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    two notes! 1: Voice acting is going well! Feel free to check out my CCC account if you are curious or need a VA for something 2: If you would like to commission me for anything (Be it voice acting, or the occasional pixel sprite here and there) then go check out my Ko-Fi or message me on social media (my links are on the Ko-Fi page :D) It's been a great time for my work-a-holic brain XD I'm just genuinely happy to be steadily making work, so I wanted to share it with y'all :3 Hope everyone is still being awesome, you glorious people, you!!!
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    hii!! I’m new to this forum but it’s nice to find a forum about anime ! im from U.K and my pronouns are she/her
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    I think for me (if I can think that far back now) it was just the fact that I was obsessed with Zoids, Beyblade and Pokemon as a kid. I decided to go looking for more shows like that and discovered what anime really was. The artwork, comedy and overall emotions that make up these anime are what really got me hooked. To most kids at age 8 or 9 anime like Pokemon was probably just another cartoon to them, some liked the show and some just weren't into it but for me personally it was different. The characters seem to have more personality, the artwork had more depth to it and the series just had feeling. Most American cartoons especially back then lacked those qualities. Majority of cartoons nowadays still lack it. And I only had two friends, two that were obsessed with anime like I was (still am and they are still friends to this day). One I met in 5th grade and she was attending a different school at the time (she actually started attending my school a year after) and the second moved to my town in 10th grade. Otherwise everyone else thought anime was lame and would bully you if you even brought up the subject.
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    I'm kinda proud of this one. One of my friends commissioned me to make this character for him. I wasn't sure about doing commission work since I only JUST got back into drawing after at least 5 years of not doing it seriously. But yeah hope y'all like it. It was inspired by the Jack Frosts from the Persona games and Craig Tucker from South Park.
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    Sorry for the delay in posting, had some difficulty in putting down my thoughts on the season’s final episode & the series up to this point where I was happy with how it sounded when I read it. That I’m hopefully getting across what’s been rattling around in my head without sounding overly emo, cringey, or opinionated. I’ll start by saying that this is pretty much a lock for my AOTY & will probably be in my alltime top 10 when it’s all over. In 40 years of watching anime, I can’t think of another series that has gotten me so emotionally invested in it’s characters. As I’ve stated before there isn’t any direct correlation between my own life experiences & those of the characters. But the psychological & emotional needs to feel accepted, loved & valued resonate very powerfully. In truth, I generally avoid overly dramatic or emotional series as I primarily watch anime as a way to de-stress & escape from some of my heavier thoughts. But as much emotional turmoil as this series stirs up, it always manages to still impart a sense of hope. That as painful & traumatic as things have been in the past or even the present, there is still hope for a better future. Of course, there are more light hearted & even comedic moments scattered throughout, but it’s the emotional impact that really defines the series for me. Switching to more specific thoughts on the final episodes, I was relieved that the season ended with what I view as it’s inescapable & climactic confrontations put off till next season instead of leaving the viewer to agonize for months during the hiatus. The reveal regarding Akito’s gender actually felt underwhelming. While I had already heard that she was a woman, it actually seemed pretty obvious even without the foreknowledge. I seem to remember @wikkidgrace commenting earlier that this aspect seemed to be downplayed by the adaption & would probably affect how she was viewed. My current theory is taking into account the tirade she goes on before attacking Rin & her hysterical fear of abandonment is that her mother left her father for another man & he took his resentment out on her, raising her to believe women are deceitful & untrustworthy, basically hating & rejecting her own gender. She also seems to be in the unique position of being both spoiled AND neglected. Raised being told that she is special but still treated as a figurehead or tool by the clan’s elders. Supposedly honored, but not shown any genuine affection, given the zodiac members as “pets” to be treated as she sees fit. And essentially told that the only reason anyone would ever love her is out of obligation or being forced to. It seems highly likely that Kureno being mysteriously freed from the curse was the trigger for her going from arrogant/condescending to being openly abusive that Yuki alluded to a couple episodes back. Even though Kureno chose to stay with Akito, the fear that he could leave her if he wanted to & she wouldn’t be able to stop him clearly terrifies her. The biggest problem I have with the way she has been portrayed up to this point is that I can see her as a tragic figure, but not as a sympathetic one & it will be extremely difficult to convincingly make her one. ALL the Soma’s have had heartachingly painful backstories & it’s difficult to imagine that her’s is any worse. Moreover, she comes across as genuinely malicious, trying to intentionally breakdown others & at times even injure or maim them. Even when Kyo lashed out at Tohru in his cursed form, his intent was to frighten her badly enough that she would never come near him, not cause her any lasting harm. But I fear Akito is quite capable of trying to kill someone she sees as a threat. Which makes Tohru’s situation all the more dangerous, because my own feeling is that breaking the curse entirely will require helping Akito to face her own personal demons as she has done with the other Zodiac members. And beyond the physhcal danger, there is Tohru’s own psychological & emotional trauma that she’s keeping bottled up while helping others find some measure of healing. While I remain convinced that some measure of happiness awaits all the characters by journey’s end, I also believe the greatest challenges they have to overcome still lie ahead. Needless to say, while I’ll happily accept a brief emotional reprieve, I’m looking forward to see things come to their resolution next year. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the conversations up to this point as it had made the shared experience that much more meaningful
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    Me dodging actually doing something productive:
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    Never used kissanime before, but yeah MAL has various listings that track how it’s members rate series. A couple examples: https://myanimelist.net/topanime.php?type=airing https://myanimelist.net/anime/season Livechart has something similar, but will need to wait until some episodes air and are scored before it’s real relevant. https://www.livechart.me/fall-2020/tv If your looking for the most hyped/anticipated, youtubers are probably your best bet.
