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  1. Greetings and Salutations lovelies, After hibernating in the hyperbolic time chamber, I have returned! There is so much going with anime, that I am dumbfounded as to where to start! Tell me what's going on in the anime world, what's new? What's back? What do you like so far? What should I look into? Your friendly neighborhood Weeb Witch, Yanu
  2. So, I've been listening to a lot of music lately . . . and I've been pretty invested in this one group called, FAKE TYPE. These guys are legit, and their music is actually pretty good . . . no, its freaking epic! I highly reccommend anyone that enjoys J-Pop and wants something to get addicted to to listened to the on Youtube: CLICK THIS FOR THEIR PAGE Fake Type even has some lore behind their characters, and trust me when I tell you that the Lore between Topham Hatt Kyo and Iwasaki Dyes is beautiful and mischievious, I ain't calling no bull bull! I also reccommend Yoh Kamiyama's Yellow and Mafumafu's cover of "Snobbism" . . . those two are pretty epic too! Mafumafu -Snobbism Cover Yoh Kamiyama - Yellow
  3. Okay kiddies, here's a bit of an update! SoL: My Roomate is a Cat - Currently watching, I love Haru! She's freaking precious! Comedy: Miss Kobayashi's Dragonmaid - I live for Ms. Kobayashi! I literally breathe Fafnir and bleed Kanna . . . definitely would watch again and again! Shonen: My Hero Academia - I've definitely seen this . . . I have several ships sailing in the OTP race right now. AND FUCKING KIRIBAKU IS CANON BITCHES!!! Romcom: Recovery of an MMO Junkie - That woman is literally everyday of my life! I love her and want nothing more than her happiness. The story is absolutely precious and I have wanted to watch it 10 times over I need to catch up on Fairy Tail, I stopped watching after they revealed Silver Fullbuster . . . I'm really behind. Claymore doesn't really spice up my tea, but I will give it a second sip. Mob Psycho is definitely a must-watch on my anime bucket list . . . ZOMBIELAND SAGA IS FOREVER IN MY HEART! I LOVE THEM ALL! Lily is my beloved child, Sakura gets all my love, Tae-san gets all the noms just because . . . and everyone else just needs my love and devotion. That show is fucking fantastic!!!!
  4. So for the past few weeks I've been really into a few animes. I finished watching Goblinslayer with my dad, but we've also just started watching Overlord . . . I'm also in the process of catching up with Black Clover! 1.) Is the anime worth watching? (Let me know in the comments) But I'm still in love with "The Disastrous Life of Saiki Kusuo", it has become my all-time favorite! Oh! I can't forget about "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" . . . 2.) But are there any more good animes I should keep an eye out for?
  5. Alright guys, listen up . . . because this is super importante! There's some dirt-bag going around more than likely with multiple accounts sending inappropriate messages to all users with female avatars or profile pictures. If this is happening to you, you must report it immediately! I've literally been finding like 6 of these things in my inbox every time I log in. So, don't be afraid to report it because this is harassment. So if you've received a message . . . especially one with a title along the lines of: BE MY SLU.TT AND LET ME FUC.K YOUR VAGIN.A I WANT TO FU.CK YOUR WET VAGIN.A I WANT TO C.UM IN YOUR SLU.T VAGIN.A Report them! Report this user immediately, don't even hesitate . . . I've done it! Please help get this person taken off this wonderful site!
  6. 2018 has officially come to a close, and 2019 is already off to a good start . . . However, I'm still left with the remnants of all those good recently released animes . . . Goblinslayer, Saiki Kusuo, The Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime, and so much more. Anybody got a favorite anime they want to throw out there? In my opinion, the best anime for me has to be Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan This show is definitely a must-see! I mean, it's a typical supernatural-comedy . . . but the variety of anime tropes within each episode along with the constant 4th wall breaks is hilarious. The main protagonist, Saiki Kusuo, is all but bland in my eyes. The people around him are so colorful in comparison to him, and
  7. I have nothing against Lance . . . in fact, I love his character! However, much like you said, that was an undeserved kiss. I always assumed Shiro and Allura would be the end couple. Still, the last episodes were definitely rushed.
  8. Seasons Greetings, my Winter weebs! Yanushi chan here, and here's a question that I can't help, but think about during this time of year: What do you think was the best Christmas episode within an Anime? For me, it has to be the one from Blue Exorcist! I mean, I guess that technically it wasn't really a Christmas episode . . . but you have to admit: ***SPOILER ALERT*** That cake that Rin made was not only absolutely magnificent, but it looked pretty damn tasty too! ************************************** I also really like the Christmas episode from Heaven's Lost Property, when Ikaros finally smiled. It was freaking adorable!
