in larger societies, the humanoid tea slime has to either be adopted by the owner, or given to the correct government services to be raised and looked after, since they usually have humanoid rights and whatnot. Still, the brass tax, tea slimes are unique because; *They are, by all intensive purposes, domesticated slimes *They can come in animal, bacterial and humanoid variants. Although humanoid variants are usually on accident, and as such are a very big grey zone within the tea-slime farming industry. Most will usually be taken away and looked after by the correct authorities u till they are old enough to make their own way in society *They all produce tea when given water. Usually piping hot, and varies depending on the type of tea. Usually used on traveling traditional murchents or military ships, since they can make tea slimes with herbal remedy teas to utalise them as effective herbal releife ...Still, hope that at least answers that. Not overly detailed, but that's the general idea of them.
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    I've already been test baking the things I'm going to make on Halloween. That purple monster oozing jam is something I made with my little cousin. This month is going to be really busy. I'm doing a Halloween VIP thing for SeaWorld this weekend. Apparently, there's five different haunted house events I'll be going through and a vampire bar (which sounds pretty interesting). Next weekend, I'm doing a Fright Night event at Six Flags. After that, I'm doing a Murder Mystery Haunted Train ride. It sounds fun. I'll have no idea who the actors are among my group and we get a three course meal. We also get to stop at some historical places where various murders supposedly happened. Naturally, I'm going to be too exhausted to do anything major on Halloween day itself. Last year I made my own costume (Krampus inspired). This year I'm dressing as Robin from Stranger Things for the simplicity.
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    Watched episode 13 today which was actually the first episode of the 2nd cour. Wow, I did not recognize Skeladd at the beginning of the episode at all. Actually confused me because back then he looked almost identical to Thorfinn now. The reveals about who he is wasn’t surprising since the earlier hints made it pretty obvious. And I honestly have to say he’s the series best character at this point. I’ll be putting this series on hold for awhile since my free trial of Prime is ending and this was the only show I’d been watching on Amazon. Will definitely binge later though.
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    I'd suggest checking out Big O as well. It's from the same era as Trigun so she'd probably enjoy it. The first season is episodic but the second season has a more continuous overarching storyline and drops the episodic mess. Outlaw Star is also from that era and would be a great pick for any night.
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    Reading this particular poem made me think... I sincerely do not regret creating this club. I've gotten to see plenty of insightful words and tales like this one.
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    holy guacamole, just saw the first dubbed episode of Nichijou. I didn't even know there was a dub. Gotta say, it is insanely different from the Japanese version! I knew dubs could change a lot but it really shows with Nichijou
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    This is one of the best poems n this entire club, just absolutely amazing! I feel every word of this poem, beautiful; thank you for sharing.
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    Oh, there's so many of them! However, one stands out to me strongly. It's an anime called Kanon, based on a visual novel. I won't spoil anything for anyone reading this, but there was a certain part with this character (who I love tremendously) that still makes me cry even though I've seen the anime many, many times.
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    It was March. I was walking from my car into my building at work - Monday of Mondays. I had in my hand a grocery bag full of Bubl'r drinks and yogurt. My lunch for the upcoming days, since I was trying not to run all over the place for lunch at this time. It was about 40 some degrees that morning, but in the shade it was still well below freezing. My shoes were flat bottomed, no tread. I was walking up the sidewalk and came across a wet spot (3 foot by 2 foot) - except the wet spot was still ice. I slipped, fell, and slit my hand and wrist wide open - bled everywhere. Spilled all my yogurt. Sad face I looked around frantically to make sure there was no one around to see me. Thankfully not. I rushed inside to clean my hand up, and then just went on about my day. But I was still very sad that I lost all my yogurt.
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    I think my first anime crush was either Tai Kamiya from Digimon or Bakura from Yugioh, I can't really remember which exactly lol.
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    I have always preferred to buy anything in bulk or in its complete collection rather then individually. This includes DVDs I guess it just makes me feel more accomplished.