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    It is actually really hard to find a profile pic in those guidelines, due to the file size limitations. Actually, when i started, i had to set my prof pic as this
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    I've been watching anime for a while but I mostly read manga. I watch/read almost every genre and my favorite mangaka is Junji Ito. Nice to meet you all
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    Did you buy all that separately or was it part of a set? The Mishy is a nice touch.
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    He is creepy....but a quality character. I would certainly be interested in his back story but I would for a lot of the captains. I haven't read the manga so just assumed that might all be in there?
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    Feeling a bit down today. Thought I'd come back to the forums for a bit of company. Hope you're doing well.
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    You went all-in I see... sweats, case, and everything. Very AC.
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    Looks like it’s getting a 2nd season https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-10-17/science-fell-in-love-so-i-tried-to-prove-it-anime-gets-2nd-season/.165317 While I’m not sure it really needs one, it’s one of my favorite romcoms & one of the better anime of 2020, so I’m definitely checking it out (though sensei’s manservice in the one promo pic is a bit much )
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    Wasn't able to do crap for gaming but I did get this baby today.
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    I get excited. However may get a tad annoyed if all they watch are series like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. I'm not saying anything is wrong with those anime (I like Naruto and Bleach) but even non anime fans seem to like those. I always try to broaden their horizons with the not so hyped anime, lol.
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    I like this theory, it's not super far off from the truth. But it looks like we'll have to wait for season 3 to have that discussion. I'm honestly surprised they cut it off where they did... but now I know the next season is going to come in with a strong YEE-HAW. Can't wait.
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    I’ve made several references on these forums about how I first got into anime as well being a member of the half-century club I watched some HSDxD, I think finished the first season, but found it too ecchi for my tastes. Planning on checking out Log Horizon soon as season 3 is scheduled for next year.
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    YOSHA! Im tired as fuck. Just completed my first fight scene! Im probably wont show pics but it took me about 5 hours
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    Alright bois, its official. Im starting to draw my manga again!
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    Is it worth watching will depend on your own preferences. If you’re looking for something similar to Takagi-san, Clannad isn’t a good fit because it is much heavier. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War would be a better match. For something comparable to Clannad, there’s Rascal Does not Dream of Bunnygirl-senpai. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya splits the difference.
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    Alright, it seems like I've gotta say this.If you were to check the 'chit chat' section here on the forums, you'd see a post called 'i need help.' Im not gonna explain it, but PLEASE check out that thread, after reading the post, I felt really bad that no one responded so I felt like I HAD to. So please, if you have time just look over it, please. I hate to see stuff like that.
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    There were definitely some parts where I was just like 'No Way!' but see, I mainly enjoy much darker, horror/psychological anime, so this was perfect for me. They did a masterful job of highlighting just how far the mind will go to protect itself from trauma. When I heard that this was slice of life, I almost passed it over because while I'm enjoying exploring the genre, I'm just not that interested in sugary sweet, high school life shows where everyone is adorable & nothing serious happens. I like shows that are more balanced. I don't want to be scared senseless or in tears the whole time but I also don't want hearts & flowers & endless hyper pop songs shoved down my throat either. That's where School Live! shines in my opinion. Yuki is about as adorable you could ever want but her character is so well layered, as are the other characters. Each one is more than meets the eye & you just come to appreciate all of them as as the story progresses. I would recommend this show to any & everybody. Perfect Halloween season anime. I am now currently watching Hell Girl & so far, I'm enjoying this one as well.
