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  1. ERASED is really good. I like it very much. The plot twists are severe in that since the protagonist gets to travel back in time, he changes not only the past but also inadvertantly changes things in the future as well, but for better or worse, there isn't a certain answer. Started off as a simple intention to save a person, the story slowly evolved into a lesson for the protagonist and also viewers that every action taken will have major consequences in the far future. Even the flap of a butterfly's wing may cause a hurricane.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that there are lots of Taobao shops that sell cosplay costumes at a pretty reasonable price, but shipping from China isn't cheap at all.......
  3. 5% yandere? That's dangerous enough, yo. I'd see myself as dandere.
  4. Watching Ro-Kyu-Bu SS now. Elementary school students are the best...
  5. Since I started working I have to sleep by 12am to be able to wake up to go to work at 8am. If I am given a choice I'd be more than happy to work through the night and sleep during the way.
  6. I know someone who boasts that he hasn't drink any soft drinks at all for the past 10 years... of course I didn't believe in a word he said, lol
  7. Hahaha okay, Mirai Nikki wasn't a harem series like what School Days was, but you can see the eerie similarity in that both series have a bloody yandere as one of the main characters, lol
  8. Yup if it is GBA it should be either of the Battle Spirit games. Digimon Racing was... well, a racing game, lol. The graphics wasn't the best though.
  9. Hello Rin-san. Welcome. Don't be bothered about being mistaken in your gender. My name is Crystal Yamaki but I'm a guy - who says the name "Crystal" is reserved for girls only, eh?
  10. tl;dr your introduction and any of the posts above. Anyway, welcome.
  11. I demand the option to vote for other characters. :3 Amano Yukiteru reminds me of Itou Makoto of School Days, somewhat indecisive and spineless. :\ I like Uryuu Minene, Kurusu Keigo btw.
  12. Optic, enlighten me, does Australia use British English or American English? Why is the word "Labor" in "Labor Party of Australia" not spelled as "Labour" as in "Labour Party of UK"?
  13. I believe going by age is no fair. I am clearly 18+ but I am clearly a noob ninja
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