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Winter 2018 First Impressions #29 - Beatless

Mars Terra


Beatless is based upon the light novel of the same name. With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind has yet to fully comprehend have begun coming into being. These are sold to companies to replace otherwise human workers.
The series opens with a sequence that makes no sense and you are likely to even forget it even happened. Afterwards, we are introduced to our protagonist, Arato Endou, and his two friends, Ryou Taidai and Kengo Suguri, who are both shown to have prejudice against hIEs and think of them as just tools. But Arato is different and even goes out of his way to help one cross the street, which isn't to say that the other two are just bad people, they're just robotists which is emphasized more by when Arato discovers the arm of a hIE down a alley, to which he sees it as no different than finding a person's limb, while they just see it as part of a product.
After calling the police to report it, Arato gets a call from his little sister Yuka, and, *sigh* ... but it's not just him, the other two have little sisters as well and just as the three of them are friends, their little sisters are all friends with each other as well and were just coincidentally walking down this specific street together.
Some other scene happens where a military unit is sent via helicopter to terminate 5 rogue advanced hIEs called Interface Elements that are converging at a facility, they're all female, and in fact I didn't see a single male hIE in this episode, they use other robots and drones to attack one of them, Kouka, but she manages to destroy everything they send at her, especially after a EMP is charged from the ground which is caused by flowers--wait, what--and she manages to complete her objective--I think--and the flower rain begins.
Night has fallen, and Arato and Yuka are back home, and Yuka seems to behave like a normal kid would to be honest. So he has to go to the store because his sister ate all the food he was preparing and then has the nerve to ask for ice cream. The store itself has the checkout where you just put your items in a machine and it scans it and then tells you how much you owe, makes me wonder a bit why every place hasn't incorporated this kind of paying system into it. Well outside he talks to some random robot lady--his teacher, I guess--and we discover that his father is never home just before the flower rain ensues, the pedal falling turn out to be little bug-like robots that overwrite the coding of machines and so he gets attacked by his teacher and a car as well since they're automated now, before being saved by Lucia, who is one of the Interface Elements herself and she asks him to make himself her owner and, *sigh* ... after he accepts the contract, he'll be responsible for all her actions, we then see another of her kind, Snowdrop, for a second. I find her outfit to be bizarre, since she is dressed similarly to how a fairy looks while Lucia and the others all have little clothing on because, *sigh* ... but the preview shows that she'll likely wear more casual clothing.
Well, Arato takes her home and Yuka doesn't really seem to care about the details as long as she'll cook her food. Anyways, for some reason the show decides that the last scene needed to take place after the credits and depicts how even Lucia doesn't think of herself as anything more than a machine.
I heard once that in order for japan to face it's underpopulation which contributes to lack of people to fulfill jobs, some places actually have robots in place of actual employees, so this show touches a bit on that. It seems this show will focus more on the story than the characters. There is some promise with the premise, it's just hidden behind the harem that persists in this show. So you probably won't enjoy this show if you don't like harems. That's it for now, please be sure to check out my look at Killing Bites . Thank you for reading, and have yourself a wonderful day.


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