  9. I agree! The Dragon Ball fights scenes took up like 4-5 episodes. Especially when they were trying to emphasize a new ability or how strong someone had gotten. Let's not forget about Danganronpa! I don't mean just the anime, I'm talking about the game too! It was like so crazy how that all transpired! Spoilers Alert: I'm Basically Summarizing the Whole Series One student managed to convince the entire Student Council to kill one another until only the "Scientifically Created" student remains. This sparks a revolt in the Reserve Course. The Reserve Course riots, and then proceeds to kill all, but two classes in the entire academy. The Reserve Students then all commit suicide!!! One of the remaining classes is brainwashed into turning the entire world to an apocalypse! The other class, the class holding the main antagonist/mastermind is then subjected to the same killing game as the student council and leaves only 4-5 survivors. The remaining student form a new organization, round up the other rogue classroom and try to rehabilitate them . . . but then antagonist returns (AFTER COMMITTING SUICIDE AT THE END OF THE KILLING GAME.) Now these students are going through another killing game, but they are even really awake. It turns out they're in a simulation, and the antagonist is an A.I. Virus that was trying to get them to kill themselves and start evil again . . . but the other class managed to intercept that and now they're all sane, but the world is still in chaos. Not to mention, other students were in some weird killing game and had bombs strapped to their necks and arms because the antagonist returned again. A number of the other students are killed this time, the other class saves the day . . . I guess. IS ANY OF THIS MAKING SENSE TO ANYONE?! BECAUSE IT SEEMS LIKE A TOTAL CLUSTERF*** TO ME!!!
  10. Okay, I am so behind on Voltron: Legendary Defenders. However, I was cursed with a spoiler which I thought was fan-made. Apparently. . . SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE SERIES To wrap up the series, I guess . . . Allura changed the Quintessence in Haggar's (or Honerva's, which ever have you) vessel in order to change it into a life-giving force to restore what has been done. Allura, realizing the risks, says her final farewells to the Paladins. As she says farewell to her team . . . she does what I didn't expect . . . SHE . . . FUCKING . . . KISSES . . . .LANCE FUCKING MCCLAIN!!!! The playboy! The womanizer! The freaking goofball . . . the literal asshole of the bunch!!! (Granted I still love Lance with all my heart because he is one of my Voltron babies!!!) Ladies and Gentleman, this winner of the VLD Shipping Race is . . . . Lance x Allura Ask me who triggered I am . . . go ahead, I don't mind . . . . Because readers . . . I AM FUCKING LIVID AS HELL!!! Welp! There goes all my ships . . . but being a fujoshi . . . there was no way I was going to get that satisfaction. I mean the Fujoshi community has already been blessed with Yuri on Ice, Banana Fish, Yarichin Club, Kiss Him, Not Me (I really like that series, it literally depicts my life), Dakaretai Otoko Ichii, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica . . . we've got a lot of goodness. With that being said. I shall graciously degrade myself You have won this time, Lance x Allura . . . I submit to your canonical existence. but Klance and Sheith shall never die! Yanushi Fujoshi, Out!
  11. Okay, so I know this is a pretty broad question, but have you ever watched an anime that managed to just really piss you off? Like was the ending really bad or confusing? Did something about the show seem really cryptic to you? Was there a question that was never answered that really stuck with you? For me, it definitely has to be: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! Don't get me wrong, I freaking love that series . . . but did anything seem weird to you? The final showdown between the angels and demons? The way Panty kinda left after being shunned as an angel . . . or could it possibly have been . . . HOW STOCKING MANAGED TO CHOP HER SISTER INTO A MILLION TINY PIECES AND THEN FUCKING REVEAL THAT SHE WAS A DEMON?!?! Seriously, who the hell writes this crap?! You can't just end the series like that, leaving it open for a new season and it never comes! WTF?! That left me thinking about it for months? Stocking . . . a samurai angel . . . who helped Panty, a gunslinging angel . . . defeat Satan and the devil sisters . . . TURNS OUT TO BE A FUCKING DEMON?! smh . . .
  12. So far I love the series! The characters are loveable and ironically enough, #relatable. The main protagonist is the most compassionate and easy going character to exist (in my opinion). Not to mention the tempo of the story development is comfortable. Then again, once you get to like ep. 5. . . . things start to pick up.
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