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The slightly obligatory COVID post



So... tbh I don’t even care too much. I mean, I care about death... (btw i lie a lot. It’s a habit, I’m good at it.) ok, self. Honesty. Please don’t hate me, but I feel.... nothing. I’m not sad about the death, or anxious about getting infected, or happy cause I get to be alone. It’s pretty great I can watch more anime, but I still have online school. All that crap. So, my emotions? Glad, cause of anime, and stressed, cause of school. I feel like Gowther from The Seven Deadly Sins about this. (Then again, I feel like him on about almost everything).  I don’t care about conspiracy’s or any of that junk. I just want to sit and watch anime. My parents don’t have work anymore but they’re getting unemployment. I’m gonna go back to my anime now. I’m at a good part.

                                                          Love and UwU’s,



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