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  1. 5 hours ago, ItsSammy said:

    Awe ... May I ask why?

    mainly because of his voice, i find is extremely obnoxious during battles.

    His stance is kinda irritating too also, his backstory... meh... nothing special.

    This biggest reason of all, he ... he... HE LEWD MY KAWAII ALISA (not exactly her but still)


    17 hours ago, SAO LILDOOP said:

    Image result for Alisa bosconovitch tekken hot

    My favourite character is Alisa Bosconovitch. I just love her play-style, great poke based gameplay and her moves look stunning, she is also great Waifu material and has a great personality; Been my main since her release.

    Image result for Tekken Ling Xiaoyu

    Xiaoyu is super kawaii, really sweet and kind and also very brave. I absolutely adore her and Alisa's relationship in the non-canon Tekken Tag series and I love how she adores Jin Kazama. I also love how much Xiaoyu loves her adorable panda.

    Image result for Tekken kazuya

    (Spoilers ahead) Kazuya Mishima has a tragic backstory and Is one of my favourite straight-up villains ever. He is very powerful and it is so cool that he has full control over the devil within him; His story is touching and seeing him progress and finally kill Heihachi was very rewarding.


    Heihachi is the most iconic Tekken character ever; He comes in very close under Kazuya as my fourth favourite, I love his drive and how he gets what he wants no matter what, he will kill even his own family members for his own personal gain, now yes that's not a good thing but it does make him a great villain. I absolutely love his evil laugh and despite all that he has done, Tekken 7 still manages to make you feel for him, I almost cried when I watched him die. +Heihachi does all the crazy stuff he does, like battling his demonic children and throwing down with ogre while still just a man, he is over 70 and he has no devil powers or anything like that, its just so cool to see him beast on people the way he does. Also, the fact that he has a bear for a pet is really kawaii.

    Image result for Jin kazama tekken 7

    Jin Kazama is my 5th favourite character. He is absolutely amazing, I love his emo personality, he is so depressed and hates his family because of all there wickedness but yet he also hates himself because of the devil within him. He is a very complex character and he try's to do what's right, he is a great anti-hero having made some horrible mistakes in the past and he lives to quench the Mishima bloodline from the earth. I feel like if he does kill Kazuya he may then kill himself to fully do what he set out to do, end the Mishima blood-line forever, the fact that he is suicidal anyway gives me more reason to think he may do this; I hope he doesn't though, I ship him and Xiaoyu s'much! ♥


    That's my top 5 Tekken characters.

    I don't have a PS4 yet and am saving for one so I can get Tekken 7, I own a lot of other Tekken's but I play Tekken 6 online the most so if anyone wants to fight me my PlayStation name is Jefferson_gamers. :) 

    Btw, does anybody on here play this as there main video-game? I play Tekken more than anything else, best games ever imo, and if so, do you guys know advanced stuff like KBD and frame data? I can KBD (although not that consistently yet) and am currently learning the frame data, have been for a while (its a long process) so I was just curious.





    Jin kazashima.jpeg

    Btw, I am currently repping Jin Kazama in an online versus debate on Comicvine.com I am using him to battle another guy using Nero from the DMC series, just fyi. :D My Comicvine account name is Pocular Tunos if you wanna check out the debate, it is almost over.

    Alisa is my third favorite character. I love her more than bryan now.

    I am so glad to find another tekken player here, i made this thread a long while and since no one replied i thought no one plays tekken here. I also played a lot of tekken 7 (my first tekken... ye i know i am late). I dont play these days because my controller broke. I play on steam.

    And yes, i practiced the shit outta kbd and can do it almost always now. I don't really like reading frame data, playing the game and facing the same attack again and again gives a fair idea of how i can punish it or if i cant punish it at all. Same goes with how fast my attacks will be/ will they hit before the opponent does?


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  2. On 2/18/2018 at 1:36 PM, IFapToHentai! said:

    azuka, lili and alisa are my favorites !! if you got xbox one ill kick your ass!!

    i only play on PC so... you can't kick my ass :(

    Also, thanks for replying on my thread, i got an EMAIL and got reminded of this amazing forums!


    6 hours ago, ItsSammy said:

    My two favourite Tekken characters are ...

    1) Leo Kliesen.


    2) Sergei Dragunov.

    Image result for Sergei Dragunov tekken


    oh yes, i really like Leo too although, i absolutely hate sergie


  3. Yuno was probably the second or third i ever saw in an anime. 

    I think she was the only reason why i tolerated, rather enjoyed mirai nikki. Without her and Yuki's very obnoxious character, i am sure i would've left the series in the middle. 
    That aside, she was lovely, as Rey-senpai said, "she's kawaii and she have kawaii pink pigtails stained with blood"!! I love her looks and character. 
    Your synopsis and explanation of her character is perfectly fitting and i agree with it. Reading your thread reminded me of one of the best yandere ever, loved reading this, Thank you! 


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  4. I don't smoke, even though most of my friends around me do. I've seen a lot of my college professors smoke too.  My parents don't smoke either and will probably disown me if they ever find me smoking (which they never will cause i don't think i will ever smoke)

    Although, i have tried smoking once or twice, absolutely hated it, i have no reason to inhale smoke. 


    I do smoke marijuana sometimes, once in a month or two. It's totally under control and i love the experience. I've also tried those e-cigs or so called vapes, i don't like that either. 

  5. On 10/27/2017 at 3:53 AM, brycec said:

    Depends on what you like. If there are certain anime, movie, or television genres that you like? I would really recommend that you check to see if there are any manga or books in that category.

    Right now, I can only recommend things like the following:

    1. DB/Z
    2. Rurouni Kenshin
    3. A Silent Voice
    4. Pandora Hearts
    5. Death Note

    These are just typical series to check out the manga versions of, so I am not too sure if they will fit your taste. First one was my first manga and anime, though at different times in life.

    Thank you!

    Dragon ball series doesn't really attract me so i will start by the second in that list.

    Gonna give a read to Rurouni Kenshin manga

    thank you!


  6. Hello everyone,

    After reading this, many of you might find me disgusting but i still decided to make this thread.


    I am 19 years old and i have hardly read 5 novels in my whole life. I am a huge nerd, all my life ive read and solved A LOT of maths, physics and chemistry books (yes, i study a LOT! thanks to this i am in very good college now, sorry for boasting about something irrelevant to this thread Q_Q ) 

    so, i have never read much of fiction novels and manga. But i want to!!

    Can you please recommend some manga or night novels for a beginner like me? 

    Thank you for reading my post. 







    please don't hate me 




  7. I've been playing a lot of tekken 7 online recently, i just love the game, the characters and customizing them. 

    Some of my favorite characters are :-

    1) Lili (emilie de rochefort)


    she is just so elegant and pretty, i also love playing with her because she is fairly simple character and noob friendly 


    2) Nina williams 


    i absolutely adore her. She is so seducing, i love playing with her even though she is complex and hard to play with. I love her attack "evil mist" and her voice is stunning

    3) Bryan Fury 


    Bryan is a savage destructive fighter, i don't really like much of his evil personality but i love his looks, customization and play style



    Does anyone else play tekken too? Can you share your favorite characters? 

    Thanks for reading my post. 

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  8. I love coming back to the forums and post the song i am listening to on this thread. I am sorry for not being active anywhere else on the forums other than this.

    I love this place. I love reading threads and various things here.

  9. Breaking Bad

    It was nearest to perfect show i have watched in 19 years of my life.

    Character development, soundtrack, concept, story, everything about this show is so great.

    The fact that it is so closely related to reasonable-reality makes it even better.

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