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Another Kitten for Raising...



Wow, today was a really long day.  First, I woke up and assisted my husband with a rescue diving class.  Usually I am in the water as a victim, but since my last box of contacts had some issues (I think they were contaminated.  I got eye infections from using them twice.  Had to be a bad batch.  Never had an eye infection before in my life till then!), and he had another divemaster in the water, I instead stuck with surface support and shore work.  Even so, I almost stayed behind to listen to lectures for the next class he was teaching after the dives.  Instead, I skipped changing my clothes and just went home (because I left my phone at home to charge).


Upon getting home, I immediately get to changing into some dry clothes and while putting on my jeans, I hear a kitten screaming.  My head shot up (and all the girls were in the room with me).  I immediately opened the window by me and saw nothing.  Juliet was in the other window watching so I peered out of her window and saw Nighthawk and her kittens with Squint and Sniper walking out of the backyard.  Yet I could still hear crying...


I headed out the back and to my horror found a little black kitten stuck in my chair.  Somehow, he had falled with his arm between the slats of my chair, with his arm pinned inside.  Nighthawk abandoned him in less than 2 minutes from the time it happened.  He was wedged so deep with his arm all twisted that I couldn't pull him back up.  I called my husband, distraught and interrupting class, to ask him where the saw was (I was already in the garage looking through toolboxes and workbenches) and the only one I saw was a tiny handsaw...which was ineffective.  He decided to leave class to come help me...but he was thirty minutes away.  I tried again with some clamps I found (using them in a spreading manner) to lessen the pressure and pulled him up and out.  The arm was completely limp and useless.  I ran him inside and grabbed a carrier and off to the emergency vet we went (telling my husband to stay and teach class). 


Thankfully the xrays didn't show a fracture but he still can't use his arm.  If I had taken him to the Humane Society...well the best case scenario would be that they would have just amputated (but with the terrible one we have I'm sure they would have simply euthanized him).  With some anti-inflammatories and pain medications, I'm told he should be walking on it in a few days (or nerve damage would be the culprit).  He's actually the other kitten I saved bigger brother....  looks like we're caring for two now.  Almost time for his next dose of pain medication. 


Oh man I'm tired.  =/  I can't stand to see a kitten in pain.  I'm just so relieved he's going to be alright.  I hope...  time for more expensive vet visits tomorrow....

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