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    Thank you ^^ I find I like the eldritch far more then most other things... On the flip-side, I can also draw really cute things well..... I really want to eventually make really creepy and cute things, all as one. A unified cuteness, glorified in eldritch horror. That, is the goal. A simple one, but one I shall strive forward for and clasp within my arms... So yeah, long story short, thanks Wedgy
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    Introduction Most recently, the tale of Quetzalcoatl was brought to my attention in a setting where I was not expecting. Far detached from the legends, Quetzalcoatl has fallen into a legacy of mismatched history. This is an unsettling trend that seems to be rampant in the history of Mesoamerica. From the destruction of Tenochtitlan by the construction of Mexico City, to the incorporation of sacred lands of Teotihuacan, Mesoamerica faces a grim future in the realm of history. The destruction of history, sadly, is not limited to just the physical manifestations, but also to the legends and the tales that stem from a culture long lost. In this take on Mesoamerica, we will be focusing on the chief deity of Nahua: The Winged Feathered Serpent Himself, Quetzalcoatl. Geographic Origins Quetzalcoatl's origin traces to the ancient city of Teotihuacan (Tay-oh-tee-wa-kahn) around the first century BCE. It is situated north-northeast of the ancient city of Tenochtitlan (Ten-o-chu-teet-lahn) - the modern day Mexico City. The modern geographic association with the city of Teotihuacan is approximately near San Juan, about half way between Meixco Highway 132 and 132D in the greater Mexico City metropolitan area. Teotihuacan's ancient geography, however, was dominated by the presence of a dormant volcano situated at the rear of the town. There were a series of chief pyramids and temples that were constructed along a main-roadway that curved in multiple dimensions (X & Y). This road was called the Avenue of the Dead, and it was the central way of commerce through the main square of the city. Two chief pyramids were located on this highway, the Pyramid of the Sun, and the Pyramid of the Moon. The third temple, was the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, later to be known as Quetzalcoatl. Placement The Feathered Serpent has no fewer than twenty different annotations and depictions across all of the Mesoamerican region and culture. This includes murals, sculptures, and scripture (to include codex, almanacs, and pottery). The Feathered Serpent varies in rank within the pantheon of Mesoamerican deities, depending on the era and culture that is being examined. In some instances, he is interchangeable between two other gods within the polytheistic pantheon. In other's - as Quetzalcoatl - he is the sole divine entity, above all other spirits in a monotheistic structure. In every case of the Feathered Serpent, or Quetzalcoatl's depiction, he has divine status that he often holds on his own. The Feathered Serpent appears in several name definitions: Quetzalcoatl (as most associated with the Mexican (Meh-she-cah) Aztecs), Kukulkan, and Tohil. The Serpent The serpent was a legendary creature to the Nahua people. It was a manifestation of the ups and downs in life in all of it's forms: happiness and sadness; grief and triumph; nourishment and depravity; flourishing and depletion. As such, the serpent was seen as the life cycle of life, and the Feathered Serpent was the chief deity to guide souls along this path from birth to the grave and beyond. The Nature of Quetzalcoatl For the purposes of this topic, we will focus on Quetzalcoatl specifically. Depending on which legend is referenced, Quetzalcoatl was born between a union of the God of Hunting, and the Goddess of Fertility. He had at least one sibling, who was the God of Death - for this reason, Quetzalcoatl is often attributed as the God of Life. In the astrological study, Quetzalcoatl aligns with the Planet Venus. By nature, he is seen as an even tempered deity that commands the wind, and also provides knowledge. The implications of Quetzalcoatl's status as the distributor of knowledge, suggests that he is the deity to appear to shaman's during ceremonies. Most often in these ceremonies, shaman would communicate with the souls of the dead or a liaison thereof that took the form of a feathered serpent. Quetzalcoatl appears both as a feathered serpent, but also has a humanoid form. He is often seen with a large headdress, fully decked out in jade - a highly sought after rock found in the region. His full regalia would have closely resembled what tribal leaders would wear. He carries a spear, similar to an atlatl throwing device. In all zoomorphic depictions, Quetzalcoatl and his similar cousins all are depicted