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Voltron Legendary Defender Ending



Okay, I am so behind on Voltron: Legendary Defenders. However, I was cursed with a spoiler which I thought was fan-made. Apparently.  . .


To wrap up the series, I guess . . . Allura changed the Quintessence in Haggar's (or Honerva's, which ever have you) vessel in order to change it into a life-giving force to restore what has been done. Allura, realizing the risks, says her final farewells to the Paladins. As she says farewell to her team . . . she does what I didn't expect . . .


The playboy! The womanizer! The freaking goofball . . . the literal asshole of the bunch!!! (Granted I still love Lance with all my heart because he is one of my Voltron babies!!!)



Ladies and Gentleman, this winner of the VLD Shipping Race is . . . . Lance x Allura

Image result for ALLURA AND LANCE KISS


Ask me who triggered I am . . . go ahead, I don't mind . . . .

Because readers . . . I AM FUCKING LIVID AS HELL!!!


Welp! There goes all my ships . . . but being a fujoshi . . . there was no way I was going to get that satisfaction. I mean the Fujoshi community has already been blessed with Yuri on Ice, Banana Fish, Yarichin Club, Kiss Him, Not Me (I really like that series, it literally depicts my life), Dakaretai Otoko Ichii, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica . . . we've got a lot of goodness. With that being said. I shall graciously degrade myself

Image result for anime gif kneel

You have won this time, Lance x Allura . . . I submit to your canonical existence.


 but Klance and Sheith shall never die!



Yanushi Fujoshi, Out!



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Spoiler for the end of Voltron, I guess.

I was highly confused during the last episodes of Voltron. It seemed like things were just happening constantly, and that characters knew what to do / what was going on / where they were, which in my head made no sense since they would not have any real experience with what happens by the end. Of course it has always been a slight issue for the show, but by the end it was a huge problem in my opinion, since it happened constantly. I also didn't like how my favourite character only had one line in three seasons, and was a background character for two scenes. Especially since he was played out in the previous seasons to be very important for one of the characters. I also felt like the conclusions for the various characters came out of left field. Of course I was eating and not fully paying attention throughout most of the show, and only gave it my full attention for the last two seasons. I also think the villains motivations were not just silly but stupid, even if she regained her memories, it wouldn't change the things she experienced as the witch, it seemed out of character.  I also wonder what your issue regarding Lance comes from, if I recall correctly his womanizing is only really a character trait at the start, and only occurred a few times later in the show, and it was mostly played for laughs. I do believe there wasn't enough shown with Allura and Lance, they had one date and that was it. I think there weren't much interaction with them throughout the show either. In my eyes it was a undeserved kiss.

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I have nothing against Lance . . . in fact, I love his character! However, much like you said, that was an undeserved kiss. I always assumed Shiro and Allura would be the end couple. Still, the last episodes were definitely rushed.

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