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    Currently watching School Live! and loving every minute of it
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    Hellloooo! (I hope I'm putting this post in the right category!) Tonight, I will start watching My Hero Academia. I thought it would be fun if anybody else is still in the beginning of the series, that we have some place to talk about it while we are watching it? (I never used a forum before maybe thats more of a chat/discord kind of topic idk) Anyways, it would be fun to talk about our impressions with someone who is also experiencing MHA for the first time!
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    also drew one of my favorite scenes in side story of ursus 90% sadness but this scene made it the best just the best
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    Well if you want some of sport anime you can watch: Hajime no Ippo (150+ ep) Kuroko No Basket(50+ ep) Slam Dunk(50+ ep) Ahiru no Sora(50ep) Haikyu Also you can watch: Great Teacher Onizuka (Slice of Life,School ) Hunter x Hunter ( Adventure ) Initial D ( Racing Anime) Bakuman ( Anime About Mangakas ) Magi ( Adventure, Magic ) If you have some specific genre you are interested in and want recoms you can message me.
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    Yeah man..ambiguity would be nice...still tho..the thought of liking anime girls at the age of 70 terrifies me..it seems so dark, you could make a black mirror episode out of it.....I hope I'm a little less of a pervert at 70 than I am today...cause I really don't wanna give up anime ever..
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    Hm...I guess it all comes down to the individual's conscience..
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    I see a lot and I do mean a lot of adults having the hots for characters like Deku (My Hero Academia) who are obviously under age. It obviously doesn't bother me but then again maybe it's because it's from an entirely different country and their laws are quite a bit different from my own (USA)? I don't know. I don't watch a lot of newer anime that consist of a lot of high school age characters. I do still rewatch a lot of the older ones and I still am crazy about certain characters which doesn't bother me at all simply because I know if they were real they would be my age now or older, lol (like Shikamaru from Naruto). But like I said it doesn't bother me. What would bother me is someone seeing them hot or wanting to bang them because the character simply is under age. That right there for me would draw the line...
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    I've been having a difficult time finding anime lately that I'm absolutely obsessed with and it making me feel a certain way. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love anime but rare for me to find one that effects me so. I just recently found one, one that after watching I was actually excited about and it dragged me in. Devil's Line feels like an anime that has been missing from my life. After watching it I felt extremely saddened and that I was just thrown out from their world. Now I have a big void in my heart. Could be why I have been fighting my depression even more so recently. I actually just started reading the manga now after hearing there was more to the story.
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    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I was so busy with school :< I will watch the anime if I get up and look for places to stream it. Thank you for recommending it to me! ^w^ ~Akane-chan
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    Welcome to AF! Hope you enjoy your time here & make some new friends
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    Lox and bagels for my birthday breakfast: thinly sliced smoked salmon nestled on a toasted jalapeno cheddar bagel topped with whipped cream cheese & sprinkled with capers. I'm also having a grapefruit cut into wedges & some hot milk tea.
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    hi everyone I'm new to this anime forum i enjoy watching anime but as there is none of my friend and family is interested in anime ,manga or novel i used talk to sis endlessly but she don't understand it So i tried this forum and i actually don't what to do so pls advise and guide me
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    Somebody wants a sandwich..
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    I was bored so i just drew a picture or two , so here i am , sharing them My first on is this 2020 picture .. and heres the second one : a picture of a cute nurse girl stay safe everyone , plus i'd like to hear your opinions of these pictures , thank you
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    From the album: 2020 Reverse Isekai Challenge

    This is the 1st Place winning art piece for the 2020 reverse isekai art challenge. Submitted by @Shejoestar
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    Winning artwork from the 2020 reverse isekai art contest.
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    After over 2 years of hard work I’m delighted to announce that the Black Butler: Phantom & Ghost English Patch has been released! It is fully playable and includes translations for the main storyline and all of the bonus content. Check out the trailer for a preview of what’s in-store, and grab the download from our blog! If you have questions or come across any issues, please direct them there, or email [email protected] We hope you enjoy!!
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    I.....I.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuDeBcpLITQ

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