as feathered serpents that share a rainbow coloration. Most of these depictions retain the headdress on the serpent to establish legitimacy of Quetzalcoatl's status as a deity. Worshiping Methods As with many Mesoamerican religions, the worship of Quetzalcoatl involved some physical attributes. This varied in ways from purpose to purpose and tribe to tribe. The most frequent form of worship was through the means of mutilation (sorry readers, but it was usually genital mutilation). Sacrifices were uncommon, but sometimes practice, largely varying on the ailment and tribe. Typical interactions utilized various herbs and beverages to push a shaman into a psychedelic state. The most common was smoke inhalation. Other methods included the ingestion of psychedelic mushrooms. Attributes In Aztec culture, Quetzalcoatl is the boundary between the Earth and the heavens. As such, he has direct control over anything that rides on the wind, including the position of the Sun, Moon, and stars; heat and cold; rain and drought. This coincides with the depiction of him serving as the God of Wind. However, in other depictions, Quetzalcoatl may direct rain, but it is up to another God or Goddess to provide whatever is on the wind. For example, in Mayan culture, the Moon Goddess (also referred to as Goddess O) was the one who brought rains. In none of the depictions of Quetzalcoatl is he depicted as particularly vengeful or wrathful, excluding the militant depictions of him. However, it is still not confirmed if these depictions are of Quetzalcoatl or another feathered serpent deity, such as Xolotl. Conclusions This essay was not designed to make claims to the validity of Quetzalcoatl, but rather to put emphasis on the associated legend attached to Quetzalcoatl and the ancient expectation or association with him. Likewise, no two sources seem to agree on the true interpretation of the Feathered Serpent, just as no two tribes agreed on the significance of this entity. Quetzalcoatl remains chiefly an Aztec deity, despite his appearances elsewhere up through 1450 CE. Research continues into the nature and legacy of Quetzalcoatl - however, due to the destruction of Tenochtitlan, this legend is all but lost. The legend of the Feathered Serpent from the era predating the Mexican Aztecs, on the other hand, remains to be seen as to whether it will ever be solved, as the cities of Teotihuacan, Tikal, and others continue modernization. Priority Bibliography Berdan, Frances. Aztecs of Central Mexico: An Imperial Society. Second Edition. Cenegage Learning, New York. 2004. Coe, Michael D. Breaking the Maya Code. Third Edition. Thames & Hudson. 2012. Coe, Michael D. The Maya. Ninth Edition. Thames & Hudson. 2015. Miller, Mary Ellen. The Art of Mesoamerica. Fifth Edition. Thames & Hudson. 2012. Schele, Linda; Miller, Mary Ellen; et al. The Blood of Kings: Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art. George Braziller, Inc. 1992. Tedlock, Dennis (ed.) Popol Vuh. Definitive Edition. Touchstone. 1996.
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    A somber blog entry. It's sorrowful to see what you are going through. It helps some people to know that most people unfortunately will have some kind of experience similar to something like this. So maybe that is some kind of consolation. I am a bit surprised by your mother's reaction. But I guess there is some backstory to this, otherwise it seems like a really unusual way of reacting to such news. As for what the point of all is. That is a really difficult question. I can't really tell you. If you think about it hard, many things do seem to be pointless in the end. I have heard from people who got kids recently, that things they thought were important before, now seem utterly pointless. I guess everyone will have to find an answer for themselves, but it can help to exchange with others what they think. So, if it helps you can contact me on Discord or here
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    It was fun seeing what kocho was like when she was younger. Clearly she admired her sister very much, as her current personality incorporates many of her traits. She’s definitely a sly one, the way she motivates Inosuke & Zenitsu to train. We also gain some insight into why her apprentice seems so withdrawn There were also a lot of laughs. Funniest moment for me was when Inosuke In many ways it felt like this week’s episode would have been a perfect stopping point for the season, but there’s one more. Wonder if it will end on a cliffhanger.
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    definitely complete collections. from the things I've bought they were much cheaper, and often came with some additional stuff and menu and whatnot. but often there aren't complete collections (at least for long running titles).
