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“Expanding the bubble”.



If you use social media, you’ve probably heard that most people are getting pretty sick of quarantine, which is something I just can’t relate to. Anime, reduced school, forum use going up. There’s so much anime to watch! So much manga to read! Even if you’re not into that stuff, you can get a free ebook app and read novels, which I did. Anyway, the last time my class had a video chat (to talk about George Floyd). 

Oh, yeah, side note, please don’t track me or anything, but I’m going to say where I live: the great state of Minnesota. More specifically, Saint Paul. Other side note, if you haven’t checked the news, some white police officer kneeled on this black dude’s neck and suffocated him, in Saint Paul. Now, we have protests. And riots. At night, sometimes, I can hear people shouting. That’s part of why we have a curfew. My friends closer to the action have had to move into their relatives houses at night. Which is fine, even with quarantine, considering the way the riots could hurt them.

Okay, so, my class do the video call, and I learn something. Apparently a few kids, and our teacher, are doing a thing called “expanding the bubble”. With kids, mostly it just means they’re bored of missing relatives so they’re adding them to their bubble. What’s their bubble, you ask? It’s their parents and them, their house. If you still live in your parents house (I do), then that’s your bubble cause they’re still hugging you and stuff. Expanding it to fit relatives just so you can see them sucks, right? But we haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet: how my teacher “expanded his bubble”. In horror, I listened as he told me he invited five friends over to play and hang out. Not one, not two, five. Not even family! AND HES THE ONE WHO KEEPS TELLING US THAT DISTANCING IS GOOD. Apparently, what he tells us doesn’t apply to him. I retaliated, but he handled it like “you’re younger, I’m older, that makes me right”. Do you know how absolutely wrong that is? Who cares if you’re getting bored? Better than breaking the law. Actually, a few months ago, some dude got arrested for playing cards with five friends during quarantine. My teacher broke the law BECAUSE HE WAS BORED. I could report him to the police, but I won’t. Let this be an example of why distancing is so important. I think I’ve never been more horrified in my life.


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