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Who KILLED Original English Language (OEL) Manga? Part 2

manga snob


As I said in the aftermath of the Tokyo pop mess that was thier liquidated I said that things get sad and pathetic.so,umm,here’s the pathetic part.
here’s another part of the problem nobody likes to talk about because it includes everyone.hell,even myself.the fans play a crucial role in the down fall of American artists who would like to do manga.it’s our stupidity and foolishness that was another nail in the coffin of this genre.

Fanboys and fangirls along with their ridiculous standards and hype drove an already fragile market off the cilff.s***,it’s still happening in our own year of 2015 with things like my anime list,kotaku,ect.it’s here we see that a huge part of the anime community lacks any sort of foresight and standards with companies just blowing crap out their asses just to meet with a quota because we’re just hungry for whatever.I’m not saying it’s every one who an idiot and that I’m some sort of super intellectual with all the answers.the internet is a vast place with all sorts of new creator’s in different fields of art bringing forth new ways to look at animation or in this case manga and a huge chunk is still stuck in the past.

So many weeabos are crippling and stifling creativity because of this fixation and some wet dream with Japanese culture.

I’ve been reading manga for a long time and I’m still as passionate about since the first time I’ve learned about manga.the year’s had made me jaded in my views when it comes to anime and manga but I’m grateful for it because it allows me to talk about my love for manga more honestly and clearly.

What’s there left to say? All I can do is shrug my shoulders because I’m clueless on what to feel because we’ve all killed a potential market for anime.seriously,whatever happened to the folks who tired to do oel manga? Will we ever see another rise of America manga? Who knows but with a future to still look forward to I’m still extremely hopeful.


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