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    World War I saw many new technological advances on the battlefield. Widespread use of the submarine made open waters unsafe for civilians and navies, steel coffin tanks littered fields where crops used to grow, and eyes in the sky could see your every move. War was fought in the trenches, and once the lines were dug in, there was little movement and few gains. To break this stalemate, Russia’s high command (Stavka) was tasked with relieving stress on the Entente powers in France by increasing stress on Germany’s eastern front. The hope was to draw Central forces away from Verdun to allow for reinforcements and fortification. Two generals established plans for the Russian army: the first was GEN Alexei Evert, who proposed a defensive plan; the second was GEN Aleksei Brusilov, who proposed a full out offensive strike against the Austrian-Hungarian army. The Stavka opted to go with Brusilov’s plan, which included four separate armies comprised of smaller and more specialized units that would focus on weak points within the enemy lines. He faced a narrowly smaller Austrian force that was reinforced later by German forces. Brusilov, however, would not have any reinforcements, putting all of his reserves on the front lines with the main attacking force. With the massive entrenchments dug out and making their way towards the Austrian front, Brusilov and his armies were prepared to launch the largest Russian show of force in the entirety of World War I. His goal was effectively to launch a surprise attack across the entirety of his southwestern front towards the town of Lutsk, and to knock the Austrian-Hungarian Army out of the war entirely while siphoning off German forces from the French front. The offensive launched on 4 June 1916 with an artillery barrage against the Austrians, breaking through the lines swiftly, the Russians continued onward. This was attributed to Brusilov’s accurate assessment of weak points in the Austrian line. Keeping momentum, the Russians continued onward to recapture Lutsk by 8 June. The tremendous speed at which the Russians were making headway had staggered the Austrians, but Evert — still unsure of the success of the operation — did not advance. This caused flaws to open in the Russian advance, and allowed the Germans a chance to fill in the Austrian lines. By 20 September 1916, Brusilov’s forces had pushed to the doorstep of the Carpathians. Noting the success of Brusilov’s front, the Stavka continued to feed more men into Brusilov’s ranks and siphoning them off from Evert. This came long after Evert’s attacks had stalled earlier in the year and progress had slowed on his front. The sector of combat that was commanded by Brusilov was largely successful, but on all other fronts it faltered significantly. The offensive took its toll of roughly two million casualties over the course of four months. The losses on the side of the Russians amounted upwards of half a million. It is contended today that this offensive contributed to the collapse of the Russian Army due to the short amount of time that the losses were built. The majority of Central casualties were suffered by the Austro-Hungarian forces, which was the goal of the Russian Army. They also succeeded in forcing the Germans to cease the attack on Verdun on the western front. By these points, the Brusilov Offensive was successful. Germany, however, remained a viable enemy, and the fighting that was still to come between the last half of 1916 thru 1918 would still prove to be fierce. Historian John Keegan described the offensive in his 2000 book The First World War as: “the greatest victory seen on any front since the trench lines had been dug.” Indeed, Keegan’s description seems to accurately peg the brilliance of Brusilov’s plan, as the methods of combat used would set the stage for German tactics in their blitzkrieg battles during World War II. The same tactics that were devised by Brusilov would be used to stop the Axis Powers less than thirty years later as World War II came to a close. * This article is a reprint of a publication date 15 May 2018. It was published by the U.S. Army. I composed and edited this article prior to its forward to the printing presses on 10 May. I opted to do this reprint because I just don't have the time this evening to write up a scratch article like usual. Normal posts will return tomorrow!
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    It's cool :3 I'm going to put it up on a blog anyway. It's a bit different from a Mom's since I had to drop the eggs XD But it surprisingly still works out. If you eat eggs, just replace the flax eggs with real ones :3
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    I clicked this thread, and I was deeply troubled when I discovered that it was not a misheard lyrics thread.
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    Mamoru (Darien) and Haruka. I'm posting images from the manga--I liked them in the anime, too! (I don't own the images.)
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    Hey Everyone, Happy New Year hope this new year brings everyone happiness. Okay so I wanted to talk about an anime called Megalo Box it's the 50th anniversary of a manga and anime called Ashita no Joe. Its a sports anime involving boxing with a twist they use gear to enhance one's ability. I wasn't sure if I would like this sports anime but it was actually really good one of my favorite sports anime's. The world in which they live in only the rich can have citizenship the rest fight to survive. The main protagonist in the story is poor and doesn't have a name but box's underground with his trainer were the throw matches to pay off a debt. Soon though a top notch fighter shows up to challenge and from there the story really takes off. I feel like if I tell anymore it will spoil. The anime really shows the struggle of wanting to show your worth and fighting for something bigger than one's self. It is a definitely must watch with only 12 or 13 episodes.
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    I've really been watching this one for a few weeks, but most recently anyway, Net-juu no Susume. Basically it's about this woman who quits her job to become a NEET, and plays an MMO pretending to be a handsome male named Hayashi. It's just. So. Cute. And it rings with me as something I have experienced.

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